Nike Winflo vs. Nike Pegasus: Which Running Shoe Win?

Written By Sunny

Nike needs no intro when it comes to shoes.

There are several Nike models to meet specific needs, and the Nike Winflo and Pegasus series come at the top in terms of running shoes.

While they captured the attention in similarities in design and purpose, both shoes offer distinctive features.

I will guide you in selecting the perfect running companion by comparing the design, soles, upper, weight, etc., between the Nike Winflo and

Let’s dive in.

Overview of Nike Pegasus and Winflo

Nike is a ruler in the global shoe market for all types of consumers.

The first Nike Pegasus with a heel Air unit was launched in 1983. With decades of presence, Nike has improved the lineup, made it a reliable workhorse shoe, and presented the Pegasus 40 in 2023.

A well-rounded combination of cushioning, support, and durability makes it a comfort king. The Zoom Air cushioning and durable build ensure a longer ride with you.

Conversely, Nike Winflo is a newcomer compared to the Pegasus. The first version was released around 2014.

In pursuit of increasing performance, Nike continued the development, and now we have Winflow 10 released in 2023.

This rising star offers a balance of cushioning and responsiveness. The versatility, comfort, and affordability make it a top choice for tempo runs and sprints.

Attribute Comparison of Nike Pegasus 40 and Winflo 10

Picking between the Nike Pegasus and Winflo can be a head-scratcher as they both are excellent. A quick head-to-head comparison table highlighting the key attributes of Pegasus and Winflo can help you quickly decide which one you should go for.

As there are many iterations, I will talk about the latest Nike Pegasus 40 and Nike Winflo 10, which I’m currently using.

Following is the comparison table between the Nike Pegasus 40 and Nike Winflo 10:

AttributeNike Pegasus 40Nike Winflo 10
Release Year20232023
UpperSingle mesh layerRe-engineered mesh
MidsoleNike React foamAir unit and Cushlon foam
OutsoleWaffle patterned rubber outsoleWaffle patterned rubber outsole
Heel TabNoneNone
BreathabilityGoodSlightly better than Pegasus 40
FlexibilityVery flexibleFlexible
Toe BoxMediumWide
Tongue Padding and TypePadded and bootie-like gussetedPadded and both sides gusseted
Weight (Approx.)~10.2 ounces (Men 10)~10.4 ounces (Men 10)
Stack HeightHeel: 30.2 mm, Forefoot: 20.5 mmHeel: 33.5 mm, Forefoot: 23.8 mm
Heel-to-Toe Drop~9.7 mm~9.7 mm
Reflective elementsYesNo
PriceAround $140Around $105

Now, let’s move into the details.

Key Differences Between Nike Winflo 10 and Nike Pegasus 40

While both are road running shoes, Winflo 10 and Pegasus 40 differ in prices, breathability, design, cushioning, etc.

Here are the key differences between the Nike Winflo 10 and the Nike Pegasus 40:

1. Upper Material

Nike is famous for their styles and appearances. Though Nike Winflo and Pegasus are road running shoes, they have some dissimilarities in construction, like tongue, breathability, and heel tabs.


Nike Winflo features an engineered mesh upper that is flexible and plush, giving a comfortable feel.

As the shoe lacks overlays, say goodbye to rubbing issues. The tongue and heel lining are great. The revamped roomy toe box has enough wiggle room, yet it nicely hugged my 

Moreover, if somehow the upper gets wet, it quickly dries out for the breathable design.

The Nike Pegasus 40 has a softer and more stretchy single-layer mesh upper compared to the Pegasus 39. The spacious toe box is also appreciated.

Nike ditched the midfoot Flywire system and replaced it with midfoot panels to provide enhanced midfoot

Though I didn’t feel the change, it wasn’t bad either.

Additionally, there’s a similar internal heel counter to the Pegasus 39. But, it wasn’t satisfactory for heel lockdown due to the looser upper fit.


Regarding breathability, Winflo’s upper was great for ventilation.

I was worried about the airflow due to the thick and dense mesh. But, it breathes just right.

I can easily give a 4 out of 5 for providing the sweat spot between airy and warm.

But what’s the magic? Nike strategically placed ventilation holes(except in the heel area) for the proper airflow.air-winflo-10-and-pegasus-40-road-running-breathability

On the other hand, the Nike Pegasus 40’s upper looks slightly more perforated than the 39.

But like they say, don’t judge a book by its cover; the breathability disappointed me in the v40. Meanwhile, version 39 was better in this section.

ShoeBreathability Ventilation Rating
Nike Winflo 10Better4/5
Nike Pegasus 40Good3/5

Why is it poor on the Peg 40? The lack of ventilation holes in the thick mesh layer is its primary reason.

It felt warm and less airy. So, if I have to rate, it is 3 out of 5.


Though both have gusseted tongues, their design has some changes.

The high-profile padded tongue in the Nike Winflo 10 is connected to the upper inside. This construction ensures a secure and comfortable fit without adding unnecessary pressure.

Conversely, Pegasus 40 features a fully gusseted low-profile tongue. It is sleeved and also padded, similar to Winflo 10.

However, the lack of a mid-tongue lace loop in the v40 caused a slight lateral tongue slide.

Heel Tab

Both Nike Winflo and Pegasus road running shoes skip the heel tab. But it didn’t leave you to wrestle with your shoes.

I didn’t feel the necessity of it when trying to put on the shoes.

2. Design and Aesthetics


When it comes to shoe colors, Pegasus 40 takes the lead. While Pegasus 40 offers various color choices, Winflo has a limited offer.


Swoosh is another place where I saw the changes in visual appearance.

Winflo 10 has a smaller stamped swoosh in the mid-section.

However, on the Pegasus 40, it is a larger swoosh outline and is placed a little lower in the middle section.winflo-10-and-pegasus-40-swoosh

Reflective Elements

It’s not expected to have reflective elements in this budget-friendly footgear. And Nike Winflo 10 also didn’t surprise me with having any.air-winflo-10-and-pegasus-40-reflective elements

ShoeNighttime safety feature
Nike Winflo 10Not available
Nike Pegasus 40Small stripe

However, the heel’s back has a small vertical reflective stripe on the Pegasus 40. It’s insufficient, but having little than nothing is not that bad.

3. Sole Construction

Shoe soles make silent conversation with the surface below. Nike ensures to provide grippy outsoles to bouncy midsoles with their technology to protect your feet and give a comfy ride.

Outsole design and traction

Regarding the outsole, both shoes offer reliable traction on various surfaces.

Winflo 9 received drastic changes in the outsole design and tread pattern compared to Winflo 8.winflo-8-winflo-9-nike-air-winflo-10-outsole

However, Nike kept a similar rubber outsole and waffle-like pattern in Winflo 10, the same as in version 9.

The outsole won’t let you slip, no matter the terrain.

Pegasus v40 is also an endurance champ regarding outsole.

The combination of Duralon blown rubber on the upfront and harder BRS 1000 in the back make the outsole wear-resistant even after 350+ miles.pegasus-40-outsole

The waffle-patterned tread is excellent for traction. However, I would avoid the shoe on wet concrete and trail. There are Nike Air Zoom Terra Kiger 8 or Pegasus Trail 4 for that.

Midsole construction

Nike Winflo 10 features Cushlon foam and full-length Nike Air cushioning in the midsole. The combination provides a bouncy strike with a soft landing.

The well-placed cushioning provides neutral support and gives you balance.

I really loved the responsive yet plush feel.

On the other hand, I wanted to have ZoomX foam in the Pegasus 40 for a softer ride.

But it still has the same Air Zoom units and React foam in the midsole, similar to its predecessor.

Pegasus 36 had the Cushlon foam, and from version 37, it has changed to the React foam. Midsole is where you will find the differences between Pegasus 37 vs Pegasus 36.

However, it’s not bad and provides subtle stability & nice boost of energy return to move forward.

Insole type

About the insole: Winflo 10 and Pegasus 40 have removable insoles.

The insole thickness is average. So, you can easily swap with a better custom one if you want to.

4. Cushioning and Support

In terms of cushioning, Nike Pegasus and Winflo have got your back. I mean your feet, right?

Nike Winflo 10 has around 33.5 mm of heel stack and around 23.8 mm of forefoot stack. This results in a 9.7-mm drop.

Based on the cushioning design, heel strikers benefit most from this shoe.

A few years back, I would say it was a maximum cushioning. But by today’s standards, it is moderate.

However, I assure you that you will find comfort in wearing the Winflo 10 with this cushioning.

In contrast, Pegasus 40 boasts about 30.2 mm and 20.5 mm stack height in the heel and forefeet, respectively. So, there’s a drop of around 9.7 mm, similar to the Winflo 10.

ShoeHeel StackForefoot StackDrop
Nike Winflo 10~33.5mm~23.8mm~9.7mm
Nike Pegasus 40~30.2mm~20.5mm~9.7mm

You can easily expect a soft landing with every stride with this shoe.

Regarding support, both Winflo and Pegasus provide excellent support. The shock attenuation is also significant. I have a normal arch and found no stability issues with the shoes.

No foot fatigue, just happy feet.

5. Performance and Durability

Regarding performance and durability, Winflo 10 and Pegasus 40 won’t disappoint me, nor will you.

In my tempo runs and intervals, Winflo 10 was excellent.

The Zoom Air units and Cushlon foam were great for energy return.

Stability-wise, it was also great in the test run. However, overpronators may find the shoe slightly uncomfortable.

Overall, it was agile and responsive for road running.

About Pegasus 40, I won’t say it’s a speed rider.

But the plush React midsole offers comfortable and bouncy cruising for high mileage. The wider platform also provides a stable ride. It’s also slightly lighter than the Winflo 10.

In terms of durability, both shoes are exceptionally durable.

Whether it’s heel padding, toe box, or outsole, all are durable enough to support you for a long mileage.

6. Weight, Sizing and Fit

Regarding weight, both weigh around the same value.

I ordered my regular size 10 for the Winflo 10, which was true to size.

If you have other Nike shoes, you may wonder why Nike shoes are so narrow. But, in the Winflo 10, the toe box is impressively wide.

The padded tongue also helps for a secure fit and comfort.

Pegasus 40 was also a comfortable fit for me for its true-to-size. The toe box width is slightly narrower than the Winflo 10 and broader than the Pegasus 39.

Shoe NameWeightFit
Nike Winflo 10~10.4 ounces (Men 10)True to size
Nike Pegasus 40~10.2 ounces (Men 10)True to size

However, the heel side maintains Nike’s typical narrowness. The improved lacing system with the padded tongue ensures a snug fit without discomfort.

7. Price and Value

Now, let’s talk about the price and whether it justifies the value.

Nike Winflo is more pocket-friendly than the Pegasus. While Winflo 10 costs around $105, Pegasus 40 can be as expensive as $140.

But the value they offer is justifiable to me.

Though Winflo 10 costs you slightly less, it doesn’t sacrifice quality. On the contrary, the Pegasus 40 also offers excellent performance, durability, and comfort for its price.

The price is worth investing in any of the shoes.

Now let’s move into the advantages and disadvantages they offer.

Pros & Cons of Nike Winflo 10 and Nike Pegasus 40

While the Nike Winflo 10 and Pegasus 40 are versatile running shoes, they have some advantages and potential drawbacks that can affect your shoe choice.

Here are the pros and cons of Nike Winflo 10 and Pegasus 40:

Nike Winflo 10:

  • »Slight budget-friendly option than the Pegasus 40.
  • »Good energy returns with responsive cushioning.
  • »Great stability.
  • »Durable outsole.
  • »Stylish look and Versatile design.
  • »Comfortable for all day.
  • »It can feel uncomfortable for high-mileage runs.
  • »Possible heel slippage issue.
  • »Forefoot strikers may find it unsuitable.
  • »Laces are average.

Nike Pegasus 40

  • »Soft cushioning provides excellent comfort.
  • »Stable and smooth ride.
  • »Tough outsole and great grip.
  • »Comfortable upper and good fit.
  • »Available in various colorways.
  • »Reliable all-day running shoe.
  • »Slight lighter than Winflo 10.
  • »Lacks ZoomX foam.
  • »Slightly pricier than Winflo 10.
  • »The energy return bouncy feel is below average than Winflo 10.
  • »Very cold weather can stiffen the midsole.

Which to Choose: Nike Winflo 10 or Pegasus 40?

While Nike Winflo is an excellent choice for breathability and responsive cushioning, Nike Pegasus caters to support, stability, and longer runs.

It’s like choosing between two favorite ice cream flavors.

Depending on your running style, foot shape, and terrain, you can’t go wrong with any of it.

I prefer the Nike Winflo 10 for its breathability, flexibility, wide toe-box, and cushioning.

Though it lacks reflective elements and is slightly heavier than the Pegasus 40, its budget-friendly price and features meet all my requirements.


Which is more popular, Nike Pegasus or Nike Winflo?

Nike Pegasus is aged compared to Winflo. Despite its age, the reliability, durability, performance, and comfort make the Pegasus series one of the most popular Nike shoes that money can buy. However, Winflo is not behind and is gaining high popularity for its performance.

Can you wear Nike Pegasus or Winflo casually?

Both Nike Pegasus and Winflo are great and comfortable for all-day wear. Besides, you can use these shoes as casual wear for their stylish design and aesthetic.

Can you run on the trail with Nike Pegasus or Winflo shoes?

You can use the Nike Pegasus or Winflo road running shoes for the trail. However, they are not ideal and suitable for the outsole and cushioning. Pegasus has dedicated trail running shoes for trail running, which will be an ideal option.

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