Allbirds Pipers vs Runners [Review of the Casual Sneakers]

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You must have heard about Allbirds’ skyrocketing popularity in recent years. With sustainable everyday sneakers, the brand is making a huge worldwide fanbase.


Two bestselling products of Allbirds are Pipers and Runners. Both of them retail for around $105.

I think the price is not so affordable. Hence, many of us may wanna add only one to the wardrobe. For now, let’s check the features of these Allbirds styles so that you can choose the perfect one for yourself.

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Quick Overview of Piper & Runner

Allbirds Runner and Pipers can be categorized into two segments depending on their building materials.

Pipers have two varieties – Tree Piper & Wool Piper. The same goes for Runners, which are known as Tree Runner & Wool Runner.

The woolen version of these styles is crafted in South Korea with soft and premium merino wool. On the other hand, the manufacturers use eucalyptus fiber at the upper of Tree Piper and Runner. The tree designs are largely manufactured in Vietnam.

Allbirds claim somewhat high prices for these finest quality materials. It will do you no harm knowing some affordable alternative to Allbirds.

You can pair up with these low-top minimalist sneakers for your everyday go-to, roaming around, or city trekking.

Pipers are only for casual activities. Whereas, Runners are for casual and also mid-impact athletic purposes.

The versatile design of the shoes has also made them a great pick for traveling. Due to being lightweight, you can easily adjust them in the backpack or luggage.

Now, let’s focus on the subtle differences between Allbirds Pipers & Runners. Then I’ll help you to find out which pair will serve you better.

Differences Between Allbirds Pipers & Runners

Allbirds Runners arrived in the footwear industry in 2018. After 3 years of its debut, Tree Pipers has been launched with almost equivalent features, including similar materials, durability, construction, colorways, and price tags. But some precise dissimilarities can be sensed after using the shoes for some weeks or months.

Being an Allbirds fan, I own some of its styles. Pipers and Runners are two of them.

So, let’s see how these top-selling foot gears differ from each other:


During my typical daily activities, such as walking and shopping, I found both Pipers and Runners are equally comfy.

Both shoes have comfortable insole lining. Some models have ZQ merino wool line, and others have TENCEL™-lined insole.

The cushioned midsole (also called SweetFoam®) is made of Brazilian sugarcane-based EVA. It makes a padded base underneath the foot. Throughout the movement, this sole gives a smooth and protective feel.


But when I examined Allbirds Piper and Runner in a 100-meter race, I got the Allbirds Runner as the winner.

I guess the Castor bean oil-based insole foam and Merino wool heel lining is the main stimulator behind the additional comfort of Allbirds Runner.


Allbirds Tree Runner feels more lightweight compared to the Pipers. Runners weigh around 7.5 oz. On the contrary, Pipers’ weight fluctuates between 7 to 9 oz.

This small amount of weight deviation doesn’t make any significant differences in regular movement. But in case of mid-impact training and short race, the lightweight feel of Allbirds Runners attracts more users.


Allbirds shoes which are fabricated with Eucalyptus tree fabric, supply outstanding breathability. According to Allbirds, this upper tree knit is silky and breezy.

On the contrary, merino woolen upper is relatively thick and less breathable.

So, the breathability of shoes doesn’t depend on the models. Rather it varies according to the upper materials. That means, if your Allbirds Runner has woolen upper and Pipers have tree upper, you will definitely get more air ventilation in that Pipers.


Fit matters a lot for obtaining the maximum comfort of a shoe. Allbirds Tree Runners offer true to size and snug fit.

As a result, you can enjoy a relaxed walking, jogging, and training experience with this set.

Pipers fit a little bit wide near my toe area, but it is analogous to Runners lengthwise. Though it gives space for wiggling the toes, I have seen creases on the shoes after frequent wear.


Shoelaces and eyelets also play a vital role in ensuring an accurate fit.

Allbirds shoes have TPU eyelets and recycled plastic bottles made laces. They are long-lasting and easy to tie.

Unfortunately, you won’t get the half sizes option available in Allbirds. So, it is suggested to size up for all styles except Plant Pacer in case of wide feet or in between sizes.

Pros & Cons of Allbirds Pipers and Runners

Allbirds aren’t athletic-style shoes, rather, they are regular go-to sneakers with moderate arch support and cushioning. Yet, individuals use Allbirds Pipers and Runners for activities that they aren’t meant for and face negative consequences such as arch pain, ligament damage, etc.

Hence I’m gonna mention the advantages and negative sides of these Allbirds styles. You will get a direct outline of both shoes from this segment.

Here are the pros and cons of Allbirds Runner & Piper:

Allbirds Pipers

  • »Perfect casual footwear.
  • »Versatile and fashionable.
  • »Wearing socks is not mandatory.
  • »Good for short trips.
  • »Easy to wear, carry & clean.
  • »Sustainable & Lightweight.
  • »Tree Pipers are for warmer weather.
  • »Wool Pipers are great for colder climates.
  • »Moderate lifespan and support.
  • »Unable to tackle wet conditions.
  • »Unsuitable for heavy workouts.
  • »Improper for running and long hours of standing.

Allbirs Runners

  • »Really comfortable with the padded inner linings.
  • »Wool Runners are naturally thermoregulating.
  • »It matches all classic and casual outfits.
  • »A fine choice for short races.
  • »Easy to put on and off.
  • »Machine washable.
  • »Decent traction.
  • »Durable for up to several years.
  • »Lightweight.
  • »Nonwaterproof.
  • »Don’t have an athletic apparel-type outlook.
  • »Not ideal for fast and professional running.

Allbirds Pipers vs Runners: Which Should You Buy?

Since Allbirds, Pipers, and Runners are almost indistinguishable, you may find it quite tricky while making a choice. Well, let me help you in this phase.

If you’re only focused on comfort and fashion, you can choose any one between Pipers and Runners.

Because both of them have similar outlooks with elegant color options and cozy insole lining. Exploring the unknown city with these classic shoes is really enjoyable.


Whether you select Pipers or Runners, you won’t notice any major differences between their ordinary performance and features.

The only remarkable dissimilarity is their performance during short races. While Runners are good for racing, Pipers aren’t a good choice for this activity. So, if you often take part in running, you better opt for Allbirds Runners.

However, support is one of the vital requirements of runners. Allbirds Runner’s support is okay but not supreme.

Thus, I recommend Allbirds Trail Runners SWT, which has a multidirectional rugged outsole and is the best piece for trail running and hiking. You can also rely on Ultraboost instead of Allbirds for this heavy exercise.

Wrap Up

You’ll never regret purchasing a pair from Allbirds, whether it is Runners or Pipers. Because trendy Allbirds are cozy, eco-friendly, and worth the price.

All you have to do is just check the details and fit of your coveted footwear. Then you can enjoy the road trip with a perfect shoe.

More thoughts in your mind? Just add them in the comment section.

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