Adidas Terrex vs Salomon [Battle of Best Outdoor Shoes]

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While planning the next mountain conquest, wearing the best outdoor shoes, Adidas Terrex and Salomon are the top brands that cross our mind.

Both brands are widely known for manufacturing comfortable and highly durable hiking shoes that assist in conquering the most demanding terrains. But which one is the ultimate champion?adidas-terrex-vs-salomon

Let’s dive into the mystic realm of outdoor adventure shoes to determine which brand has the perfect pair for your next venture.

A Quick Overview of Adidas Terrex & Salomon Shoes

Adidas Terrex and Salomon are renowned for manufacturing extraordinary, highly durable, and comfortable outdoor shoes for hiking, trail running, and climbing.

Before diving into the fascinating realm of Terrex and Salomon shoes, let’s discuss the brand’s identity and product lineups.

Adidas Terrex

The glorious history of Adidas Terrex began in 1970 when Adidas introduced its first-ever light trekking shoes.

However, Adidas first initiated its outdoor-focused footwear lineup in 2007 with Adidas Outdoor. In 2011, Adidas officially renamed its outdoor lineup as Adidas Terrex.

Adidas Terrex is now dominating the outdoor adventure footwear market by manufacturing robust and comfortable shoes for diverse outdoor activities, such as hiking, trail running, climbing, etc.

Terrex is widely known for producing outdoor footwear with ultra durability, superb comfort, and high performance.

Moreover, compared to other manufacturers, Adidas Terrex shoes offer a comparatively lower price range and a wider toe box.

Some models are slightly heavier than similar shoes available from other manufacturers.


Salomon’s legacy started in 1947 when François Salomon introduced revolutionary ski bindings for more secure fits and high performance.

But Salomon didn’t stop there and initiated innovative boots and shoes in 1980.salomon

Salomon shoes are mostly popular among outdoor enthusiasts and athletes due to their lightweight construction and aggressive traction on all terrains.

The EnergyCell+ and Vibe midsole, Contagrip outsole, and SensiFit & Quicklace lacing system provide responsive cushioning, optimal grip, and adjustable lacing systems, which makes them a top choice for trail runners, hikers, and mountaineers.

Keeping all these facets in mind, move down to the next section to compare the technical specifications of both brands side-by-side.

Characteristic Comparison of Adidas Terrex and  Salomon

Because of diverse brand preferences and design patterns, there are considerable differences between Terrex and Salomon shoes.

Let’s compare both brands’ unique features and offerings side-by-side to understand the similarities and dissimilarities.

ParametersAdidas TerrexSaloman
Built forHiking, trail running, and climbing.Skiing, snowboarding, hiking, road running, and trail running
Upper MaterialsGORE-TEX, Ripstop nylon, Synthetic leather, PrimaLoftGORE-TEX, SensiFit
MidsoleEVA foam, Boost, Lightstrike, propulsion platesEVA foam, EnergyCell, Rock plates
OutsoleContinental Rubber, Traxion, Stealth RubberContagrip, Pro Flex Chevron lugs
Overall weightMid-weightLight-weight
ToeboxWider toe boxNarrow toe box
FitTrue to sizeTrue to size
TractionExceptional gripImproved grip on wet surfaces
ComfortComfortable for wide feetAll-day comfort
BreathabilityGood ventilationMaximum breathability
PriceLess priceyMore pricey

Key Differences Between Adidas Terrex and Salomon

While both brands are focused on similar categories (outdoor shoes), there are some remarkable differences in some aspects.

For instance, both bands have diverse shoe categories, different midsole & outsole technology, and different upper materials.

Depending on all these dissimilarities, I have generalized the different categories to assist you in choosing the perfect pair for your needs.

Let’s dive in to understand how both brands differ from each other:

1. Diverse Shoe Categories

Though Terrex and Salomon’s journey started with trekking and ski boots, both brands now have various shoe categories for any form of outdoor activity.

While both manufacturers excel in producing hiking, trail running, and outdoor lifestyle shoes, Salomon is also focused on winter shoes, sandals, water shoes, and forces.

In each segment, both brands have some widely popular shoes. For a better understanding, consider the following table.

BrandHikingTrail RunningOutdoor Lifestyle
Adidas TerrexFree Hiker, Swift R3, Skychaser LTSpeed Ultra, Two Boa, AgravicUrban Explorer, AX4
SalomonX Ultra, Outback, QuestSpeedcross, Sense Ride, S/LAB PulsarLAB XT Series, XT-6, Crossmax

As you can see, there are several options in each shoe category. To be frank, Salomon outshines the Adidas Terrex by offering more categories and shoe options.

2. Upper: Design & Materials

Because of numerous shoe models, both brands utilize several upper materials and design patterns.

Each pair combines different upper materials and design paradigms depending on the necessity.


If you closely look at the design of both brand’s shoes, both offer distinct aesthetics.

Terrex shoes are more focused on functional utility and durability.

Instead of using flashy accents, these shoes are less adventurous but have high performance and protection.

Samolon, on the other hand, emphasizes performance and technical expertise. Their shoes are more audacious and innovative, with bold colors and unique technologies.

Both brands also prefer different color palettes for their shoes.

For instance, the Terrex shoes utilize more muted earth tones (browns, greens, and blues), and the Salomon employs vibrant colors (blues, oranges).


Adidas Terrex shoes use various upper materials, such as GORE-TEX, knit Parley (2020 Terrex Trail Running Shoe lineup), breathable & drainable mesh (Terrex Agravic Ultra), and Primeknit upper (2022 Ultra) for different models.

Most upper materials used in Terrex shoes are focused on snug fits and durability.

But what about Salomon shoes?salomon-shoes

Similar to the Terrex shoes, Salomon also utilizes various upper materials for their different lineups.

For Vaya hiking shoes, Salomon uses the performance mesh and SensiFit fabric.

For the Index.01 model, they utilize a recycled polyester upper, and for the Concept Shoe, Salomon uses the mesh upper made from 50% corn fibers and polyethylene terephthalate.

Due to the different types of upper materials, the weight also varies depending on the shoe models.

Fortunately, Salomon and Adidas Terrex offer waterproof shoes, thanks to the GORE-TEX.

Toe Box

Unless we focus on the toe box, the discussion of the upper is inadequate.

While most shoes from Adidas Terrex offer a wider toe box, the Salomon is the exact opposite, offering a narrow toe box for most shoes.

But I prefer the wider toe box of Terrex as they are true to size and provide an extended room to move the toe inside the shoe.

In short, Terrex and Salomon both stand out with magnificent design and sturdy upper materials. But the Terrex leads in this segment due to its wider toe box and durable upper.adidas-terrex-toe-box

3. Midsole & Outsole Tech

Due to different technology and materials, each brand has its unique midsole and outsole technology.

Let’s compare the differences between the technology of both brands.


For hiking, trail running, or climbing, the midsole of a shoe plays the most crucial role in comfort and energy return.

Both the Terrex and Salomon have their unique midsole technology to provide the best cushioning and comfy experience even on uneven terrains.

Let’s start with the midsole of Adidas Terrex.

Most Terrex shoes’ midsoles are made of a dual-layer combination, where the top part contains EVA foam, and the bottom includes a proprietary Boost compound.

Some shoes also feature the Adidas Boost and Lightstrike foams.

After using the Rider Gore-Tex, I realized its midsole is very comfortable and provides high return through the heel.

However, you may notice extended break-in periods on Terrex shoes compared to the Salomon shoes.

What about the Salomon midsoles?

Most Salomon midsoles are made of EnergyCell+ and Opal cushioning, providing superb shock absorption. Moreover, the Energy Surge midsole also offers a considerable energy return.

Some older Salomon shoes have dense foam between the midsole and outsole for better shock absorption.

The Salomon’s Energy Blade (lightweight TPU plate) is another technology that works with the midsole to absorb the shock of uneven terrains and provide a smooth pace.


Both brands have their own outsole technologies. Adidas Terrex utilizes the Continental rubber outsole, which is extremely popular due to its excellent grip on every surface, including smooth rock and uneven ground.outsole-of-adidas-terrex-and-saloman

Terrex also utilizes various Traxion lug patterns for different shoes and needs.

For instance, the Traxion Grip lugs are more suitable for wet surfaces, and the Traxion Trail is adequate for stability on uneven terrains.

On the contrary, Salomon uses various types of Contagrip outsole for different surfaces.

For example, the Contagrip MA outsole performs better on all terrains, the Contagrip Mud provides extraordinary grip on muddy surfaces, and the Contagrip TA is the best outsole for technical terrain.

To relate the above information, consider the following table.

TerrainBest Support and Traction
Versatile terrainAdidas Terrex
Technical terrainSalomon
Wet terrainSalomon
Smooth rockAdidas Terrex

Let me explain the above table to understand the insights better.

I have tried the Adidas Terrex Trail Rider Gore-Tex and the Salomon Sense Ride 5 for versatile terrains, and I was impressed with their performance and traction.

However, I prefer the Rider Gore-Tex more due to its Continental rubber outsole, which surpasses the Sense Ride 5 with its aggressive traction.

The Sense Ride 5 was more capable on technical and wet terrains than the other model, thanks to Salomon’s Contagrip outsole and Pro Flex Chevron lugs (self-cleaning).

Finally, the Rider Gore-Tex is more suitable for smooth rock surfaces due to its Continental rubber outsole, which provides more grip.

Overall, Terrex shoes are durable, comfortable on long distances, and offer extraordinary stability on uneven surfaces. Salomon shoes are lighter and more responsive, making them suitable for fast movement and offering great comfort, aggressive grip, and magnificent control.

4. Size and Fittings

Both Adidas Terrex and Salomon shoes are true to size (with half-size options) and offer well-designed tongues and different lacing styles for a more secure fit.

However, the Terrex shoes have a wider toe box, making them ideal for people with wider toes. I never face any bunions or blistering issues wearing Terrex shoes.

Contrarily, the toe box of Salomon shoes is narrower and suitable for wider toes.

Thankfully, both brands have their unique lacing system and tongues.

For instance, Terrex shoes utilize thicker and more padded tongues for additional comfort, a standard lacing system on most shoes, and some models come with lace loops or D-rings for more customization.

Salomon shoes, on the other hand, utilize thinner and more breathable tongues and often a gusseted tongue to maintain a close fit.

Salomon also offers proprietary lacing systems like Quicklace and SensiFit for more precise adjustments and secure fits.

If you’ve narrow toes, go down half a size while choosing Adidas Terrex shoes.

In case you have a wider toe or prefer a looser fit like me, go up half a size while picking Salomon shoes.

In short, Adidas Terrex shoes are more appropriate for most people. Yet Salomon shoes are not far behind as they offer exceptional lacing systems for better fittings.adidas-terrex-shoes

5. Performance & Durability

Nowadays, outdoor shoes are becoming more popular among youngsters. While looking for the perfect pair, you must consider the performance on various challenging terrains.

Fortunately, both brands excel in performance and offer ultra-durable shoes for all seasons.

Terrex shoes are best known for good performance, stability, and versatility. Utilizing the proprietary Boost compound in the midsole, these shoes generate high energy return and provide a comfortable fit even on arduous surfaces.

But are they durable?

Yes, Terrex shoes are highly durable, thanks to its Continental Rubber outsole and robust construction. The firm midsoles, TPU overlays, and rugged rubber outsole make the shoes more lasting for heavy use.

Salomon leads the outdoor shoe market with its lightweight and superior technical performance.

Due to its aggressive Pro Flex Chevron lugs, responsive cushioning, and secure fittings, Salomon shoes are ideal for fast-paced activities and demanding terrains.

Though Salomon never lacks performance, they are more vulnerable than the Terrax shoes.

ParametersAdidas TerrexSalomon
PerformanceVersatile, suitable for all-terrainsLightweight, best for technical and wet terrain
DurabilityRobust construction, durable materialsGood durability, Needed some extra care for longevity

Overall, both brands offer superb performance, but the Terrex surpasses the Salomon in terms of durability.

6. Comfort and Stability

Adidas Terrex shoes are mostly praised for being roomier and having a more comfortable fit. While using Free Hiker 2, I was impressed with its lightweight and cushioning for long hikes.

This pair from Terrex also offers excellent stability and ankle support on unequal terrain, and the same goes for all other shoes in the Terrex lineup.

On the contrary, Salomon shoes are best known for being comfortable and more precise fit for outstanding control. The SensiFit technology ensures a more secure and glove-like feel.

For instance, the Salomon Glide Max TR model offers the most cushioning and stability, even on arduous terrains.

In summary, both brand’s shoes are remarkably comfortable and provide maximum stability on various surfaces.

7. Price & Significance

The price is increasing because of the high demand and innovative technologies used in outdoor shoes.

My friend requested a recommendation to buy his next outdoor shoe for under 100 USD. After considering various Terrex and Salomon models, I suggest the Adidas Men’s Terrex AX4 Mid GORE-TEX Hiking Shoe due to its superior price and value ratio.

The average price range of Adidas Terrex is $90-250, and the price range of Salomon is $120-300.

Considering both brands’ price and value ratios, Terrex outshines Salomon with good overall performance and a comparatively low price point.

Pros & Cons of Adidas Terrex and Salomon Shoes

Due to different construction materials and technologies, both brands have diverse properties.

With numerous dissimilarities, both brands have their unique attributes that help one to stand out from the other.

While some characteristics encourage you to choose one over another, some features may force you to reconsider your purchasing decision.

So, let’s look at the pros and cons of both brands for a better understanding.

Adidas Terrex

  • »Continental rubber outsole.
  • »Sturdy construction.
  • »High-quality materials.
  • »Excellent stability on uneven surfaces.
  • »More affordable.
  • »More comfortable fit.
  • »Waterproof hiking shoes.
  • »Heavier than Salomon shoes.
  • »Less grip on wet terrain.
  • »Lack of cushioning on some models.


  • »Lightweight construction.
  • »Excellent flexibility.
  • »Aggressive grip.
  • »Comfortable cushioning.
  • »Extensive varieties of models.
  • »Superb stability.
  • »Maximum upper protection.
  • »More expensive than some Terrex.
  • »Faster wear and tear.
  • »Comparatively narrow toe box.

Adidas Terrex vs. Salomon: Which One Should You Pick?

Because of diverse materials and unique design patterns, choosing the best pair depends on personal preferences and needs.

However, Salomon offers more diverse shoe categories, lighter and more responsive midsole, aggressive traction, and better comfort, thanks to its EnergyCell+ and Opal cushioning.

On the other hand, Adidas Terrex surpasses Salomon in durability, traction on versatile terrains, better stability, and affordable price points.

So, if you’re looking for a durable build, versatile performance, better stability, and less pricy options, go with the Addidas Terrex.

If your priority is maximum cushioning, better grip on wet or muddy surfaces, or lightweight & responsive outdoor shoes, pick any model from Salomon.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Salomon the best hiking boots?

There are numerous brands and models of hiking boots. However, Salomon has some of the best waterproof hiking shoes. For instance, the Salomon Quest 4 Gore-Tex is the best hiking boot for men.

Why do special forces wear Salomon shoes?

Special forces prefer Salomon shoes over other brands due to their superior weather protection, durable build, and outstanding surface traction.

Is Adidas Terrex good for trail running?

Yes, Adidas Terrex offers some extraordinary trail running shoes for all runners. Personally, I prefer the Terrex trail runners for my day-to-day trail running because of their perfect grip, comfort, and lightweight.

Is Adidas Terrex suitable for hiking?

Adidas Terrex has some of the best hiking shoes available in the market. For instance, the Adidas Terrex AX4 is the best lightweight and affordable hiking shoe from Terrex. Other models, such as the Adidas Terrex Swift R3 GTX and Adidas Terrex Trailmaker, are also superb for hiking.

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