Blundstone Antique Brown vs Rustic Brown [Pick the Best]

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As a boot enthusiast and lifestyle blogger, I’ve tried several pairs of Blundstones throughout the years.

But I found myself torn between the Antique and Rustic Brown colors each time. Both are so stunning that choosing just one can be a real challenge.


If you’re as intrigued by the Blunnies as I am, maybe this is also the case for you.

Well, fear not!

As I’m gonna share my experience with them so that you make the perfect choice without any confusion.

A Quick Overview of Blundstone Antique and Rustic Brown

Blundstone has been producing high-quality boots since 1870. From classic Chelsea to sturdy work boots, this Tasmanian brand offers a wide variety of styles and colors, which is where its huge popularity came from.

However, Antique Brown and Rustic Brown are two popular color options in the Blundstone boot lineup, each with its own unique offerings and aesthetic appeal.

So, let’s get to know a little more about these two Blundstone versions.

Blundstone Antique Brown

This classic shade showcases a rich, deep brown tone that exudes a sense of timeless elegance. It is inspired by the vintage leather patina, treasured boots passed down through generations. blundstone-antique-brown

With such a refined and classy look, these Blundstone versions are more suitable for dressy occasions.

Blundstone Rustic Brown

Embodying a rugged charm, Rustic Brown boasts a weathered appearance with hints of earthy undertones. These boots are designed in such a way as to evoke a sense of adventure and a connection to nature. blundstone-rustic-brown

And that’s why this color version of Blundstone is more popular among adventure lovers, campers, and travelers.

What’s the Difference Between Blundstone Antique Brown and Rustic Brown?

The main difference between the Antique and Rustic Brown Blundstone is in their appearance. Whereas Antique brown Blunnies have a more formal or classy appearance, Rustic Brown boots fall on the casual side. Other than a few differences, they look quite similar to plain eyes.

However, to make an informed choice, you should know all the distinctive approaches these two boot versions come with.

So, let’s find out the differences between Blundstone Antique Brown and Rustic Brown boots:

1. Appearance

By the nature of their color, Antique Brown Blunnies carry more of a formal and elegant appearance. The rich brown shade makes it more suitable for people who wanna look classy on all occasions.

The Rustic Brown Blundstones, on the other hand, have a more casual and everyday appearance. And with the tinted brown shade, these Blunnies are more suitable if you wanna add an earthy vibe to your everyday look.

2. Leather Material

Both Antique Brown and Rustic Brown are made from high-quality leather, but the shades differ slightly. leather-material

Antique Brown leather has a deep, rich brown color with a slightly distressed finish, giving it a vintage look. And the leather feels very soft and slick to the touch.

On the other hand, Rustic Brown leather has a lighter shade with subtle variations in texture and tone, giving it a more natural vibe.

Another variation in their material is that the Rustic Brown leather ages nicely while hiding imperfections like scrapes and creases. But you won’t get this benefit from the Antique Brown boots.

3. Versatility

Both colors are incredibly versatile and can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion.

The Rustic Brown is more casual and is ideal for everyday wear. So you can easily pair them with any casual outfit, and the boots will ensure you get a rugged look.

However, for me, the Antique Brown Blundstones are more versatile. These boots are a bit more dressy and go perfectly with a suit or dressier outfit.

Yet you can pair these Antique brown boots with most outfits, even the casual ones.

4. Fitting Differences

The leather of Antique Brown Blunnies is a bit softer in quality. And to my average feet, they fit snugly but comfortably.

Besides, you are more likely to find narrow Blundstone designs in Antique Brown leather, as it offers narrow styles like Women’s Originals.

So, the Antique Brown version is the one for you if you prefer a snug fit from your Chelsea Blundstones.

Conversely, Blundstone Rustic Browns come with firm and robust leather. Which allows the boot to fit comfortably while leaving enough space for foot movement. Plus, with this sturdy overall construction, Rustic Brown Blundstones are also good for hiking.

5. Available Styles

Blundstone Rustic Brown offers a lot more styles than the Antique Brown variant. You can find 30 different styles of Blundstone in Rusty Brown leather.

Some of the most popular Blundstone styles, such as the 585, 1351, 584, and special 1944 mustard soles, are available in Rustic Brown color.

Meanwhile, only 18 Blundstone styles are available in Antique Brown color. So, the style options are kinda limited for this version of Blundstone.

However, this version offers styles like 1461 thermal boots with added Genuine shearling lining, which you won’t find in the Rustic Brown leather. available-styles

6. Comfort

Blundstones are very comfortable as they feature a contoured footbed with XRD® Technology. With Blundstone’s signature removable footbed, both Antique and Rustic Brown boots fit comfortably straight out of the box.

However, you can find Rustic Brown offers more styles with better comfort and breathability.

For example, the Blundstone Rustic Brown 1930 features extra cotton lining around the ankle and forefoot for better breathability and softness.

Overall, both Blundstone Antique Brown and Rustic Brown are great options for those seeking stylish and durable boots. Yet they have their own unique strengths, which you should consider while purchasing.

Pros and Cons Between Blundstone Antique and Rustic Brown

Whether it’s the Rustic Brown or Antique Brown version, Blundstones are popular for their excellent comfort, durability, and style offerings. However, apart from all these benefits, they also have some downsides.

So, for better perception, let’s find out the pros and cons of Blundstone Rustic Brown and Antique Brown boots:

Rustic Brown Blundstones

  • »Casual appearance.
  • »Offer more styles and designs.
  • »Ages more nicely.
  • »Suitable for everyday wear.
  • »Not suitable for a formal look.
  • »Offers fewer styles for narrow-footed users.

Antique Brown Blundstones

  • »Elegant and classy appearance.
  • »More versatile.
  • »Suitable for formal or dressy occasions.
  • »Offers narrow styles for women and kids.
  • »Fits snugly.
  • »Shows signs of creasing.
  • »Suitable for snowy weather.


Blundstone offers a range of fine styles in both Antique Brown and Rustic Brown leather. So, the choice can be quite difficult.

However, I like both versions of Blundstones for the purposes which they are best suited for.

To give an example, if you are looking for a pair of classy boots that you can wear to work or other formal outings, Antique Brown will be the best.

The leather in this pair is so sleek that, undoubtedly, you will get a polished look with them. Also, this version offers more styles with extra thermal protection. So, Antique Brown Blunnies offer more benefits if you live in cool or snowy areas.

Meanwhile, the Rustic Brown Blundstones are more suitable for casual or informal occasions. And, if you want a functional pair of boots for your next adventure, the Rustic Brown is the best for you.

The leather of this version offers a firm fit while giving a rugged overall outlook.

Besides, the most popular and affordable Blundstone styles are available in the Rustic Brown color.

So, this gives you the extra benefit of having a lot more trendy options to choose from. And more likely, you can find a pair here within your tight budget.

Goodbye Thoughts

Blundstone has become a household name in the world of boots and for good reason.

With their focus on quality materials and craftsmanship, the boots are a favorite among those looking for both style and functionality.

However, when it comes to choosing between the popular Antique and Rustic Brown boots, hopefully, this article will help you make the pick.

So, pick the one that perfectly matches your taste and lifestyle.

For any more queries, drop a comment down below!

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