Allbirds vs Hoka [Consider Top 5 Differences Before Buying]

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Allbirds is a recently growing brand that is more popular for its sustainable casual sneakers.

On the other hand, Hoka holds a good reputation in the sportswear field for its performance-oriented shoes. Consequently, Hoka comes first when people wanna buy athletic footwear.


But how to decide between Allbirds & Hoka when your top requirement is all-day comfort while standing and walking?

Let me help you to sort out the case through this in-depth discussion.

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What Are the Dissimilarities between Allbirds & Hoka?

The most common thing that differs between Hoka and Allbirds is their debut and popularity. Hoka shoe, suitable for downhill running and rugged terrain, was launched in 2009.

The Meta-Rocker technology, bright hues, and adventure-oriented design of Hokas soon attracted worldwide customers. Eventually, Bondi Clifton, Gaviota, Arahi, etc, has become the most demanding lines of Hoka.

After 7 years, Allbirds stepped into the footwear sector with its relaxed appearance. The modest features of this affordable brand have made sure to draw the attention of teenagers to adults.

These histories and general statements aren’t enough to make a choice between two brands.

So, let’s focus on the key points and make a comparison between Allbirds & Hoka:

1. Comfort

The comfort level of Allbirds and Hoka varies according to the user and the activity for which the shoes are used.

To test Allbirds and Hoka’s walking performance, I chose Allbirds Tree Dasher 2 and Hoka Clifton 8.


Clifton’s comfort mainly comes from its compression-molded EVA midsole and engineered mesh upper. When I took the pair for walking near the beach in the summertime, get amazed at its breathability. Also, perceived a memory foam-like feel at the heel area, which really made my stroll enjoyable.

Allbirds Tree Dasher provides responsive foam underneath the feet, a padded heel collar, ZQ merino wool heel lining, and a eucalyptus tree fiber upper.

This set was also comfortable and breathable during the walk. But I was more satisfied with Hoka Clifton 8 due to its stability and relatively less weight.

While Clifton 8 weighs 8.90 oz with great stability, Allbirds Dasher is 10.3 oz with a flexible SweetFoam® midsole. And you certainly know that walking with a more lightweight and stable pair is always preferable for retaining your foot health.

2. Support

You must need additional support from your footwear for standing long hours on your feet. Hoka stays one step ahead in this case. The best-selling Hoka shoes, such as Clifton and Arahi, are enriched with supreme arch support. This support comes from the firm stack height and cushioned midsole of the set.

As a result, you can undoubtedly rely on arch-supportive Hoka shoes for running, training, gym, hiking, or long periods of walking.

Some people who once suffered from Plantar fasciitis say that the Achilles heel tab in Clifton 8 supports the foot the entire day. And it works as a fantastic reliever of Plantar fasciitis pain.


However, you may find Hoka’s huge stack height uncomfortable at initial wear. But this issue vanishes as you get used to the shoes within several weeks.

On the contrary, Allbirds’ arch support is medium. I’ve realized its mid-contoured support while using Allbirds Pipers & Runners.

The padded insole consists of castor bean oil and wool or Tencel lining. Though this insole is more supportive compared to minimalist shoes but lacks behind in comparison with the mighty Hoka shoe support.

3. Price

Allbirds is relatively less pricy than Hoka. Within $60- $154, Allbirds shoes are accessible. Little Kids’ pair sale starts from $60. With the growth of size and variations of models, the price increases.

Right now, the most expensive Allbirds is Men’s Wool Flyer Mizzles ($154). This super springy collection is a nice choice for long-distance runs on a rainy day, ambitious walks, and workouts.

Hoka’s sales start from $80 and end at $275. I guess Hoka claims such a hefty price just because of Hoka’s brand value, recognition among famous athletes, and rich materials.

4. Materials

When you’re about to invest your hard-earned bucks in a pair of shoes, you must look into its built-in materials.

Because the comfort and durability of a shoe largely depend on its material type and quality. Most Hokas are vegan because they have the following:

– Knit or recycled mesh upper.
– Rubber outsole.
– EVA midsole.
– Polyester shoelaces.

Contrarily, Allbirds have a large amount of non-vegan shoes. They are mostly crafted from ZQ merino wool. Even almost all of the tree fiber-made shoes contain merino woolen lining at the interior.

A few vegan-friendly options are also available in Allbirds, such as:

  • Canvas Pacer
  • Plant Pacer &
  • SuperLight Tree Runner

These pieces are fully free from any animal-derived materials. Rather, Allbirds use certified organic cotton, natural rubber, and TENCEL™ Lyocell fabric for these pairs.

5. Water Resistant

Unfortunately, you won’t get any water-resistant shoes in Allbirds. But water-repellent features can be obtained from the Mizzles designs only.

This line includes a fluorine-free water-repellent shield and a bio-based liner to keep users’ feet dry during rainy weather.

Hoka shoes do not have this limitation. It offers water-resistant and water-proof shoes for consumers. During the fabrication, the manufacturers conduct some procedures and turn the leather into a protector against moisture.

The waterproof pairs have a GTX membrane. This coating acts as a barrier against water. Shoes with waterproof properties include the word ‘GTX’ in their name, such as Speedgoat 5 GTX, Challenger 7 GTX, Trail Code GTX, etc.

Pros & Cons of Allbirds and Hoka

Before moving towards the verdict, let’s take a look at the pros and cons of each footwear. This section will directly influence you to decide the most suitable one from these two footwear brands.


  • »Lightweight & durable.
  • »Comfy and highly supportive.
  • »Water-resistant
  • »Easy to clean.
  • »Slip resistant.
  • »Good for medium & wide feet.
  • »Lots of varieties and models.
  • »Ideal for athletic & outdoor activities.
  • »Oversized midsole.
  • »Expensive.


  • »Eco friendly & less weighty.
  • »Cozy but has average arch support.
  • »Water repellent.
  • »Grippy rubber outsole.
  • »Runs true to size.
  • »Ideal for short-distance running & walk.
  • »Affordable and machine washable.
  • »Comparatively low life span than Hoka.
  • »Fewer variations.
  • »No water-resistant pair.
  • »Improper for workouts & heavy racing.


Hoka shoes have plenty of features for pro runners, ultra marathoners, neighborhood walkers, and mountain roamers. So if you’re anyone from this category, blindly stick with Hoka shoes without any doubt.

Prior to that, make sure that your wallet permits you to disburse a chunk of dollars for a set of striking shoes. Because Hoka is costly!

Looking for budget-friendly casual wear which will fulfill your mid-strenuous activity like a short race or aimless roaming around?

Then you better opt for Allbirds’ Runner or everyday sneakers. They are absolutely comfortable for regular usage.


While Hoka is more focused on heavy workouts like road racing, trail running, and trekking, Allbirds is more prone to typical day-to-day activities such as minor exercises and amateur walks. I think Both of them are worth a try.

What are your thoughts about Hoka and Allbirds after reading this detailed comparison? Let me know in the comments below.


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