Allen Edmonds Vs Thursday Boots [Major Feature Comparison]

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Thursday Boots and Allen Edmonds, both giants, reign like kings in the footwear field for their premium quality products. You are also unable to select one of these duos for the same reason, right?


As a boots enthusiast, I’ll share my experience via this article which I personally feel while wearing them. Here, You’ll discover all their offered feature comparison and advantages that can ease your selection process.

So, tag along!

Overview of Thursday Boots & Allen Edmonds

Allen Edmond and Thursday, both boots companies, offer quality products, but their history is totally different. After researching both brand histories, I compiled a comparison table between Allen Edmonds & Thursday Boots, where you’ll get all their legacy.

Let’s check out the Overview table of Allen Edmonds & Thursday Boots:

FactorsAllen EdmondsThursday Boots
Founders Elbert W. Allen started as Allen-Spiegal shoe company.Nolan Walsh & Connor Wilson are the founders and initial designers.
Established dateThe brand has been leading for 101 years since 1922 in Belgium, Wisconsin.Started the brand journey in October 2014.
HeadquartersSituated in Port Washington, USA.The headquarters is spotted in New York, United States.
Intentions Intent to make iconic true American boots.Intent to produce quality products within budget.
Number of LocationThey launched more than 60 stores.They are trying to create numerous stores in different countries.

7 Major Feature Comparison Between Allen Edmonds and Thursday Boots

Thursday & Allen Edmonds both boots come with fascinating features that make them identical. And I found a lot of variation between their material, price, comfort, and so on. So I separately describe the feature comparison that will provide you with a clear conception of them.

Here are the 7 distinctive feature comparisons between Allen Edmonds and Thursday Boots:

1. Comfort

Allen Edmonds uses whole-grain soft leather to make shoes ultimately comfortable. Though they need some break in time, completing the time period, the boot’s oak leather offers the comfiest feel. Users who have wide feet found Allen Edmonds’s most comfortable boots because these shoes featured spacious toe boxes compared to other leather boots.


On the other hand, Thursday boots are known as the most comfortable pair. The shoe doesn’t require any fixed break-in period. The cushioned insole and flexible leather upper adapt the foot structure that confirms ultimate comfort.

2. Materials

Allen Edmonds incorporated various types of leather to make their different shoe parts.

  • To make their upper, the shoe uses top-rated premium leather.
  • Oak leather is the main component in their soles.
  • The bottom is also made with mixed leather; the sturdy leather also offers noticeable traction.

Contrary, the Thursday boots use different types of materials, like suede leather, full-grain leather, and rubber.

  • Thursday boots use suede and classic leather, both materials, to make their upper.
  • The cork bed midsole provides a good shock absorbent ability with comfort.
  • The Vibram rubber sole makes the shoe bottom exceptional for grip and flexibility.

3. Price

The major variation that I found between these shoes is the budget. Due to its use of premium materials, Allen Edmonds is one of the most expensive shoe brands.

Nevertheless, Thursday Boots also makes premium leather shoes that are reasonably priced. They only ask for $100 to $200 per pair of leather shoes.

Whenever their maximum price is 200 dollars, Allen Edmonds starting price is $400. Most of their exclusive collections demand 500 bucks which are more than double of Thursday shoes.

Conforming to price, Thursday boots are preferable. The manufacturer ensured the quality, but they didn’t charge extra payment.

4. Durability

When you wanna buy a shoe that will support you for your whole life, Allen Edmonds is the one. The top-grade leather sole and Goodyear welt technique make them ultra-durable. Designers use oak leather that also offers a noticeable lifetime with top-notch comfort.

On the other hand, Thursdays produce boots with rugged materials that are difficult to wear and tear. The strong leather offer a tough journey without requiring any longer break-in period for Thursday boots.

Top of that, the all-over stitching patterns make them perfect for rough and tough wear, such as hiking.

Both shoes are quite similar in longevity; Allen Edmond and Thursday are regarded as long-lasting shoes in the footwear industry.

5. Style Variations

Style-wise, both Thursday & Edmonds are famous in different sectors.

Allen Edmond usually manufactures low-top shoes, such as penny loafers, monk straps, oxford, derby, tassel loafers, wingtip, etc; all shoes are familiar for formal shoes.  They are also famous for chukka boots, and this one is their top-selling high-neck boot.


Contrary, Thursdays are traditionally made high-neck boots that are suitable for casual to formal outfits. The Thursday boot lineup includes the Chelsea, Chukka, Hiker, and Classic styles.

Despite being known for their high boots, they also make dressy shoes like wingtips.

6. Constructions

In terms of construction, the two brands employ various methods for making their mass production.

Allen Edmond uses Goodyear welt technology to make leather boots. The traditional method applies to stitching the upper, eyelets, insole, and bottom. For this construction style, multiple resoled techniques are applicable.

Thursday Boots also use the Goodyear welt method to construct some models, but mainly they manufacture their shoes with Blake Rapid construction. These boots are incorporated with cushioned insole, which is absent in Allen Edmonds.

In contrast to Edmonds, Thursday has a moisture-wicking interior as well.

7. Size & Fittings

Thursday & Edmonds, both shoes offer noticeable fittings.

Allen Edmonds may run slightly bigger than your actual size, but fitting-wise, they are amazing.

Meanwhile, Thursday boots carry true to size; and it goes with your actual US size. It also offers a snug fit due to its narrow shoe cutting.

The Allen Edmonds is a good option if you have wide or large feet because it has a roomy toe box and extra length. In my case, I discovered that Thursday offers a better fit; If you have regular feet, you may also find them more appropriate.

These are the major variables that I found in my Allen Edmonds and Thursday.

Allen Edmonds Vs Thursday Boots: Pros & Cons

After all discussion, you already know what the brand offer in between their shoes. But according to their offerings, they present numerous amount of advantages with some drawbacks.

Let’s see the pros & cons of Allen Edmonds and Thursday boots:

Allen Edmonds

  • »Use quality leather.
  • »A better option for wide feet.
  • »Oak leather ensures the ultimate comfort.
  • »Goodyear welt technique offers a remarkable lifetime.
  • »Pricey compared to Thursday boots.
  • »Offer loose fittings.
  • »Need more time to break in.

Thursday Boots

  • »Run true to size.
  • »Affordable price than Allen Edmonds.
  • »Use good quality leather.
  • »The cushioned insole work for an ultra-comfy appearance.
  • »Incorporated moisture-wicking technology.
  • »No need for a specific break-in period.
  • »Comparatively less durable.

Which One Is Suitable For You?

Except for the formal program, I always choose Thursday over Allen Edmonds because AE is pricy and not suitable for my rough use.

Allen Edmonds is the most renowned American icon for their full-cover leather attribute. The Goodyear welting makes them as much durable as, so they can easily support your whole life.

Politician & celebrities also express their love towards AE by using it continuously. But Edmonds demands a huge amount because of its quality features.

Contrary, Thursday Boots produced splendid leather models within an affordable budget. The top-grain leather, cushioned insole, and rubber bottom make an outstanding combination that is appropriate for any season. They are also ideal for difficult terrain because of their strong construction.

Additionally, they include moisture-wicking lines, which Allen Edmond shoes don’t have, and AE costs twice as much as Thursday boots.

However, if you’re looking for quality dress shoes, Fifth Avenue or Allen Edmond Park Avenue are good options. Both Oxford shoes have a polished appearance and are made with high-quality leather.


Is Allen Edmonds a luxury brand?

Of course, their shoe models’ retail price start from $395, which is huge for many boot users. They demand around 500 bucks for their best editions.

Do Thursday Boots make good work boots?

Yes, the rugged materials of Thursday boots are good for survival in a tough situation. So you can use your Thursday pair as work boots.

Are Thursday Boots supposed to be snug?

Thursday boots are offered snug-fitting initially. After a couple of days, the pair adapt to your foot shape and provide perfect adjustment.

Are Allen Edmonds shoes made in the US?

Allen Edmonds makes their handcrafted shoes in America. They have used the same material and construction procedure since 1922 to make their iconic boots.


I hope you have already chosen your desired boot after reading this well-written piece. Considering the budget-friendly attribute, I personally prefer Thursday boots for regular use.

Let me know in the comment section which one you select for your upcoming programs.

Up to then, take care!

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