Allbirds Vs Brooks [Differences of the Key Features in 2024]

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While running in my Brooks a few days back, I encountered my hiker friend. We got talking, and I noticed he had a different shoe on. And soon, I got to know various features our individual shoes have.


In this write-out, I will differentiate those key features among my Brooks and his Allbirds shoes, along with the benefits and drawbacks.

So, tag along before hitting the road.

A Short Overview of Brooks and Allbirds

Since 1914, from ballet slippers to roller skates to running shoes, Brooks has come a long way.

And the expertise they gathered through their whole journey shows in the production of their shoes like, Brooks Ghost 14, Beast 20, and all other shoes.

As a running footwear brand, Brooks’s main focus is durability, comfort, breathability, and their shoes are pretty worth it as they use premium quality materials.

Meanwhile, Allbirds shoes are also popular because of their eco-friendly, sustainable shoes.

This company was launched in 2016. In this short period,  Allbirds became known among hikers because of their high-quality merino wool, light and breathable fabrics, and super comfortable feel.

Another thing that made Allbirds so famous is their business strategy and return policy.  You can try on their shoes for up to 30 days before returning. Unique yet very effective.

What Are the Main Differences Between Allbirds and Brooks Shoes?

Nowadays, several shoe brands focus on specific criteria, for example, Brooks on running shoes and Allbirds on hiking and such related activities. So, it’s evident that their footwears have different technologies and features depending on their sector.allbirds and-brooks-shoes-s

Let’s find out the various key features of Allbirds and Brooks shoes:

Material & Construction of Shoes

Allbirds shoes have the most unique and sustainable materials, making running much more effortless.

These materials make the construction process easy and make them comfy to wear. Allbirds’ upper is made of wool and bio-based shield. Its sole is wrapped to provide more grip, and the lower part of the sole is made of natural rubber.

Overall the materials used on allbirds are:

  • Recycled polyester and plastic bottles.
  • Natural rubber.
  • Merino wool.
  • Castor bean oil.
  • Eucalyptus tree fiber.
  • EVA.
  • Tear-resistant ripstop mudguard.

Brooks also uses premium quality ingredients while producing their running shoes. However, they are not 100% eco-friendly, still worth the price. The materials and construction of Brooks shoes ensure stability. And this is what I love about my Brooks Ghost.

The company uses the latest technology to make sure you are properly balanced while running. The trail track rubber outsole is a reason for the outstanding grip.

And the DNA Loft V2 midsole gives you that soft and cushioning feel. It also has materials like:

  • Polyester.
  • Foam.
  • Rubber.
  • Nylon.
  • Recycled plastic bottles.

Comfort Level

When it comes to comfort, you can rely on Allbirds shoes. They are very comfortable, and you can even wear them without any socks while running. The soft midsole absorbs shock and holds your feet nicely, along with a proper fit.

My friend said his Tree Runners are ideal for wearing all day.


Moreover, Brook’s shoes are comfy as well. They have the softest cushioning, and the DNA Loft V2 also makes the interior cushiony with its combination of rubber EVA foam and air. And flexible enough to move along with your feet’s movement.


Another important factor of any outdoor shoe is its durability. You must know how they will hold up with all those heavy pressure.

Both Brooks and Allbirds are pretty durable. Considering their individual field with the combination of recycled polyester, natural rubber, and EVA foam, Allbirds running pairs last long.

These shoes don’t tear that easily. Users have said to use these tough buddies for years, and even machine washing doesn’t affect Allbird’s durability.

On the other hand, Depending on your use, the durability of Brooks trail running shoes varies.

Because every Runner has their own running style, these shoes tend to last 300 to 500 miles. So, you are set with these super comfy and adaptable running shoes.

Also, you can check out the differences between Brooks Revel 4 and Revel 5 to see which one is durable enough for you.

Price Range

Allbirds shoes range from 50 dollars to 154 dollars. My friend got his tree runners at $105; according to him, it’s worth the money.

On the other hand, Brooks starts from $59.95 and goes up to $200. My Brooks Ghost cost 160 dollars. I admit they are a bit pricy, but I am completely satisfied with my investment.


Though Allbirds is a new company, they have gained enormous popularity within a short time.

My friend said he was looking for a good pair of hiking shoes and heard about Allbirds from most of his friends. That’s why he got his Tree Runners in the first place.

Wool Runner Mizzles, Tree  Dashers,  and Tree Runners are other popular models.allbirds-popularity

In terms of popularity, Brooks shoes are also catching up. Among runners and athletes, this brand is famous. The models that caught eye are GTX,  Adrenaline, Ghost,  Glycerine, and Casacadia.

However, that’s how the confusion arises about which model to choose. And if you are one of them, find out the various features among Allbirds Pipers and Runners.

Pros and Cons: Allbirds Vs Brooks

Regular running shoes won’t hold up long when you want to run on trails. You have to wear trail running or hiking shoes.

Both Brooks and Allbirds are top-notch in their own sector, yet there are a few disadvantages that you should know before your purchase.

Check out the drawbacks and advantages of Allbirds and Brooks shoes:

Allbirds Shoes

  • »Eco-friendly.
  • »Sustainable materials.
  • »Good return policy.
  • »Comfortable.
  • »Fewer size options.
  • »Every model is not waterproof.
  • »Lack of sole thread.
  • »Not ideal for heavy workouts.

Brooks Shoes

  • »Durable.
  • »Lasts long.
  • »Good grip.
  • »Lots of padding.
  • »Less breathable for summer.
  • »Only a few shoes are suitable for professional runners.
  • »Nonwaterproof.
  • »Slightly unstable.


Selecting one pair of shoes among two becomes easier when you know every detail about the shoes and what you need.

Brooks Shoes make a fine running pair because of their reusable materials, comfort, durability, and popularity among runners. So, if you are into running, Brooks will check out every list.

And Allbird is getting popular because of its budget-friendly price range, comfy feel, and return policy.

These shoes are ideal for casual to everyday wear along with hiking. And if these criteria suit you, Allbirds is your ideal pair.

So, buy according to your need and preference.


Do Allbird shoes wear out quickly?

No, Allbirds shoes don’t wear out quickly. Even with regular use, they will last up to two years without any significant issues.

Does Adidas own Allbirds?

No, Allbirds is not owned by Adidas. But from 2020, they are in a partnership with Adidas.

Are Allbirds worth it?

Yes, Allbirds are worth every money. The best part is their 30 days trial challenge, where you can try the shoes and see if the product meets your expectations.

Parting Thoughts

Both Brooks and Allbirds shoes are getting increasingly popular because of their various designs,  sustainable materials, colors, comfort, and versatility.

Whether it’s for running or hiking, make sure your shoe is serving your purpose well. And now you got every information about Allbirds and Brooks running shoes.

For additional queries, comment below.

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