Allbirds Vs Olukai [7 Key Differences with Pros & Cons]

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When leading a tough life and opting for the best supportive shoe, Allbirds & Olukai offers numerous features that fulfill your cravings. Maybe you’re also stuck between the two gems and searching for their offerings.


After using both shoes for several years, I already perceive all the characteristic differences and their advantages that I will share with you through this article.

So, continue reading to solve your pondered questions!

Overview of Olukai and Allbirds

Allbirds and Olukai brands recently came to the limelight for their well-designed performance. Before getting into the in-depth feature variation, you should know about their small yet rich legacy.

Let’s know about the overview of Allbirds & Olukai:


Tim Brown & Joey Zwillinger are founders of the Allbirds shoes. The apparel brand launched in 2016 and became a Business Corporation in the same year.

Allbirds’ headquarter was established in San Francisco, but the manufacturing process is completed in different countries. New Zealand merino wool is processed in Italian factories; then, the manufacturing process is completed in China.

The brand presents eco-friendly, sustainable shoes for men, women, and kids. Allbirds earn a lot of love from celebrities and become sensational for their green products.


Olukai launched almost 20 years back in 2005 and was founded by two business partners, Bill Worthington & Matt Till.

Producers initially invented multifunctional flip-flops that were popular for their sustainability and versatility. The shoes are extraordinarily durable that specially designed for the ocean lifestyle, like Waterman.

The brand became a certified B. Corporation in 2016. Specifically, women adore the Olukai for their smooth, shearling upper and straps.

7 Key Differences Between Allbirds & Olukai

Olukai and Allbirds shoes are mainly distinguishable for their top-notch feature such as comfort, durability, performance, and so on. Both shoes carry many feature variations to ensure customer satisfaction.

Let’s see, the 7 significant differences between Olukai and Allbirds:

1. Material

Olukai shoes are manufactured with custom-made lasts and anatomical footbeds, providing the ultimate arch support. The handcrafted pair use the premium material that is best for our soft skin.

On the other hand, Allbirds are specially designed with Merino wool and eucalyptus pulp. The material makes the shoes comfortable and breathable.

Furthermore, Allbirds flats implemented moisture-wicking technology that absorbs extra sweat and offers dry feet. Meanwhile, the Olukai didn’t include any technology to make them suitable for summer.

So, if you are looking for a summer pair, Allbirds is better than Olukai.

2. Comfort

Olukai uses the “wet sand principle”  to make them as comfortable as barefoot shoes can offer. The heel cup and filling toe support accurately fit with foot alignment and confirm comfort. Olukai cup heel gives the best arch support with shock-absorbing ability.

Additionally, you can wiggle your feet flexibly for their molded footbed and well-structured toe box.


Contrarily, Allbirds are mainly renowned for their outstanding comfort. The feathery weight and sustainability make them perfect for those who lead a tough working schedule. The rubbery outsole and stretchy collar offer attractive traction with flexibility.

I personally found my Tree Breezer the most comfortable shoe for its breathable puffy upper.

3. Durability

Depending on durability, I always choose Olukai over Allbirds because last year, my Allbirds Tree Runner showed wear & tear signs after using it for ten consecutive months.

However, the sturdy handcrafted Olukai shoes provide a noticeable lifetime after heavy use. My Kaholo Black is still fresh after using them for an entire year on a regular basis, including hiking.

I love to wear them for my long schedule, whereas I choose Allbirds flats for short ones.

4. Sizing & Fitting

Size and fittings depend on individuals’ foot shape and structure. Luckily, Allbirds and Olukai run true to size; however, the Allbirds don’t offer any half-size facility.

Nonetheless, Olukai also added a wide line for broad-fitted people; meanwhile, the Allbirds only offer standard-size charts.

So, If you have half-size or wide feet, the Olukai is the perfect option because they offer both size and fitting facilities in their men’s and women’s lines.

5. Eco-Friendly Products

In the footwear field, Allbirds are most famous for their eco-friendly gear. The apparel company entirely manufactures green products; their shoelaces are also made of recycled raw materials.

In contrast, Olukai never introduces any eco-friendly component in their shoe.

6. Performance

For regular wearing, both Allbirds & Olukai offer outstanding performance. However, Allbirds are only suited for casual walking; they are not appropriate for extreme performance like running or trekking.

Performance-wise, Olukai is the best choice over the Allbirds; you can wear these flats during running and hiking. Additionally, Olukai shoes are famous for their day-long comfortability, and some models offer better arch support than the other flat shoes.

7. Design

The producers implement every detailed island design in their various Olukai models. The shoes act as artwork, where you will find a thorough ocean culture reflection. Design added a more vintage look with their unique customize materials.


On the other side, Allbirds is known as a minimalistic designer shoe. The designer introduces the shoe by using maximum green products. Allbirds’ zero-drop style also emphasizes their simple yet elegant appearance.

After experiencing Olukai & Allbirds’ iconic shoe models, I found these differences.

Similarities of Olukai and Allbirds

Though Allbirds and Olukai offer distinguishable features, they also have numerous similarities. In this writing portion, I’ll describe a table where you can find all their shared matches.

Let’s check out the similarities between Allbirds & Olukai:

PriceStart from $100 to $170 per pair.The minimum cost is 100 bucks, and the higher price is $165.
SustainabilityFamous for sustainability.Offer sustainable products.
Sock-less ComfortYou can wear them with or without socks.Okay, to wear sockless.
Traction Offer good grip on normal walking.Provide noticeable traction in a heavy trail.

According to my perception, price is the most distinctive similarity between Allbirds and Olukai. Both shoes offer a little higher, so if you struggle with the budget, you can check the affordable alternatives of Allbirds. But for now, let’s head out to the next segment and see the pros and cons of both shoes.

Pros & Cons: Allbirds Vs Olukai

After seeing the differences with the similarities, you already have enough information about Allbirds and Olukai. Now, I’ll share the advantages and disadvantages of both shoes.

Here are the Pros & Cons of Allbirds and Olukai:


  • »Manufacture with Eco-friendly recycled materials.
  • »Minimalist design.
  • »Produce kids’ collections.
  • »Famous for outstanding breathability.
  • »Offer good comfort and arch support.
  • »Limited durability.
  • »Don’t provide any warranty.
  • »Never produce any wide shoe line.
  • »Doesn’t offer any half-size facilities.


  • »Ensure the ultimate comfort.
  • »Artistic design.
  • »Wide feet shoe line.
  • »Offer half sizes.
  • »Outstanding durability.
  • »Perfect for intense performance.
  • »Doesn’t manufacture eco-friendly products.
  • »Some models are high-priced.

Which One Suits You Most?

Allbirds & Olukai gems are famous for their significant feature in different sectors. But when you compare them for regular use, Olukai is the best pair. Both shoes’ prices are similar, but the offering of Olukai is much better than Allbirds.

The wet sand principle-inspired footbed ensures the best arch support and comfort. Olukai presents the most extended life after regular use.

Moreover, the half-size facility is crucial for those who need it, but the brands like Allbirds and Birdies never include that. Which brand also produces wide lines for wide-fitted people.

Meanwhile, if you love to wear minimalist design shoes, you can go with the Allbirds. This brand manufactures the most lightweight beast, offering a good grip on a wetland.


Allbirds and Olukai are recently getting into the hype for their splendid performance.

After reading this descriptive analysis of both gemstones, I hope you find your desired pair. Let me know through the comment section how your new pair supports you.

Up to then, enjoy every step!

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