Moab 2 vs Moab 3 [Should You Upgrade the Hiking Boot?]

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Merell Moab is one of the bestselling hiking boots for the past 15 years. Although Moab 2 was giving satisfactory service in different kinds of hiking fields, a new version Moab 3 has arrived in the market.

Being a hiker, you must wanna perceive how Moab 3 is dissimilar from its predecessor and whether you should upgrade to the latest edition or not.


Let me help you to find out the differences.

Just dive into the details & see what Moab 3 offers different and special to hikers from Moab 2.

Comparison Between Moab 2 vs Moab 3

We naturally assume that the latest version of a product will have more advantages and design innovations than the previous ones. So individuals tend to think that the performance and quality of Moab 3 are better.

But how correct the assumption is? Let’s know about this through the detailed answers to some general queries.

Which is Budget Friendly Between Moab 2 & 3?

Moab hiking boots are quite demanding for their favorable features within a moderate budget. The regular price of a pair of waterproof Moab 3 is $145, whereas, the GTX version of the same model retails for $165.

Besides, the price also fluctuates depending on the collar height i.e. low top is cheaper than the mid.

Moab 2’s price range starts from $115 and reaches up to 135 US dollars as per the width and ankle collar height.


That is Moab 2 is more reasonable compared to Moab 3. As Moab 2’s beginning price range is relatively lower, it can be a great deal for novice and amateur hikers.

But the shoes are really worth the price. Their overall functionalities are outstanding. Additionally, you don’t need to replace these hiking boots often, because they have a longer life span.

What Are the Materials of Merell Moab?

Durable gold-rated leather and recycled materials are the main ingredients of Moab 3. The upper mesh fabric assures breathability when you’re on trekking in the summer.

On the other hand, Moab 2 is built with pig suede leather and recycled materials which rapidly seals out moisture.

Both shoe laces and webbing are fabricated from recyclable materials.

Moab 2 and 3’s exterior sole material is similar. And it is a patterned rubber sole that provides excellent traction.

outsole of Moab-2

Besides, waterproof and non-waterproof versions are available for both of them. So make sure to buy the GTX membrane-featured one to enjoy the waterproof feature.

Which is More Cushioning & Supportive?

Moab has a good reputation for providing sufficient cushion to hikers. The heel area, toe box, and midsole are loaded with paddings. And I found no difference in the comfort level of Moab 2 and 3 while trekking across the slickest rocks or sloped terrain.

But I gathered relatively more support from Moab 3. It’s due to the nylon arch shank contoured footbed which made my long hours of hiking quite enjoyable.

The support from Moab 2 is not so reliable. Thus, there’s enough chance of getting pain and discomfort when people with flat feet or low arches go on a hike with this pair.

Due to the insertion of the shank, Moab 3 is comparatively heavier. While Moab 2 weighs 2.2 Pounds, Moab 3 is 2.36 Pounds.

How Do They Fit?

Though Moab’s look somewhat chunkier, as a hiking shoe this type of look is acceptable. No matter how it looks from the outside, its interior fits true to size to the user’s feet.

You can also take advantage of half-size shoes from Moab. Still, if you’re in between sizes, getting the bigger one will be a good idea.

Because wearing socks with slightly roomier rock climbing shoes can ensure the proper fit and prevent from toes touching the end of shoes.

Which Performs Better & Lasts Longer?

Both Moab 2 and Moab 3 have been made for the purpose of being used on rugged trail hikes. But I have observed that their patterned rubber outsole is also capable to deliver excellent traction on slippery banks and rock climbing.

Furthermore, the rubber heel and toe cap of the Moab works for protection and abrasion resistance.

Apart from this, the heel side Air Cushion insole has made the shoes shock absorbent. For all of these worthy performances, Merrel Moab is considered a good hiking boot for Sedona also.

However, during the hike near the coastal areas of Peru, I perceived that Moab 3 is more efficient in delivering satisfactory traction. It’s because of the Vibram® TC5+ outsole.


Now, let’s focus on longevity. One of my professional hiker friends has just bought the second pair of Merrell MOAB 2 Gore-Tex shoes. He said that the first pair lasted for approximately 8 years and served well throughout the hiking in the Rocky Mountain National Park, Smoky Mountain National Park, and so on.

Pros & Cons of Moab 2 & Moab 3

Moab 2

  • »Comfortable and Durable.
  • »Materials are sustainable.
  • »True to size.
  • »Good traction on most kinds of surfaces.
  • »The price is comparatively affordable.
  • »Waterproof.
  • »Doesn’t have a good appearance.
  • »Arch support is lower.

Moab 3

  • »Contoured footbed.
  • »True to size and fits nicely.
  • »Made of recycled and environment friendly materials.
  • »Superior grip with the Vibram Outsole.
  • »Waterproof with the GTX membrane.
  • »Very long-lasting
  • »Superb arch support for long hours of standing.
  • »Expensive price tag.
  • »Vintage Color combination and outlook.


Now it’s time to decide whether you should switch to Moab 3 from its ancestor or not.

Moab 2 is a beneficial package that includes sturdy yet breathable materials, adequate cushioning, support, and stability.  Moreover, the waterproof feature is also present in some of the styles. So, it’s a good deal within a medium budget.

On the contrary, if your hiking surface is challenging and you need strong and more supportive footwear, you should opt for Moab 3.

But be prepared to expend more from your wallet while purchasing Moab 3. Because it comes with a hefty price tag.

Closing Thoughts

Moabs will never let you down on your tough trekking surface. The features of both of them are almost identical with only a few variations which I have discussed in the write-up.

So, which one are you buying for your upcoming stroll?

Let me know in the comment section. You can also drop your further askings or feedback there.

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