Is Demonia Ethical, Sustainable, or Fast Fashion? [Truth]

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Creating a monochrome gothic look, maybe Demonia is the most highlighted name for the exotic black shoes. No wonder!

But before expending a huge amount on Demonia shoes, you must be pondering about their ethics and sustainability. Right?


Well, in this article you’ll perceive an elaborate explanation of their fashion fusion along with their morality & sustainability. Which I gathered before getting my Damned-31.8 last year. Also, I’ll share my compiled experience with Demonia.

Let’s dive deep!

Is Demonia Brand Ethical?

We can not consider Demonia an ethical brand. Nonetheless, the footwear brand claims they only use sustainable vegan products for manufacturing their exclusive collection. But Demonia never proves their declared authenticity by showing any evidence.

According to people’s beliefs, Demonia is an unethical brand. Also, they have a couple of partnered brands like dolls kill & killstar that are famous for their unethical activities.

Running a fully vegan industry is not an easy task, and when you choose the path, you have to keep your oath!

Moreover, there is no tangible source on their website that can prove they’re using ethical vegan items.

Now I’m discussing the three main components of a business, which are the key pillar of an ethical brand. And know how Demonia shoes work in their moral factors.

Here are the factors that must consider as the key features of an ethical brand:

Using Cruelty-Free Products

When you wish to run an ethical shoe business, the main component you use in your shoes should be cruelty-free or vegan. But Demonia was never ready to show their manufacturing products, where transparency is essential in the vegan brand.

Moreover, the main components of Demonia shoes are matte and glossy patent leather, how we can be sure they are fully animal-friendly products?

There is no consolidated proof of being vegan, for these reasons no one counts Demonia as a vegan or cruelty-free organization.

So, I propose you avoid Demonia until they unveil their cruelty-free products.

Avoid the Child Slavery

Demonia love to hide its supply chain, don’t know why, but the brand never discloses its labor conditions. On their website, you only found they imported their shoes from Chinese factories.

Otherwise, I didn’t find a single word about their making procedure, most importantly about their shoe manufacturer.

Because of their suspicious activities, some people say they use child labor and for this reason, they maintain unbeatable secrecy. There is no fixed note which can prove this allegation yet no valid justification to stop the testimony.

Demonia is still in the mysterious light, for its excessive security.

Legit or Not

Yes, after all their mischievousness, the one thing still revives the name is its legitimacy. The Demonia cult is a legal and authentic website for exotic trendy shoes.

On top of that, the looks of shiny black boots took everyone’s heart away. And their online service is pretty good. Conforming to Trustpilot (website rating portal), Demonia still achieves 4.5/5 stars.


However, in recent times they collect so many negative reviews from their customer. Someone claims the Demonia use cheap and B-Graded products to make their black beasts.

Furthermore, the users claim they’re using plastic products which fall apart quickly.


Is Demonia Sustainable, or a Fast Fashion Brand?

No, Demonia boots are not sustainable. The material they use to manufacture their products is cheap and did not last long.

Additionally, they use the vegan logo to sell their products, but there is no clarification that proves backs up that words.

Also, their suspicious secrecy and non-transparent behavior make them more unsustainable.

So. you can consider Demonia as a fast fashion shoe brand.

A fast fashion brand is the type of brand, which is to last only a few years for their eye-catchy looks. But those brand diminishes over time when they no longer hold the craze and hype.

If you take my example, at first when the shoe arrives I was pleased. I used to wear them and I thought they are sustainable.

But after 3 or 4 months when I want to wear them in a cult program and take out Demonia from my closet, suddenly the shoe falls apart. Unfortunately, I had to cancel the party.

And after this incident, when I checked the reviews, I also found some other cases like mine.


Recently, many users throwing negative feedback on Demonia shoes. Also, they claim the brand sells fake shoes.

In one word, you can purchase if you’re gonna create a bold look for a gothic party. Remember it’s not a sustainable pair, but the look they offer it’s just banging on!

How Demonia Shoe is Made & What Makes Them Popular?

Demonia is a popular footwear brand for its edgy, gothic, and funky boots. The south-California based brand was established in 1993. Demonia’s main attracted customers are the cult clan.

The brand name Demonia also came from the concept of Demons & expression of a rebellious style.

Initially, they make their own products, but after a long time, they imported the shoe from Chinese factories. On top of that, people are highly suspicious about Demonia’s changing material because of the factory endorsement.

After gaining that much recognition, they launched a few sub-brands such as Pleaser, Bordello & Funtasma. And Demonia claims their all products are animal cruelty-free, and that one statement makes them sensational overnight.

Moreover, customer loves to wear vegan products at an affordable price, which also give Demonia some privilege.

If you belong to a gothic community, and share their souls, then Demonia is a must-have pair to create a rebellious look. Besides, Demonia’s are comfortable, its sturdy material and solid colorways offer a bold appearance.

These are the main reasons behind their unexpected popularity and hype.

But after ages, somehow, Demonia lost their identity and popularity for their unethical activities.

Final Thoughts

In one word, we can say, Demonia is an unethical footwear brand that offers implausible products. Yet, the brand runs a legit website where you will find all Demonia shoes.

I’m expecting that after reading this article you’ve already made up your mind whether you buy or avert them.

Do not forget to share your favorite aspect in the comments section.

Till then, take care!

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