Allen Edmonds Vs Alden [Comparison of Men’s Dress Shoes]

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You will see Allen Edmonds and Alden shoes at every fancy party. To jazz up any outfit, they are second to none, from my experience, as the boys of my family are obsessed with these two brands.


In this article, I will describe the features and where these two brands differ from what I have learned.

So, keep reading.

A Short Overview of Alden and Allen Edmond

Alden is one of the oldest men’s dress shoe brands which, since 1884, maintained its quality and fame. The iconic Shell Cordovan leather is their main material. It makes Aldes shoes durable and long-lasting.

They were extremely popular in New England however, After Indiana Jones wore the Alden 405s shoes, this brand made its way to the heart of Americans.

You can enjoy your day without tension with rubber heels and a flat neo-cork outsole.


Allen Edmond shoes have been on the market from 1920. And from the very beginning, AE is mainly focused on dress shoes and boots but recently in 2016, they released loggers boots.

You won’t be disappointed with the top-grain calfskin leather, 360-degree storm welt, and high-quality Dainite rubber.

These versatile shoes will go with your formal and semi-formal look perfectly.

Differences Between Allen Edmonds and Alden

Dress shoes are a staple piece and an investment for sure. So, if you are on the search for a pair, you must know the differences among the two most popular dress shoe brands, Alden and Allen Edmonds.

Here are the differences between Alden and Allen Edmonds dress shoes:


Dress shoes are usually made of very selective and top-quality materials. Alden and Allen Edmond are no different. However, as they are two separate brands, their materials vary as well.

Allen Edmond shoes are famous for various premium leathers, and the rubber or lining they use for the manufacturing of these boots are top-notch. The materials are,

  • Leather (Shell cordovan, suede).
  • Aniline calfskin leather.
  • Goodyear welted sole.
  • Tanned lining and insole.
  • Rubber and brass slugging heels.
  • Custom cork insole.

Meanwhile, if you take a look at handcrafted Alden dress shoes, the exclusive leather upper gives them a rich and polished look along with durability and flexibility.

Alden uses materials such as:

  • Leather (Shell cordovan, Suede).
  • Reidenbach oak-dyed leather.
  • Vegetable-tanned leather.
  • Dainite rubber.
  • Itshide commando rubber.
  • XL extralite.

So, it’s clear that these two brands differ when it comes to materials, yet there are a few similar ingredients. Moreover, if Alden’s materials caught your eye, you can check out Alden Boot’s alternatives as cheaper options.


Another important thing aside from the outstanding materials is the variety of leathers Alden and Allen Edmonds use.

Allen Edmond shoes are a combination of tanned Chromexcel leather. These beauties, like Park Avenue Cap-toe Oxford shoes, are more supple and not vulnerable to scratch.

The depth of color of this Calf, Suede, and Shell cordovan leather are on the next level.

My brother wears Super Support Penny loafers, and it’s been six years. They are still as beautiful and classy as before. There is not a single scratch on the upper or sides.


Alden shoes are also on the verge of their rise because of their premium leather, such as Reidenbach oak-dyed leather, Vegetable-tanned leather, and so on.

The uppers, insoles, and linings are also leather-made, along with rubber. Once you buy any of these shoes, you are all set.


Alden dress shoes have the most traditional Neo-cork sole. My uncle owns Tassel Moccasin; according to him, the grip is quite good.

Even the insole is made of leather, whereas the midsole has cork materials for support and stability. The rubber heel maintains balance properly. My uncle mentioned one disadvantage, the heels wear out quickly, and he had to replace them.

But it’s pretty hard to exchange the entire Goodyear welt sole. Therefore there is no timeline of how long a dress shoe will last, and the soles play a crucial role in it.

Now let’s move to AE shoes. To provide proper grip, shock absorption, softness, and flexibility, Allen Edmond shoes have a Dainite outsole.

Also, the insoles are leather-made, along with a cork midsole. However, the shank is made of wood and is not so great for arch support, which you will not find in Alden.


Alden dress shoe costs up to 927 dollars starting from $500. So it’s clearly an expensive brand. My uncle got his Tassel Moccasin at $852.

Meanwhile, Allen Edmonds is also in the higher range. These luxury shoes start from $230 to over 500 dollars. So, it’s clear that Alden shoes are far way more pricy than AE.

Fit and size

Alden shoes are true to size with a roomy toe box. Thus these shoes may feel slightly loose if you prefer a snug fit.

Especially with Indy, the toe box is wider than other models. Thus, going half-size down will solve your fitting issues. If your size is US 11, buy 10.5 for a perfect fit.

On the other hand, AE shoes also fit true to your size. They are not too tight or loose, giving good shock absorption.

But the sneakers run half size larger. In that case, going half-size down is ideal. Suppose your size is 10, so you must buy 9.5 if you want a fitted shoe.

Alden Vs Allen Edmonds: Pros and Cons

Dress shoes are an investment as they are expensive. Both Allen Edmonds and Alden are premium dress shoes, and thus, they have several amazing advantages but not without drawbacks.

Let’s check out the strengths and obstacles of Allen Edmonds and Alden shoes:

Alden Shoes

  • »Long-lasting.
  • »Durable materials.
  • »Comfortable.
  • »Molds according to the foot shape.
  • »Versatile use.
  • »Not 100% true to size.
  • »High price.
  • »Not waterproof.
  • »Runs big.

Allen Edmonds Shoes

  • »Wide range of colors and styles.
  • »Various shoe widths are available.
  • »Recrafting service.
  • »Dianite sole.
  • »Versatile.
  • »Fits true to size.
  • »Expensive
  • »High retail price.
  • »Less availability due to high demand.
  • »Not rugged enough.
  • »Loose grain in leather.


When it comes to high-range dress shoes like Allen Edmond and Alden, the selection process depends on individual preference.

If you want excellent quality, super supportive, and sleek-looking shoes for a lifetime, Alden shoes will give you all that. But be mindful of the price point and non-water resistancy.

And, from Allen Edmonds, you will get excellent high-quality materials along with proper arch support. You also don’t have to worry about the sizing, as they are true to size.

So, keep all these factors in mind and select your pair.


Which Alden boot did Indiana Jones wear?

From 1981’s Raiders of the Lost Ark to 2023’s Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny, Indiana Jones wore Alden 405s shoes. This model became very popular and is now known as Alden Indiana Jones boots.

Is Allen Edmond a luxury brand?

Yes, Allen Edmond is, without any doubt, a luxury brand. Most of its shoes’ price range starts from 100 dollars and increases according to the model, design, and sole.

Who is Allen Edmonds biggest competitor?

Allen Edmond’s biggest competitor is Taft. This particular brand handcrafts luxury men’s shoes and comes close to Allen Edmond regarding their price, features, designs, and materials.

Final Word

Dress shoes are an investment that will last you several years or a lifetime. So, it’s extremely important to choose the best-suited one.

Alden shoes are expensive and come with all the premium materials. On the other hand, Allen Edmonds also provides super high-quality ingredients within a budget compared to Aldens.

This is everything about these high-end dress shoes. For more queries, comment below.

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