How To Remove Security Tags From Shoes? [7 Effective Way]

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Unboxing new shoes and finding security tags attached to them can create the most irritating situation for everyone.

Besides, Removing security tags from shoes is time-consuming and may leave behind some stains on your new pair.


Definitely, you don’t want that, right?

After facing the same situation repeatedly, I found some effective ways to get rid of them easily at home. And I’m gonna share those efficient methods with you to reduce hazardous situations.

Read until the end to understand the techniques thoroughly for detaching tags from your shoes.

What Are Security Tags?

Before diving into the main methods, you must know what security tags are and how it works. Security tags are meant for product security.

Moreover, Security tags are a crucial component for retailer companies for placement and shoplifting. There are various types of security tags in the market, but ink and metal security tags are popular in them.

In the security tags, a scanner for surveillance is set, which acts like an additional storekeeper for an individual product.

And it isn’t easy to take off for that reason. While such a safety tag is attached, thieves will think twice before picking any product!

During delivery, security tags are also used to reduce misplacement.


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7 Effective Way To Remove Security Tags From Shoes At Home

Using security tags gives you proper knowledge of how the company reduces losses.

However, it is also quite frustrating when you order a shoe, and they send you that pair with security tags for extra safety. When that happens, you must use an efficient method to remove the tags cleanly.

I’m offering some techniques with clear instructions that I’ve used in the past to remove this simply.

Let’s check these methods and find which one is suitable for you:

1. Hitting The Tag

  • Gently pull the tags repeatedly from your shoe for a little loosen-up.
  • Find a nail that is larger than the tags, And the nail head should be wide enough.
  • Drag the tags away from your shoes and hold the long plastic portion.
  • Hit down the ink cartridge constantly until it opens up. There is no need for any extra force you have to repeat the strike.
  • Be gentle to prevent the bursts open, and don’t give too much pressure on those tags.

2. Using Rubber Bands

  • Placing the ink cartridge of the security tags face down. The ink cartridge is that part of the tag, that little rounded one, which we find on the opposite side.
  • Wrap the entire shoe using a plastic bag. Covering is essential because the ink might ruin your new pair.
  • Slip a rubber band around the pin properly. You have to take a strong and medium thick band for exact grip. This will help to loosen up the pin.
  • Using both your hands in opposite directions. Hold the larger part of the tag with one hand and pull the pin with another.

3. Freeze The Tag

  • Freeze your shoes overnight with the security tags.
  • In the morning, you pull the tag from your shoes. You can use any of them, a plier, hand, or band, for pulling the tags. In ink tags, it’s the more preferable method.

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4. Using a Screwdriver

  • To complete this method, you have to take a flathead screwdriver.
  • Place your shoe on the floor, and the ink cartridge might be placed facing up.
  • Place your thin flat screwdriver on the edge of the raised pyramid.
  • Use force and pull it up.
  • Continue pulling up the plastic perimeter.
  • After popping up, remove the silver line, and you may find the metal plate.
  • Again using a screwdriver to remove the pin.
  • Once you are done with all these steps, you can easily put off the tags.

5. Use Pliers

  • Using a pair of nose pliers. Hold both sides of security tags at the same time by using two pliers.
  • And try to bend both sides of the tags. Avoid too much pressure while bending, or the tag will crack and spill the ink.
  • Continue the bending procedure repeatedly until the pops open up.

6. Heat The Tag


  • Use a lighter and heat the tags dome portion. Burn the dome for a few seconds, and the plastic will melt easily.
  • Then use a sharp knife and cut the dome.
  • After scooping, you may find a spring, and the security tags pop out easily.

7. Use Magnet

  • Use a high-power magnet for this method.
  • Place the magnet on the table, and the dome must be placed in the opposite direction.
  • Pull the magnet away from the tag. If the parts didn’t separate initially, then apply a little force to separate them.

You can choose any of them because these are the most used and efficient procedures for removing those tags without any stains.

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How To Remove Security Tag From Shoes Using Fork?

Removing security tags in each method is quite technical and time-consuming. And for a proper outcome, you have to follow the chosen method step by step.

After various research, I find the easiest one, using household chores like a fork.

Yes, now I’m explaining how the fork works for detaching the security tag.


In this technique, you just need two forks and place them on the security tags in the opposite direction.

Second, to open the tag, you have to pull them in a different direction until the tags loosen up.

I think it is the most relevant method for abolishing security tags at home.

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Why is ink inside the security tags?

Security tags usually come with adhesive ink because the moment a thief tries to remove the tag, they leave behind some stain. However they stole that item, you could easily detect the stolen items.

What kind of magnet takes off security tags?

Neodymium Magnet is the most used magnet in retailer shops for demagnetizing security tags.

How do stores detect stolen items?

The stolen item is detected using an anti-shoplifting alarm. The mechanism behind manufacturing the security alarm is radio frequency.

Summing Up

Security tags might be frustrating for you when you want to remove them from your shoe.

I have tried to provide a few easy methods for removing security tags in this article already. Try any of them; I hope you will get a better result from these distinctive guidelines.

Share with me in the comment box which methods you pick and how it works.

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