Brooks Ghost vs Asics Nimbus [Find the Best Running Gear]

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Both Brooks Ghost and Asics Nimbus offer quite a number of beneficiary features. Then which one would be better?

Well, it depends on which one has more favorable attributes for runners.


Hence, I decided to try them out and see how they differ in terms of performance, comfort, traction, and weight.

And now, to ease up your work, I’m gonna share my findings in this article.

So, keep reading!

A Short Overview of Brooks Ghost and Asics Nimbus

Brooks Ghost and Asics Nimbus are two of the most popular running shoes in the market today.

Brooks Ghost was first introduced in 2008 and has since become a favorite among runners due to its comfortable fit, responsive cushioning, and durability.

On the other hand, Asics Nimbus has been around for over 20 years. Catering to the changing needs of runners, this brand has undergone several updates and improvements throughout the years.

However, the Nimbus line became widely popular worldwide for its excellent shock absorption, support, and stability.

On a final note, both Ghost and Nimbus sneakers have a loyal fan following for their different benefits.

But the fact that Brooks and Asics offer shoes at an affordable price range, today’s runners are leaning toward them rather than the expensive Adidas or Nike running shoes.

Brooks Ghost vs Asics Nimbus: How Do They Compare?

While being two of the best recent running shoes, Nimbus and Ghost have different approaches. For example, the Asics Nimbus is more lightweight and has better traction than the Brooks Ghosts. But, when it comes to the performance, the Ghosts do better on tracks than Asics Nimbus.

And now I’m gonna explain their difference in features so that you can get the best out of your next running pair.

Here’s how the Brooks Ghost and Asics Nimbus Compare in all aspects:

1. Upper Material

No matter it’s Asics, Brooks, or Hokas, the breathability, comfort, and performance of running shoes depend on their building material.

And the good thing is that both Brooks Ghost and Asics Gel Nimbus are made with top-notch material and modern technologies for better performance.

However, they differ in the type of material and technology used in them.

Most Asics Nimbus shoes feature an engineered knit upper with recycled materials. Along with that, some Nimbus models, like the Gel-Nimbus 23, come with a multi-directional mesh upper with reflective accents.

Meanwhile, Brooks Ghost features an engineered mesh upper with recycled materials and a 3D fit print for a more secure fit.

2. Midsole

Both Asics Nimbus and Brooks Ghost offer responsive rides with their well-cushioned rubber midsole.

The Ghosts feature a DNA Loft midsole providing a plush feel with its unique blend of rubber, air, and lighter EVA foam.

Conversely, Asics Nimbus has FF Blast gel cushioning in the midsole.

In my experience, this midsole cushioning of the Nimbus is kinda softer than the Ghosts and offers a smooth landing with each step.

3. Comfort

Both Asics Nimbus and Brooks Ghost shoes are breathable and highly cushioned to give a comfy ride.

The Brooks Ghost is comparatively lighter in weight (10.1oz) than the Nimbus (10.5 oz). Plus, the mesh upper of the Ghosts offers better circulation and keeps your feet dry for longer.

However, the Nimbus gets more points when it comes to the cushioning and support. Because it has PureGel cushioning around the heel, which you won’t find in the Brooks Ghost.

This added heel cushioning offers better shock absorption and energy return while running.

Another great thing about this shoe is the Ortholite sock liner it has. I personally like this extra effort of Asics to make the Nimbus more comfortable for runners with muscle pain or foot fatigue.

4. Durability

Running shoes always face extreme movements and pressure with the changing pavements. So it’s quite important to choose a stable and durable running pair that can easily cope with this rough environment.

However, Brooks Ghost is more durable compared to the Asics Nimbus. The firm outsole of the Ghosts lasts longer with its stronger construction.

5. Outsole Traction

Both the Ghost and Nimbus shoes feature a flexible rubber outsole with EVA foam cushioning.

Yet, I found the outsole grip of Brooks Ghost better than the Asics Nimbus. This pair’s split crash pad outsole can boost your running speed by smoothening your transitions. outsole-traction

So, this pair will be a suitable option if you are a fast pace runner.

Nimbus, on the other hand, may not provide as much grip as the Ghosts. But this sneaker’s full-ground contact outsole design offers low-paced runners a smooth and efficient run. outsole

6. Sizing and Fit

When it comes to the sizing, both Brooks Ghost and Asics Gel Nimbus run true to size. So while purchasing, you can go with your regular sneaker size for both of them.

However the sizing may be the same, but the shoes fit differently. The Nimbus shoes wrap around your feet, giving a snug fit. And the floating lacing system and cushioned tongue provide a secure yet comfy fit.

Meanwhile, the Brooks Ghost gives a roomier fit with its wider toe design. Plus, the 3D fit print addition to the upper ensures you get a secure fit throughout the running.

So, the Ghost sneakers are the better choice for average to wide-footed runners.

However, one drawback I found in Ghost Shoes is that the laces don’t stay knitted during extensive runs. And sometimes, I had to put a double knit on them for better protection.

Now you know all the differences between the Brooks Ghost and Gel-Nimbus shoes. Let’s move on to their pros and cons so that you can make an informed choice.

Pros and Cons of Asics Nimbus and Brooks Ghost Sneakers

Asics Nimbus

  • »More comfortable.
  • »Tons of cushioning.
  • »Suitable for people with high arches.
  • »Flexible outsole.
  • »Suitable for long-distance or everyday running.
  • »Better overall performance.
  • »Less durable.
  • »Narrow-toe design.
  • »Most styles offer less breathable knit upper.

Brooks Ghost

  • »More breathable upper.
  • »Firm cushioning.
  • »Good for wide feet.
  • »Better traction.
  • »Lightweight.
  • »Less cushioning support.
  • »Not good for people with foot conditions.


The Gel-Nimbus and Brooks Ghost are both comfy performance running shoes that offer excellent features for all levels of runners. But, you should pick one with more features that go perfectly with your needs.

However, the Asics Nimbus is an extremely comfortable shoe with gel cushioning and padded insoles. So, this pair would be perfect for you if you-

  • Need a pair with soft cushioning and more stability.
  • Have high arches or foot fatigue.
  • Have narrow feet.

Also, Asics gives a lot of discounts for its Nimbus lines, so here, you may get the chance to buy your loved running pair within a short budget.

Brooks Ghost, on the other hand, offers breathable and lightweight shoes with decent cushioning and a bit firmer outsole.

So, the shoes from the Ghost series will be better if you-

  • Want durable running shoes that you can use for extensive or regular runs
  • Have feet that are wider than average
  • Are looking for versatile sneakers with a classy design

The fact that Brooks also offers discounts for most of its Ghost models, you can get them at an affordable price range.


Does Gel Nimbus Have Arch Support?

Yes, the Asics Gel-Nimbus offers excellent arch support with its gel cushioning system and Ortholite sock liner. Plus, the shoes are designed to help people with high arches and pronation issues.

How Does Asics Fit Compared to Brooks?

Most Asics shoes, like the Gel-Nimbus, give a narrow fit, especially around the heel and toe. Conversely, the Brooks shoes provide a relaxed fit, leaving ample space to wiggle your toe.

Which One is More Expensive Between Brooks Ghost and Asics Nimbus?

Both Brooks Ghost and Asics Nimbus fall in a similar price range. However, a pair of Brooks Ghosts may cost you around $84 to $150. Meanwhile, Asics Gel-Nimbus comes at a price range of $80 to $180.

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