Allbirds Wool Runners vs Mizzles [An in-detail Overeview]

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If you’re into sustainable and budget-friendly footwear, chances are you’ve heard of Allbirds.

The brand has barely crossed seven years in the footwear industry. Still, it has created a lot of hype for Merino woolen Runners, Mizzles and Dashers.


Being a Hypebeast, I thought of trying out these Allbirds and sharing my experience with you. Thus, I’ll compare Wool Runners & its water-repellent version, Mizzles’ performance in this write-up.

So, stay tuned!

Differences Between Allbirds Wool Runners & Mizzles

The original Wool Runners came out in 2016 with several user-friendly features. It has assured ultra-cozy feel with the wool upper and castor bean oil-based insole foam.

Moreover, users seem to be pleased with its moderate arch support and warmth in the winter.

But one thing that was dragging the plain Wool Runner far from its competitors was – the absence of water-repellent feature.

Consequently, many buyers switched towards water-resistant Cole Haan instead of Allbirds.

To resolve this issue, Allbirds launched Mizzles lineage at the end of 2019. All shoes from this category, such as Wool Runner Mizzles, Wool Runner-up Mizzles, Dasher Mizzles, and Flyer Mizzles, are proclaimed as water-repulsive.

That means the insertion of a water-repellent coating in Mizzles Wool Runner has separated it from the normal Wool Runners.


For now, let’s see what types of materials Allbirds use in the shield of Mizzles. Then we will see more differences considering other aspects of Wool Runner and Mizzles.

1. Water-Repellent Materials

The core ingredients of conventional Wool Runner and Mizzles are similar. Built with thermoregulating merino wool upper, castor bean oil insole, EVA midsole, and recycled plastic-based laces.

But the difference lies in Mizzles’ fluorine-free water-repellent coating. With the Puddle Guard® technology, this layer helps water to roll off the shoe surface. This bio-based shield is missing in the simple Wool Runner.

According to Allbirds, Mizzles also prevent water seepage with a thinner Bio-TPU membrane. It is added between the upper and the interior of the shoe.

2. Performance Analysis

Performance is the most crucial aspect a buyer should be concerned about. So, let’s hear about my real-life experience of using Allbirds.

The Wool Runner Mizzles was my companion on my last month’s Disney World trip.

Whereas I chose classic Wool Runner for some months in the previous year. For my everyday go-to, including shopping, attending lectures, and occasional outings such as visiting the nearby theme park, I used to depend on the typical Wool Runner.

During my trip to the Magic Kingdom, it suddenly rained for some period. Though it seemed a hassle for me at that time, now I think I’m lucky enough. Because I witnessed the Magic World’s charm during the rainfall and also noticed how the water rapidly rolled off the Mizzles.

The water-repellent pair became dry quickly and left no bad smell due to the odor-reducing insole.


On the other hand, water easily penetrates into the classic Wool Runner. It doesn’t keep feet dry in drizzles or downpours.

I perceived the same amount of warmth, comfort, and support from each of them. Because there is no change in the core materials and shoe construction of regular Wool Runner and Mizzles. The SweetFoam® midsole of both builds a reliable base underneath the feet.

Bonus points to both of them for featuring the grippy rubber outsole. Even it is safe enough for short running across muddy trails and hiking through the mountains.

While roaming around the flat and slight slopes ground of Disney World, I didn’t face any slip or stumbling due to Mizzles’ decent traction. The experience was kinda similar in case of Wool Runner.

3. Price

I know that you’ve already guessed which one is more costly between Allbirds Wool Runner & Mizzles.

You got it right! Mizzles are more pricey because of the additional water-repulsive feature. There’s nothing more in this version, so it claims only $15 dollar extra from the customers.

Where ordinary Wool Runner comes for $110- $115, the Mizzles Wool Runner retails for 125 US dollars.

However, the Wool Runner-up Mizzles demand more ($145) for its relatively high top. Some users get better support and protection for this increased collar height, while others find it bothersome during instant movement.

Looking for cheaper knockoffs to Allbirds? Browse another content affordable alternatives to Allbirds.

4. Weight

Original Wool Runner gets the nod here due to being comparatively lightweight. It weighs almost 200gm per shoe. As a regular wear within an affordable budget, this weight is considerable.

On the contrary, Wool Runner Mizzle is 280 gm. In fact, it is the heaviest shoe I have tried from Allbirds. The excess weight results from the thicker depth midsole and moisture-repellent coating.

For the heaviness and limited support, I would never recommend choosing Wool Runner Mizzles for professional or long-distance running.

Allbirds Wool Runners vs Mizzles: Pros & Cons

Wool Runners

  • »Lightweight.
  • »Easy to wear.
  • »Breathable.
  • »Excellent comfort
  • »Medium Support.
  • »Requires no break-in.
  • »Odor-resistant.
  • »Good for cooler weather, hiking & traveling.
  • »Not water-repellent.
  • »Not ideal wear for heavy races.


  • »Water repellent.
  • »Medium arch support.
  • »Ultra cozy.
  • »Malodor resistant.
  • »Warm wool lining at the interior.
  • »Well ventilated.
  • »Durable.
  • »Comparably heavy.
  • »More expensive.
  • »Inappropriate for intense workouts & professional runs.

Should You Pick Mizzles or Wool Runners?

Making a choice between Allbirds Mizzles and Wool Runners is not rocket science because they are similar in almost all features, such as longevity, materials, support, coziness, etc.

You just have to carefully consider two things. These are the type of environments where you wanna use the shoe and the weight of the pair.

You better stick with a pair of Wool Runner if trendy and lightweight footwear is your first priority. But don’t expect that it will keep your feet moisture free during a rainstorm.

Otherwise, just go with the Mizzles if your top preference is water-repellent properties and you’re ready to cope with slightly bulkier shoes.

This Allbirds edition is eligible to tolerate drizzles or damp streets.  That’s all to make a selection!

Wrap Up

To wrap it up, I’ll just say that all the essential points need to know before buying Allbirds Wool Runners and Mizzles are covered in this article.

One will withstand rainy weather, while the other is completely unable to keep feet safe from water. But none of them acts as a strong shield against rainstorms or a snowball fight.

More thoughts lingering in your mind? Drop them in the comment box.


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