Asics GT 2000 Vs New Balance 860 [Find the Best Runner]

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The GT-2000 and Fresh Foam X 860 is a counterpart shoe series by Asics and New Balance.

I have been using the latest models from both series for the last few months in my daily running sessions. The shoes are so identical that it’s tough to distinguish their characteristics.

Today, I’ll share my running experience and provide differences between Asics GT 2000 and New Balance 860 to help you pick the suitable model.asics-gt-2000-vs-new-balance-860

So, let’s begin.

Overview of New Balance 860 and Asics GT-2000 Series

The New Balance Fresh Foam X 860 and Asics GT-2000 series are modern stability shoes with lots of improvements from the past.

They offer versatility and reliable performance to every type of runner, making the series widely popular in the market.

New Balance Fresh Foam X 860

The New Balance 860 is designed to meet the demands of stability-minded daily runners.

The latest redesigned midsole gives a pinnacle experience of true cushioning, comfort, and top-notch stability.

It has got much appreciation and is widely popular among the runners’ community for its fantastic pronation control and superb user experience over all distances.

Asics GT-2000

The Asics GT 2000 series is a combination of comfort and performance. It sits in the middle of the luxury and budget segment to offer a versatile experience.

It’s one of the best stability shoes in the current market, with many supportive features.overview-of-asics-gt-2000-series

The impressive performance and reasonable pricing made it the most popular running shoes from the ASICS GT series.

Both New Balance Fresh Foam X 860 and Asics GT-2000 series are renowned for their amazing performance in daily running sessions.

As a stability runner, you must know about the specifications before buying one of these models to maintain the perfect comfort and support.

Let’s learn the information and their differences from below to help you pick the right shoe.

Attribute Comparison of Asics GT-2000 12 and New Balance 860v13

Asics GT-2000 and New Balance 860 have been in the market for quite some time.

The models have seen many changes over the years, so it’s challenging to compare the previous models with each other.

Therefore, we have selected the latest models from these series, Asics GT-2000 12 and New Balance 860v13, and compare them below.

ParameterAsics GT-2000 12New Balance 860v13
Release Year20232023
Upper MaterialJacquard meshEngineered mesh
MidsoleFF Blast+Fresh Foam X
OutsoleAHAR PlusBlown rubber
Stack HeightHeel: 36 mm
Forefoot: 28 mm
Heel: 27 mm
Forefoot: 17 mm
Heel-to-toe Drop8 mm10 mm
Weight270 gm/ 9.5 oz (US Men 9)309 gm/ 10.9 oz (US Men 9)
UsageMid to long-distance runningMid to long-distance running

Feature Difference Between Asics GT-2000 12 and New Balance Fresh Foam X 860v13

GT 2000 12 and Fresh Foam X 860v13 are running shoe models from different brands. They offer similar purposes but have lots of characteristics differences.

These changes affect decision-making, and knowing about them is absolutely necessary to make the right choice.

Here are the feature differences between Asics GT-2000 12 and New Balance Fresh Foam X 860v13:

Upper Material

The ASICS GT-2000 12 uses Jacquard mesh to construct the upper material. It is plush but not very stretchy.

It helps to maintain stability and provides support to avoid overpronation.

The upper is thick and feels warm after wearing it. However, there are numerous small perforations on the vamp and midfoot area, which gives good ventilation during summer.

On the other hand, the Fresh Foam X 860v13 uses Engineered mesh for the upper.

It’s highly breathable, and larger perforations keep the feet cool even on the hottest day.

The 860v13 feels very comfortable to me when wearing it for a long day or session. [design-aesthetics-of-asics-gt-2000

Design & Aesthetics

The GT 2000 12 offers a regular tongue design and lace mechanism. It contains six eyestays at each side and has a loop on the tongue for better tightness.

The padding is thinner compared to the previous model, but the gusseted tongue doesn’t cause any problems while running.

It has a long heel counter, which works as a pull tab for more effortless wearing.

An Asics logo is present at the medial and lateral sides of the midfoot area. The GT-2000 12 branding is visible above the

The shoe appears in 16 different colors, including black, white, grey, green, blue, etc.

Similarly, the New Balance Fresh Foam X 860v13 uses a regular tongue and lacing design.

It has six eyestay on each side with a loop for better lockdown. The tongue padding is thicker than GT-2000 and gusseted.

The heel counter is extended at the above to make a pull tab. But the pull tab design doesn’t seem very exciting to me.

The shoe’s lateral side has a big New Balance logo, and the medial side has the brand name. The 860 series name is written on the heel counter of the shoe.

New Balance Fresh Foam X 860v13 is very minimalistic and has only four color variants.

Sole Technology

Asics GT-2000 12 and NB 860v13 have separate midsole and outsole technology. They provide different cushioning underneath and overall running experience.


Asics uses a full-length FF Blast Plus midsole for the GT 2000 12. It’s longer and thicker compared to the previous models.midsole-of-asics-gt-2000

The FlyteFoam is very lightweight and absorbs the shock after landing. It gives an excellent responsive rebound on every stride.

The Asics GT-2000 and Gel-Nimbus use the same PureGEL technology series. It spreads upon impact and helps with a softer landing.

On the other hand, New Balance 860v13 uses dual density Fresh Foam X midsole.

The midsole provides a combination of performance and comfort. The upper part mainly helps with the forefoot area, and the Fresh Foam X covers the heel to midfoot area.

The foam is incredibly soft but not like the Gel technology. It gives bouncy feedback, and the upper portion helps with the stride.


Asics GT-2000 12 uses the AHAR Plus (Asics High Absorption Rubber) for the outsole. It’s highly durable for running on wet and dry surfaces.outsole-of-new-balance-860-and-asics-gt-2000-series

The Fresh Foam X 860v13 uses blown rubber for the outsole. The construction is very thick and durable for any type of road.

Size & Weight

Both Asics GT-2000 12 and New Balance Fresh Foam X 860v13 fit true to size.

ParameterAsics GT-2000 12New Balance 860v13
Stack HeightHeel: 36 mm
Forefoot: 28 mm
Heel: 27 mm
Forefoot: 17 mm
Heel-to-toe Drop8 mm10 mm
Weight270 gm/ 9.5 oz (US Men 9)309 gm/ 10.9 oz (US Men 9)

GT 2000 12 is higher compared to NB 860v13, but has less heel-to-toe drop and weight.

The technology used in the 2000 is much lighter and feels very comfortable while running.

Fit & Comfort

Asics GT-2000 12 has a fantastic upper. It feels warm and very comfortable after wearing it. The perforations help with the ventilation and keep the feet cool in summer.

The heel collar and forefoot have sufficient cushioning to give good support. But the tongue isn’t well padded.

However, it doesn’t create any problem to tighten the laces.

The ASICS GT-2000 has a wider forefoot, so I had no issue sliding my feet into it.

The midsole is very cushiony and absorbs the shock after landing. The Gel in the heel feels light and helps with the soft landing.

If you have a foot problem or bunions, the GT 2000 series will be a friendly choice for

I’ve run hundreds of miles in it, and the comfort felt much better than the Asics GT 1000 10 and Asics GT 2000 9.

On the other hand, the New Balance 860v13 has a very similar user experience.

The engineered mesh in this shoe is much thinner and feels more comfortable in hot weather conditions. The large perforations help even more in passing the cool air.

The padding around the heel collar is slightly thinner than the GT-2000 12 but has a thicker tongue.

It helps to tighten the laces firmly and get a snug fit.

Speaking of proper fit, New Balance offers narrow, standard, wide, and x-wide versions for the 860v13. So, if you are looking for the best fit, NB 860v13 has a model for you.

In short to mid-distance running, the comfort level was very satisfactory.

It isn’t as plush and comfy as the GT-2000, but it is highly suitable and sufficient for covering the daily running session.

Stability & Support

The Asics GT-2000 12 provides a unique structural design to provide stability and support during running.

It has sculpturing in the midsole like Asics Gel Kayano 28 and Asics GT 2000 9 to control the landing impact.

The midsole is increased at the midfoot on the medial side and bent inward on the lateral side.

GT-2000 12 uses a 3D Guidance System in the outsole to deliver adaptive and on-demand stability at every step.

On the other hand, the New Balance 860v13 uses a dual density midsole for increased stability and support.stability-support-of-new-balance-860

The combination of stiff material on top and softer Fresh Foam X at the bottom makes the midsole superb for running on any type of ground.

It provides sufficient arch support and cushioning during every stride and landing.

Also, the durable outsole reduces pronation and keeps you stable during running.

Durability & Performance

There’s no lack of durability and performance in the ASICS GT 2000 12 and New Balance 860v13.

I have been using the latest GT-2000 for the last four months and have run around 100 miles.

So far, the performance is impressive and provides extremely good cushioning and support while running.

The durability is fantastic in Asics GT-2000 12. The upper and midsole are in perfect condition. The outsole has minor wearout, but it still provides a very good 3D Guidance System.

With the New Balance Fresh Foam X 860v13, I’ve run around 150 miles.durability-performance-of-new-balance-860

There’s no question about its versatility and amazing performance on the road. It has shown outstanding durability and is in good condition.

The upper has no scratch, and the midsole isn’t compressed at all. The Fresh Foam X delivers its best in the running, and the outsole offers excellent stability.

In my overall experience, I’ve found both GT-2000 12 and Fresh Foam X 860v13 to be very solid and durable.

Price Comparison

Asics GT-2000 12 and New Balance Fresh Foam X offer the same price in the official store.

They will cost around $140 in the retail shop.

Both models have similar performance and pricing. So, there’s no significant difference in value for money choice.

However, getting one of the models at a discounted price will include additional value to your purchase.

Pros & Cons: Asics GT-2000 12 Vs. New Balance Fresh Foam X 860v13

Asics GT-2000 12 and New Balance 860v13 are well made and perform great. However, the models aren’t free from advantages and disadvantages.

ASICS GT-2000 12

  • »Impressive cushioning around ankle and forefoot.
  • »GEL technology helps minimize the landing impact.
  • »Lightweight compared to NB 860v13.
  • »Doesn’t have a wider version.
  • »Upper is less breathable.

New Balance Fresh Foam X 860v13

  • »Offers narrow, standard, wide, and x-wide versions.
  • »Extremely durable outsole.
  • »Upper is very breathable.
  • »Lacks of energy return.
  • »Slightly heavier compared to Asics GT-2000 12.

Asics GT-2000 12 Vs. New Balance 860v13: Which Should You Pick?

The Asics GT-2000 12 and New Balance Fresh Foam X 860v13 have similar characteristics and are designed to serve the same purpose.

They come at the same price, and the performance is very identical.

Both are impressive moderate stability shoes. Therefore, it’s very difficult to choose a winner from the comparison.

If you want a more cushiony and softer midsole with excellent shock absorption, the ASICS GT-2000 is the best choice.

However, if you are looking for a versatile wider shoe and don’t mind slightly less cushioning, the New Balance Fresh Foam X 860v13 will be a better pick.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the New Balance equivalent to Asics GT 2000?

The New Balance Fresh Foam X 860 series is the equivalent of the Asics GT-2000. The latest models from this series offer similar purposes and performance during running.

What’s the difference between New Balance 860 and 880?

The New Balance 860 is highly suitable for overpronators and requires medial support. On the other hand, the NB 880 is a neutral shoe suitable for everyday training.

What is the difference between the Asics GT-2000 and GT-1000?

The ASICS GT-2000 series is more comfortable and has better cushioning compared to the GT-1000 series. Also, it offers GEL technology and a better support system for running mid to long distances.

Is the New Balance 860 and Asics GT 2000 a stability shoe?

Yes, both the New Balance 860 and Asics GT-2000 series are moderate stability shoes. They offer impressive support and reduce pronation in the running.

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