Jordan 1 Vs Jordan 3 [Which Air Jordan is More Versatile?]

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Jordan 1 and Jordan 3 are the most iconic and sensational pair of all NBA players. Both Jordan pair belongs to the same line, however, they carry numerous differences too.


In this article, I’ll describe an elongated comparison guide of Air Jordan 1 and Air Jordan 3 with their rich heritage. Plus, you also know about their offered advantages and drawbacks that I experience personally.

So, without further delay, continue reading!

Overview of Air Jordan 1 & 3

Before knowing their differences and similarities, the first thing you should know about the history and legacy of Jordan 1 and AJ 3.

Jordan 1

The Air Jordan 1 was designed in 1984 when Michael Jordan played his first NBA tournament. After a year, the very first Jordan pair came to the athlete’s knowledge for its iconic appearance with the Jumpman logo. jordan-1

The colorway AJ1 was designed by Peter More, the official designer of the Nike brand.

Jordan 3

After gaining a lot of recognition, Nike introduces back-to-back hit pairs in the Air Jordan line.

The Jumpman logo is the symbol of MJ and a sign of his achievement, but actually, Nike owns the Air Jordan.

The Jordan 3 is designed with other updated technologies in the 1987s and released on the market in 1988s.

This updated version of AJ 3 was designed by Tinker Hatfield, the main designer of the Jordan line. After the first pair, this model was updated many times. jordan-3

Both shoes create their own history and gain a huge love from the users. Air Jordan is the kind of basketball shoe that you also can wear casually.

Comparison Between Jordan 1 and Jordan 3

As I have said already, both Air Jordan have some differences along with their identical similarities. And now I will start the category-wise comparison between Chicago (AJ1) and White Cement (AJ3). jordan-1-and-jordan-3

Without further delay, let’s check out the variation of Jordan 1 and Jordan 3:


The first visible diversity in both shoes is the design. Conforming to design, Air Jordan 1 and Air Jordan 3 are pools apart from each other. The first Jordan pair comes with a minimalistic design yet a vibrant color shade.

Conversely, white cement offers an unusual design with simple color.

But if you talk about the color variation of these two beasts, then the Jordan 3 wins in this sector. Because you will find a huge amount of color shades that are missing in Jordan 1. design

Not only color but in the AJ3 you also perceive some iconic motifs and patterns in the outsole. For instance, the unique elephant logo on the shoe side and the visible air bubble counter on the bottom are exceptional compared to AJ1.


As we all know, Nike is more expensive than other basketball shoes.

But when we talk about the Air Jordan line, the value increases rapidly. The whole Air Jordan range is so expensive comparatively because of its well-balanced features. price

If you compare these two gems, the Jordan 3 (white cement) demands a lot of amounts than the Chicago pair. The original price of Jordan 3 is $220, whereas the legendary Jordan 1 asks $120 to 150 dollars for their shoes.

The brand implemented some different technologies in their pricey pairs that are missing in the classic Jordan.

Although some customer shares, the Air Jordan 1 is also expensive in the reseller market. Yet the asking value of Air Jordan 3 is more.


Performance-wise, both Jordan shoes are outstanding options for the basketball field. Because these are specially designed for the famous player Michael Jordan.

Even so, the Jordan 3 is remarkable in performance. In this pair, you will receive more updated technologies such as the removal Durapontex sock liner to decrease the extra heat and offer more comfort during play.

Also, the rearfoot cushion helps to reduce the chances of ankle injuries, which is most common in basketball tournaments. performance

Meanwhile, the classic Jordan 1 only includes air max technology with other techniques that are randomly used in ordinary basketball shoes.

So, if you want to get a good pair for your next NBA tournament, go ahead and grab the Jordan 3.

Pros & Cons of Air Jordan 3 and Air Jordan 1

Nike Air Jordan 1 and 3 both shoes provide top-notch attributes that are crucial for bouncing on the basketball court. Avert from their versatile advantages, they also carry some drawbacks.

And in this segment, I’ll share those facilities with their disadvantages by using a minimum of words.

Let’s find out the Pros and Cons of Air Jordan 1 and Air Jordan 3:

Air Jordan 1

  • »Offer a variety of designs mid-top, high-top, and low-top.
  • »Perforated upper ensures maximum breathability.
  • »Include the air max technology, which is best for bouncing.
  • »Charge a minimum price.
  • »Limited amount of color variations.
  • »Lack of comfortability and support system.

Air Jordan 3

  • »Rearfoot cushion for ankle support.
  • »Updated air max technology.
  • »Visible air bubble counter on the shoe bottom.
  • »Unlimited color options.
  • »Charge a higher price.

Which One is Best Between Jordan 1 and Jordan 3? 

After the above sector’s detailed comparison of both Air Jordan shoes advantages and drawbacks, now you have proper knowledge about them.

When you want basic Nike basketball shoes with a minimum budget, Air Jordan 1 is the solution. Because you will receive all the essential features that smoothen your performance on the court.

On the top addition, AJ 1 comes with high-quality air max technology which provides an airy feeling.

Contrary, if the budget doesn’t bother you and wanna get a premium pair, the Jordan 3 will complement you better. In this one pair, you will perceive all the crucial elements of AJ 1 with some updated versions.

Not only is the technology but it also offers a more versatile appearance.

Additionally, Jordan 3 includes many finest techniques that are absent in classic AJ1 shoes.


Leading a cagers life for a long time, I personally adore my Air Jordan 3 Retro White Cement most. But if you’re searching for a budget-friendly pair, you can purchase the Air Jordan 1 in black and red.


Are Jordan 3s comfortable initially?

The Air Jordan 3s fit comfortably from the first day. They don’t need any fixed break in time to make them enjoyable.

Are Air Jordan 1 and 3 the same size?

Yes, both Jordan shoes offer true-to-size and fit perfectly on regular feet. Plus, every model of the Air Jordan line fits TTS, neither too small nor too big.

Are Jordan 3 still popular?

Yes, the Air Jordan 3 are still in the hype. Because the brand updated this model a few times after releasing them.

Are Air Jordan 1s comfortable?

The iconic Air Jordan 1 is comfortable, you can wear them for an entire day. The padded collar and soft tongue offer the best support in NBA tournaments.

Parting Thoughts

Nike AJ 1s and AJ 3s shoes are both renowned for their built-in functionality.

I hope, after all the descriptive analysis you already know about their offering, that surely helps in your decision-making process. So, without any hesitation, grab your desired shoes and jazz up with them.

For further athletic queries about sports shoes, knock me in the comment box.

Up to then, take care of your feet!

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