On Cloud vs New Balance: Which Brand Offers Best Shoes?

Written By Sunny

As someone who loves shoes, I’ve tried both On Cloud and New Balance, and now I’m eager to share what I’ve discovered.

On Cloud, whose name feels like a breath of fresh air, brings a sense of lightness and quickness.

Meanwhile, New Balance, a trusted name in the industry, brings a legacy of quality and dependable performance.

In this comparison, I’ll examine what makes each brand unique, its strengths, and its differences. If you decide on your next athletic shoes, I’m here to help you make an informed choice between On Cloud and New Balance.on-cloud-vs-new-balance

Therefore, let’s begin.

Detailed Overview of New Balance and On-Cloud

Before starting the main comparison, let’s discuss and understand these two brands’ standing points. New Balance and On Cloud are both prominent brands.

Meanwhile, New Balance boasts a significantly more significant market presence and a rich history than On Cloud. However, both entities have made notable contributions to the field.

Check the overview below, then navigate to the main comparison.

New Balance

New Balance, founded over a century ago in Boston, began as an arch support company by William J. Riley. Starting with a focus on comfort and shoe fit, the brand shifted to athletic sneakers in 1960.

Today, it stands as one of the world’s most giant shoemakers, known for its iconic sneakers and commitment to quality. With British roots, New Balance continues to make waves, producing exceptional footwear admired for comfort and style.

New Balance offers a diverse range of runner-friendly models, ensuring options for all. Key features include balanced cushioning, durable construction, and varied widths for a perfect fit.

Tailored to meet the needs of runners at every level, New Balance continually introduces notable iterations.

The iconic New Balance 574, launched in the late 1980s, marked a pivotal moment, blending style with innovative cushioning.

Recent innovations, like the Fresh Foam series, boast advanced cushioning for a plush, responsive feel. The New Balance 990, celebrated for quality materials, exceptional comfort, and timeless design, remains a favorite among runners and sneaker enthusiasts.

On Cloud

On Cloud, hailing from Switzerland, emerged in 2010 with a mission to revolutionize running. Founded by former Swiss Ironman champion Olivier Bernhard, the brand gained fame for its Cloudracer performance footwear.

With a philosophy of Running On Clouds, On has captured the hearts of over seven million runners in 50 countries. Their shoes promise soft landings and powerful takeoffs, symbolizing a decade-long commitment to transforming the running experience.

From the Swiss Alps to a global movement, On Cloud is a beacon of innovation in athletic footwear.

The core feature of On Cloud shoes is the CloudTec technology. This innovative cushioning system consists of individual cloud-like pods on the outsole, providing a responsive and comfortable ride.on-cloud-shoes-cloudtec-technology

These pods compress upon impact, releasing energy for a spring-like effect and boosting running efficiency.

Designed primarily for road running, On Cloud shoes combine lightweight construction with cushioning, prioritizing breathability and flexibility for a natural feel. The brand’s emphasis on sleek and stylish designs appeals to both athletes and casual wearers.

Key models include the Cloudflow, prized for its lightweight and responsive feel, ideal for tempo runs and races.

The Cloudswift offers a slightly more cushioned experience, perfect for longer runs while maintaining On Cloud’s signature lightweight design.

In summary, New Balance and On Cloud are reputable brands in the athletic footwear industry. New Balance provides a wide range of options to cater to different types of runners, emphasizing comfort and durability.

On the other hand, On Cloud specializes in lightweight and cushioned shoes, incorporating unique CloudTec technology for a responsive running experience.

Feature Comparison of New Balance and On Cloud

When choosing the right running shoes, considering different brands is essential. In this brand comparison, let’s explore the features and attributes of New Balance and On Cloud shoes.

Both brands offer a wide range of options for runners, and understanding the differences can help you make an informed decision.

FeaturesNew BalanceOn Cloud
OverviewThe established powerhouse is known for stability and reliability. Extensive variety of running shoes for different needsThe Swiss newcomer focused on innovative cushioning and propulsive energy return. Smaller yet curated shoe selection
Color OptionsMuted and neutral color paletteMore modern and minimalist colorways emphasize sleekness and clean lines
Mostly Used Upper MaterialsBoth natural and synthetic fabrics, including leather, suede, nylon, polyester, and meshLightweight and breathable mesh, sometimes incorporating recycled materials
MidsoleVarious technologies like Fresh Foam and FuelCellProprietary CloudTec pods, Helion foam, CleanCloud™ EVA foam, and Speedboard
OutsoleDurable rubber, often segmented for different terrains and traction needsZonal rubber placement, prioritizing smooth transitions and lightweight agility
Heel DropGenerally, 8mm to 10mmLower drop range of 4mm to 8mm
WeightUsually heavier due to more robust construction and materialsLighter weight, prioritizing agility and responsiveness
Comfort and CushioningPlush, supportive, and energeticLightweight and bouncy
BreathabilityBreathability varies depending on a specific model, with some featuring more ventilated meshGenerally excellent breathability due to lightweight and open mesh construction
FitTrue to size, also offers from extra-extra-wide (6E) to narrow (2A)True to size, some series offer wider options
TractionMulti-directional lugs for confident grip on various surfacesStrategic rubber placement, prioritizing smooth transitions over aggressive grip
Toe boxTypically wider and rounder, offering ample space for toe splayNarrower and sleeker, providing a closer, more locked-in feel
TongueMesh, thin, and fringedSlim, soft, comfortable, gusseted
DurabilityKnown for sturdy construction and long-lasting materialsDurable yet lightweight, sacrificing some heft for agility
VersatilityOffers a wider range of shoes for different running needs and terrainsMore limited selection, focusing on max-cushioned daily trainers and tempo shoes
Price RangeWide range, typically starting around $70 and reaching premium price points around $250Higher price point overall, averaging around $130 – $330
Ideal UseHigh mileage runs, recovery runs, marathon training, various terrainsTempo runs, daily training, fast-paced, road running, casual wear, standing all-day

The information in the above table is mostly the average information of this band’s offering.

Now that you have a clearer picture of their core features, let’s discuss their primary differences in the section below.

Primary Differences between On Cloud and New Balance

When comparing two prominent athletic footwear brands, On Cloud and New Balance, it is essential to consider various aspects to identify their primary differences.

Factors such as design philosophy, technology, performance, and target audience can show how these brands differentiate themselves in the market.

Here are the main differences between On Cloud and New Balance:

1. Product Offering

On Cloud is a renowned athletic footwear brand offering a diverse range of shoes for runners and individuals seeking lightweight and performance-oriented footwear.

Their product lineup features various models for different categories, ranging from road to trail running.

Let’s explore the variety of On Cloud shoes.

Road runningCloudmonster, Cloud X 3, Cloudmonster LNY, Cloudeclipse, Cloudflow 4 DISTANCE, Cloudflow 4, Cloudsurfer, Cloudflyer 4, Cloudswift 3
Trail runningCloudventure Peak 3, Cloudvista Waterproof, Cloudvista, Cloudultra 2, Cloudventure Waterproof, Cloudventure
LifestyleCloudnova Flux, Cloud 5, Cloudnova Form, Cloud X 3 AD, Cloudtilt LOEWE
Hiking and outdoorCloudrock 2 Waterproof, Cloudwander Waterproof, Cloudventure Peak 3, Cloudalpine Waterproof, Cloudvista Waterproof, Cloudvista, Cloudhero Mid Waterproof, Cloudhero Mid Waterproof, Cloudtrax, Cloudventure Waterproof, Cloudventure
Track & Field shoesCloudspike 10000m, Cloudspike 1500m

Each On Cloud product offering category is designed to cater to specific running preferences and needs.

Whether you are a road runner looking for lightweight and responsive shoes or a trail runner searching for reliable traction and durability, On Cloud has models to suit your requirements.

So, now, let’s check New Balance’s shoe offerings.

RunningFresh Foam 1080v11, FuelCell Rebel v2, Fresh Foam Beacon v3, FuelCell Propel v2, Fresh Foam More v2, Fresh Foam X 1080v11, FuelCell RC Elite v2, Fresh Foam 880v11, Fresh Foam 860v11, Fresh Foam Hierro v6
TrainingMinimus TR BOA, FuelCell Trainer v2, MX857V3, MX608V5 Slip Resistant, MX857v3 Slip Resistant,
Trail runningFresh Foam X More Trail v3, 2002RX Gore-Tex, Fresh Foam X Hierro Mid Gore-Tex, Lunar New Year 610T, CAYL x New Balance 610T, FuelCell SuperComp Trail, District Vision x New Balance Fresh Foam
Lifestyle991v2, 9060, 1906R, 327, 574, 997, 990v5
WalkingFuelCell Walker Elite, 928v3, 577v5, 623v3, 928v3, MW577Hv1, Fresh Foam X 840F, 577v1, Hook and Loop Leather 928v3
TennisCoco CG1, FuelCell 996v5, Fresh Foam X CT-Rally, 696v5, FuelCell 996v5 Pickleball, Fresh Foam X CT-Rally, 806
BasketballFresh Foam BB v2, TWO WXY V4, 550, ALD x New Balance 550, ALD x New Balance 650R, BB550, 480
Skate ShoesNB Numeric 440 V2, NB Numeric 440 High V2, NB Numeric Brandon Westgate 508, NB Numeric Tiago Lemos 808, NB Numeric 272
GolfHeritage Golf Shoes, Fresh Foam Contend v2 Golf Shoes, 574 Greens v2 Golf Shoes, 997 Golf, 997 SL, 997 SL Golf Shoes, Fresh Foam X Defender SL Golf Shoes
BaseballFresh Foam 3000v4 Metal, 4040v5 Metal, 3000v4 Turf, 4040v5 Turf, L3000v4 Low Metal, L4040v5 Low Metal
Work ShoesMX608V5 Slip Resistant, Fresh Foam X 840F Slip Resistant, 626v2, MX857v3 Slip Resistant, Fresh Foam X Evoz v3 Slip Resistant
SandalsCaravan Mule Moc v2, Caravan Mule Moc v2, Caravan Mid-Moc v2
Track & FieldMD500v7, Vazee Verge v2, MD800v6, Vazee Sigma v3, LD5000v6, Vazee Verge v4, MD800v7, Vazee Verge v3, LD5000v7, Vazee Verge v5

As you can see, New Balance offers a wide range of footwear across various categories to cater to the needs of different athletes and individuals.

No matter your athletic pursuits or lifestyle preferences, New Balance has a variety of models to choose from.

Just for the shared number of options you get on New Balance, it is a clear winner in this category.

2. Design Philosophy

Regarding design philosophy, On Cloud and New Balance take distinct routes.

On Cloud, hailing from Switzerland, embraces a functional aesthetic rooted in its technological skill.

They entered a market saturated with flashy designs and opted for simplicity, crafting a reduced running shoe. The famous Cloud family and outdoor Cloudventure line reflect this pragmatic Swiss approach, resonating worldwide.

In contrast, New Balance, perceived as a preferred trainer brand, has a more timeless American design ethos. It’s about consistency and reliability. New Balance doesn’t chase trends but focuses on enduring well-crafted silhouettes.design-philosophy-of-new-balance

As someone who values comfort, New Balance’s unaltered core designs, even after collaborations, resonate with me. It’s a testament to their belief – if it’s good, don’t change. This unwavering commitment to reliability and style is a critical factor in my choice.

Ultimately, the difference lies in the approach – On Cloud prioritizes functionality, while New Balance leans into enduring designs and technical innovations.

3. Material Technologies and Quality

On Cloud prioritizes breathable, lightweight engineered mesh for their uppers, providing comfort during runs. The signature CloudTec pods, crafted from Helion™ foam, offer a soft, shock-absorbing experience.

I found the midsole comfortable and supportive during my runs, delivering impact absorption effectively.

The durable Missiongrip™ rubber outsoles provide reliable traction on various surfaces. While On Clouds is generally well-constructed, some runners mention durability.

Meanwhile, New Balance shoes stand out for meticulous handcrafting, ensuring the highest quality.

Their upper materials blend suede, mesh, and synthetic materials, combining durability with style. Different midsole foams, like Fresh Foam and FuelCell, cater to various preferences.

In my experience, New Balance midsoles offer diverse feels, with Fresh Foam delivering a plush and comfortable sensation.

Their outsoles, featuring compounds like Ndurance rubber and Vibram, excel in durability and exceptional grip, especially on challenging terrains.

Overall, New Balance shoes, known for solid construction, provide a reliable and comfortable option for runners like me.quality-of-new-balance

4. Fit and Sizing

On Cloud – these Swiss kicks tend to fit snugly. In using several pairs, I found them true to size in length, but the narrow toe box sometimes pinches wider feet.

For example, the On Cloud Cloudflow runs with regular size but requires some break-in period.

If you love a hug-like fit, they’re great. But going up half a size can help if you prefer some wiggle room. Bonus points for their easy slip-on styles, perfect for quick errands.

On the other hand, New Balance shoes are known for their wide range of sizing options and accommodating fit.

They offer sizes ranging from narrow to extra wide, making finding the perfect fit for your feet easier. From my experience, New Balance shoes fit true to size, so you can confidently choose your regular shoe size without any concerns.

Also, I especially love their Fresh Foam X series for its plush, sock-like fit that feels amazing during long runs.

The flexibility in sizing and the ability to find the right width option make New Balance famous for individuals with specific fit requirements.fit-and-sizing-of-new-balance

5. Performance, Durability, & Weight

On Cloud is renowned for its plush and responsive feel. Their CloudTec pods in their midsole absorb shock, making them ideal for high-mileage runners.

Also, if you are a performance runner then the implemented Speedboard (springy plastic plate) technology on the respective model will help you fasten up your speed.

Meanwhile, New Balance offers a broader range of shoes, each with its own performance focus. Their Fresh Foam line, like the 880v13, is known for its soft yet responsive feel, making it great for everyday training and tempo runs.

They also have speedier options like the FuelCell Rebel v3, perfect for chasing personal bests.

Now, durability-wise, On Cloud doesn’t per with the New Balance.

A notable durability concern regarding On Cloud running shoes is their outsole. Additionally, the shoe’s range falls short at approximately 300 miles compared to most of its competitors.

New Balance shoes offer superior durability. However, they have so many types of shoes, and the models employ Suede or leather, which tend to have some durability issues.

When it comes to weight, On Cloud shoes are generally lighter compared to New Balance.

On Cloud prioritizes agility and responsiveness, reflected in its lightweight design.performance-of-on-cloud

In contrast, New Balance shoes are typically heavier, stemming from their sturdier construction and material choices.

When talking about performance On Cloud is the winner for me for their lightweight model and performance focus. But durability is the genuine concern for One Cloud. Thus, New Balance takes the crown.

6. Breathability Feature

On Cloud, shoes are designed with excellent breathability in mind. The Engineered upper mesh construction allows for optimal airflow, keeping your feet cool and comfortable, even during intense workouts.

Its breathability feature is a great advantage, particularly on hot summer days or during high-intensity activities that make your feet sweat.

That said, while offering decent breathability, New Balance shoes may not provide the same level of airflow as On Cloud shoes. The materials used in New Balance shoes’ upper construction may not be as breathable as the mesh used in On Cloud shoes.

However, they still offer good ventilation to prevent excessive sweat and maintain a comfortable environment for your feet.

In my use case of these shoes, On Cloud provides better support for breathability on hot summer days.breathability-feature-of-on-cloud

7. Cushioning and Comfort

Both On Cloud and New Balance have unique features regarding cushioning and comfort. On Cloud shoes are famous for their CloudTec technology, delivering fantastic shock absorption.

This tech ensures my foot stays in place, boosting comfort and stability.

In my experience, On Cloud shoes are incredibly comfy, especially during long walks or runs.

Conversely, New Balance shoes also provide a comfortable experience, but their cushioning feels noticeably firmer. This is great for those who prefer a more stable and supportive feel.

I’ve found that New Balance shoes offer reliable support, especially during high-impact activities.cushioning-and-comfort-of-new-balance

In a nutshell, On Cloud shoes are a bit more comfortable and cushioned than the New Balance shoes. But New Balance has many models, so it’s easy for anyone to pick the ideal shoe.

8. Toe box and Heel Support

Running or walking with your toes feeling cramped or your heels wobbling unsteadily does not precisely scream comfort or optimal performance, does it?

For this reason, a well-designed toe box and supportive heel structure are imperative footwear elements.

On Cloud’s toe box generally runs narrower, which might feel snug for wider feet.

However, some models, like the On Cloud Ghost, offer a more relaxed fit. In terms of heel support, their internal heel counters provide a good lockdown for most runners. However, those needing extra stability might prefer a more structured option.

On the other hand, New Balance shines in toe box variety, offering narrow, standard, and even extra-wide options, making them ideal for runners with all foot shapes.

Their heel support varies depending on the shoe. Stability models like the 860v13 pack a punch with supportive structures, while neutral shoes like the Fresh Foam X offer a more relaxed hold.toe-box-and-heel-support-of-new-balance

Moreover, both shoes have good arch support and raised heels, which benefit flat feet.

9. Traction and Stability

On Cloud offers supportive traction on most surfaces, but I’ve found them less grippy on loose terrain like gravel or wet roads.

However, their comprehensive platform provides excellent stability, especially for overpronators who need extra foot support. I particularly love the On Cloud Cloudstratus  for long runs, as it feels super stable and secure with every stride.

On the other hand, New Balance offers a diverse range of traction options depending on your needs. The Fresh Foam X series features a versatile outsole that grips well on pavement and light trails.

The Fresh Foam X More Trail v2 for dedicated trail runners boasts aggressive lugs designed to conquer challenging terrain.

In terms of stability, New Balance packs a punch with supportive structures, ideal for runners needing extra control. Neutral shoes like the Fresh Foam X Beacon v3 prioritize a smoother, more flexible ride for a natural feel.

Though New Balance does have many models, overall for traction and stability, On Cloud wins.traction-and-stability-of-on-cloud

10. Price and Value Proposition

On Cloud shoes generally have a higher price point than New Balance. Depending on the specific model, they range from around $130 to $330.

While they may be pricier, the quality and performance of On Cloud shoes justify the investment. But it is also true that many will debate the price tag.

The comfort, performance, and innovative design elements make them a valuable choice for those looking for top-notch running or athletic shoes.

Meanwhile, New Balance offers a broader range of prices. You can find New Balance shoes starting around $70, making them more affordable for those on a budget.

However, New Balance also offers premium models at higher prices, around $250 and more. It’s important to note that New Balance maintains a reputation for quality and durability even at the lower price range.

Though Cloud shoes may be pricier, they offer advanced features and performance. On the other hand, New Balance provides excellent value for money with a wide range of options to suit different budgets.

11. Targeted Audience

Cloud shoes are trendy among runners who value lightweight and responsive footwear.

As a runner, On Cloud shoes offer a comfortable fit and a natural running feel. They are suitable for both casual runners and competitive athletes who seek a balance between cushioning and agility.targeted-audience-of-on-cloud

Additionally, On Cloud shoes often appeal to individuals who appreciate modern and sleek designs, as they blend style with functionality.

On the other hand, New Balance shoes have a broad appeal and cater to a diverse audience.

From beginner runners to seasoned athletes, New Balance provides options for everyone.

Also, if you’re an avid trail runner or simply an enthusiastic sportsman, New Balance offers a diverse range of footwear to suit your needs.

Based on my experience, New Balance shoes offer exceptional comfort and support.

Their range of models and styles ensures a New Balance shoe for everyone, regardless of their specific needs or preferences.

The thoughtfully crafted and purposeful decisions behind On Cloud are truly commendable. However, New Balance offers exceptional variety and diversity in footwear, reflecting its expertise and presence in the industry.

Benefits and Drawbacks of On Cloud and New Balance

On Cloud is a famous brand known for its innovative design and lightweight construction. Meanwhile, New Balance is a well-established brand known for its durability and wide range of shoe options.

Here are the pros and cons of On Cloud and New Balance shoes:

On Cloud

  • »Stylish design with high performance.
  • »CloudTec cushioning for responsive, cushioned running.
  • »Lightweight, responsive midsole for comfort.
  • »Breathable to keep feet cool and dry.
  • »Versatile outsole with good traction.
  • »Varied options for different running styles.
  • »Limited cushioning for specific comfort needs.
  • »Higher price point compared to competitors.

New Balance

  • »Advanced cushioning technologies for comfort and shock absorption.
  • »Wide range of models for various sports and activities.
  • »Excellent durability for heavy use.
  • »Wide range of width options for different foot shapes.
  • »Strong reputation for quality in the athletic footwear industry.
  • »Cheaper than On Cloud’s respective models.
  • »Some models may be too heavy for some people.
  • »Limited availability of some models.

Comparing On Cloud and New Balance offers a clear overview of each shoe’s pros and cons. This information shows you how to make well-informed decisions tailored to your unique needs and preferences.

On Cloud vs New Balance: Which One You Should Pick?

Both brands employ various models to captivate their audience and meet their varied requirements.

My analysis of these brands reveals that On Cloud offers a compelling lineup of models, each with a distinct purpose. Conversely, New Balance has established a commanding presence in the market, primarily attributed to its extensive footwear collection.

If you crave a stylish, durable, and bouncy ride for your daily runs, On Cloud is your go-to.

With a focus on cushioned landings and firm take-offs, it’s perfect for speed on both track and road. It excels in distances from 5 to 10K, ideal for tempos, ensuring a responsive and cloud-like cushioning experience.

On the other hand, if you’re part of the worldwide athlete community, New Balance caters to sneaker enthusiasts and the general consumer.

Distinguished by its diverse range of styles and a specialized line tailored for individual sports, New Balance emerges as a noteworthy brand. Particularly beneficial for individuals with wider feet, it combines comfort and style, making it an enticing option worth exploring.

Also, most of New Balance’s shoes come cheaper than On Cloud.


What makes On Cloud shoes so unique?

On Cloud, shoes stand out due to their groundbreaking design, adeptly blending lightweight materials with superior cushioning. The unique blend offers a responsive and comfy run, giving these shoes an edge in the footwear industry.

Are On Cloud shoes good for being on your feet all day?

Designed with exceptional cushioning and support, On Cloud shoes are ideal for individuals who spend long hours on their feet. These shoes ensure utmost comfort, significantly reducing fatigue and enhancing the overall experience.

Are On Clouds that comfortable?

The Cloud shoes are widely renowned for their exceptional comfort. The harmonious combination of cushy materials, flexible construction, and a snug fit has made them a highly sought-after option among numerous individuals seeking a comfortable footwear experience.

What is particular about New Balance shoes?

New Balance shoes are notable for their focus on fit, support, and durability. They offer various options to cater to different needs and preferences.

Are New Balance shoes good for seniors?

New Balance shoes have many models for seniors. Also, they have ample comfort, a spacious feel, and good durability. For example, the Fresh Foam 1080v12 offers exceptional preferences for seniors.

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