Dwight Howard Shoes [Current and Past Signature Pairs]

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Dwight Howard is an American famous basketball player for his championship and honoree. He always comes into the limelight for his controversial lifestyle.


If you are a fan of Howard and consider him your idol, then you surely want to know which kicks he actually wears to his games, Right?

In this article, you will find all the information about Dwight Howard’s beloved sports shoes.

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What Shoes Did Dwight Howard Wear?

The basketball player Dwight wears different types of shoes from different companies. He usually wears shoes specially made for him to perform well in NBA tournaments. After diminishing the agreement with Adidas, he signed Peak and launched Dwight Howard Shoes.

Surprisingly, in recent times he started using Nike during his tournament season.

After Adidas, the player frequently wears the specific two branded shoes – Peak And Nike. Peak is the signing company of Dwight, but the relationship is no longer like Adidas. After 4 years, Howard cancels the deal and puts on Nike randomly.

Here are the shoes that Howard used in his recent tournaments:

Nike Zoom Kobe 4 Protro


This is the updated version of Kobe Bryant’s signature line, which emphasizes the Protro treatment. The low-top basketball sneaker includes a synthetic upper and plastic overlays with Flywire cables.

In one word, this lightweight shoe is a solid performer.

Nike Kobe 5 Proto

Howard used this Kobe 5 pair in the 2019-2020 NBA championship.  Many other players in the association wear that shoe because Nike produces this item as a tribute to the NBA heroes who died in the helicopter crash.

Nike Kobe AD Exodus


In 2019 when Howard detached from Peak shoes, he started wearing Nike with the AD Exodus model. He randomly picks that model, and after that one pair, he often uses the Nike Kobe line.

Peak DH1

This was the very first model of peak after signing with Dwight Howards. It’s shoe was like a tribute to the friendship between Howard and Peak. From this first signature model, the Peak Dwight Howard shoes were dubbed as Peak DH shoes.

Peak DH2

DH2 is a high-rated basketball shoe for it’s top-notch features. The combined leather with the neoprene technology makes the shoe ideal for all sportsmen.

Along with all the technology, the company incorporated soft padded collars to provide the best fit.

Peak DH3

This shoe is well-known as the first 3D-printed basketball shoe. It’s an amazing featured shoe with the looks. However, it is the last model of the Peak DH series because, after that, Howard break the deal with Peak company as well.


After dropping Adidas, those are the common shoes that Dwight wears frequently in his NBA tournaments. Both are lightweight well-fitted shoes for basketball programs.

However, if you’re too a basketball player, you must know how should your Basketball shoes fit and ways to obtain the best fit. So, keep yourself up-to-date with that information.

Is Dwight Howard Still with Adidas?

No, Howard switched the deal after the agreement was over in 2015 and officially confessed that. He joined the peak company, which is a china footwear organization. However, Dwight started his journey in the NBA session 2007-08 with the Adidas TS Lightspeed.


During the slam dunk contest In 2008, he actually set a benchmark as a man of steel and proved himself by winning that trophy.

After that game, he never turned back and earned all the fame. Howard becomes an NBA champion, eight-time all-NBA team honoree, eight-time All-star, Five-time all-defence team member, and three-time defensive player of the year.

He started his basketball career with his all-time favorite three-stripe Adidas. After his success, Adidas specially designed their shoes for Howard.

The first Adidas pair after the signature of the agreement is the Adidas Beast Commander. The shoe was released in 2010, and Howard replaced them in Adidas supernatural commander.

Furthermore, Adidas produced various types of shoes for him, like Supercommander, Adipower Howard, Adidas Adipower Howard 2, Adidas Adipower Howard 3, etc. The shoes are featured as very lightweight, ultra-light sprinting upper, cushioning EVA insoles.

In one word, you can say they are the perfect pair of basketball shoes. And Adidas especially made shoes for the National Basketball Association players. So their collaboration pairs had to be perfect by nature!

However, a popular model, Adidas Superstars is so comfortable that most players wear them to play both basketball and skateboarding.

But after all the facilities, Howard replaced Adidas and started his journey in 2015 with a china based shoe company called Peak. On the contrary, his teammate Janes Harden joined Adidas right after his departure.

Dwight Howard Signature Shoes

Basketball players always pick the bouncy lightweight pairs for their desired tournaments. And Dwight Howard was no different; thus, he also chose such type of shoe for his NBA games. Additionally, all the shoes he wears in his basketball competitions consider his signature model.

His famous iconic models are from Adidas, Nike and Peak footwear brands.

Here are the Howard signature shoe models:

Adidas Brand (2007-2015)

  • Adidas TS Lightspeed
  • Adidas TS Pro
  • Adidas Commander LT
  • Adidas Supernatural Commander
  • Adidas Beast Commander
  • Adidas Super Commander
  • Adidas Adipower Howard
  • Adidas Adipower Howard 2
  • Adidas Adipower Howard 3

Peak Shoes (2015-2019)

  • Peak Dwight Howard 1
  • Peak DH 2
  • Peak DH 3

Nike (2019- Present) 

  • Nike Zoom Kobe 4 Protro
  • Nike Kobe 5 Protro
  • Nike Kobe AD Exodus


What size shoe does Dwight Howard wear?

The famous basketball player Dwight Howard usually wears size 18 shoes.

Who has the first signature shoe in the NBA?

Maybe Chuck was the first basketball player who had his name in his shoes. But in 1973, Walt Clyde Frazier was the first NBA player to create their own signature shoe model.

Who is the 1st GOAT in NBA?

The most common name that comes to everyone’s mind that Michael Jordan, the former Chicago bulls. He won six NBA championships during the Chicago bulls.

Final Line

I hope that the information already provides in-depth details about the Howard iconic shoes. If you are a die-hard fan of Dwight, then you will surely like my article.

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