Allbirds Vs Birdies [9 Distinctive Feature Variation]

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If you’re leading a trendy life, you must know about the Allbirds & Birdies brand. Both brands offer amazing deals when you wish to buy a flat slip-on.


Now the question is, how can you choose one pair where both offer more or less similar features?

Having worn both branded shoes numerous times, I’ll love to clear your puzzled situation by giving their vivid variation analysis with their advantages.

So, read along!

Overview of Birdies & Allbirds

Before getting into the descriptive feature comparison, take a look at the short overview to know the brand’s reasons for making these innovative pairs.


Allbirds started to manufacture sustainable shoes with recycled raw materials in 2016. Tim Brown and Joey Zwillinger in San Francisco founded the brand. They use eco-friendly New Zealand Marino wool, which is processed in Italian factories.

Finally, the finishing touch and manufacturing procedure completes in China because we all know they charge minimum labor costs.


Bianca Gates & Marisha Sharkey produce birdies shoes to support women’s comfort. The brand started its journey in 2015 to offer reliability and comfort in the hectic daily schedule.

Birdies headquarter also situated in San Francisco. The friend’s duo implements the 7-layer cushioning system to make their shoes perfect for regular use.

9 Major Feature Variations Between Allbirds & Birdies

After seeing Birdies and Allbirds short yet rich legacy, it’s time to explore the feature variations that make them distinguishable from each other.

Let’s find out the prominent feature that differentiates allbirds and birdies:

1. Materials

Allbirds flat shoes are famous for their eco-friendly raw materials. The woolen insole shoes arrived with woven eucalyptus pulp upper. For the Woven upper, these shoes offer lightweight and breathability.

The Birdies slip-ons are renowned for their layered foamy insole. The memory foam insole created a noticeable combination with a velvet upper, presenting an iconic look.

After using my starling-styled birdies, I feel like walking on clouds for their 7 layered configured insole.

2. Comfort

Birdies & Allbirds both brands prioritize comfort over other features.

Allbirds Marino wool insole and rubbery outsole provide a decent grip with flexible movement. The company manufactures shoes, but they feel like slippers for their comfy attributes.


After using Tree Lounger flat shoes, I found them more comfortable for their stretchy collar and fluffy lightweight upper.

On the other side, birdies ensure cozy feels with slipper-like experiences. The brand includes sturdy rubber to make its outsole for giving noticeable traction, but they never compromise their comfort. The center-padded soft foamy insole offers tremendous arch support with a comfy feel.

3. Breathability

When you wanna buy a breathable pair, Allbirds is best over Birdies.

The velvet upper and extra cushioned insoles of birdies make them cozy but lose their breathability. Because of their implemented material, natural airflow can’t enter the inside of the flats. As a result, you can’t put them on for more than 15 minutes during hot summer days.

Contrary, Allbirds is the best breathable shoe I ever experience. The brand uses sugarcane fibers to make its soles, which are breathable yet eco-friendly. The upper of Allbirds shoes acts like mesh fabric, offering the best airflow in the shoe interior.

For me, breathability is a must-needed feature; if you have excessive sweating tendencies like me, Allbirds are the staple component in your summer collection.

4. Price

According to the price, Allbirds and Birdies shoes are a little expensive.

Though the starting price is more or less similar in both shoes, the ending price shows the maximum difference.

Allbirds’ starting price is $100, and the maximum asking value is around $105, whereas the Birdies flat’s highest price range is $145.

However, Birdies shoes’ starting price is $98, which is more affordable compared to others. This brand shoe value is decided over the color shades and model variation.

5. Design & Variety

The Birdies only manufactures women’s shoes, whereas Allbirds produce shoes for men, women with kids models. Moreover, Allbirds also introduces a lot of minimalist design options, including color diversity.


Birdies also manufacture different color shoes but asks for a higher price depending on their other colored products.

So, if you want vibrant and iconic designer shoes, go for the Allbirds.

6. Sustainability

In recent days, people have become more concerned about the environment and love wearing sustainable products. Allbirds are your best pick if you belong to them because they only use green products to make their shoes from the very first day.

On top of that, the owner wants to introduce shoes by using recycled eco-friendly products without compromising the shoe quality.

Birdies are less sustainable, but if you want to try vegan products, they offer the most options, while Allbirds never introduce any vegan product in their shoe line.

7. Size & Fitting

If you have regular feet, then you will find the best fitting in Birdies because it runs true to size. For instance, I used to wear US women’s size 7 in Birdies, which fit amazingly.


Conversely, Allbirds run a half size smaller than the actual shoe size. So, if you want perfect fitting, you opt for a size up in these shoes. Whenever you have wide feet, you must choose a larger pair according to your shoe size. Before heading out for a new pair, measure your shoe size properly.

8. Cleaning Process

When you talk about maintenance, Allbirds ask for an easier cleaning process than Birdies.

You can clean your Allbirds pairs in the washing machine on a regular basis. After done cleaning, you can put your sneaker in the dryer for a simple yet time-saving drying process. Even so, I suggest hand cleaning over the washing machine.

On the other hand, birdies are unable to survive in heavy washer cleaning. So, you have to clean your birdies pair with your hand and dry them in natural airflow.

9. Return & Shipping Policy

Allbirds and Birdies, both brands, offer amazing shipment and return policies.

  • Allbirds offer a free shipping policy if your product charges over $75.
  • The Birdies brand gives an accessible shipping facility without any order limitations.

The return policies are pretty similar; both brands proffer a 30-day free return and exchange policy. Allbirds added zero question-asked return facility.

After using both shoes and engaging with their brand policies, I perceive these feature variations.

Birdies Vs Allbirds: Pros & Cons

Allbirds & birdies have splendid features, but the criteria are different. Now, I will describe their advantages with drawbacks for making your selection process easier.

Let’s take a look and learn the Pros & Cons of Allbirds and Birdies:


  • »Available vegan products.
  • »7 layered cushioning insole ensure comfort.
  • »Sturdy rubber offers noticeable traction.
  • »Runs true to size.
  • »Free return and shipping policy.
  • »Absent the breathability feature.
  • »Tough cleaning process.
  • »Pricey.
  • »Lack of variety.


  • »Manufacture with eco-friendly material.
  • »Easy cleaning procedure.
  • »Massive amount of design and variety.
  • »Limited price range.
  • »Ensure top-notch breathability.
  • »Lightweight.
  • »Runs small.
  • »Conditional shipping facility.

Which One Suits You Better?

Birdies & Allbirds, both flats offer amazing feature quality. But if you ask for my suggestion, I blindly go with the Allbirds because that one pair fulfills all my desired requirements.


Allbirds is the most eco-friendly brand I have ever seen, which uses exclusively high-quality green goods throughout. Compared to birdies, these shoes are more breathable and offered at a lower price.

On top of that, The brand also provides a wide range of collections and extensive designs for men, women, and children.

Contrary, you can choose birdies if you enjoy vegan items or want a shoe that fits all seasons, including fall. Moreover, The shoe also includes a 7-layered memory foam insole, which guarantees women’s supreme comfort and dependability.

Final Thoughts

After knowing all the facts about Allbirds & Birdies’ features, you can go with any of them that conforms to your cravings.

Share with me the experience after purchasing the selected pair through the comment box.

Till then, take good care of your feet!

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