Nike Panda Dunks Real Vs Fake [How to Spot Legit Pair]

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The Nike Dunk Panda has stormed the market which created a lot of duplicates in recent times. Roads are paved with fakes, and finding any difference is challenging.

Without knowing what the genuine model looks like, it is very easy to get tricked. When you are willing to spend money, I would want you to invest in the original one.

Today, I will crack the code and show the differences between real and fake Panda Dunks to help you pick the authentic

So, let’s begin.

How to Authenticate Legit vs. Fake Nike Dunk Pandas

The Nike Dunk Panda is one of the most popular sneakers of today. Its clean black and white colorway and classic silhouette have made it a favorite among sneakerheads and casual wearers.

However, the shoe’s popularity has also made it a target for counterfeiters.

Nike produces a limited number of shoes for each model. It makes the Nike Dunk Pandas expensive compared to other brands.

The minimalist design and market value attract the duplicate makers to earn money with a little effort.

If you’re considering buying a pair of Panda Dunks, it’s important to be able to tell the differences between genuine and counterfeit models.

Here are some key differences to look for to identify a real or fake Nike Panda Dunks:

1. Box Color

The very first difference starts from the shoe packaging.

Take a close look at the box color.dunk-panda-real-vs-fake-box-color

Both are red, but the genuine or retail box has a deeper color tone. On the other hand, the duplicate Dunk Panda has a lighter red color.

Also, the Nike logo size on the box is slightly bigger compared to the original box.

2. Tongue Labeling

The size tag or manufacturing information is labeled on the inner side of the tongue.

For some models, it contains both the size and the country, and for others, it contains only the country name.dunk-panda-real-vs-fake-tongue-size-label

The duplicate model tried hard to replicate the font style of the original Dunk. But they couldn’t implement it flawlessly.

Retail Dunk Panda has a tall and thin font style, whereas the dupe has a bold font.

The original model is manufactured in China, Indonesia and Vietnam. The country name is written on the tongue labeling.

But for the fake model, the country can differ from the legit version.

3. Swoosh

The swoosh design is one of the most common changes I found in real and counterfeit shoes.dunk-panda-real-vs-fake-box-swoosh

The shoosh or Nike logo at the side is very close to the outsole. In contrast, the distance is much broader in the duplicate version.

Also, the logo is wider and curvy than the original retail Dunk Panda shoes.

4. Perforations

The small holes on the upper or perforation help circulate air inside your shoes.dunk-panda-real-vs-fake-box-perforation

The authentic Panda Dunk has large perforations, and the holes are deeper. On the other hand, the copy model has tiny perforations that aren’t deep enough.

So, measure the hole size to spot the true vs fake Nike Panda Dunk within a few seconds.

5. Toe Box Size

The genuine and fake models have differences in the toe box. The size and height are different in the two models.dunk-panda-real-vs-fake-box-toe-box

The duplicate version has a higher and wider toe box than the original shoe. It’s very difficult to identify with a single model.

But, if you place two models side-by-side, the changes will clearly be visible.

6. Heel Labeling

The Nike name is stitched at the top of the heel. But the quality is different in dupe and original models.dunk-panda-real-vs-fake-heel-labeling

The stitching is clean in the actual model compared to the counterfeit one.

Also, the duplicate version has a wider labeling than the legit version.

7. Stitching

The whole shoe has a lot of stitching work. But the difference is easily distinguishable at the heel.dunk-panda-real-vs-fake-stitching

Take a look at the stitching in the black and white area. The actual real model has very close stitching, while the copy model has a wider gap.

8. Outsole Texture

Dunk Panda has a Nike logo at the bottom of the outsole. The texture around the logo is different in the two variants.dunk-panda-real-vs-fake-outsole

The actual version has a deep texture, while the dupe has a glossy finish and smooth texture.

9. Shoe Collar Width

Apart from the physical appearance, the authenticity is easily recognizable while sliding the feet inside the shoes.dunk-panda-real-vs-fake-shoe-collar-width

The heel collar is narrow in the authentic Panda Dunk, giving a stiff and comfortable fit.

On the other hand, the collar is much wider in the dupe Dunk.

You can feel the differences from the very beginning. But after using it for a couple of days, the experience will be even worse.

10. Insole

The insole in the actual Panda Dunk is glued with the midsole. So, it’s impossible to pull it out from the shoe easily.

But in the duplicate Dunk, it’s entirely opposite.

The insole easily comes out, and there’s no glue at the bottom.

11. Shoe Material

The original Panda Dunk has a thin material and feels very comfortable in regular wear. That’s why it’s widely popular, and many people use it for casual purposes.

The cushioning inside the shoe is not the best, but it feels soft and nicely wraps the feet.

But the duplicate Dunk Panda has a much thicker upper and feels very stiff. The inside foam material is rigid and doesn’t provide sufficient comfort in day-to-day usage.

12. Price

The Nike Dunk Panda is available at the official store for approximately $110-130.

In addition, the price tag is not labeled on the packaging.

However, if you find the price surprisingly low and a  price labeling on the packaging, the model is likely to be a counterfeit one.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Nike sell Panda Dunks anymore?

Yes, the official store still sells the Panda Dunks Low, High, Retro, and various other models at a fixed price. But the price might be a lot higher in other online shops.

What is the code for the Nike authenticity check?

There’s a code written on the packaging or in the tongue labeling. Take the code number and email it to Nike to verify its authenticity.

Is Nike made in Vietnam original?

Yes, Nike shoes made in Vietnam are original. They usually produce different shoe parts from China, Indonesia, and Vietnam.

Do fake Dunk Panda shoes have serial numbers?

Some counterfeit Dunk Panda shoes have a serial number printed on the box or tongue. However, in most cases, these serial numbers are identical and do not provide any proof of authenticity.

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