Puma Future 7 Ultimate Vs Ultra Ultimate: 7 Differences

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I started my semi-professional football career as a full-back, then played as a winger, attacking midfielder, and now as a striker.

We practice on firm ground and are lucky enough to play the match days on artificial ground.

Therefore, I need to use versatile FG/ AG cleats for my training and match, and the Puma boots are my only hope.puma-future-vs-ultra

Today, I’ll share my experience with the Future and Ultra series and identify their differences to help you pick the perfect pair.

So, let’s dive in.

Overview of Puma Ultra and Future Series

The Ultra and Future are professional soccer cleats series made by Puma. Superstars like Neymar Jr, Christian Pulisic, Kyle Walker, and Marco Reus wear the models at a world-class level.

They are incredibly versatile boots designed for playing on both firm ground (FG) and artificial ground (AG).

Puma Ultra

The Puma Ultra series was first released in 2020, replacing the famous Puma One series.

The Ultra line soccer cleats are designed for players who value speed and acceleration. They are extremely lightweight, and the shoe’s aerodynamics help run with minimum hindrance.

It covers three versions of the Ultra series: Puma Ultra Ultimate, Ultra Pro, and Ultra Match.

The Ultimate FG/AG is the latest and finest among the entire Ultra series.

Puma Future

The Future series came to the market in 2017. It’s been in the market for quite a long time and is extremely popular for its versatility.

It is designed for players who like to be creative and unpredictable on the field. The touch and control are fantastic, giving exceptional performance on the ground.overview-of-puma-future

The Future has three variants: Puma Future Ultimate, Future Pro, and Future Match.

Puma has introduced their latest boots, Future 7 Ultimate FG/AG, on the 7th anniversary of the model.

The smallest feature in the soccer cleats can make a difference between win and loss. Therefore, knowing about them is essential before buying the shoe to ensure the best performance.

Attribute Comparison of Puma Future 7 Ultimate and Ultra Ultimate

The Puma Future 7 Ultimate and Ultra Ultimate were released in January 2024 under the Phenomenal Pack.

It features the most advanced technology and materials to provide the best result in the football game.

Let’s take a look at the attributes of Puma Future 7 Ultimate and Ultra Ultimate.

AttributePuma Future 7 UltimatePuma Ultra Ultimate
Release Year20242023
FocusAgility, control, precisionSpeed, acceleration
TerrainFirm Ground (FG), Artificial Ground (AG)Firm Ground (FG), Artificial Ground (AG)
OutsoleDynamic Motion System outsoleDual-density Speedplate outsole
TouchTextured for enhanced ball controlSmooth for superior speed and dribbling
FitTrue to sizeTrue to size
WeightSlightly heavyweightLightweight
Best ForPlaymakers, creative attackers, midfielders who need close controlWingers, attackers, players who prioritize speed and explosiveness

Feature Comparison between Puma Future 7 Ultimate and Puma Ultra Ultimate

Buying football boots or soccer cleats is a big deal. There are numerous brands and models in the market, that it’s very easy to get perplexed.

Neither of them is perfect for the field you are playing, nor will they suit your playstyle.

Regarding versatility, Puma undoubtedly comes at the top with its multi-ground technology. It’s like purchasing 2-in-1 boots.

The Puma Future 7 Ultimate and Ultra Ultimate are their latest and finest boots for playing soccer with impressive performance.

But which should you pick then?

Let’s dive in and compare their elements to find the perfect soccer cleats for your feet and playstyle.

Here are the feature comparison of Puma Future 7 Ultimate and Puma Ultra Ultimate:

1. Upper Material

The previous Puma Future model was very popular in the market. In fact, it was the best-selling soccer cleats of last year.

So, they have kept the same DNA in the new Future 7 Ultimate to give a similar feeling and performance.

The FUZIONFIT360 engineered dual mesh upper is very soft and stretchy.

Instead of using the wavy stripe power tapes on the side like the previous model, Puma has moved it on top of the shoe and given a Y wishbone shape.

The dual-layer PWRTAPE gives stability and the lockdown you need to push the midfoot with the soleplate.

The Future 7 Ultimate has a silicone micro-texturing on the upper called PWRPRINT to improve ball control.upper-material-of-puma-future

It has a stretchy knit around the shoe opening to give a snug and comfortable fitting.

On the other hand, the upper construction is totally different in the Puma Ultra Ultimate.

It uses the re-engineered ULTRAWEAVE upper for maximum speed and minimum weight. The upper is very thin and soft but gives a plastic feel to the TPU coating.

The Ultra Ultimate uses the PWRTAPE underneath that follows the tendons of your feet to provide good lockdown and maximum stability.

It has a smooth upper finish with almost no texturing like the Future 7 Ultimate to give responsiveness for dribbling and speed.

The knit around the heel collar is very stretchy, but the snug fit feels much tighter than most football boots.

2. Design & Aesthetics

The Future 7 Ultimate has a minimalistic design and color coating. The original color version is called PUMA White-PUMA Black-Poison Pink.

The entire upper is primarily white and has a pinkish touch at the side.

A Puma logo is present at the lateral side of the heel, and the FTR or Future branding is at the medial side of the cleats.

In contrast, the Ultra Ultimate has a bold design. The color is very vibrant and catches attention pretty easily on the field.

It comes in three primary colors—pink, blue, and yellow.

The Puma logo and Ultra branding are black and moved at the back of the heel.design-and-aesthetics-of-ultra-ultimate

3. Sole Technology

The sole technology is crucial for soccer cleats or football boots. They determine the speed capabilities and necessary traction on the ground.


Both models have removable insoles and use NanoGrip technology. It provides good traction and prevents the feet from slipping.


The Puma Future 7 Ultimate uses the Dynamic Motion System outsole like its predecessor, Future Ultimate.

It provides a rock-solid midfoot and an overall responsive feel to the entire outsole.

Future 7 Ultimate has an advanced stud configuration underneath and is designed for the perfect balance of agility and support.

A directional outsole pattern helps with the unpredictable move by keeping excellent traction to the field.outsole-of-puma-future-7-ultimate-and-ultra-ultimate

The hybrid studs are made of hard plastic, making them suitable for firm ground (FG) and artificial ground (AG).

The same goes for the Ultra Ultimate. It’s incredibly versatile for both FG and AG surfaces.

It uses a lightweight dual-density SPEEDPLATE outsole for maximum speed and propulsion.

The outsole configuration is similar to the Future 7 Ultimate and has 11 studs. But the corners are sharper to give better responsiveness during acceleration.

Unlike the metal spikes on soft ground (SG) boots, the Future 7 Ultimate and Ultra Ultimate only use plastic for the stud.

Therefore, it’s relatively safer and has a lesser chance of injury due to the studs.

4. Fit & Comfort

Both the Puma Future 7 Ultimate and Ultra Ultimate fit true to size. So, perfect snug fitting should not be an issue with any of these models.

The soft upper in Future 7 Ultimate hugs very well and takes the shape of my feet.

The boot offers a low, pointy toe box and is designed to accommodate various foot shapes, being slightly on the wider side.

It has micro-perforated heel padding around the collar to give a small cushioning for ankle support.

The most remarkable change in the comfort section is the Y-shaped PWRTAPE. It reduces heavy stretching and avoids unintentional injury or shoe breakdown.

It’s definitely an upgrade from the previous version and feels much more comfortable to run.

On the other hand, the story of Puma Ultra Ultimate is a bit different.fit-and-comfort-of-ultra-ultimate

The shoe opening is smaller than its predecessor. The tight knit collar makes sliding my feet into the boots even harder.

The toe box and midfoot are slightly narrower in the Ultra Ultimate. However, if you don’t have a very wide forefoot, it shouldn’t bother much.

Puma Ultra Ultimate has a very soft upper and provides a snug fit.

However, the cushioning is negligible in this model, giving a lightweight and more responsive performance.

Initially, the plasticky TPU coating feels tight. But as the feet warm up, the heat makes the shoe more soft and comfortable.

The PWRTAPE gives more structure to the boot and feels impressively good to run with.

But, compared to the previous generation, it requires more time to break in and be ready for a game.

5. Touch & Control

The touch of the ball and controlling it afterwards are vital in football. The fine-tuned upper plays the most crucial role in this department.

The Future 7 Ultimate has a micro-texturing on the upper that Puma calls PWRPRINT. It provides an amplified feeling and rough, gritty sensation on the ball.

When the ball comes in contact, it helps with a responsive and balanced touch.

The 3D texture on the upper is categorized into different zones to provide an optimal first touch and control.touch-and-control-of-puma-future-7-ultimate

It helps a lot to give crazy short or long passes and keep the ball under control during playmaking.

The Puma Ultra Ultimate is entirely different in this case.

It has a smooth upper that helps with a one-to-one feel with the ball. You can do everything with these cleats but with more responsiveness.

The boot offers a precise and elaborate touch that helps dribble and move your ball forward during acceleration or quick run.

6. Traction & Stability

The Dynamic Motion System in the Future 7 Ultimate helps to provide balanced traction and stability on the field.

Puma uses hybrid studs that are efficiently suitable for both firm and artificial ground.

The PWRTAPE has brought a revolution in midfoot stability. It holds down the feet with the soleplate and doesn’t let it slide unnecessarily.

The impressive lockdown provides excellent confidence in passing or controlling the ball.

On the other hand, Puma uses a dual-density SPEEDPLATE outsole in the Ultra Ultimate for improved traction and stability during acceleration.

Also, the insole has NanoGrip technology that helps keep the feet in place and doesn’t let them slide while running.

It uses PWRTAPE on the side to provide stability in a quick change of pace and direction.

The outsole studs are sharper and directional than the Future series to help with fast running.traction-and-stability-of-ultra-ultimate

7. Price Comparison

The price ranges of Puma Future 7 Ultimate and Ultra Ultimate are very similar.

Puma Future 7 Ultimate
  • »Around $240
Puma Ultra Ultimate
  • »Around $220

There’s around a $20 difference between the two football cleats.

Both models provide impressive performance, and the price range is on point.

Pros & Cons: Puma Future 7 Ultimate Vs. Puma Ultra Ultimate

The Future 7 Ultimate and Ultra Ultimate are two top-selling soccer cleats by Puma. However, these models have some advantages and disadvantages that can affect decision-making.

Puma Future 7 Ultimate

  • »Usable in both firm ground (FG) and artificial ground (AG).
  • »PWRTAPE on the upper gives better midfoot stability.
  • »Slightly wider forefoot.
  • »Minimal cushioning around the heel collar.
  • »Suitable for agility, control, and precision.
  • »Fully laceless wear is possible.
  • »Comes with a single-color variant.

Puma Ultra Ultimate

  • »Extremely lightweight soccer cleats.
  • »Very responsive for speed and acceleration.
  • »Suitable for both firm and artificial surfaces.
  • »The insole has NanoGrip technology for better support.
  • »Offers three color variants.
  • »The break-in period is longer than average football boots.

Puma Future 7 Ultimate Vs. Ultra Ultimate: Which Should You Choose?

There’s no doubt about the performance of Puma Future 7 Ultimate and Ultra Ultimate. Both are excellent and include all the latest technology.

The Future and Ultra series comes as the first choice when playing on both AG and FG.

If you want soccer cleats for average speed, agility, control, and precision, the Puma Future 7 Ultimate is the best choice.

This model is better for playmakers, creative attackers, and midfielders.

However, the Puma Ultra Ultimate is your best bet if you are looking for responsiveness, speed, and exceptional dribbling capabilities.

It’s highly suitable for wingers, attackers, and full-backs who rely on speed and quick movement.

Frequently Asked Questions

What pros wear Puma Ultra Ultimate?

Antoine Griezmann, Cody Gakpo, Kyle Walker, Harry Maguire, Marco Reus, Christian Pulisic, and many other professional football players use Puma Ultra Ultimate.

Is Puma Ultra for narrow feet?

Yes, the Puma Ultra is slightly narrower than other cleats, for example, the Future 7 Ultimate. But it should fit perfectly for most average feet.

Can you use Puma Future 7 Ultimate on artificial ground?

Yes, Puma Future 7 Ultimate is usable in both firm and artificial ground. It has hybrid studs at the bottom, providing necessary support and stability on the FG and AG field.

Which boots does Neymar Jr use?

The Brazilian superstar Neymar Jr uses the latest Puma Future 7 Ultimate boots. Previously, he was using its predecessor, Puma Ultra Ultimate.

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