Puma vs Vans Sizing [Detailed Guide to Get the Perfect Fit]

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Have you ever noticed that an M-size shirt from a certain brand fits you well but the same size from another brand doesn’t?

This exact scene happens in case of almost all attire, and shoes are no exception to this. That’s why proper information about shoe sizing and fit is quite essential. Especially when you’re gonna switch from one brand to another.


Hence, I’m going to talk about the shoe size variation of the two most popular brands – Vans & PUMA.

So, let’s get into it.

Shoe Size Comparison Between Puma vs Vans

The size comparison of PUMA and Vans is somewhat tricky. Because based on the size chart they are similar to each other. Half sizes are available in both of them.

But when you wear the shoes and feel the fit you will realize that PUMA doesn’t fit like Vans. In fact, Vans interior is slightly roomier than PUMA.

At initial attempts, you won’t be able to perceive the relatively bigger fit of Vans. It fits snugly at that time. But as time goes by, the Canvas material of Vans shoes stretches.

Consequently, you will feel that the space inside your Vans has enlarged a bit across the width. This could be only a 0.5 to 1 cm expansion, which is not a major concern if you wear socks with Vans slip-ons.

To have a direct comparison of PUMA and Vans sizing, consider the table below:

PUMA Size Chart for Men

Foot lengthUS SizeUK SizeEU Size
27 cm9842
27.5 cm9.58.542.5
28 cm10943

Vans Size Chart for Men

Foot lengthUS SizeUK SizeEU Size
27 cm9842
27.5 cm9.58.542.5
28 cm10943

See, both PUMA and Vans have recommended US size 9, UK 8, and EU 42 for 27cm foot length. This sizing similarity is also valid for any other foot lengths.

So, if you’re a regular user of Vans or PUMA who now wants to shift from each one of them to another, pick the same size which you used to wear in Vans or PUMA. Because they follow the same size standard.

Besides, you can take help from the Shoe Size Guide section of Vans. Here you just have to insert the foot length in cm unit. Then you will be notified about which size you should get.mens-size-womens-size

Look, Vans has suggested women’s size 12.5, and men’s 11 for 29cm foot length. It is absolutely consistent with the size chart of PUMA and Vans itself.

Are PUMA & Vans True To Size?

Yes, PUMA and Vans sneakers are true to size. As a result, you can enjoy comfortable walking in both of them after getting the accurate size for your feet. The availability of half sizes in both brands has made it easier to grab a perfectly fitted pair.

So, for normal or ideal feet Vans and PUMA fits well. Even they have editions for wide feet too. Authentic, Old Skool, and Era are some of the styles of Vans which are good for wide feet.


At first wearing Vans may seem tighter on your feet. But after the break-in and stretching of its Canvas fabric, Vans become a comfortable attire for any aged people.

Due to manufacturing unisex versions, some users say Vans women’s sneakers are TTS but men’s pair runs large. However, I didn’t face something like this.

On the other hand, PUMA’s toe box is kinda narrow. For that reason, many reviewers describe PUMA as a 0.5-size small shoe.

Thus, if you purchase the regular fit for your wide toes, it won’t be suitable at all. Rather it will be uncomfortable and cause blisters for toe pinching at the end of shoes.


How Much Room Should You Have in Vans?

When you’re properly fitted in a pair of Vans or any other shoe, make sure to have a thumb-width of empty space in front of your longest toe.

Do Vans Get Looser with Time?

With the passage of time, the Canvas of Vans shoes expands a little in width. That means Vans get slightly looser in the long run.

How Does PUMA Suede Fit?

PUMA suede sneakers fit true to the size for normal feet. But do not opt for the usual size when you have wide feet. Rather choose a ½  bigger in that case.

Final Thoughts

Vans and PUMA are comfortable, moreover, they are trendy. These true-to-size running sneakers are identical to each other in terms of sizing.

So, if you desire to alternate between Vans and PUMA just go for it without thinking twice.

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Have a nice day!

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