Adidas Busenitz Pro vs Vulc: Which Skate Shoes to Pick?

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In the past, we used a pair of shoes for all purposes. As days pass, shoe manufacturers tend to produce special footwear for specific purposes such as CrossFit, running, trail, skate shoes, etc.

I love skateboarding, and to put more love into it, I bought two Adidas skate shoes– Busenitz Pro and Busenitz Vulc.

If you are a skateboarder like me and want to buy one, explore these two shoe editions.adidas-busenitz-pro-vs-vulc

The Busenitz Pro and Vulc often get conflicted, so ensure they have all the features you desire.

Let’s jump in.

Overview of Adidas Busenitz Pro and Busenitz Vulc

The Busenitz line of skate shoes is famous for its longevity and style among skateboard riders. While there are similarities, some differences can create one finer option than the other for specific riders.

The Adidas Busenitz Pro skate shoe is a signature design of expert skateboarder Dennis Busenitz and is built for extra comfort and durability.

The shoe is well-loved in the skateboarding community for its sleek design and comfy feel on the board.

It offers cup sole construction, which gives more support and padding for the foot.

Busenitz Pro also contains an Adituff toe cap to enhance durability and a GEOFIT collar that provides a secure and snug fit.

In contrast, the Adidas Busenitz Vulc offers a vulcanized construction, which makes it lighter and more flexible.

This shoe is also a collaboration with skilled skateboarder Dennis Busenitz, introduced in 2006.

The Busenitz Vulc contains a suede upper, an injected rubber toe cap for added support, and a sleeker design for a more slender look.

Attribute Comparison Table: Adidas Busenitz Vulc vs Busenitz Pro

Both the Adidas Busenitz Vulc and the Busenitz Pro are a collaboration between Adidas and professional skateboarder Dennis Busenitz, where each offers its unique set of features.

I will quickly explain these skate shoes’ key characteristics, such as design, style, sole type, etc., to help you make an informed decision.

Here’s a quick attribute comparison table of Adidas Busenitz Vulc vs Busenitz Pro:

AttributesAdidas Busenitz VulcAdidas Busenitz Pro
Upper MaterialSuedeSuede or Leather
Sole ConstructionVulcanizedCupsole
Outsole TractionGrippy vulcanized outsoleVector Traction outsole for grip
Collar DesignGeofit padded collarGeofit collar
Toe CapRubber injected for durabilityAdituff for durability
Heel to Toe Drop5mm10mm
TongueStandard tongue for a traditional lookAdjustable tongue cover
Board FeelExceptional for precise controlExcellent for technical maneuvers
StyleIconic designMore traditional look
PriceAround $75Around $10 higher than Vulc

Now, let’s dive into the detailed comparisons.

Key Difference Between Adidas Busenitz Pro vs. Vulc

While both are great skate shoes, they differ in some factors such as design, soles, comfort, etc. The in-depth comparison will help you choose one model over the other.

Here is the key difference between the Adidas Busenitz Pro vs Busenitz Vulc:

1. Design and Construction

While both the Adidas Busenitz Pro and Adidas Busenitz Vulc share a low-profile silhouette that allows for better board feel and maneuverability, there are dissimilarities in their design and construction.

The Busenitz Pro features an iconic design with a durable suede upper and a reinforced toe cap for added durability.

Their customizable tongue to adjust the fit is what I liked most.

The shoes are available in diverse colors, including black, white, and navy blue. The shoe bears the Adidas signature on the tongue and heel to showcase the brand name.

On the other hand, the Busenitz Vulc boasts a sleeker profile and an Adituff toe reinforcement for enhanced durability.

With a minimalist pattern and a variety of colors, it allows skaters to showcase their individual style. Its deep profile and slim silhouette provide an ideal combination for skateboarding. It gave me a close-to-the-ground feel and excellent board control.

The Busenitz Pro and Busenitz Vulc’s slender design and distinctive features have made them popular among skateboarders worldwide.

However, I liked the Adidas Busenitz Pro compared to the Busenitz Vulc regarding design and construction.adidas-busenitz-pro

2. Upper and Soles

The Adidas Busenitz Pro and Vulc are engineered for high-performance skateboarding with premium materials. So, take a look at the materials used in the Upper, Outsole, Midsole, and Insole.


The upper of the Adidas Busenitz Pro and Vulc is made from a mix of suede, leather, and synthetic materials.

This combination ensures durability and resistance to wear, contributing to the shoes’ longevity.

Busenitz Pro’s extended tongue is adjustable and gives you a proper fit.

The tongue has a slightly elevated stripe design on the upper portion and thick mesh in the lower portion, making it breathable and comfortable. The eyestays are slightly wider.

Busenitz Vulc’s thin tongue looks traditional and shorter than the pro version. It also has a breathable mesh in the lower portion. In this shoe, the eyestays are narrower than in the Pro.adidas-busenitz-pro-vs-vulc-tongue

In addition, Adidas Busenitz Pro and Vulc include a padded Geofit collar, providing exceptional comfort and support.


Adidas Busenitz Pro and Vulc have a durable rubber outsole that delivers excellent skateboard grip and traction.

The flexible and responsible design enables skaters to fine-tune control and balance while performing the skill tricks with skateboards.

Generally, the Cupsole construction in the Busenitz Pro offers optimal impact protection during hard landings.

In my test, they performed well to endure and absorb shocks.

However, they lack flexibility even though they are more durable than vulcanized soles.

The treads are really grippy, and the grooves are really deep. Even though the grooves were worn down quite a bit, I didn’t feel it. The grooves still had a lot of grip.adidas-busenitz-pro-vs-vulc-outsole

In contrast, the Adidas Busenitz Vulc features vulcanized or “Vulc” construction.

They are lightweight, flexible, and take less time to break in. Though they are not at the same level of foot protection as Cupsoles, they provided an excellent board feel in my test.

The hexagonal-shaped threads are also sticky. Overall, both skate shoes are non-slip.


The Adidas Busenitz Pro and Busenitz Vulc feature excellent impact absorption midsoles.

The midsole offers protection and comfort for the feet against hard landings.


The footbed used in Busenitz Pro and Vulc is engineered with molded EVA foam, delivering exceptional padding and support.

It includes a moisture-wicking lining that helps keep the feet cool and dry.

However, the insole is thin. As it is removable, I changed it to a thicker one to make it comfy.

Regarding Upper, both Busenitz Pro and Vulc take the win. Sole wise, they are a tie.

3. Comfort and Fit

Adidas Busenitz Pro and Busenitz Vulc offer a snug fit, but there are a few notable distinctions.

The GEOFIT collar and heel stabilizer in Busenitz Pro ensure a snug fit. I liked the design, as it prevents heel slippage, allowing a finer board feel and control.

On the other hand, the Adidas Busenitz Vulc features a streamlined suede construction with Adituff toe reinforcement, including a configured Adiprene sock liner.

Similar to the Busenitz Pro, it also has a Geofit collar for additional support and comfort.

The outstanding grip and the vulcanized outsole make this shoe a top choice.

In my test, they both fit true to size.

However, one of my friends told me the Busenitz Pro was slightly run small for him compared to the Busenitz Vulc. If you have wide feet, I recommend taking a 0.5 size bigger to ensure the best fit.

Regarding cushioning, the Adidas Busenitz Pro offers more padding in the collar and tongue area.

This extra padding is helpful during intense skateboarding sessions.

In contrast, the thinner tongue and collar in the Busenitz Vulc offer a low-profile and lightweight feel. The cushioning in this model focuses more on responsiveness.

The heel-to-toe drop in the Adidas Busenitz Pro is 10mm, whereas it is only 5mm in the Busenitz Vulc.

The former skate shoe is helpful for those who want a closer connection to their board, whereas the latter provides more impact protection and ease.

Overall, they both are comfortable and snug fits. Busenitz Pro will stay ahead if you prioritize additional heel support, whereas Busenitz Vulc takes the win for flexibility.busenitz-vulc

4. Performance and Durability

The Cupsole construction that added support and durability makes the Busenitz Pro a high-performance skate shoe.

While skating, the Vector Traction outsole provided enough traction and control over the board.

If you like to perform flip tricks, the Adituff toe will ensure the execution. Moreover, the GEOFIT collar prevents the shoe from slipping off.

The PU sock liner also supports the shoe to soak up impact.

In contrast, Busenitz Vulc, with its vulcanized construction, offers a more flexible and lightweight feel, making it ideal for technical skateboarding.

The Geofit collar and configured EVA sockliner contribute padding and support to Busenitz Vulc. It is helpful to minimize fatigue and prevent injuries.

The reinforced toe area also protects against wear and tear.

Regarding durability,  both the Adidas Busenitz Pro and Adidas Busenitz Vulc have proven track records.

These shoes can take a hit and withstand the wear and tear of skateboarding or everyday use.

However, both of mine and my friend’s Busenitz Vulc shoes started to wear down before the Busenitz Pro.

Overall, both shoes are amazing and a tie when it comes to performance. In terms of durability, Busenitz Pro takes the win.busenitz-pro

5. Price and Value

Regarding price, Busenitz Pro and Vulc have a slight difference (around $10).

The Pro model tends to be slightly more expensive due to its additional features and higher-end materials.

For a budget-friendly option, the Vulc is a fantastic choice for a budget-friendly option without sacrificing quality.

The Busenitz Pro is an excellent pick for those who prefer durability and performance.

However, both models offer excellent value for the money you pay. They are both worthy investments for skateboarders.

Pros & Cons of Adidas Busenitz Pro and Adidas Busenitz Vulc

Adidas Busenitz Pro and Vulc skateboards possess strengths and potential drawbacks. You must weigh the advantages and disadvantages before deciding to pick one.

Here are the pros and cons of Adidas Busenitz Pro and Adidas Busenitz Vulc:

Adidas Busenitz Pro

  • »Streamlined aesthetic.
  • »Comfortable cushioned tongue and collar.
  • »Superior grip on the skateboard.
  • »Outstanding durability and protective features.
  • »Secure fit with a secure lace-up closure.
  • »Can take a longer break-in.
  • »Slightly run small sizing issues for some skaters.
  • »The Suede upper can lose its impression if there’s no maintenance.

Adidas Busenitz Vulc

  • »Stylish design.
  • »Flexible for various activities.
  • »Improved durability.
  • »High-quality product.
  • »Slightly cheaper than Busenitz Pro.
  • »Less suitable for long walks.
  • »Vulcanized soles can wear down faster.

Adidas Busenitz Pro or Vulc: Choosing the Perfect Adidas Busenitz

In conclusion, both the Adidas Busenitz Pro and Adidas Busenitz Vulc offer unique features and benefits for skateboarding and everyday wear.

Busenitz Pro stands out for enhanced durability and support, making it ideal for intense skateboarding sessions.

The comfortable fit and grippy sole makes it an outstanding choice for technical skating.

Busenitz Vulc offers lightweight and flexibility. It ensures comfort and responsiveness on and off the road. The vulcanized sole and tight toe box give the shoe an ideal board feel and good traction.

The choice between the two depends on individual preferences and needs.

I love Adidas Busenitz Pro for its durability and performance.

If you are searching for a shoe with more support and padding, opt for Adidas the Busenitz Pro. If flexibility and a lighter feel are your priorities, go for the Busenitz Vulc.


Are Adidas Busenitz Pro and Vulc suitable only for skateboarding?

Both Adidas Busenitz Pro and Adidas Busenitz Vulc are primarily designed for skateboarding. But you can use them as daily wear for a stylish appearance. However, they are not comfortable and suitable for running or tracking.

Which model offers better durability? Adidas Busenitz Vulc or Adidas Busenitz Pro?

Due to its construction, the Adidas Busenitz Pro tends to offer greater longevity than the Busenitz Vulc. However, if you properly take care of the shoes, both models can offer a good level of durability.

Are Adidas Busenitz Vulc and Adidas Busenitz Pro true to size?

Generally, the Adidas Busenitz Vulc and Adidas Busenitz Pro run true to size. However, Busenitz Pro can sometimes run small for some skaters. In this case, it is ideal to take 0.5 size bigger shoes.

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