Brooks Glycerin 19 Vs Brooks Glycerin 20 [Compared 2024]

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Brooks Glycerin 19 & 20 running gears dazzle brighter than star in the footwear field. And it’s tough to choose one where both carry splendid features.


Because of leading a healthy life, I’m already using Glycerin 19 & 20 in my intense exercise. Here, I’ll describe the offered benefits of both Brooks and compare them thoroughly.

So, without further delay, dive in!

Feature Comparison Table of Brooks Glycerin 19 & 20

Brooks Glycerin 20 is like the updated version of Glycerin 19. Both pairs carry similar attributes but in different ways. Before scrolling down for the detailed feature variation, take a look at the table for a clear conception of their mismatches.

Let’s check out the comparison chart of Brooks Glycerin 19 & 20:

ConcernBrooks Glycerin 19Brooks Glycerin 20
Breathability Breathable.Ultra breathable.
GripThe thinner outsole offers limited grip.The thicker outsole provides a noticeable grip.
Variety A lot of color variation.Fewer colorways.
WeightHeavier version.The lighter model of Brooks Glycerin.

Differences Between Brooks Glycerin 19 and Brooks Glycerin 20

You already know where they differ after seeing the above feature comparison chart of Brooks Glycerin 19 & Glycerin 20. It’s obvious to understand the distinctive characteristics that make them distinguishable and iconic.

Let’s find out the eye-to-eye comparison of Brooks Glycerin 19 and 20:

1. Breathable Upper

Brooks always manufactures fascinating upper that has in-built technology to make them splendid. Glycerin 19 uses thick memory foam that offers enough cozy feel and secure lockdown. But because of their thick uppers, they lost their breathability and are inappropriate for summer.

Fortunately, Brooks notices the lacking, and they include a thin, lighter memory foam in the glycerin 20 upper that ensures secure lockdown without compromising their breathability.


This little upgradation for breathability makes Brooks Glycerin 20 ideal for every intense runner.

2. Cushioning Midsole

In terms of cushioning, the midsole plays a vital role in both glycerin pairs. But the DNA loft v3 midsole of Glycerin 20 provides an incredible cushiony feel. The infused nitrogen makes the DNA v3 foamy midsole more squishy than the other Brooks Glycerin.

On the contrary, the Glycerin 19 brooks use loft EVA foam, which also feels comfy with an elite appearance.

But when you compare the cushioning with version 20, it feels stiff. Glycerin 19 was my favorite shoe for its plushy feel, but after wearing the Glycerin 20, I feel more squishy attribute.

3. Outsole Traction

Glycerin 19 & 20 similarly categorized the outsole, but the thickness measurement differs in both Brooks pairs.


Brooks lessens the outsole height and thickness in the Glycerin 20. And that makes the Glycerin 20 pair ultra-flexible and lightweight. The redesigned carbon rubber offers a broader platform that ensures smooth movement and makes Brooks good for hiking.

On the other hand, the Brooks Glycerin 19 includes a little thicker outsole, but the wider platform is missing in this pair. Traction-wise, both work well in neutral terrain, but model 20 is preferable in heavy territory.

4. Comfort Test

As I have already said, the nitrogen-infused midsole makes Brooks Glycerin 20 ultra-comfortable. And the collar and padded tongue also emphasize the overall comfort.

Before introducing the glycerin 20 model, glycerin 19 was the most comfortable pair in the whole line. So, if you need moderate comfort with a secure lockdown, you can choose the 19 models.

5. Asking Price

After knowing the implemented factors of glycerin 20, you may think they charge huge, right? But there is good news; they charge only extra 10 bucks compared to glycerin 19.

  • Brooks glycerin 19 asks for $150 on their official website.
  • And after including the extra 10 dollars, the Glycerin 20 charges only $160.

6. Ankle Support

Brooks Glycerin 20 offers more ankle support than Glycerin 19. The primary support comes from their specially designed tongue and heel lockdown. Support is main in every running pair; otherwise, your shoe can provide severe ankle pain.

Contrary, Glycerin 19 provides good support and flexible movement. But when you compare them together, you will find glycerin 20 more supportive and relaxed.

7. Performance

Glycerin 20 provides the best performance because of its DNA Loft V3 midsole. This shoe provides the security and stability that are essential for running on uneven terrain. Because of their improved formula, it feels springy and breezy.

However, glycerin 19 also offers similar performance in some ways, except for stability and comfort.

8. Color Option

The only section where Glycerin 19 beats Glycerin 20.

While Glycerin 20 offers only 6 men’s or women’s shades altogether, Brooks Glycerin 19 provides more than 9 color options for men.

The Glycerin 19 black/white, navy blue/nightlife, black/ebony, gray/alloy/peacoat, and black/spa are examples of the most famous color schemes.

I love my navy blue/nightlife pair most because of the contrasting looks.

Brooks Glycerin 19 Vs Brooks Glycerin 20: Pros & Cons

After reviewing their in-depth feature variety, you know that Glycerin 19 offers the most beautiful color options, while Glycerin 20 offers limitless comfort. Despite all of their benefits, they do have certain disadvantages.

Let’s check out the noticeable pros and cons of Brooks Glycerin 19 & 20:

Brooks Glycerin 20

  • »Ultra breathable.
  • »DNA Loft V3 foam makes them cushioning yet stable.
  • »Offer outstanding ankle support.
  • »Insoles offer a more comfy feel.
  • »Aggressive rubber groves provide good traction.
  • »Little pricey compared to the previous version.
  • »Only a few color options for men and women.

Brooks Glycerin 19

  • »Charge a lower price.
  • »Lots of appealing color options.
  • »Offer limited but enough comfort.
  • »Lack of breathability.
  • »Missing the ultimate cushioning.
  • »Provide little flexibility in daily movement.


Brooks Glycerin lines are best for runners, and 19 & 20 shoes are renowned for their unimaginable offerings.

But when you want to buy one pair between these duos, you must pick the Glycerin 20. These pairs provide comfort, cushioning, support, breathability, and traction. You can say the shoe is filled with each and every characteristic that increases your performance ability.

However, the price of Glycerin 20 is slightly higher but still affordable.

On the contrary, you can consider Glycerin 19 when you want an exact matching pair for your specific dress code. Because this model offers many color options that are missing in Glycerin 20.

But if you want to utilize your valuable money, then Glycerin 20 is the best option.

For further queries, knock me down via the comment box.

Up to then, Adios!

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