Do You Wear Socks with Waders? [Stay Cozy & Dry at Wading]

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Whether you go on fishing trips or duck hunting, a set of waders is essential to enjoy that outdoor adventure.


But people aren’t quite sure about wearing socks with waders. Even though sometimes they put on socks, they are unaware of choosing the perfect fabric-made suitable ones.

Thus, I’ll discuss the advantages of wearing socks with waders and mention the best pieces.

So, let’s dive in!

Do You Wear Socks with Waders?

Yes, it is beneficial to wear socks as under-wader wear whether it is summer or wintertime. Because they prevent rubbing against the sturdy neoprene and polyester compounds of the waders. But make sure the socks are breathable, well-fitted, and moisture-wicking.

Generally, two types of waders are mostly familiar– Stockingfoot waders, and Bootfoot waders. They are made with waterproof nylon and neoprene materials. Some waders have GORE-TEX technology, which works as a barrier against water.

Now, let’s briefly explain those waders so that you can realize whether it is a good idea or bad to wear socks underneath them.

  • Stockingfoot Wader: This is made of processed neoprene materials and boots aren’t included in it. It is lightweight, and the surface is somewhat thinner.

Therefore, people rely on the stockingfoot wader whenever they go fishing on hot summer days. It is safe to wear additional wading boots with this type of wader, because the socklike booties attached to it fail to provide the ultimate traction in rocky water and fly-fishing.

  • Bootfoot Wader: This nylon-made wader is perfect for winter times as it is bulkier than stockingfoot wader. Moreover, it has built-in boots which provides protection and top-notch traction with its rubber sole. Some bootfoot waders are prepared from 100% recycled polyester, but they offer the same facilities similar to the nylon-based ones.

After knowing about the wader’s features, what’s your opinion? Will you wear socks with them, or just simply put on the waders and move on?

You should definitely wear breathable socks no matter which waders you select because:

– The neoprene layer in stockingfoot is so stiff, and a pair of thick socks will defend your feet from its friction, and painful blisters.

– Bootfoot is for colder days and owns heavy wading boots. So any thick or woolen socks will add more comfort, and warmth to your feet. Additionally, it will help to stop rubbing the back of your ankle.

Now, let’s jump to the next segment and see which socks to wear with the waders and wading boots!

What Socks to Wear with Waders?

Nylon, woolen, and neoprene socks are good options with waders. They shield the feet from the neoprene in the booties of your waders and keep away excessive moisture. But avoid cotton socks as it is immensely hydrophilic. It leads to soggy feet, including skin eruption and rashes.

Considering the seasons and wader types, I’m gonna mention some socks varieties to make your shopping easier.

Here is the list of 4 best socks to wear with waders:

1. Neoprene Flyweight Wading Socks

As the name implies, the sock is extremely lightweight. It protects up to the knee, with its mid-calf height. It has silicone-printed grip compounds which makes it enough slip-resistant.


This sock is quite expensive just like darn-tough and costs $50 to grab a pair. So, if you can afford this and prefer lightweight socks, just go for this piece.

2. Merino Midweight Over The Calf (OTC) Socks

Tired of sweat and the annoying malodor of your feet?

Then, this merino woolen sock is the best friend for your feet. The sock is made with a blend of merino wool, nylon, and Lycra spandex. This odor-resistant and cushioning sock is a great choice to wear in the summer. One pair sells for around $35.

It is well-ventilated and so pairing this sock with waders leads to enjoy the fly-fishing and hunting.

3. Guide Midweight OTC Socks


This woolen sock is perfect for hunting, hiking, or any other outdoor adventures in chilly weather. That’s why the majority of professional anglers wear this Guide Midweight socks under waders to survive the bittering cold.

Furthermore, many people go fishing as a part of recreation in the fall. This durable ($35) pair is appropriate for them.

4. Athletic Socks

A pair of good quality athletic socks keep the feet cool, dry, and help in smooth blood circulation. Hence, it upgrades your performance in cycling, running, weightlifting, and other athletic activities.

If you have already owned some athletic socks, abstain from wasting money on purchasing other socks. Just take on those well-fitted pairs, put on the wader set and get ready for the chase.

Apart from these four categories, you can also use the hiking socks from your wardrobe. Though it isn’t meant for wading, it will keep your feet warm and less-moist.

Do You Wear Socks with Wading Boots?

Socks with only wading boots– a bad idea. But socks and wading boots with waders are suitable as it brings comfort, dryness, and safety. Wading boots do not keep your feet dry, rather it lets water flow through them. So wearing socks with wading boots makes them damp, which is really irritating in winter.

Wading boots aren’t similar to typical working boots. They have a unique construction that helps to maintain body alignment and upright stature at the time of rapid river currents. Moreover, water easily flows through them and keeps anglers’ feet fresh.

But the worst-case scenario is when you wear socks inside these boots and go fly-fishing. Water enters the boots and makes the socks wet. Sometimes, lake mud sticks to the socks and leads to a messy situation. On the other hand, waders are waterproof and socks inside them will remain dry.

So, never think of wearing socks without waders under wading boots.

Do You Wear Shoes with Waders?

Stockingfoot waders do not have built-in boots in them. So you must wear shoes inside them for additional protection of your feet and traction.

Can you guess what kinds of shoes are compatible with waders?

Well, wading boots are the top choice. Still, almost all hiking shoes go well with waders. Hiking boots are comfy with highly cushioned padding. Their closed-toe design structure and roomy toe box not only protect the feet but also prevents toe compressing.

The outsole of most hiking boots is formed with grooved rubber or grippy Vibram compounds. This type of sole is quite popular for providing the utmost traction on the slickest rocks and slippery banks. But the built-in booties of waders do not possess that level of traction.

Thus, wear a pair of good quality hiking boots or wading shoes with waders before leaving to hunt.


Can You Wear Shorts under Waders?

Shorts inside waders are comfortable on colder days. But avoid wearing shorts in summer as it leads to chafing and blisters.

What to wear under waders in cold weather?

Leggings, shirts, jeans, wading boots, hats, thick socks, and hand gloves are the must-wear clothes under waders in cold weather.

What do you wear under waders in the summer?

Before you move for adventures in summer, put on a button-down fishing shirt, lightweight fishing pants, and breathable-absorbent socks inside waders.

Do you wear pants under waders?

No matter which season it is, pants suit well with waders. But try to wear thin fabric-made pants in warm and thick jeans in the freezing environment.

Can you wear waders without wading boots?

Yes, you can do that in the case of waders containing built-in boots such as the Bootfoot wader.

Do Wading Boots Keep Your Feet Dry?

The formation of wading boots is such that they allow water stream instead of blocking it, i.e., they can’t keep feet away from moisture.

Wrap Up

Wearing socks with waders is a part of proper attire while hunting, fishing, or any other outdoor pursuit.

As you have got to know the list of favorable socks and clothing options with waders, make sure to wear them for fearless stalking.

If you have still some questions, leave them in the comments below.

Until then, continue hunting with the appropriate costumes!

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