Dansko Wide vs Regular vs Medium [Side by Side Comparison]

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Whether you’re looking for clogs or slip-ons, Dansko is a reliable option with its bundles of footwear categories and color combinations.


Though most Dansko comes in medium width, its clogs are also manufactured in narrow and wide styles.

Today, I’ll discuss how much width varies among the regular/medium, narrow, and wide Dansko clogs. Later, I will assist you in selecting the right size of Dansko.

So, stay tuned!

A Quick Comparison of Dansko Wide, Medium & Narrow

Wide Medium / RegularNarrow
Roomy toe box.Standard toe box.Toe box is Compact.
about  inches wider than regular. inches broad than narrow.inches tighter than medium & ¼ inches narrower than wide styles.
Good for broad feet, Bunions, flat feet, and plantar fasciitis.For normal or ideal foot owners.For individuals with petite feet width.

Getting the right size of footwear is a vital thing. Because in case of ill-fitting dresses, you may cut down extra portions or loose the stitching to obtain the perfect fitting.

But this sort of solution isn’t applicable to shoes. If you somehow got the wrong size, either you should exchange the pair or take the help of tools to make shoes smaller or bigger.

However, shoe fitting depends on length and width. And most techniques will show you to fix the length with shoe fillers, stretchers, or other elements.

But what about the width? Inaccurate shoe width causes different issues like irritation, blisters, calluses, and disturbance in movement.

Considering all of these factors, Dansko decided to manufacture a variety of shoes to accommodate all foot types. Dansko offers regular, narrow, and wide-shaped clogs with inches breadth difference for the consumers.

Consequently, they have occupied a signature status among individuals with unusual feet width. However, the materials, comfort, and other features are the same in a particular shoe, regardless of size and width.

For now, let’s see the letter codes for shoe breadth. It will help you in grabbing the perfect width.


Narrow = 2A/AA
Medium = B
Wide = D
Extra Wide = EE


Narrow = B
Medium = D
Wide = E/EE
Extra Wide = EEE/3E/4E

How Do I Know If I Need A Regular or Wide or Narrow Shoe?

You will need a measurement tape to resolve this issue. Otherwise, you can also take the help of a marker pen, paper, and scale to draw your foot shape and evaluate the shoe size measurement.

Here’s how to know the width of your shoe:

  • Measure your heel-to-big toe distance or simply the foot length.
  • Add one finger width’s of space with the foot length and note the rating. This rating actually denotes your shoe size or length.
  • Evaluate the range between the widest parts of your foot i.e. width.
  • Now you have 2 measurements of your foot; one is length, and the other is width. Compare them; you will see the width is somewhat more or less than your half-foot length.
  • Let me clarify, suppose your shoe size is 7 inches; dividing it by 2 will be 3.5. And your measured foot width will remain between 3.45 to 3.60. So if you find that your width is between these two numbers, go for the Medium width.
  • But if your width is more than 3.60, opt out for the Wide size.
  • And when you calculate that your width is less than 3.45, select the Narrow size.

No matter the length and width you get from measurement, just apply this technique, and you will know which category you belong to.

How to Figure Out Dansko Shoe Size?

Following Dansko’s authentic size charts is the best way to figure out the shoe size. And it’s not only for Dansko but for any other footwear.  Because shoe sizes change according to brands and models. Thus, the safest method to get the proper fit is to follow the size catalogs of your preferred shoe.

Here is Dansko shoe’s size chart:


Dansko sizes are determined according to European whole sizing schemes. Moreover, you won’t get half-size. So, what to do if you’re a half-size wearer?

Well, take the next size up in this case. It will prevent the toes from touching the end of shoes. This accommodation will allow you to leave a thumb-width space in front of the toes.

How Do Dansko Shoes Fit?

The Closed Back Clogs should spare Pinky’s width of space between the back of the foot and the heel counter. The heel can freely move up and down in this position, and the foot remains secured. Make sure there is plenty of space in the toe box. So that you can wiggle the toes without any fear of toe bruising.


[Perfect Dansko fit, From: Dansko]

However, each Dansko clogs have a roomy reinforced toe box, including XP 2.0, Professional, and LT Pro.

Some closed-back styles have elastic panels and buckles to ensure a customized fit for the users.

The fit of sandals and open-back Dansko depends on the wearers’ perspectives. Some prefer the heel will be on the very edge of footwear. Whereas others choose to leave a bit inches at the back of their feet.

Key Takeaway

Passionate about Dansko’s outstanding arch support, rocker bottom, and slip-resistant features but hesitates to buy them for having narrow or wide feet?

Just drop your worries in the bin!

Because Dansko has brought you narrow and wide collections along with regular width.

In the case of a model, their heel and platform height are always the same, but the interior space varies byto ¼ inch, depending on the width.

Whether you have plantar fasciitis, bunions, flat feet, or high arches the contoured footbed will cope with them. On top of that, the supportive sole will heal you for longer periods.

Wanna ask further queries? Leave them in the comment section. Also, you can share the experience of wearing Dansko with RMKShoes.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Difference Between Wide & Regular Shoe Size?

A wide shoe’s interior is relatively roomy, and the toe box is wider than a regular shoe. But both are lengthwise similar.

What Does M and W Mean In Shoe Size?

These two alphabets denote shoe breadth. M is for medium, and W represents Wide.

How Much Bigger is a Wide Shoe?

A wide shoe is ⅛ inches bigger (not larger) in width than the regular ones. However, some brands make wide shoes (¼)” broader than medium size.

Do Dansko Clogs Fit Wide Feet?

Yes, Dansko clogs pretty nicely fit wide feet. The clogs styles are designed with spacious toe box to ensure proper fitting of wide feet. Additionally, narrow and wide clogs are easy to get in Dansko.

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