Why Do White People Wear Shoes In The House? [Know Facts]

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Many people are quick to judge when they see others wearing shoes inside the house.

While it might sound like discrimination, this practice of wearing shoes inside the house is especially common among white people.

Now, you may ask why they do that – why do they wear shoes inside the house?

To answer that question, I have carried out extensive research and conversed with all my white friends and relatives – just so that I can get you the most accurate and authentic answer.

So, without further ado, it’s dive into it!why-do-white-people-wear-shoes-in-the-house

Why Do White People Wear Shoes In The House?

It is a common question that many people have, especially people who strictly restrict wearing shoes inside the house that why some people wear shoes inside their homes.

People often consider it a dirty or unhygienic practice, they assume that the homes of the people wearing shoes inside their houses are not clean – but that is far from the truth.

Now, it is going to be difficult to pinpoint a single reason why it is so normal for them to wear shoes at home.

So, I will break it down and give you a list of all the reasons that have the cumulative result of them being comfortable wearing shoes indoors.

So, what are the reasons? I have broken down all the reasons for you below.

the-reasons-why-white-people-wear shoes-inside-the-house

Here are the reasons why white people wear shoes inside the house:

They Have Cultural Differences

The thing about culture is that it is not something that develops or can be changed overnight. It develops over generations and that is what happened in this case.

White people have been wearing shoes inside their homes for generations, and as a result, it has become a cultural norm for them.

Especially in America, it is very normal and a part of their culture for people to wear shoes both indoors and outdoors.

This practice, as normal as it seems to Americans, may seem offensive and unclean to people from other cultures.

They Have Fast-Paced Lifestyle

Lifestyle is an important factor. Life in busy cities is very different from life in other places.

The fat and hectic pace of life in cities is another factor that leads to people wearing shoes inside their homes.

People’s fast-paced lifestyles lead them to believe that it is unnecessary, time-consuming and tiring for them to take their shoes off and put them back on every time they enter and exit the house.

People, in general, have a strong reluctance to venture outside of their comfort zone and convenience – so, when it comes to taking off their shoes and putting them back on again, people living in fast-paced societies think of it as an inconvenience.

So, white people, like Americans and British people who live a fast-paced life opt for keeping their footwear on, even when indoors.

When you’re in a hurry, you don’t have to worry about putting on your shoes because you already have them right under your feet.

They Live In Cold Climates

In many parts of Europe and America, the weather is very cold – to the point where it is literally freezing. In such cases, people often prefer wearing shoes inside the house.

Yes, of course, they have heating systems inside their homes, but the warmth and comfort of shoes are something people from colder regions prefer.

This is why they wear shoes indoors. They also allow their guests to keep their shoes on even when inside so that they can be warm and comfortable in the house.

They Have Clean Surroundings

The majority of people in both the United States and Europe wear shoes inside their homes due to their regular lifestyle and routines.

If you’ve ever been to Europe, you’ve probably observed that it’s a very clean nation. The same can be said for the United States of America.

Therefore, the residents of such countries are accustomed to seeing roadways that are kept remarkably clean and tidy.

They won’t stand for it if so much as a single grain of dust touches their feet. As a result, they believe it is alright to wear the shoes they wear outdoors in their homes since there is no dust on their shoes.

Most European towns are mostly mud free, so even if they walk around their roads, pavements, or sidewalks, their shoes remain mud and dirt free.

This is why they have no problem wearing outdoor shoes inside their homes as well.

Their Societal Status Plays A Role

Strange as it may sound, societal standard or class does play a role in this regard sometimes.

Usually, people who are from the middle and upper class wear shoes inside their homes. It has become somewhat of a social norm for them.

Hence, whenever they entertain guests, they think it is rude or improper to ask them to take off their footwear, so the guests also keep their shoes on when indoors.

However, people from lower-income families cannot afford this practice and lifestyle as they do not have helping hands such as maids and cleaners in the house to keep it tidy and spotless.

They Have Pets In The House

White people usually have pets, if not many they have at least one. And they love their pets with all their hearts, their pets live with them inside the house.

So, when there is a chance that there may be pet poop or pee lying around the house, most people think it is just best to keep your shoes on and let your guests keep their shoes on as well.

Now, of course, people get their pets trained so having animal feces lying around the house is not a regular thing, but even if rare, it is a possibility – hence, the shoes stay on.

To Feel Comfortable On Hard Floors

Homes nowadays are not really filled with fluffy and plush carpets, instead, it is more common to see floors made of wood, tiles, or concrete – and let’s face it, these hard floors are not very gentle on the feet.

Moreover, waking barefoot on cold and hard floors can cause foot and ankle pain, being as severe as causing damage to the nerves and tissues of your feet.

So, to put up with the hard floors, people opt for keeping their shoes on even when they are at home.

Their Method Of Cleaning Their Homes Is Efficient

The majority of white American and British homeowners say that vacuuming is their preferred method of house cleaning.

In most homes, the carpets and hardwood floors are cleaned many times each week, and carpets are vacuumed once per week.

As a consequence of this, white people will feel at ease wearing their shoes inside the house since they are confident that the cleanliness of their homes would be preserved.

Since their methods of cleaning their homes are considered efficient by the residents of the house themselves, they do not bother taking their shoes on and off, and keep them on instead, since they know that their home is going to be spotlessly clean anyways.

Many People Have Personal Reasons

Many people have their own unique and personal reasons why they wear and allow wearing shoes indoors.

Many people have foot conditions where staying barefoot can cause aches in their feet and different parts of their bodies, which is why they prefer keeping their shoes on even when inside the house.

Some white people follow the tradition of letting their guests wear shoes inside the house so as not to upset their visitors.

This could be because in case the guests have a habit of wearing shoes indoors, the hosts do not want to offend them by asking them to take off their shoes.

Therefore, in order to make visitors feel at home, they are allowed to wear shoes inside the house.

Another common reason is that some people find it repulsive when their feet smell.

Some individuals feel that taking their shoes off while they are inside the house, particularly while they are guests, is rude and should be avoided at all costs to prevent the spread of foot odor.

Thus, everyone present in the house will find this to be a more pleasant environment as no one has to put up with the bad foot odor.

Like these reasons, many people have many other reasons why they prefer keeping their shoes on.


White people wear shoes in their houses because it is convenient for them, especially since they live in clean environments and their cleaning methods are immaculate.

Many people may think wearing shoes indoors is not good, but if you have the proper reasons and resources to keep your house clean despite wearing shoes in the house then you should go for it as white people do.

While many white people keep their shoes on inside the house, many people don’t.

Do you want to know why people of many cultures are adamant about not wearing shoes indoors? Let me know in the comments, I’ll write about that next time.

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