Allen Edmonds Vs Johnston Murphy [Every Difference to Know]

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As I am all about versatile shoes, I got myself a pair of Allen Edmonds before joining work. And recently, one of my colleagues suggested Johnson Murphy shoes.


So, we talked, and I discovered several benefits of these shoes and their differences.

In this write-out, I will enlighten you with all the information I came to know and experience. So, keep reading.

A Short Overview of Johnson Murphy and Allen Edmond

Dress shoes are a staple wardrobe-essentials. Both Allen Edmond and J&M are such pairs that have been sitting on the throne for decades.

Since its launch in 1922, Allen Edmond has survived several ups and downs, including a World War and a factory fire, but still, you will find a pair of these beautiful shoes in every shoe lover’s closet.

From its high-quality leather, craftmanship, the comforting factors to versatility, these dress shoes and boots have it all.

That’s why Allen Edmond paved its way from top politicians to models to Hollywood stars.


Johnson Murphy Shoes are also one of the top fancy shoe brands, which started its journey in 1850.

And from President Bill Clinton to Barack Obama, most presidents wore this gorgeous contemporary footwear during their era.

In 2008, they started their women’s collection, and you can also find their cheaper versions if you are on a budget. Moreover, their classic pricy shoes are one of a kind and will serve your next generation gracefully.

Dissimilarities Between Allen Edmonds and Johnston Murphy

Allen Edmon and Johnson Murphy make the perfect pair for your after-work drinks, hangouts, or even for dates due to their high quality, comfort, and budget. Yet, they have various differences that you must know before you invest.

Let’s find out the dissimilarities between AE and Johnson Murphy shoes:


Johnston and Murphy’s shoes are comfortable, but it takes time to break in because of the stiff leather.

So, be patient until your pair reaches that comfy point. Still, the good news is that J&M shoes provide proper arch support.

The reason is the comfortable footbed which gives your feet a soft surface to rest.

So, thoughtful, don’t you think?

On the other hand, The most impressive fact about Allen Edmond is their full-grain leather, which is soft and tough at the same time.

Two completely opposite facts blending so perfectly!

However, you cannot remove the insole of your AE shoes as they are Goodyear welted, but still, you will be comfy because the insole will mold according to your feet.

Even I was skeptical at first. But, soon, my Lambord Chelsea Dress Boot’s cork innersole started to mold, and now they are more comfortable than ever.

Men’s McAllister Wing Tip shoes are a good option if you want to try some other models.

Quality and Durability

At first, J&M shoes were manufactured in the USA, and their quality was up to date. But to minimize the budget, they started making these shoes from outside countries, which unfortunately decreased their quality.

Now it’s hard to determine the type of leather John and Murphy use. The Vintage Aristocraft shoes are durable because of the thick calfskin leather.

My colleague prefers slip-ons and uses the Lewis Bit Mahogany Full Grain. He said the Napa leather is quite durable, as he has been wearing them for almost a year, and the rubber sole has enough traction.

On the other hand, Allen Edmond shoes come with high-quality leather and calfskin thus last a long time.

My Lambord Chelsea Dress Boot is of excellent quality. It has an ultra-refined calfskin upper, and even its interior is lined with leather.

I have been using them for two years, and there is nothing to worry about. Also, my uncle’s Siena Zip-up Boots are going strong for the last five years. Usually, there is no time limit on how long dress shoes should last.

It depends on how you care for them and the quality.

Size and Fitting

Regarding size and fit, AE dress shoes run true to size. Suppose you are a size 9 in Adidas sneakers, so your Allen Edmons shoe size will also be

But the boots’ measurement is different. AE boots run half larger. You know I have one, and my actual size is 10, yet I had to get 9.5 to get the perfect fit.

On the other hand, Johnson and Murphy’s shoes run big. So, if you want a properly fitted pair, go down half or full size to your preference. The best way is to try them on practically.


Both of these dress shoes are pretty expensive. Allen Edmond shoes start from $427.22 and go up to $892.30. My Lambord  Boots cost about 369.97 US dollars. I was lucky because my aunt got me those for my birthday!

Meanwhile, a pair of fine J&M shoes range from $119 to $295. So, these are comparatively cheaper than AE boots.

Hence, if you are on a budget and want to try a nice pair of dress shoes, you know where to look for. And you must know how to remove shoe polish from dress shoes, as excess tint can ruin the natural color and look.

Johnston & Murphy Vs Allen Edmonds: Pros and Cons

You can’t expect to have a 100% perfect shoe. There will always be some cons. J&M and Allen Edmons are such pairs. Though they are popular for their outstanding features, they still lack some.

Here are the advantages and drawbacks of AE and Johnson Murphy :

Johnston & Murphy

  • »Comfortaable.
  • »Budget-friendly.
  • »Outstanding customer service.
  • »Top quality materials.
  • »Good arch support.
  • »No Goodyear welt construction.
  • »Takes time to break in.
  • »Cheap shoe-making method.
  • »Not long-lasting.
  • »Dress shoes lack support.

Allen Edmonds

  • »Wide range of colors and styles.
  • »High-quality materials.
  • »Versatile.
  • »Comfortable shoe.
  • »Lasts longer.
  • »Has various shapes and lengths.
  • »Provides recrafting service.
  • »True to size.
  • »High price point.
  • »Quality control issues due to excess demand.
  • »Narrow toe box.
  • »Limited sizing.
  • »Higher retail cost.
  • »Less rugged.


According to my father, when buying a dress shoe, buy the best one possible, check the stitching carefully, and ask the salesman whatever you have to do to maintain them properly.

To him, it’s a once-in-a-lifetime investment, so if you are low on budget,  save for a few months. Well, it’s not a bad idea, but everyone’s perspective differs.

To get Allen Edmonds, you must be mentally prepared to pay a hefty price. But, for their outstanding high-quality leather-made comfy boots and shoes, it’s worth every penny you spend on them. So, if budget is not an issue for you, get a pair and be tension free.

Or, if you want high-quality materials, wide feet options, and awesome customer service within a budget, Johnson and Murphy is quite a catch.

So, choose wisely and practically.


Is Allen Edmonds a luxury brand?

Yes, Allen Edmonds is a luxury brand. You have to spend hundreds to thousand dollars to get a pair.

Who is Allen Edmonds’s competitors?

Taft is Allen Edmonds, one of the competitors. This name comes first because Taft’s shoes are pretty close to AE.

Do AE run true to size?

Allen Edmonds dress shoes run true to size, but their boots run half size larger than regular shoe size.

Final Words

You got to know every detail about the most popular dress shoes, Allen Edmond and Johnson Murphy, from this article. And I have shared my family members and my experience to give you the most honest review.

So, now you know how to select the ideal dress shoe, for me, Allen Edmond is the one despite the high range. If you have further queries, comment down below.

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