Adidas Superstar Vs Grand Court [Major Feature Comparison]

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Being a regular user of Adidas sneakers, I’ve already tried both Superstar and Grand Court for a long time.


And in this article, I’ll share my own experience about the offered feature that separates them from each other. Additionally, you’ll be able to perceive the obvious benefits and their remarkable similarities, which will assist you in making a choice.

Let’s get into it!

Overview of Superstar & Grand Court

The Adidas Superstar was initially designed in 1969 for the basketball court. In 1971 the shoe was sold in the European market in its original form.

After decades, superstar came into a modified design when it appeared in American markets in the 1980s. The stiff shell toe protection makes them iconic in the US players’ community.

On the other side, in the late 70s, Adidas launched Grand Court as tennis shoes. The combination of cup soles and EVA materials is a popular choice among fans. People used to consider Grand Court as the upgraded version of Adidas Superstar.

Both low-top Adidas silhouettes have a rich heritage for their outstanding feature and exotic outlook.

Feature Comparison Between Adidas Grand Court & Superstar

Adidas reigned as king for decades for their exclusive design with a comfy feel. And when the comparison starts between the two Adidas gems, you will find a lot of distinctive criteria, such as the rubber shell toe cap in Superstar and the squishy leather upper in Grand Court.

Let’s explore the feature variation between Superstar & Grand Court:


Adidas Superstars generally use top-grain leather to make their upper, EVA for the midsole, and rubber as their outsole. The whole-grain leather material offers a distinguishable lifetime compared to suede leather.

In the meantime, Adidas Grand Court includes the same material but in a different way. The constructed leather of this pair is more smooth and squishy.

In my grand court shoes, I found the synthetic upper lining and sole that are totally different from the superstar pair.

Style & Design

Design-wise, superstar and grand court shoes are like twin brothers for their low-top nature with lace-up closure.


However, the style of both Adidas is distinguishable because the superstar incorporates the protective toe shell and leather-coated upper to make them iconic and sturdy. In the grand court edition, you will find the opposite style on the upper; this shoe uses a synthetic sole and soft leather, making them extra comfy.

On the top addition, The iconic 3 Adidas stripes are configured with rubber capsules on the Grand Court pair.


The pricing of both Adidas pairs is like the North Pole and the South Pole, while features are quite similar.

  • Adidas Superstar retail prices on their own website start from $80 to $130.
  • The Grand Court charges a minimum amount compared to the superstar. The retail price comes from $40 to $70 per shoe.

If you’re searching for a pair at an affordable price that you can wear casually in sports programs, the grand court is the best option.


When you only consider shoes that confirm comfort, the Grand Court must be the first name in the Adidas collections. The cushioned midsole of this shoe offers the ultimate comfort and makes them suitable for regular use.


Contrary, if you wanna pick one pair that assures stability with a comfy feel, then you should go for the Superstar pair. The well-constructed rubber sole provides the grip and traction which are missing in the grand court model.

So, when you prefer stability over comfort, Superstar suits you better. The outsole texture also makes the Adidas superstar good for skating.


I have been using my Superstar for almost three years, and they are still fresh. Moreover, the shoe doesn’t ask for any break-in period. The combination of whole-grain leather and rubber sole offers a durable performance.

On the other hand, the Grand Court is also famous for its long-lasting materials. I also use these shoes for a year, and they still look like a new pair. The smooth leather and cup soles confirm the coziness with durability.

Size & Fitting

If I consider one pair between these duos according to their fittings, I choose Grand Court over the Superstar.

Generally, I used to wear US size 7, which is perfectly fitted with my regular feet. The grand court also offers the same fitting, while the superstar has more space in the box area.

After using them, I can assume that the Superstar pair is suitable for wide-fitted people. So, if you have wide feet or love wearing shoes with roomy space, you can jazz up with the superstar without any fitting issues.

I found these major variations after wearing both Adidas pairs for a couple of years.

Similarities Between Adidas Superstar and Grand Court

After seeing these variations, you may think they only carry the differences, yet they have significant similarities between Superstars and Grand Court. In this writing portion, I’m going to show a chart where you can find their matches.

Here is the table of similarities between Grand Court & Superstar:

FactorsAdidas SuperstarAdidas Grand Court
MidsoleUse EVA sole to ensure comfortability.Include the Cup soles with the EVA materials.
Shoe TypeLow-top flat sneakers.Low-top flat sneakers with cotton laces.
SizeRun true to size with the broad-toe box.Runs true to size.
Preferable SeasonPerfect for summer and spring seasons for their breathable feature.Suitable for summer, spring, and fall.
PerformanceThe padded insole and rubber sole confirm the comfort with noticeable traction.The updated constructed insole ensures ultimate comfort.

After perceiving the factor chart of similarities, you now have a clear conception of both Adidas pairs, where they share the matches, and where they are not.

Adidas Grand Court Vs Superstar: Pros & Cons

According to their features and nature, they have many advantages, yet they also have some drawbacks.

Let’s check out the Pros & Cons of Superstar and Adidas Grand Court:

Adidas Superstar

  • »Protective toe shell.
  • »More than 3 years lifespan.
  • »Don’t ask for any time to break in.
  • »Perfect for wide feet people.
  • »Offer better grip & traction.
  • »Expensive compared to the other one.
  • »Inappropriate for narrow feet.

Adidas Grand Court

  • »Runs true to size.
  • »Comes at an affordable price.
  • »Combined materials offer the best comfort.
  • »Durable.
  • »Perfect for every season.
  • »Lack of traction compared to Superstar.

Which is Better: Superstar or Grand Court?

Personally, I adore my superstar and grand court for my casual wearing.

But if you have to pick one pair between these two beasts, I suggest going for the Grand Court because this one pair offers all the needed features, including the outlook. The budget-friendly criteria are the major factors that attract me most.


On top of that, these shoes are manufactured with durable materials that make them long-lasting.

But if you have wide feet and the budget doesn’t create any issues, you should go for the Adidas Superstar. Besides, the grippy textured outsole offers stability with comfort.

Final Statement

After reading this descriptive comparison analysis between Superstar and Grant Court, I hope you have already made up your mind. So, grab your chosen pair without any hesitation; both shoe work amazingly.

You can contact me through the comment box for further queries about any type of Adidas shoes.

Take care of your feet!

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