Air Max 97 Vs 98 [6 Major Feature Comparisons in 2024]

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Air Max 97 & 98 are like perfect beasts in the footwear field for their look and comfort.

Choosing one pair from these two is challenging; maybe you are also stuck between them.


After using both Air Max shoes for a long time, I’m here to solve your ponder situation by giving you a feature comparison of Air Max 97 & 98. In this article, you also perceive all the variations that will help you in your decision-making process.

So, let’s dig in!

Feature Comparison Table of Air Max 97 and 98

Though Air Max 97 & 98 shoes have a significant identity, their implemented technology ratio is also different. Before getting into their descriptive analysis, I want to show you a visual comparison chart that will clear your concept.

Let’s see the comparison table of Air Max 97 & Air Max 98:

Concern Air Max 97Air Max 98
DesignInspired by Japanese ripple pattern bullet trains.Follow a simple, minimalistic look.
InsoleFull-length air unit sole.Implemented air unit according to texture and shoe structure.
Color VariationMore than 22 colors option.You will find only 10 color shades.
SizeTrue to size, but not for the wide feet people.True to size.
PricingThe price is affordable compared to Air Max 98.Charge more on the retailer's website.

Major Variations Between Air Max 97 & 98

Air Max 97 and Air Max 98 belong to the same line of Nike brand. As we all know, Nike beats their benchmark and tries to deliver something unique in each model. So, if you compare their every part thoroughly, you will find many variations in both.

Without any delay, let’s check the variations between Air Max 97 & 98:


Air Max 97 mostly uses rubber outsole and foamy midsoles that offer comfort with a grippy texture. The manufacturer implemented mesh and synthetic upper for an exotic appearance.


However, sometimes AM 97 include suede and leather to make their outsole more sturdy and durable.

On the other hand, Air Max 98 always provides a combination of all materials like suede, canvas, rubber, and leather in one pair of shoes. After checking them vigorously, I find these material variations.


Air Max 97 is known for its incredible longevity. The structure and super firmed raw materials make them durable compared to other Air Max models.

Nonetheless, the lifetime of an updated version of AM 98 is also unbeatable. The rubbery outsole offers significant durability with traction.


Both Nike Air Max shoes are expensive, but conforming to their offered features, I found them worthy.

The AM 98 retail website price starts from $200 to $500 per shoe. And Air Max 97 charges less than 98 in the retail market. Usually, this AM 97 pair ask approximately 90 to 215 bucks for every shoe.

Sizing & Fittings

The whole Air Max Line runs True-to-Size, and here it is also the same.


But the fittings of Air Max 97 are a little narrower, which is inappropriate for wide feet people. So, if you have broad feet and need extra space, go one size up for barrierless wiggle.

On the contrary, when you talk about the AM 98, I never suggest one or half size up, even though you have wide feet. Because I found ample forefoot space in there.


Comfort is the main feature of both air max models because you will find the same Air Unit, which confirms the comfort in these models. Yet, in the 97 version of air max, you will perceive a full-length air unit that sometimes creates instability issues during running.

However, the structured air unit, according to the shoe alignment of Air Max 98, is impressive from every angle. Not only that, but the combined sole also ensures the best comfy feeling.

Variety & Availability


My pick for this variety and availability feature is the Air Max 97. Because you will find more than 22 color and aesthetic options in AM 97, whereas 98 only comes in barely ten color variations.

Although the 97 is the previous version of the Air Max line, they are still available on their own Nike website. 98, however, always has sold-out tags.

After using them regularly, I found these feature-wise differences in Both 97 & 98 Air Max shoes.

Nike Air Max 97 Vs 98: Pros & Cons

Even if 97 and 98 offer many advantages, they also have some disadvantages. In this writing portion, I’ll briefly discuss the benefits and downsides.

Here are the Pros & Cons of Air Max 97 and 98:

Air Max 97

  • »A tremendous amount of color options.
  • »Durable.
  • »Affordable pricing compared to AM 98.
  • »Runs True-to-size.
  • »Easy maintenance.
  • »Full-length air unit.
  • »Not good for wide feet people.

Air Max 98

  • »Structured air unit midsole.
  • »Composite materials offer splendid comfort.
  • »Good for broad feet.
  • »Higher price compared to other one.
  • »Limited color options.

Which One Suits You Better?

Nike Air Max is the ideal line for all runners due to their top-notch features. And when you compare AM 97 & 98, you will find significant variations. You must pick the pair which completes your desired requirement.

That being said, you wanna take versatile pairs within a minimum budget, I suggest the 97. Because it also offers the same components, which are available in 98, yet the minimum asking price. Not only for the budget, but it also ensures the maximum lifetime for all sprinters.

Conversely, if you want to choose one pair based on comfort, the AM 98 is your best bet.

I am aware that they cost more money than the 97 pairs, but they still provide more functions.

So, the investment is worth it if you take any particular one between the two beasts. But for me, 97 is more appreciable because of its features and pricing.

Wrap Up

Air Max 97 and 98 are iconic pairs in the vast Nike lineage. After reading this thorough comparison, you already know their benefits and disadvantages, which will aid you in decision-making.

Being a runner, I’m eagerly waiting to solve your extended queries about the Air Max line. So, shoot the question in the below box.

Till then, happy running!

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