Nike Dunk Panda vs Dunk Black White: Pick the Best B&W

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If, like me, you enjoy the sensation of putting on sneakers that draw attention, the Nike Dunk Panda and Nike Dunk Black and White are sure to be on your radar.

Both feature timeless black and white color palettes.

However, the Nike Dunk Panda features a playful panda graphic, and the Dunk Black and White exudes minimalist

Having experienced both, I can confirm their comfort, durability, and style. Here, I will be picky and show you the differences between these shoes. So you can make a decision about which to grab.

So, let’s begin.

Overview of Nike Dunk Panda and Nike Dunk Black/White

The Nike Dunk Panda and Nike Dunk Black and White are two iconic iterations of the Nike Dunk. The shoe has gone from being a basketball staple to a streetwear mainstay.

Released in 2021, these kicks share a common origin but diverge in a few distinct ways.

Nike Dunk Panda

The Nike Dunk Panda, a stylish and eye-catching sneaker, features a white leather upper with black overlays and Swooshes.

It is artfully mimicking the distinctive fur pattern of a panda bear.

The shoe has a white midsole, black outsole, and a nylon tongue bearing the signature black Nike branding.

Nike Dunk Black and White

The Nike Dunk Black and White embraces a sleek and minimalist aesthetic.

It has a black leather upper that harmonizes with white overlays and Swooshes, offering a timeless and versatile design.

Also, its leather seems better, and the pair is cheaper than the Dunk Panda.

Like the Panda version, it features a white midsole, black outsole, and a nylon tongue with prominent Nike branding.

Both versions prioritize quality materials, ensuring comfort and durability.

While the Panda version garners attention from collectors and enthusiasts, the Black and White variant offers a more attainable option for sneaker enthusiasts.

Feature Comparison of Nike Dunk Panda and Nike Dunk Black White

Personally, I like both Nike Dunk Panda and Dunk Panda Black White for their minimalistic color choice. This colorway choice makes them one of the best shows to wear daily with any outfit.

Also, both of the shoe patterns are super comfortable and durable.

Before I jump into my personal evaluation of these pairs, let’s first check the primary differences and similarities.

FeatureNike Dunk PandaNike Dunk Panda Black White
Release DateMarch 2021March 2021
ColorwayPlayful yin-yang, white upper with black overlays, and a black SwooshMinimalist masterpiece, black upper with white Swoosh and branding
Upper MaterialLatherLather
Swoosh ColorBlackWhite
Tongue LabelBlack with white Nike logoBlack with white Nike logo
MidsoleWhite EVA foamWhite EVA foam
OutsoleBlack rubberBlack rubber
SizeTrue to sizeTrue to size
Price$115 – $360$75 – $200
AvailabilityComparatively limitedFrequent release

As you can see, there are many similarities between the two shoes, such as the overall materials, sizing, and more.

However, the colorway and price are the core differences, with some minimalist differences.

Primary Differences Between Nike Dunk Panda and Nike Dunk Black & White

The Dunk Panda and Black & White is a variation of the Nike Dunk Low, a popular sneaker initially designed for basketball in 1985.

Before we start with the differences, remember that the shoes are identical without the colorway and price point.

However, the difference might not be that much, but the colorway alone makes them appealing to different groups of people.

With that out of the way, we can now jump into the key distinctions between the Nike Dunk Panda and the Nike Dunk Black & White:

1. Colorway Differences

The Nike Dunk Panda exhibits a charming colorway, featuring a white base adorned with striking black overlay accents.

The iconic Nike Swoosh, laces, overlays, and branding on the heel counter contribute to the panda-inspired design, creating a visually appealing contrast. This color scheme captures attention and adds a touch of fancy to the classic silhouette.

The Shoosh, overlays, lace, and branding on the heel counter are black. But the insole is white.

In contrast, the Nike Dunk Black and White opts for a smooth, uncomplicated color scheme.

The shoe has a black foundation with clean white accents on the Swoosh, laces, and heel counter logo.

This color scheme exudes simplicity by avoiding additional graphics.

In the Dunk Black White, the Shoosh branding on the heel counter is colored white, and the lace and insole are black.

While some may find it dull, I appreciate its adaptability. The monochromatic palette is a versatile canvas for personalization, allowing wearers to express their style through accessories, shoelaces, or custom artwork.

I find the Panda’s colorway adorable and distinctive, with the interplay between the white and black scheme enhancing its overall appeal.colorway-differences-of-nike-dunk-panda

2. Overall Materials

The Nike Dunk and Dunk Black White use similar materials in overall shoe portions.

Common Materials:

  • Upper: Full leather.
  • Midsole: Foam for cushioning and support.
  • Outsole: Rubber for durability and grip.
  • Tongue and Laces: Nylon, with white accents for the Panda and black for the Black & White.

Both the Dunk models boast a durable leather upper that provides longevity.

However, the leather quality differs sometimes, and you might find the leather in the Dunk Panda is premium.

In my testing of the Dunk Panda and B&W, I found that there are synthetic overlays on top of the leather. This is why the crease is so prominent in the upper section of the toe.

That said, both have Eva foam midsoles, which offer excellent cushioning and support for the foot, enhancing overall comfort.

The shoe is made with a recycled rubber outsole, making it a sustainable choice. The classic hoop design pivot circle enhances durability and traction while also paying homage to the shoe’s heritage.

The tongue and laces create a balanced color scheme, contributing to the Panda’s playful yet stylish appearance.

Overall, you see, there is so much similarity. But it keeps a positive vibe and brings comfort and durability with its colorways.

Depending on all the similarities, I give the edge to the Nike Dunk Black White cause it has all the qualities at a lower price point.overall-materials-of-nike-dunk-black-white

3. Price & Availability

When it comes to price, the Panda and Black and White Dunks waltz to different tunes.

The Nike Dunk Panda is a sought-after collector’s item with a higher price point.

The Panda is available on the official Nike website for around $115. However, the price can be much greater if you have to buy it from a reseller.

I purchased my Panda Dunk from a reseller for $325. But my brother got his pair for $295.

This refers to where the price might hover and how diverse it can be.

This is because the demand is so high, and the original Panda’s release is less frequent than the other variations.

ModelOfficial PriceReseller’s Price
Nike Dunk Panda$115$280 – $360
Nike Dunk Black and White$75$130 – $200

In contrast, the Nike Dunk Black and White is more accessible and has a lower price tag, retailing for around $75 on the official website.

That said, the price story is the same for the Dunk Black White if you have to buy from a reseller. You might find the pair around $135.

While still maintaining the classic and versatile Dunk style, this version offers a more budget-friendly option for those who appreciate simplicity.

Eventually, the price fluctuates intensively for these shoes. It totally depends on the availability of the shoes.

If you need to grab the deal, keep your eye on the official website for restocking.

Both sneakers carry their distinct value propositions.

While the Nike Dunk Panda justifies its higher price with exclusivity and a unique design, the Nike Dunk Black and White provides an affordable yet stylish alternative.

Though the Dunk Black White price is lower than the original Dunk Panda, I love the color pattern of the Dunk Panda.

Furthermore, be cautious when buying from a reseller, as many counterfeit Dunk Pandas are on the market. You must thoroughly inspect them.

However, the Dunk Black White wins for its price. You get a super comfortable, versatile, and durable shoe at a very competitive price.

4. Size and Fit

When it comes to size and fit, you’ll find the Panda and the Black & White Dunk to be like two peas in a pod. Both Dunks offer a true-to-size fit, allowing you to pick your regular sneaker size confidently.

Initially, they might hug your feet snugly, but don’t worry – after a few wears, they break in beautifully, conforming to your feet.

I vividly recall breaking in my Dunk Pandas and B&W while exploring a lively street market; by day’s end, they felt like a natural extension of myself.

Nevertheless, there are a couple of things to bear in mind.

Dunks have a slightly narrow forefoot, so you might need to go up half a size if you have a wider foot.dunks-have-narrow-forefoot

Additionally, given their roots in court performance, they feature slightly padded ankle collars, which, from my experience, provide excellent support.

Both of the shoes have identical size and fit. They are comfortable and cushiony.

Despite their fundamental distinctions, the two shoes are incredibly comfortable to wear. They are also built to last and can be worn daily without concern for durability.

Both shoes provide ample cushioning throughout, including the heel counter and heel tab. The insole also provides plenty of support.

Nike Dunk Panda and Nike Dunk Black White combine glue and stitching to join the upper and midsole. As a result, if the glue fails, the stitching will hold the foxing together.

Also, both shoes require a minimal break-in period and are true to size.

Ultimately, the Dunk Panda and Dunk Black and white are just two shoes with almost inverted colorways.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Nike Dunk Panda and Nike Dunk Black and White

The Nike Dunk, a timeless basketball silhouette, has transcended its court origins to become a streetwear staple.

Within the Dunk’s diverse lineage, two colorways reign supreme: the Panda and the Black and White.

Here are the pros and cons of these two versatile pairs:

Nike Dunk Panda

  • »Cushioned for all-day comfort.
  • »The high-contrast black and white design makes a bold statement.
  • »Leather construction offers a luxurious feel and durability.
  • »Versatile enough to be dressed up or down.
  • »Limited availability makes it a coveted collector’s item.
  • »It can be difficult to find at a retail price due to high demand.
  • »Higher price tag compared to the Black and White Dunk.

Nike Dunk Black And White

  • »A timeless design that is always in fashion.
  • »More affordable than the Panda Dunk.
  • »Accessible materials make it a good choice for everyday wear.
  • »A blank upper for personalization with laces, accessories, etc.
  • »Less bold and statement-making than the Panda Dunk.

No matter which colorway you choose, the Nike Dunk is a versatile and stylish sneaker that is sure to turn heads. The Dunk is an excellent choice for any sneakerhead with its comfortable design and iconic look.

Nike Dunk Panda vs Dunk Black and White: Which One is Better?

Nike Dunk Panda and Dunk Black White shoes are made of high-quality leather and offer comfort and durability. They also have a timeless, versatile look that matches any outfit and occasion.

However, I believe the Dunk Black and White is a better deal because of the price gap.

The slight variations between these two models appeal to different types of sneaker enthusiasts.

The original Dunk Panda has a great design and is easy to wear due to its blend of colors. You will find the Panda everywhere, from the street to your yard.

Also, the Dunk Panda is more expensive than the Dunk Black White and is not released as often as other Dunk models.

Meanwhile, the Nike Dunk Black White has a more minimalist and sleek design.

The shoe is also a general release that is widely available and affordable. The Nike Dunk Black White is perfect for casual and stylish wearers who want a simple, elegant sneaker that blends in with any outfit.

The Nike Dunk Panda and the Nike Dunk Black White are great options for anyone who loves the Nike Dunk and its iconic style.

The choice between the two models depends on your personal preference, budget, and availability.

You can’t go wrong with these sneakers; they are examples of the Nike Dunk and its legacy.


Is Nike Dunk Low the same as Panda?

No, not all Nike Dunk Lows are Pandas. The term Panda refers to a specific colorway of Dunk Low, which features a black and white color scheme with a premium white base leather construction. While most Dunk Lows share a similar silhouette, there are also variations in color and material.

Why is Nike Dunk Panda so popular?

The Nike Dunk Panda is famous for its simple, classic, and versatile design. It appeals to sneakerheads and fashion lovers alike. Its playful and unique colorway makes it stand out from other shoes.

Why are panda dunks so hard to get?

Panda dunks are challenging to obtain because they are only released in small batches and sell out quickly. They are also highly coveted by collectors and resellers, who drive up prices and make them even rarer.

What is the difference between Panda dunks and next nature?

Panda Dunks and Next Nature are two distinct versions of the Nike Dunk Low, each with features and aesthetics. Panda Dunks has a black and white colorway, while Next Nature has a grey, green, and white colorway with a knitted nylon upper.

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