Best Shoe Fillers for Shoes That Are Too Big [Top 5 Picks]

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Ordering shoes from vast designer collections is the challenging part for all shoe lovers like me. Shoe fillers act like a savior when you find the chosen pair is too big for your feet.


Now you are searching for the best options in shoe fillers, right?

Fortunately, you found the writing piece where you’ll find the best shoe fillers with their using procedure that I will describe from my personal experience.

So, without any delay, read along!

Best Shoe Fillers for Shoes That Are Too Big

Shoe fillers work tremendously when your shoe size goes wrong. Moreover, shoe fillers are the only savior when your shoe is the reason for leg pain.

You will find several kinds of shoe inserts, but you have to pick the suitable one for the perfect fittings.

This product is not only for the large shoe fitting, but you can also use the inserts to save your heels from blisters. Now, I’m going to describe the most appealing shoe fillers that definitely reduce your fitting problems.

Let’s know the best fillers options that will help to fit your big shoes:

1. Yhslmh Cushioned Heel and Toe Fillers


This cushioned filler comes in two products, where you will find heel and toe filler in one single pack. Yhslmh carries six duo shoe fillers in one single packet.

The toe fillers are manufactured with exceptional EVA foam that works as a good shock-absorbing product. Also, the EVA technology helps to reduce foot fatigue with a squishy feel.

Besides, self-adhesive foaming materials are used to produce the heel pad. The heel inserts consist of a butterfly shape, which offers more ergonomic fitting compared to other plain shoe liners.

The combined batch will change the shoe size drastically.

So, when your shoes are not that much big, and you want a minimal change, use any one part conforming to your comfort.

Take as much time as you can when you are attaching the filler to your shoes.

2. Geyoga Multipack

In one Geyoga shoe filler, you will find toe and heel inserts along with the toe insole, a facility you only find in this package.

All the padded inserts fill the extra space in the toe box, which is actually a worried area when you wear a loose-fitted shoe.

For these multiple available options, you can choose where you wanna use the cushioned pad to improve your shoe fittings. Additionally, you can use all the fillers in one shoe for a cozy feel.

After all these top-notch offerings, they also charge a minimum price which attracts the most.

3. Fumarst Insoles


You can consider Furmarst as a complete protector that offers the best cushioning insoles with the in-built heel pad. This insole also offers different size variations, so you can pick them according to your actual size. It usually comes in women’s sizes 4.5 to 11.5. This insole is an essential element for those who have thin and narrow feet.

Furmarst inner soles include the foot structure format, which gives you the most arch and ball support when you suffer from any foot issue. Shoe insole is the most common yet effective technique to make your big shoes fit.

4. Comfowner Heel Inserts


Comfowner heel liners mainly protect and fill the heel area of your shoes.

The exclusive butterfly-shaped inserts come in six pairs and two color choices. So, you can match the fillers according to your shoe color, in most cases, black and beige match everything.

You will find built-in adhesive features which help to stick them in one place. Plus, their dotted aspects ensure a fixed seat for your feet.

Their perforated material keeps your feet dry and minimizes rubbing tendencies, which helps to prevent blisters. On top of that, heel grips are essential when you feel acute ankle pain from shoes.

5. Sibba Multipack

Like the Geyoga multipack, it also includes all the filler in one packet. You will find 10 pairs of heel pads, toe fillers, and half insoles.

According to user feedback, it’s one of the best-selling and top-rated shoe fillers in this era. This filler attains 9.7 stars out of 10 from the consumers’ end.

If you want my opinion, I adore them because of their variation of product design, which is suitable when you live a trendy lifestyle. The heel pads are so squishy and go well with the pump shoes.

However, you will find some other methods for making your large shoes smaller, but shoe fillers do the best.

How to Use Shoe Inserts to Make Shoes Smaller

After knowing the best fillers’ names with their activities now, maybe you are searching for a guide on how can you stick them with your shoes. Don’t worry, attaching a filler is a very easy procedure, like buttering bread.

Now, in this segment, I’m going to share the steps along with some precautions.

So, let’s check out the using method of shoe filler:

  • Attach the padded grip into the heel area using the backside featured adhesive. Be cautious when you stick the heel inserts.
  • Slide the toe filler inside the toe box, and give it time to reach the edge properly.
  • After placing the filler, put on the shoes to fit them snugly.

And that’s all you need to follow when you are going to use a shoe filler.

Advantages of Using Shoe Fillers

You already know how important the shoe filler is for making your big shoe smaller. For a better understanding, I’ll share some advantages of using shoe inserts for your desired fittings.


Here are the benefits of using a shoe filler:

  • Fillers are portable and lightweight, so you can carry them with you.
  • Shoe inserts can fit large shoes with your demanded fitting and make them suitable for a long walk.
  • The filler offers the best support, so your feet feel less slippery.
  • Usually, the manufacturers use waterproof materials, so the fillers won’t absorb your moister at all.
  • The inserts are reusable, just pull them off from one shoe and attach them to another.
  • Luckily they are washable, so, no need for any precaution when you soak your shoes with them.

Personally, I found these advantages in my shoe fillers. The comfy padded sole always offers a combined package of comfort.

Wrap Up

Shoe fillers work like one equipment thousand solutions. So, without further delay, grab any of the suggested product which goes with your requirement and budget.

Let me know in the comment section which one you pick and how it works in your daily life.

Happy shopping!

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