Asics Magic Speed Vs Metaspeed: Battle of Elite Runners

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ASICS shoes are exceptional due to their advanced technologies that drive their performance and assist the runners in performing at their best.

The Magic Speed and Metaspeed are the most prominent running shoes among numerous Asics shoe lineups.

But what sets these shoes apart?asics-magic-speed-vs-metaspeed

Well, throughout this comparison, I will talk about both lineups and track down the ultimate pair that suits your running styles and meets your preferences.

Without further ado, let’s begin!

Overview of Asics Magic Speed and Asics Metaspeed

ASICS, the Japanese shoe manufacturer, was founded in 1949 by Kihachiro Onitsuka.

Though the incredible journey was initiated by producing basketball shoes, Asics didn’t stop there; they started manufacturing the best running shoes for athletes and sneakerheads.

Asics Magic Speed

Like other prominent Asics running shoes, Magic Speed is a high-performance shoe but with a considerably economical price point.

Utilizing the full-length carbon plate and FF BLAST PLUS midsole, Magic Speed features delicate cushioning and a cozy fit.

This durable pair is compared favorably to the Saucony Endorphin Speed and Adidas Adizero Boston.

There are three versions of Magic Speed with distinct features and characteristics.

Asics Magic SpeedModelRelease YearSpecial features
Magic Speed 12021Versatile racing shoe
Magic Speed 22022Comfortable speed trainer
Magic Speed 32023Lightweight & responsive

This versatile shoe is suitable for various runs and paces, dramatically enhancing overall speed and performance.

Asics Metaspeed

Inspired by the Tour de France time trials, Asics introduced the Metaspeed shoes in 2021 with numerous technological innovations.

The primary purpose of Metaspeed shoes is to assist athletes in running faster and releasing the inner speed demon.

Blending the FF BLAST TURBO and carbon plate, this shoe features more cushioning with a reactive ride.

Asics introduced several Metaspeed models for various running needs.

Asics MetaspeedModelRelease YearSpecial features
Metaspeed Edge2021Cadence Running
Metaspeed Sky2022Stride Running
Metaspeed Sky+2023Elite Racing

The reason behind the incremental popularity of the Metaspeed shoes is its featherweight design, durable Jacquard mesh upper, premium sockliner, and insane breathability.

Metaspeed Sky+ is the newest member of the Asics Metaspeed lineup, and Magic Speed 3 is the latest part of the Asics Magic Speed family.

So, I will compare these two fresh models from both lineups to make a better comparison.

Attribute Comparison of Asics Metaspeed Sky+ and Magic Speed 3

Let’s compare the most recent models from both lineups for a more accurate and detailed comparison.

Following are the attribute comparisons of Asics Metaspeed Sky+ and Asics Magic Speed 3.

Attribute Asics MetaspeedAsics Magic Speed
Design SchemeDesigned for stride-style runnersDesigned to support racing goals
Aesthetic AppealSleek, modern, high-techSporty, stylish, eye-catching
ColorwaysBold, performance-orientedSunrise red, illusion blue, blue expanse
UpperJacquard mesh upperMOTION WRAP upper
InsolePremium socklinerLightweight sockliner
MidsoleFF BLAST TURBO and carbon plateFF BLAST PLUS and full carbon plate
OutsoleASICS GRIP rubber outsoleASICS GRIP rubber outsole
ComfortMore cushioning with a reactive rideEnergetic bounce with great comfort
FitTrue-to-sizeTrue-to-size, wide toe-box
DurabilityLess durableMore durable than Metaspeed Sky+
VersatilityBest for race day and tempo runsMore versatile
BreathabilityExtremely breathableGood ventilation
StabilityDecent stabilityOverall very stable
Weight and Flexibility7.23 ounce and very flexible7.76 ounce and less flexible
Best forSuitable for easy runs and long runsSuitable for different paces and runs

Differences Between Asics Magic Speed 3 and Metaspeed Sky+

As you can see staring at the above attribute comparison table, there are several dissimilarities between the Metaspeed and Magic Speed shoes.

But more than an analogical table is needed to finalize your purchasing decision. So, let’s dive deeper and compare every aspect of both shoes.

1. Upper: Design & Materials

Due to the exact brand origin, both shoes share some similar design patterns and materials.

However, Asics utilizes the MOTION WRAP upper for the Magic Speed shoes, which is immensely breathable and ensures a secure and snug fit.

On the contrary, the upper of Metaspeed is made of Jacquard mesh, which is widely popular due to its extensive comfort and longevity.

The thin and porous upper of Magic Speed 3 offers a comfortable and cozy fit, making it suitable for fast-stride workouts and races.

Surprisingly, the glove-like fit of MOTION WRAP adapts to your foot shape.

The thin and streamlined upper of Metaspeed Sky+ is featherweight and wind-resistant. It features a dynamic, propulsive fit with an asymmetrical lacing system.

Metaspeed shoes offer bold and eye-catching colorways, while the colors of Magic Speed are more neutral.

Overall, the Metaspeed EDGE+ and Sky+ shoes are modern and sleek with high-tech materials. The Magic Speed 3 is a sportier, more stylish shoe with a secure fit.upper-design-and-materials-of-asics-magic-speed

2. Midsole and Outsole

Asics preferred the proven FlyteFoam (FF) for both models for the midsole and the standard ASICS GRIP rubber outsole.

Still, there are some noticeable performance gaps between both shoes.


As the midsole tech, Magic Speed 3 utilizes two layers of FF Blast PLUS foam and a full-length carbon plate.

This new mechanism makes it more performance-oriented than the predecessor Asics Magic Speed 2, which utilizes a full-length carbon and TPU plate.

Moreover, the eco-friendly sockliner of the Magic Speed provides additional comfort.

For most models of Metaspeed (EDGE+, Sky+, Sky), Asics utilize the same FF BLAST TURBO and carbon plate.

However, regardless of the same foam and heel stack height, the Sky + and the Edge+ differ in thicknesses.

Blending the carbon plate and FF Turbo, the Metaspeed features a grounded and firmer ride.


Like other running shoes, Asics provides the durable ASICS GRIP rubber outsole for both the Magic Speed and Metaspeed shoes.outsole-of-asics-magic-speed-and-asics-metaspeed

This rubber outsole is extremely durable and offers exceptional traction on most surfaces.

As a shoe enthusiast, I enjoy these shoes’ smooth ride and excellent energy return that assist in running more without losing much energy.

In short, the Magic Speed shoes feature energetic bounce and greater comfort, assisting in various types of runs and paces. Conversely, Metaspeed shoes are more suitable for easy and long runs due to the extra cushioning and reactive ride.

3. Performance & Durability

Undoubtedly, the vitality of running shoes lies in their performance.

And Asics is widely recognized for producing top-notch performance running shoes. The same goes for the Magic Speed and Metaspeed lineups.

Employing the carbon plate and Flytefoam, the Magic Speed 3 offers a bouncy impact and feathery cushioning that absorb the impacts and push the runner forward with every stride.

Moreover, the porous mesh upper of the Magic Speed allows maximum air circulation and keeps the feet dry and cool in wet conditions and long runs.

The ASICS High Abrasion Rubber (AHAR) outsole has excellent grip on most surfaces.

Magic Speed 3 is my day-to-day running partner for its versatile performance and longevity.performance-of-asics-magic-speed

Are you looking for a great shoe that supports longer distances with a comfy ride? Check out the ultimate showdown of Nike Vaporfly & Asics MetaSpeed Sky.

Now, let’s get back to Metaspeed.

While running on the Metaspeed Sky Plus, I felt the presence of the carbon plate in the midsole and enjoyed its reactive feel that was assisting me to propel forward.

Its GUIDESOLE technology promotes efficient transitions for smooth runs.

The FF BLAST TURBO midsole provides exceptional cushioning, and most importantly, it can absorb all the impacts caused by high-speed runs and keep your feet safe.

In addition, the feather-like weight and flexible design make it preferable to conquer the long miles without getting tired.

Like the Magic Speed shoes, the Metaspeed also features the same AHAR rubber outsole.

In summary, Asics Metaspeed Sky+ is a top-performance running shoe made to run fast and break your own records. The Magic Speed is a high-performance shoe that enhances speed and performance.

4. Fit and Comfort

You must ensure the best fit for optimal performance from your running shoes.

Fortunately, both the Magic Speed and Metaspeed shoes are true-to-size. But the toe box of the Magic Speed 3 is a little wider, and there is plenty of room to move your feet.

The Metaspeed Sky+ features a flatter plate closer to the foot, ensuring a firm ride. Contrarily, the Metaspeed EDGE has a stiffer toe box and very little

For a clear understanding of the differences between Sky and Edge shoes, check out the comparison of Asics Metaspeed Sky vs Edge.

The mesh upper of Magic Speed is breathable and comfortable. Due to the Motion Wrap, this pair features a secure and locked-in feel.

Utilizing the FF Blast Plus midsole, the Magic Speed shoes are highly responsive and balanced.

Now, let’s get back to the Metaspeed shoes.

Blending the featherweight and stretchy mesh upper and FF BLAST TURBO midsole, the Metaspeed Sky+ shoe provides a soft and bouncy ride, making it suitable for slower paces and long distances.

ParameterMagic Speed 3Metaspeed Sky+
UpperMotion Wrap, breathable and sung fitJacquard mesh, lightweight and stretchy
MidsoleFF Blast PlusFF BLAST TURBO
Midsole PerformanceResponsive & balancedSoft & bouncy
Comfortable forMost runners & faster pacesSpeed, long runs, and slower paces

If you’re seeking a responsive and balanced riding experience for versatile runs and faster paces, fo for the Magic Speed.

Choose the Metaspeed for a more cushioning, bouncy ride and to conquer marathons.

5. Stability & Flexibility

Combining the full-length carbon plate and firmer FF Blast Plus foam, the Magic Speed shoes offer a rigid platform for efficient toe-off, ultimately making it more stable.

Due to the wider platform and firmness, the Magic Speed 3 is my first choice for daily speed workouts and tempo runs.

However, this great model is not very flexible because of its stiff carbon plate, which limits forefoot bend.

Metaspeed Sky+, on the contrary, is a less stable shoe.stability-and-flexibility-of-asics-metaspeed

Though the FF Turbo foam and curved rocker sole provide more rolling motion, Metaspeed still lacks stability at higher speeds.

Thankfully, Metaspeed Sky+ and Edge+ outweigh the Magic Speed shoes in terms of flexibility, thanks to the softer foam and curved sole.

In short, pick the Magic Speed shoes for stability, efficiency, and faster paces. Go for the Metaspeed shoes if you prefer a softer, more flexible ride for longer runs.

6. Price and Significance

Regardless of the same carbon plate, there are noticeable contrasts in the price of both shoes due to the distinct materials and target audiences.

The Magic Speed shoe is the best budget option in the carbon plate shoe category.

Magic Speed 3 is available for around $160 and is considered the best economical deal for a carbon plate running shoe.

On the other hand, Metaspeed Sky+ and Edge+ have a higher price tag, around $250, due to the more premium materials.

But if you’re searching for super running shoes, Metaspeed shoes’ price is justifiable.

The Magic Speed shoes are more budget-friendly without compromising the overall performance. Metaspeed shoes are premium, and you must spend a little more to grab your desired pair.

Pros & Cons of Asics Metaspeed Sky+ and Magic Speed 3

Now that you know the comprehensive information about both shoes, let’s summarize all the findings to help you make an instant purchasing decision.

Here are the pros and cons of Asics Metaspeed Sky+ and Asics Magic Speed 3:

Asics Metaspeed

  • »Extremely lightweight and responsive.
  • »Aggressive rocker geometry.
  • »Stable platform suitable for high speeds.
  • »Premium materials and construction.
  • »Full-length carbon plate offers a swift and reactive ride.
  • »Very expensive running shoes.
  • »Lack of versatility.

Asics Magic Speed

  • »Excellent price and value ratio.
  • »More cushioned ride than Metaspeed.
  • »Suitable for various runs.
  • »Smooth and controlled run.
  • »Extremely durable materials.
  • »Slightly heavier than Metaspeed.
  • »Lack of responsiveness.

Asics Magic Speed 3 vs Asics Metaspeed Sky Plus: Which One Suits You Best?

Undeniably, both shoes are highly dependable and serve consistent performance for at least 400 miles without degradation.

But some features and characteristics place one above the other.

For instance, Asics Magic Speed 3 is more versatile, stable, and good value for money. Conversely, the Metaspeed Sky+ is lightweight, soft, and bouncy.

The ultimate pick is the Asics Magic Speed if you prioritize versatility, responsiveness, and stability for short runs and faster paces.

If you emphasize high energy return, flexibility, soft & bouncy ride, and conquer long distances with slow paces, choose the Asics Metaspeed.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Asics Magic Speed good for?

Asics Magic Speed is a versatile running shoe suitable for various paces and runs. Due to its extensive cushioning and excellent energy return, this shoe features the best energy-saving properties.

How long does Asics Magic Speed last?

The Magic Speed 3 features a MOTION WRAP upper, FF BLAST PLUS midsole, and ASICS GRIP rubber outsole. All of these materials are incredibly durable and usually last longer. On average, the Magic Speed 3 lasts around 300-400 miles.

What are Asics Metaspeed Sky good for?

The Asics Metaspeed Sky shoes are great at stride length and assist runners who need to increase their overall running speed. In addition, these shoes are often chosen for easy and long runs due to the enhanced cushioning.

Is Asics Magic Speed good for the half marathon?

Asics Magic Speed shoe offers excellent cushioning with a firmer ride, making it unsuitable for long distances. But if you like the firmness, you can effortlessly conquer a half-marathon or even a full marathon race wearing this shoe.

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