Air Max Vs Vapormax [Differences You Must Know]

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When I heard about Nike Airmax’s new launch Vapormax, I immediately wanted to try them as these models came to the market and became popular right away.


Since I have owned an Airmax for years, I wanted to compare them with the new Vapormax shoes.

In this write-up, I will elaborate on the differences I found during my comparing journey.

So, stay put, and let me enlighten you!

What’s the Differences Between Nike Air Max and Vapormax?

Vapormax is one of the most popular line up of the Nike Airmax series, yet very different regarding the building technology and how they felt on foot. Before getting any of these sneakers, you must know why they differ.

Let’s find out the key differences among Vapormax and Airmax:


The materials and technology used to make Nike Air Max and Vapormax are different. Let me elaborate.

Air Max shoes use rubber or form for the soles, specialized gas chambers you can see from the outside, and the most iconic Air Technology, which you will not see in the latest Vapormax shoes. Instead, these shoes have air pouches and don’t come with any form or rubber in their midsole and outsole.

Because of these slight changes, there is a vast difference in the performance of these two sneakers. And all these factors clearly explain why Nike is so expensive.

Comfort and Flexibility

As both Airmax and Vapormax use different technology, it reflects in their flexibility and comfort.

Regarding comfort, Vapormax is the winner because this model is filled with compressed airbags, making them the ultimate comfy sneaker by Nike.

My friend recently bought his first pair of Vapormax, and I tried his Air Vapormax Plus, and it felt like I was walking on clouds.

That much comfortable those shoes were.


Though Airmax also comes with compressed air units in the midsole area, it still can’t compete with Vapormax.

Similarly, the same reasons make Vapormax shoes more flexible than Nike Airmax. But, if you plan to buy Vapormax shoes for exercising, know if Vapormax is good for the gym.


As Nike Vapormax and Airmax have different technology and comfort levels, it’s obvious their price range will also be different.

My friend got his Vapormax at $210, and you will find other models starting from 142.97 dollars. I am planning to get a pair of Nike Air Vapormax 2021 FK. It will cost me a solid $142.97.


Now let’s move on to Airmax shoes. I own the Airmax 90 and got them at 130 dollars which is far cheaper than the Vapormax lineup.

So, it’s clear that Nike Vapormax is expensive while Airmax is within the budget. That’s why you should know whether Vapormax is good for running before investing your money.

Pros and Cons of Vapor Max and Airmax

Without knowing about a shoe model, you can’t decide which one will be your ideal shoe. Similarly, Nike Airmax and Vapormax are from the same lineup. So, you need to clearly understand their positive and negative sides to buy your preferred one.

Here are the advantages and drawbacks of Nike Air Max and Vapormax:

Nike Vapor Max

  • »Super comfortable.
  • »Flexible.
  • »Lasts longer.
  • »Has a good grip.
  • »Versatile.
  • »Expensive.
  • »Not suitable for running.
  • »Tight for wide feet.

Nike Air Max

  • »Supportive.
  • »Versatile.
  • »Comfortable cushioning.
  • »Durable.
  • »Various designs.
  • »Suitable for walking and gym training.
  • »Cheaper than vapor max.
  • »Less flexible than Vapormax.
  • »Tight fitting.


You can’t go wrong with Nike shoes. These versatile shoes come with the latest shoe technology and design that will blow your mind. Choosing between two Nike sneakers is challenging for sure.

However, the process becomes easy when you know every tiny detail about the models.

Similarly, if you are planning to buy Vapormax, you will get,

  • Extremely comfortable daily shoe.
  • Super flexibility to move around.

But, keep in mind these are expensive.

On the other hand, from Nike Airmax, you will get a durable and versatile shoe that you can use for walking, workouts, and daily chores within your budget.

So, get the pair that will suit your personality and need simultaneously.


Are Vapormax considered Airmax?

Yes, Vapormax is actually an Airmax shoe without any rubber or form in the midsole and outsole area.

Why are  Air Max so popular?

Nike Air Max are so popular because of their translucent pressurized gas chamber in the midsole,  a visible Air-Sole unit, and Nike’s iconic Air Technology, which keeps these shoes super flexible.

What are Nike Vapormax meant for?

Nike Vapormax sneakers were meant for running but eventually became a comfy everyday shoe because of their large Air bubbles,  which are not practical for serious runners.

Parting thoughts

Both Airmax and Vapormax are excellent launches of Nike. These sneakers come with Nike’s latest color palate and technology.

The main difference between Vapormax and Airmax is the air pouches which make the Vapormax shoes super flexible and comfortable. These subtle differences are enough to make your shoe selection process more manageable.

That’s it for now for more additional queries, comment below.

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