Asics vs Skechers: Which Brand is Better for Runners?

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As a runner, I know how important it is to find the right pair of shoes for my feet. That’s why I decided to compare two popular shoe brands – Skechers and Asics. Both Asics and Skechers have a loyal fan base and reputation for quality and comfort.

But which brand is better for the running style, goals, and preferences?

To answer this question, I tested both brands on various aspects such as cushioning, stability, durability, price, and design.asics-vs-skechers

Come along on a detailed comparison with me as I uncover the similarities and differences between Skechers and Asics.

So, let the battle begin.

Comprehensive Overview of Skechers and Asics

Skechers and Asics stand as two leading footwear brands, propelling feet around the globe. While they share the common goal of keeping you comfortably mobile, their roads diverge in approach and purpose.


Skechers, an American brand founded in 1992 by Robert Greenberg, initially started as a distributor but swiftly ventured into producing its footwear.

Known for its affordability, Skechers has gained popularity with its comfortable and lightweight shoes featuring memory foam and ample padding.

The brand incorporates innovative technologies like memory foam, HYPER BURST, Skech-Air, and Glide-Step to offer soft, breathable shoes. These technologies promote airflow and deliver superior cushioning.

Skechers also stands out with its stylish and trendy designs, making it a preferred choice for the younger generation and casual users seeking both fashion and comfort.


Asics, a renowned Japanese brand established in 1949 by Kihachiro Onitsuka, holds the philosophy of Anima Sana In Corpore Sano. Which actually means – A sound mind in a sound body.

With a strong focus on cushioning and support, Asics has become a trusted choice for athletes and runners worldwide.asics-shoes-lineup

The brand utilizes cutting-edge technologies such as gel technology, FlyteFoam, and synthetic materials. These help Asics to create shoes that offer durability, flexibility, and optimal performance across various terrains and conditions.

Asics provides a broad selection of sports and activity-specific shoes. Which includes tennis, volleyball, trail running, and indoor court shoes, ensuring athletes can find the perfect match for their needs.

Now that you have a general overview of Asics and Skechers. Let’s dive deeper into their essential characteristics and features.

In the next section, we will compare Asics and Skechers on various aspects such as fitting, toecap, midsole, styling, and longevity.

Key Characteristics Comparison of Skechers and Asics

Skechers and Asics are two of the most popular footwear brands in the world. Both brands offer a diversity of models, colors, and features for running, training, hiking, and casual wear.

But how do they differ in quality, comfort, performance, and design?

Let’s check them in the following informative table:

Target AudienceFashion-conscious individuals, casual walkers, comfort seekersRunners, athletes, performance-driven individuals
Design PhilosophyTrend-driven, bold styles, innovative materialsFunction-first, supportive features, technical details
UpperBreathable mesh, synthetic materialsSynthetic and Eco-friendly materials, mesh, knit
MidsoleMemory foam, HYPER BURST, Skech-AirGel technology, FlyteFoam, EVA foam
OutsoleGoodyear Rubber, flexibleDurable rubber compounds, high traction
Cushioning TechnologyAmple cushioning, shock absorptionResponsive cushioning, impact protection
SupportModerate supportExcellent support, stability
SizingPredominantly true to size, have some exceptionsTrue to size, it also has wider options for some models
WeightLightweightVaries by model, generally lightweight
Price RangeGenerally more affordable with some premium optionsPricier overall, ranging from mid-range to high-end
StrengthsTrendsetting designs,
All-day comfort,
Value for money
Superior performance,
Advanced technology,

As you can see, Skechers and Asics have some similarities and differences in their features. Skechers’ shoes are lighter and more flexible, while Asics’ shoes are more supportive and durable.

Now that we have compared Skechers’ and Asics’s shoes’ key features and technologies, let’s dive deeper into the primary differences that set these brands apart.

Gaining a deeper understanding of these distinctions will offer valuable insights into which brand better suits your unique needs and personal preferences.

Primary Differences Between Asics and Skechers

When comparing Asics and Skechers, it becomes evident that these shoe brands have distinct characteristics. Asics focuses on performance-driven footwear, offering advanced technologies and features tailored for various sports.

On the other hand, Skechers prioritizes comfort and versatility, providing a wide range of casual and athletic shoes suitable for everyday wear.

Here are the main differences between Asics and Skechers:

1. Target Audience and Product Offerings

When comparing Asics and Skechers, it’s essential to consider their target audience and product offerings.

Asics primarily targets athletes, sports enthusiasts, and individuals seeking high-performance footwear. Their shoes are designed to cater to runners, tennis players, and other sports-specific needs.

Meanwhile, Skechers has a broader target audience, appealing to athletes and casual shoe wearers. They provide a range of footwear suitable for everyday activities, walking, and light exercise.product-offerings-of-skechers

As a runner myself, I have tried both brands, and I find that Asics shoes fit me better, as they have a snug and secure fit that adapts to my foot shape.

Skechers shoes are also comfortable but more suitable for casual and everyday use, as they have a softer and more flexible fit.

That said, Skechers and Asics have similar and different product offerings. Let’s check them here.


CategorySeries NameDescription
Running ShoesGel-Kayano, Nimbus, GT-2000, Noosa, Cumulus, EvorideFocus on cushioning, stability, responsiveness, and speed.
Training ShoesMetaride, Kayano Lite, TartherzealBlend of performance and comfort for various workouts.
Walking ShoesGel-Quantum, Jolt, Gel-ContendPrioritize durability, comfort, and shock absorption.
CourtGel Resolution 9, Asics Gel-Rocket, Sky EliteTennis shoes are designed for performance and durability.
LyteGel-Lyte Ill, Gel-Lyte Ill Og, Gel-Lyte Ill Cm 1.95, Gel-Lyte Ill Ocha ZomeLightweight running shoes for speed and agility.
WrestlingAggressor, Matflex, JB Elite, Matcontrol, Gel-RocketSpecialized shoes with enhanced grip for wrestling.


CategorySeries NameDescription
Lifestyle SneakersD'Lites, Uno, Stamina, GOwalkBlend of trendy styles, comfort technologies like Memory Foam, and everyday wearability.
Performance ShoesGOrun Razor, Razor Excess, and GOrun MaxroadOffer features like Hyper Burst cushioning and breathable meshes for athletic activity.
Walking ShoesGOwalk Joy, Max Cushioning, Go Flex MaxPrioritize all-day comfort, flexibility, and lightweight design.
WorkSquad SR, Cankton ST, Ghenter Bronaugh, Flex Advantage Bendon, Dighton SR, Nampa-GrotonSafety shoes with slip-resistant and protective features.
SandalsArch Fit Go Foam, GO WALK Arch Fit, GO WALK Massage Fit, Reggae, Rumble OnOpen-toe footwear for warm weather and casual occasions.

Both brands offer a variety of shoes to suit your needs. Asics primarily focuses on performance, while Skechers provides broader priorities.

When it comes to targeted audiences and product offerings, it is difficult to declare a winner. Both brands stay true to their core audiences and offer various shoe categories.

2. Design Approach

Asics prioritizes technical features and supportive structures over flashy aesthetics. Their shoes might not always win the fashion contest, but they’re built for peak performance, ensuring every step is efficient and stable.

In contrast, Skechers blends comfort technologies like Memory Foam with bold, trend-setting designs. Their shoes embrace vibrant colors, unique materials, and unexpected collaborations, making them the ultimate companion for expressing your style.

I remember loving a pair of Skechers with holographic detailing.

Overall DesignSnug and secure fit, durable and flexible structure, vibrant and neutral colors.Soft and breathable fit, lightweight and flexible structure, stylish and trendy colors.
ToecapSynthetic stitching on the overlays, rounded shape, reinforced with rubber or synthetic material.Leather or canvas material, squared shape, reinforced with stitching or rubber.
Heel CounterStructured for stability and varying levels of support.Minimalist or padded for comfort, flexible for walking, and supportive for running.
LacingTraditional or asymmetrical lacing provides a customized fit and prevents lace migration.Traditional or slip-on lacing provides a comfortable fit and prevents lace loosening.
TongueA padded or gusseted tongue provides comfort and protection and prevents the tongue from sliding.A padded or integrated tongue provides comfort & breathability and prevents the tongue from sliding.
VampMesh or synthetic material provides breathability and stretchability and adapts to the foot shape.Mesh or leather material offers breathability & flexibility and conforms to the foot shape.
Logo DesignASICS logo on the sides, tongue, and heel represents the brand name and motto.The Skechers logo on the sides, tongue, and heel represents the brand name and style.

I appreciate Asics’ streamlined designs – they’re sleek and focused, reflecting the dedication required for those early morning laps.

Also, I have to credit the Skechers for their purposeful design

3. Materials

Asics prides itself on utilizing high-quality materials that prioritize performance and durability. They often incorporate advanced technologies like their signature Gel cushioning system, FlyteFoam midsoles, and breathable mesh uppers.

These materials are carefully chosen to enhance comfort and support that ensure long-lasting performance. Also, they are using recycled materials to extend durability.

From personal experience, Asics shoes have consistently delivered on their promise of comfort and durability, making them a reliable choice for athletic pursuits.

Material AspectAsicsSkechers
UpperMesh, fabric, and synthetic leather, recycledLeather, canvas, and suede
InsoleRemovable sockliner with moisture-wicking propertiesRemovable Arch Fit comfort insole with high-performance Resamax cushioning
MidsoleGel and FlyteFoam technologies for cushioning, stability, and energy boostMemory foam and Hyper Burst technologies for comfort, breathability, and lightweight sensation
OutsoleSolid rubber outsole with deep grooves for traction and durabilityGoodyear Performance Outsole with biobased rubber for grip and stability

On the other hand, Skechers focuses on creating comfortable shoes for everyday wear. They utilize various materials, including soft textiles, synthetic fabrics, and leather. Skechers often incorporate memory foam insoles for enhanced cushioning and all-day comfort.

I find Skecher’s shoes provide a comfortable and lightweight feel, making them suitable for casual activities and daily use.

While Asics’ usage of high-quality materials justifies their higher price tag, Skechers choose their material for comfort and flexibility.

4. Performance-Oriented Reputation

Asics is renowned for creating top-notch running shoes, emphasizing advanced research and technology. Their meticulous craftsmanship incorporates cutting-edge features such as Gel cushioning, FlyteFoam midsoles, and Guidance Truss stability systems.

These innovations result in heightened responsiveness, superior shock absorption, and targeted support, propelling athletes to peak performance.performance-oriented-reputation-of-skechers

To illustrate, the Asics GT 2000 9 and Asics Gel-Kayano 29 are among their top-selling shoes that deliver superb cushioning and support. These models serve neutral runners and those who overpronate, respectively.

But what about Skechers?

Skechers, recognized initially for casual footwear, has expanded into performance-oriented shoes.

Skechers shoes are generally designed to be lighter than their counterparts. While some Skechers models provide decent cushioning and stability, their primary focus is comfort and trendy designs.

That doesn’t mean they can’t handle an occasional jog or gym session, but they might not excel in highly competitive or demanding activities.

For example, the Skechers Go Run 9 and Skechers Go Walk Joy are two of their well-received shoes. The Go Run 9 is designed for running and offers a blend of comfort and flexibility, while the Go Walk Joy is for walkers seeking a comfy and flexible experience.

Although both brands prioritize performance, Asics is often the choice of professional athletes and dedicated runners due to its superior shock absorption, stability, and responsiveness.

That said, I rely on the Asics model for my daily and performance runs. Skechers, however, are used for daily use and some training.

5. Technological Focus

Both shoe brands consistently explore new ideas in each shoe model, showcasing their commitment to innovation.

Asics strongly integrates advanced technologies into their shoe designs, featuring Gel cushioning, IGS, FluidRide midsoles, and eco-friendly materials for enhanced comfort and support.

Their biomechanical research leads to features like Guidance Truss stability systems and FlyteFoam midsoles, improving stability, reducing pronation, and providing personalized support.

Skechers emphasize comfort and versatility while incorporating technologies like Resalyte cushioning, Goga Mat insoles, and Gorun midsoles.technological-focus-of-skechers

They utilize innovative materials for eye-catching designs, as seen in examples like Skech-Air air chambers and the D’Lites line.

While these may not always translate into high-performance features, they offer unique comfort and aesthetics. Skechers’ technologies prioritize cushioning, support, and responsiveness, catering to various athletic and daily activities.

6. Comfort Features

Both Asics and Skechers prioritize comfort, but they approach it differently.

Asics relies on Gel cushioning, breathable mesh uppers, and padded collars for a plush fit. For example, Asics Novablast 3 and Nimbus 25 are both running shoes but have a good amount of comfort.

Skechers, in contrast, use memory foam insoles that mold to the foot, delivering personalized cushioning.

Both brands prioritize lightweight materials and breathable uppers for extended comfort.

Notably, I’ve observed Skechers excelling in heel counter comfort, a sentiment shared by my sister, who is an avid Asics fan.

If your preference is comfort, then without any doubt, pick the Skechers model. Also, Skechers are lightweight.

7. Durability

Asics is well-known for its robust build and long-lasting quality. They use top-notch materials and modern manufacturing techniques to make shoes that can handle tough workouts and frequent use.

The outsoles of Asics shoes are made with durable rubber compounds, ensuring excellent grip and resistance to wear and tear so that you can count on them for a long time.

Skechers have also improved durability but prioritize lighter and more flexible construction to provide better comfort and flexibility.durability-of-skechers

However, Skechers offers a variety of models, including ones specifically designed for durability, like trail running shoes or specialized athletic shoes.

These models are perfect for intense training or challenging terrains requiring extra sturdiness.

Given the criteria, Asics is the clear winner in terms of durability.

8. Sizing and Availability

Asics and Skechers offer a wide range of sizes to suit different foot shapes. You can rely on their inclusive size chart (US) below to find the perfect fit for your feet.

Asics (Men's)Asics (Women's)Skechers (Men's)Skechers (Women's)
5-13 (some models to 14 or 15)5-11 (some models offer wider widths or half sizes)5-13 (some models to 14 or 15)5-11 (some models offer wider widths or half sizes)

Asics are known for being true to size in most models, although some runners recommend going half a size up for wider feet or extra cushioning. Also, for some shoes, you will find more comprehensive models.

Skechers, on the other hand, can vary slightly depending on the model and style. Some may run true to size, while others might be larger or smaller.

Availability-wise, both brands are widely available online and in physical stores.

Asics tend to have a stronger presence in athletic retailers and specialty running stores, while Skechers are more commonly found in department stores and lifestyle footwear shops.

I’ve found that Asics shoes generally fit me true to size, while Skechers can sometimes run a bit large.

9. Price Range

Asics is known for its higher price range of $60 to $200 compared to Skechers.

Asics’ focus is on high-performance features, advanced technologies, and durable construction.

The quality and craftsmanship of Asics shoes often come at a premium price, reflecting their commitment to delivering top-notch athletic footwear.

On the other hand, Skechers offers a more affordable price range of $55 to $150, making them a popular choice for budget-conscious shoppers.

While they may not have the same level of advanced features as Asics, Skechers still provides comfortable and functional shoes at a more accessible price point.

If you value cutting-edge technology and peak performance, Asics is the brand for you. If comfort and style are more important to you, and you don’t want to spend much money, Skechers is a great option.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Asics and Skechers

Choosing the right shoe brand is essential for finding the perfect pair.

Here, we’ll look at each brand’s pros and cons so you can pick the one that’s right for you.


  • »Excellent support and stability, ideal for athletes and runners.
  • »Uses Gel and FlyteFoam for responsive and comfortable rides.
  • »Provides a wide variety of widths and sizes.
  • »Recycled materials are now used in many models.
  • »Generally falls in the mid-range to high-end price range.
  • »Some users find Asics shoes to be on the heavier side compared to Skechers.


  • »Stylish and trendy designs are appealing to fashion-conscious and casual users.
  • »Uses Memory Foam and HYPER BURST for comfortable, supportive cushioning.
  • »Provides affordable options without compromising on comfort and versatility.
  • »Durability may be a concern for intense athletic activities or heavy use.
  • »Limited options for specific sports or activities.

So, Which Shoe Brand is Better: Skechers or Asics?

Genuinely speaking, both brands offer many top-notch models that can quickly grab your attention and win your heart.

Asics is the go-to for the dedicated athletes and serious runners out there.

It champions performance with cutting-edge tech like Gel cushioning and stability systems. Although they come with a higher price tag, the focus is on function rather than flashy looks.

Now, in case your preference leans toward everyday comfort and style, Skechers offers a better Pick.

Skechers plush Memory Foam and innovative materials ensure your feet stay content all day long.

Skechers boasts trendsetting designs and affordable options, including some performance models. It might not be as technically focused as Asics, but when it comes to your everyday hustle, Skechers nails it with comfort and style.


Skechers or Asics, which shoes are better for wide feet?

Skechers are generally considered better for wide feet due to their wider toe boxes and more flexible construction, providing a roomier and more accommodating fit for individuals with wider feet.

Do either Asics or Skechers shoe models offer more arch support?

Asics shoe models are known for their excellent arch support, especially in performance and stability-focused lines. Skechers also offer some models with decent arch support, but Asics is often favored in this aspect.

Among Asics and Skechers, which takes more time to break in?

Asics shoes typically require more time to break in due to their sturdy construction and materials. In contrast, Skechers tend to offer a more flexible and comfortable fit right from the start, thanks to their flexible construction.

Does the Skecher model offer a wider shoe model?

Yes, Skechers offers various shoe models with more comprehensive options, including wide and extra-wide widths. That guarantees a comfortable fit for those with wider feet or a preference for a roomier toe box, exemplified by the Skechers Go Walk Joy model.

What are the similarities between Asics’ and Skechers’ shoe models?

Asics and Skechers are two of the leading footwear brands in the world. Both companies design shoes with comfort, cushioning, and performance in mind. They continuously innovate and incorporate advanced technologies into their footwear design.

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