Asics Cumulus Vs Brooks Ghost [Clash of Daily Trainers]

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Finding the right running shoes can be a daunting task, especially with the vast array of options. Among them, two of the most popular daily trainers in the market are the Asics Cumulus and Brooks Ghost.

I was fortunate enough to get my hands on both of these pairs and found some interesting differences between them that every potential buyer should be aware of.asics-cumulus-vs-brooks-ghost

On that note, let’s discuss whether the Asics Cumulus or the Brook Ghost deserves a spot in your cabinet.

A Quick Rundown of ASICS Cumulus and Brooks Ghost

The Asics Gel-Cumulus and Brooks Ghost are both running and daily training shoes but with a slightly different focus on execution.

The Gel-Cumulus is a daily trainer series from Asics that focuses on cushioning and shock absorption.

Since 1991, Asics has been releasing many iterations in this lineup, with the Gel-Cumulus 25 being the latest one. Other than that, some of the fan-favorite kicks from the Cumulus series are the 22, 23, and 24.

The Brooks Ghost shoes, on the other hand, are neutral running shoes that are good for long-distance running and training.

Similar to Asics, Brooks has also released quite a few updates to the Ghost series since 2010. The latest and greatest offering from this lineup is the Brooks Ghost 15.

The American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA) has accepted both brands for providing a suitable footwear experience. That should tell you how good both of these shoes are due to their top-notch construction and comfort.

Feature Comparison Between Brooks Ghost 15 and ASICS Cumulus 25

Since the Ghost and Cumulus series have so many models, we would get a better idea if we compare the latest offerings from both lineups(Ghost 15 and Cumulus 25) and determine which brand is offering better shoes.

But before we begin, let’s do a side-by-side technical comparison between the Brooks Ghost 15 and Asics Cumulus 25.

AttributesBrooks Ghost 15Asics Gel-Cumulus 25
Weight10.1oz(men’s US size 10)9.4oz(men’s US size 10)
Upper materialEngineered meshJacquard mesh
MidsoleDNA Loft v2 foamFF Blast Plus with PureGEL
CushioningPlush and softSoft and responsive
Stack height20-32mm22-30mm
OutsoleSegmented rubberAHAR(Asics High Abrasion Rubber) Lo and AHAR Plus
Break-in periodNoneNone
Best forNeutral runners who want a plush and comfortable shoe for everyday trainingNeutral runners who want a soft and responsive shoe for everyday training

Fundamental Differences Between ASICS Cumulus 25 and Brooks Ghost 15

The Asics Gel-Cumulus 25 and the Brooks Ghost 15 might be within the same shoe category, but there are both major and minor differences between these shoes that can make or break the deal for you.

Here’s how the Asics Cumulus 25 differs from the Brooks Ghost 15 in day-to-day experience:

1. Design Language

At a glance, the Cumulus has a performance-driven design, which is the traditional aesthetic for the majority of ASICS shoes. It maintains the brand’s signature elements, like the prominent Asics logo and visible technology branding.

These shoes also have contrasting colors and sharp lines to convey a sense of speed and agility.

Conversely, Brooks has opted for a sleeker and minimalist design on their Ghost shoes.

Unlike Asics, these shoes have subtle branding and clean lines to convey a modern aesthetic. And the seamless construction helps emphasize this contemporary look.

Design FeatureAsics Gel-Cumulus 25Brooks Ghost 15
Overall feelBold, dynamic, performance-drivenSleek, minimalist, modern
Color paletteContrasting colors, sharp linesSubtle branding, muted tones
BrandingProminent Asics logo, striped detailingDiscreet branding, focus on clean lines

While both brands have numerous colorways to choose from, Brooks Ghost offers more options in this regard.

2. Upper Construction

From upper material technology to tongue profile, these shoes take a completely different approach to provide the best user experience.

Upper Material

The upper part of the Asics cumulus 25 is constructed with engineered jacquard mesh, which has woven threads rather than knitted.

As a result, these shoes provide a premium and structured feel.

It also helps improve the breathability and comfort of these shoes, making them suitable for warm environments or prolonged training sessions.

Not to mention, the strategically placed supportive overlays improve the overall fit and prevent foot movement during workouts.

Meanwhile, Ghost 15 has knitted engineered mesh that is not only more breathable but also provides a lightweight and sock-like feel.upper-material-of-brooks-ghost-15

The downside?

This single-layered mesh is less structured and durable compared to the Cumulus 25. That being said, it is more flexible and offers a more relaxed fit than the competitor.


Both trainers have a standard profile tongue with adequate padding for running or workouts.

However, the Gel-Cumulus 25 has a gusseted tongue with medium thickness, while the Ghost 15 has a non-gusseted tongue with a plusher padding.

After running with both pairs for over 300 miles, I didn’t notice any significant difference between them.

Both tongues stayed in place and prevented any lace bites during my workouts.

3. Midsole and Comfort

The Asics Gel-Cumulus 25 and Brooks Ghost 15 are both popular neutral runners that are well-known for their comfort and cushioning. However, they utilize different midsole technologies, which translates to different comfort profiles.

Let me explain.

Asics has incorporated their in-house FlyteFoam Blast Plus technology in the Cumulus 25’s midsole.midsole-and-comfort-of-asics-cumulus-25

It’s a lightweight and responsive foam that offers a plush and soft underfoot feel.

Cumulus 25 also has Gel units in the forefoot and rearfoot segments for shock absorption, which felt exceptionally comfortable during my high-mileage or tempo running sessions.

Switching over to the Brooks Ghost 15, it features BioMoGo DNA Loft V2, a plush yet responsive foam for pillowy comfort and excellent energy return.

It offered a slightly firmer ride than the Cumulus 25 but still delivered plenty of cushioning during my 5k runs.

People who have used both have also said that the Ghost 15 is just as comfortable as the Cumulus 25 but not as soft.

TraitsAsics Gel-Cumulus 25Brooks Ghost 15
MidsoleFlyteFoam Blast Plus with Gel cushioningBioMoGo DNA Loft V2
ComfortUltra-plush and shock-absorbentSoft and responsive, adapts to your stride
Best forRunners who prioritize pure comfort and high mileageRunners who want a balance of comfort and responsiveness

4. Outsole and Durability

Since the Cumulus from Asics is a performance and innovation-focused series, the Cumulus 25 has a gum rubber outsole with two different types of implemented rubber.

It utilizes strategically placed AHAR Lo and AHAR+ units, which are 50% more durable than the previous AHAR version that was available in the Cumulus 23 and 24.

This segmented rubber outsole allows the shoe to be more flexible,  lightweight, and grippy on any wet surface.outsole-of-asics-cumulus-25-and-brooks-ghost-15

After running over 300 miles, I have barely noticed any sign of wear and tear in Cumulus 25’s outsole despite having an exposed midsole.

However, some users have reported faster wear in the forefoot area, especially for heavy runners.

The Brooks Ghost 15 might not have such fancy naming for its outsole unit, but it provides adequate traction and durability for any type of runner. To add, it has durable carbon rubber in the heel to reduce wear and tear for the heel-strike running style.

That being said, it had less traction on slippery tiles compared to Cumulus.

5. Weight, and Sizing

Both shoes generally run true to size with options for half-sizes as well.

But, the Gel-Cumulus 25 has a noticeably wider forefoot area compared to the Ghost 15, which can result in bunions or blistering. The latter also has a narrower profile, especially in the heel area.

That being said, the Ghost 15 has wider options that mitigate such issues.

It has narrow(1B), medium(1D), wide(2E), and extra-wide(4E) options to accommodate any foot shape. The Cumulus 25 only has a standard width for both men and women.

The Ghost 15 also has a wider range of sizes(7-15 for men, 5-12 for women) compared to the Asics Cumulus 25(7-14 for men), 5-11 for women).

Additionally, the Gel-Cumulus is around 7 ounces lighter than the Brooks Ghost, which is more suitable for those who want a lightweight feel from their daily trainers.

6. Overall Fit

Despite both being true-to-size, the overall fit of these shoes feels a bit different due to a few characteristics.

Toe Box

The roomier toe cap of the Asics shoes offers a more relaxed fit, making them a viable option for people with wider feet.

It’s also provided a comfortable feel during my daily training sessions.

Brooks takes a different approach and settles with a standard toe box profile that offers a snug fit. But you’ll need to go for the extra-wide options if you have a wider toe.overall-fit-of-brooks-ghost-15


The Gel-Cumulus opted for a traditional eyelet lacing system that has ample room for customization. As a result, you can get your desired fit regardless of your foot shape.

The Brooks Ghost 15 features a flat, webbed lacing system with reinforced overlays to ensure a snug fit.

Not to mention, both shoes have additional eyelets for secured heel-lockdown lacing.

Collar and Heel Counter

The Brooks Ghost 15 uses a smoother and streamlined heel collar with moderate padding. It offers a secure fit without adding any bulky feel to the overall build of the shoe.

But it sorely lacks the additional plushness and ankle support of the Cumulus 25.

Despite being lightweight, the extra-padded collar of the Asics shoe feels more comfortable during workouts.

7. Running and Daily Training Performance

The Asics Gel-Cumulus 25 and Brooks Ghost 15 are both outstanding choices for neutral runners, especially those who are seeking a comfortable and versatile daily training shoe.

With the Brooks Ghost 15, you can expect a comfortable yet responsive ride for fast-paced running.

The slightly firmer DNA Loft midsole of this shoe contributes a lot in this regard.

Meanwhile, the plush FF Blast+ foam and the GEL units of the ASICS Gel-Cumulus 25 provide luxurious comfort during daily jogs or recovery runs. It also reduces foot fatigue more than the Ghost shoes.

Not to mention, the added Gel pods in the rear and forefoot area offer an extra layer of shock absorption. Adding that with the plush midsole and wider platform, the Gel-cumulus becomes a great deal for long-running sessions.

Despite having a wider platform in Cumulus 25, the Ghost 15 felt more stable due to the firmer midsole and 12mm heel drop.

As a result, Ghost15 is a better choice for gym workouts like heavy squats or weight

But the higher stack height and Meta-Rocker sole design of the Cumulus offer a natural gait cycle and comfortable stride.

For cross-training sessions, both shoes perform well in both indoor and outdoor activities.

However, the Cumulus 25 has better traits for leisurely walking as it has a plush cushioning and a comfortable upper construction.

On a similar note, check out how the Cumulus 25 differs from the Nimbus 25.

Benefits and Drawbacks of the Brooks Ghost 15 and ASICS Cumulus 25

As both brands have their distinct focus and target audience, both Ghost and Cumulus shoes have their unique advantages and disadvantages that can greatly impact our purchase decision.

The following pros and cons of the Brooks Ghost 15 and Asics Cumulus 25 should provide a better understanding in this regard.

Brooks Ghost 15

  • »Plush and comfortable ride.
  • »Surprisingly more stable in its natural motion.
  • »Reduces overpronation and promotes smooth transition.
  • »Various colorways to suit any style.
  • »Adequately durable outsole.
  • »Slightly heavy.
  • »Less responsive for tempo runs.

Asics Cumulus 25

  • »Lightweight feel.
  • »Soft and responsive cushioning for easy or fast-paced running.
  • »Decent stability for neutral runners.
  • »Durable and comfortable upper.
  • »Better impact absorption.
  • »Supportive construction for any running styles.
  • »Fewer color options.
  • »Slightly less durable outsole.

ASICS Cumulus 25 vs Brooks Ghost 15: Which One is Perfect for You?

The Asics Cumulus 25 is a better pick compared to the Brooks Ghost 15, as it offers a better user experience at the same price tag. If you want a comfortable running shoe that can also handle daily training activities, the Cumulus 25 should be at the top of your wishlist.

It not only has a better fit for its intended purpose, but it also excels in incorporating the best material and technology that the industry has to offer.

That being said, we can’t deny the modern design and exceptional stability of the Brooks Ghost 15.

But the support for wider forefeet and better running experience of the Cumulus shoes make them easier to recommend.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which shoe is better for standing all day, ASICS Cumulus or Brooks Ghost?

Since Brooks Ghost shoes have better and softer cushioning than the Asics Cumulus, they are better suited for standing all day. They are also more supportive and durable than the latter.

What’s the difference between Brooks Ghost and ASICS Nimbus?

The Asics Gel-Nimbus shoes have better shock absorption and a more responsive bounce-back than the Brooks Ghost runners, which have a more pillowy cushioning.

What is the Asics equivalent to the Brooks Ghost?

The Gel-Cumulus lineup from Asics is the closest equivalent to the Brooks Ghost shoes as both series are aimed at neutral daily training purposes.

What is the best alternative to Asics cumulus?

As an alternative to the Asics Gel-Cumulus, the Mizuno Sayonara and Brooks Ghost shoes are worth considering if you want a comfortable runner or daily trainer.

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