What Happened To Macbeth Shoes? Know The Truth [In 2024]

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Macbeth is renowned for its vegan footwear and apparel.

When you want to purchase something vegan, you can choose Macbeth Blindly. They offer you such a comfortable feature at an affordable price. The brand wants to introduce a positive lifestyle with vegan products.

Macbeth tries to manufacture 70-80% of appropriately vegan Shoes and Attire. They develop their product by modern choice and create a fanbase.


I love to wear them with every casual outfit, but after their sudden change, my heart was broken.

If you have used their shoes before, you will be shocked when you know the truth. After 9 hours long research now, I’m here to reveal the actual reason to you.

Read till the end to know the actual facts about Macbeth.

What Happened to Macbeth Footwear?

In comparison to other manufacturers, Macbeth shoes are fairly priced and offer a distinctive look.

Everyone wants a pair of these stunning shoes, known as MACBETH, which are beloved by both native and foreign individuals worldwide. In the past, Macbeth Shoes was a pioneer in the footwear market.

Aiming to satisfy the desire for stylish shoes that reflect Southern California’s active lifestyle and rock music culture.

Macbeth intended to offer skaters a clean shoe that was cutting-edge and an excellent shoe with few features so they could feel their foot on the board while making motions.

The business hasn’t come up with any focus more on development in recent years that have grabbed viewers.

The rise in popularity of online shopping has also harmed Macbeth’s shoes.   Straight retailers like Macbeth Shoes have suffered the most from this trend as a result of the drop in visitor numbers.

Macbeth has found it hard to compete on price with its competitors because of the increasing cost of leather and other materials used to produce shoes.

The rock band requires items that can be used in daily life as well as during performances on stage and fit their lifestyle.

Whenever they attended the trip and training in the studio, they both wanted to look beautiful, feel comfortable, and be steady for occasions.

Skate shoes are so large and hefty that sponsors felt they could no longer work with them once they hit their peak.

The collapse of Macbeth’s shoes has been influenced by each of these causes. For several years, the business was prosperous, but early in 2006, it began to have financial issues, and The brand declared bankruptcy in 2008.

History of Macbeth Shoes

Tom DeLonge founded Macbeth Footwear in 2002. Delonge and his crew extended the business from being primarily a footwear company to offering a wide variety of items.

Later, this growth would result in relationships with artists, sportsmen, and celebrities. The ultimate skate shoe idea informed the sneaker business’s beginnings.

The Studio Project series aims to give those who are the inspiration for the Macbeth way of life a new form of expression. The Macbeth Studio Project range was developed in coordination with certified Macbeth creators.

Tom put together a group of brilliant designers to create goods centered on Southern California’s music, fashion, and culture.


To create goods that effectively represent each artist’s distinctive appearance, character, and statement, Macbeth works closely with them.

They make use of synthetic materials like rough skin and vegan nubuck leather. To provide the most comfort and support, the outer soles of Macbeth shoes are composed of heated, premium natural rubber printed.

The Eliot, Macbeth’s first pair of shoes, suited a vegetarian lifestyle.

Macbeth continuously strives to decrease its environmental effect through its vegan footwear line and reused canvas shoes.

The “V” shape at the top of the Vegan Flag, a newly updated logo, represents the organization’s commitment to the usage of animal products.

Macbeth offers the most recent versions of its premium items. Making money is not the company’s primary goal, but it ensures client satisfaction.

Does Macbeth Footwear Still Exist?

Macbeth’s footwear and apparel were every style skater’s go-to in their early years, despite the fact that the company is still in business and focuses on producing goods without using animal skin.

The first product from Macbeth Shoes is a collaboration between more than 30 bands that are on stage.

In 2010 after the rival company adopted the online transaction, The brand immediately sold shoes online, but later it set up retail shops all throughout the country.

Since then, the corporation has gone through a number of transactions and sales, but it has never recovered its former status.

Since 2014, the Saban Brand has owned the brand in southern California. But at that time, the brand became silent, they didn’t face their customer directly. Neither did they launch their new product.

The website of Macbeth now displays “coming soon.” You can find online retail stores like Amazon and eBay to find your favorite Macbeth sneakers.

Can You Still Buy Macbeth Shoes?

The last version of Macbeth is a superior product that is intended to appeal to travelers and visitors from all walks of life. Is it when you’re out and about, riding a motorcycle, practicing in the studio, or just taking it all in?

They still produce a few pairs of shoes each year, and if you search long enough, you can find them for sale. You could be fortunate to get the limited-edition sneakers before they sold out.

For recent updates on new stock releases, visit the Vegan shoe website. The Macbeth goods that are introduced to the market are fairly limited and sold out quickly.

If you want, you can also check eBay or Amazon, sometimes, they stock a few pairs of Macbeth.

In my opinion, I love sneakers, they come at a more affordable price than other footwear. These sneakers have been mine for a few years, and I truly like them. The sizing feels true to what was promised and is accurate.

I’m shocked by their sudden fall, but there is nothing to do. And if you also love them, buy them where you can find them.

You have to keep checking their website for their must-wear sneakers. I can’t assure you that I’m giving you any hope cause they last tweeted in 2017.

On 5th October 2017, They Tweeted, “Look like the innocent flower, But be the serpent under it #LadyMacbeth” they attached some of their unisex black sneakers, but after that, they never revealed the item on social media.

Are Macbeth Shoes Vegan?

Macbeth is a brand of clothing, footwear, and accessories. It is mainly vegan and organic items. Premium vegan materials are always more resistant than anything else used to make shoes.

Tom DeLonge, a former member of Blink 182, is the main owner.

This rising company collaborates with rural producers and uses ethical, animal-free materials to present modern fashion.


Without Skin, a UK-based business established in 2001, encourages people to see vegan fashion as a sustainable industry from the start.

The company uses glue and materials free of animal products to create 70% vegan shoes. The shoes’ uppers are constructed of shaved cork, natural materials, and granules.

Depending on the environment, they provide unisex cozy and easygoing shoes.

However, They produce high-quality goods but always a limited range of customization products for their actual loved ones.

Know Before You Leave

After all the controversy and comments, I support them and appreciate their initiative.

Actually, I love vegan products, and according to their appearance, they are the best in their field. I hope they regain all their courage and manufacture the products.

I hope this information helps you clear all your confusion and queries.

If you want to cover any other topic, then let me know in the comment section. Till then, take care.

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