Nobull vs Brooks [Clash of Shoes in the Fitness World]

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Nobull and Brooks are well-known names in the athletic world. Both brands have proved their ability and earned their place in the fitness footwear community.

They offer high-quality shoes that are designed for pure performance and maximum comfort. But the shoes cater to different demands and preferences.nobull-vs-brooks

Here, I’ll spot the dissimilarities between Brooks & Nobull and present the most suitable pair of shoes for your needs.

So, let’s begin.

A Short Overview of Nobull and Brooks

Nobull and Brooks are popular shoes specially made for indoor-outdoor exercise and running. Both brands offer diverse models that are designed for attaining specific purposes.


Nobull was released in 2015 by former Reebok executives Marcus Wilson and Michael Schaeffer. They make world-class trainer shoes for running and indoor exercise like gym and CrossFit.nobull-shoe

It focuses on creating versatile shoes that can be used for various purposes. The vision is clearly reflected in their shoe lineup.

Nobull is the official footwear sponsor of CrossFit® and is perfect for any kind of workout. They are acknowledged for their performance and are beloved by fitness lovers.


The company was founded in 1914. And after a century, it is still standing tall.

Brooks’s motto is Run Happy. They are keeping the commitment and since then have won many awards and made it a trusted place to its customers.brooks-shoe

Brooks are amazing running shoes and offer versatility. The support and technology make it one of the best for outdoor adventures like long-distance running and trailing.

Nobull and Brooks are fighting bone-to-bones in the current market.

But the question remains: Can Nobull overtake Brooks’s long success in this short time? Or will it just be overshadowed by Brooks’ fame?

How Nobull and Brooks perform is greatly dependent on various specifications. Let’s compare them and find the most suitable pair of shoes for your use.

Head-to-Head Comparison Between Nobull & Brooks

Nobull and Brooks are designed for a distinct purpose, and they somehow differ from each other, even though they are part of the same shoe category. They have dissimilarities in design, materials, fitting, comfort, stability, durability, etc.

Here are the major differences between Nobull & Brooks:

1. Product Offering

Nobull and Brooks have multiple shoe categories that are designed for specific purposes.

Both brands have shoes for training and running purposes. However, some categories are unique and different from others.

Nobull has training, running, golf, lifters, and sliders. Brooks provides training, running, support, trail, and hiking shoes.

Among these categories, some of the models share similarities and provide multi-functionalities.

Let’s check the model category Nobull and Brooks are offering from below.


Nobull is widely popular for gymnasts and CrossFit workouts for its amazing cushioning and energy return capabilities.

Here are the popular category of Nobull and their use case:

CategoryUse Case
Training ShoesSuitable for CrossFit and weightlifting.
Running ShoesFor casual running and walking.
GolfOffers good traction on grass.
LiftersProvide additional support during heavy weightlifting.
SlidesFoam material offers good comfort during lightweight training.

The Brooks trainer shoes are popular for their durability and stability. The GTS technology model offers excellent energy return and support for outdoor and intensive running.

Here are the popular category of Brooks and their use cases:

CategoryUse Case
RoadPerfect for running on a flat road.
WalkingSuitable for regular walking.
Treadmill & GymAppropriate for indoor workouts.
SupportShoes prescribed by orthopedics.
TrailTrail running shoes that offer great traction.
HikingSuitable for hiking and long-distance running.
SpeedPerfect for explosive sprinting.
Track & SpikesSuitable track spikes for sprinting, middle distance, and cross-country.

2. Design & Aesthetics

Nobull is an excellent choice for those who prefer minimalistic design. Both the training and running shoes have a simplified color pattern.

Unfortunately, the color choice is limited in Nobull shoes. They have black, brown, gray, blue, green, and multi-tone colors for the trainer and runner shoes.

The color shade doesn’t catch your eye very much. The brand logos are written on the back side and blend easily with the pattern.

On the other hand, Brooks offers various colors for their models. They have black, white, blue, gray, green, red, yellow, orange, brown, and pink for all types of shoes.

Aesthetically, they look pretty gorgeous and give a lot of options to match your personality.

The shoosh or brand logo is clearly visible in the quarter area. The patterns and contrasts are made in such a way that catches your attention from a distance.

3. Upper Material

Nobull uses SuperFabric, Iridescent Engineered Mesh, Ripstop, and knits for the upper material. They provide excellent breathability, abrasion resistance, and good durability.

I’ve been using the Men’s Trainer+ for the last one year. The build quality is very solid. The SuperFabric upper feels very good and comforts my toe during gym.

Brooks is trying to create a net-zero carbon emissions future. They use Polyester yarn from recycled materials to make durable running and walking shoes. 67% of the shoes are made using this procedure.

I am using the Brooks Adrenaline GTS 22 for running in the countryside. It has stiff upper material and is equipped with the GuideRails support system.

No matter where I step, the firm vamp and quarter area don’t bend and keep my foot in place.

The other 33% of Brooks models use different types of engineered mesh to create the upper of shoes. These are mostly mid-tier shoes but provide good support while running.

4. Insole, Midsole & Outsole

Sole is divided into three parts—insole, midsole, and outsole. Both Nobull and Brooks use different technology in each segment to meet specific requirements.


Brooks and Nobull both offer removable insoles for customization and hygiene.insole-of-nobull-and-brooks

As a runner, I regularly run a few miles, and my feet sweat a lot. Therefore, the removable insole allows me to easily clean and keep it dry after a heavy and sweaty workout or running.

Nobull insoles are typically flat and minimalistic. On the other hand, Brooks has additional arch support and cushioning.


Nobull shoes use Phylon in the Runner series. In my usage, I’ve found it very firm and durable. But, it’s not very soft and cushioned to provide the best comfort.

The Pelletized Pebax is an advanced technology used in Nobull Runner Plus. It feels very lightweight compared to Runner and provides better energy return.

Some models, for example, Nobull Gum Trainer, use the Phylon EVA midsole to provide good support in workouts.

On the other hand, Brooks uses DNA Amp, BioMoGo DNA, and EVA technology in their midsole.

DNA Amp is highly responsive and very suitable for sprinting. It provides a good energy return that helps to run very smoothly.

BioMoGo DNA is used for longer runs, for example—marathons. The cushioned midsole provides shock absorption in the long-running session which protects from foot pain.

The EVA midsole technology is widely popular for budget-friendly models and quite good for regular usage.


Most Nobull shoes use Carbon Rubber as the outsole. However, some lightweight running shoes use Blown Rubber to reduce weight.

The Nobull outsole patterns are similar in each category. For instance, Trainer+ models use the herringbone tread pattern, while Trainer uses a lug pattern.

These lugs bite the flat surface very well and give good traction support in an indoor facility.

Similarly to the Nobull, the lightweight Brooks uses Blown Rubber to lose weight in their performance shoes.

Brooks uses the HPR Plus outsole to give durability and traction to their shoes. For that reason, it feels so comfortable, and I find a good grip while trekking.

The walking and running shoes use different lug patterns in the outsole to find better grip in different areas.

The trail and hiking shoes have longer lugs, and the pattern is directional to help grab the surface in all conditions.

5. Size & Weight

Size is a crucial factor to ensure comfort and support in running and trainer shoes. Nobull shoes are slightly narrower compared to Brooks.

Brooks shoes offer regular width and are nicely fit for people with normal or regular feet. As a wide feet person, I feel very comfortable while running with it.

In short, if you have a wide feet or foot problem, Brooks is a wiser choice. Otherwise, you can go with Nobull any day.

Most trainers from Nobull and runners from Brooks are true-to-size. However, if you are buying from the online store, I suggest purchasing half or one size larger than your regular feet size.

Now, let’s talk about the weight. As both brands have various models and they vary in dimension, it’s tough to give a specific answer.

Therefore, I chose two popular running shoes—Nobull Glitch Runner+ and Brooks Adrenaline GTS 22—to compare their weights.

Shoe ModelWeight
Nobull Glitch Runner+Men's 9: 9.5 oz

Women's 10.5: 9.5 oz
Brooks Adrenaline GTS 22Men's 9: 10.2 oz

Women's 10.5: 10.2 oz

I’ve tested several other models and saw their specifications in the official store. For all the similar types of shoes, Nobull has slightly less weight compared with Brooks.

6. Fit & Comfort

In daily workouts or running, fit and perfect comfort are very important. A happy foot is necessary to complete the exercise smoothly.

Nobull makes trainers and running shoes, and I have used both of them.

Usually, the trainers are used for indoor exercise, such as gym, weightlifting, and CrossFit. The toe-box in Nobull shoes is slightly wider. As a result, it feels very comfortable for short workout sessions.

When I lift weights, my feet take a massive pressure and spread a little. The wider toe-box helps me to accommodate my foot without any trouble.

However, the Nobull running shoes have some mixed reactions. It’s super friendly and gives good comfort while running on a flat surface or road.

But it’s not ideal for crooked roads or on hills. The upper material is very stretchy and easily bends at the side. Furthermore, the ankle doesn’t have good support.

Therefore, there is a very good chance of twisting the ankle or facing an injury.

On the other hand, Brooks shoes are designed for walking and running. The cushiony material gives good support and comfort while covering a long distance.

I ran a 50-mile marathon wearing Brooks running shoes and never felt any foot pain the whole time. Moreover, the excellent energy return helps to run very smoothly.

The toe-puff covers a good area that gives good traction while running or sprinting.

I’ve tried the trainer shoes in indoor workouts just like they claimed, but unfortunately, it doesn’t feel good compared to Nobull.

7. Stability & Support

Ensuring the best stability and support is necessary during workouts and running. It keeps your legs straight and reduces the chance of twisting or injury.

Nobull shoes are perfect for weightlifting and CrossFit exercise. The wider toe-box helps to relax your feet, and the cushioning provides good support in agility movements.

Unfortunately, Nobull doesn’t have good arch and ankle support. Therefore, it’s not the best choice for running a long distance.

On the other hand, Brooks shoes are comparatively firm in the upper material. As a result, it doesn’t feel very comfortable during a workout or excessive bending.

But the ankle and arch support is amazing in the Brooks shoes. It’s perfect for running and sprinting at full speed. The strong build protects you from twists and reduces injury occurrence.

Brooks trail and hiking shoes have longer lugs and treads for better grip. It provides good support and stability and is ideal for running or walking on a hilly surface or road.

8. Durability & Performance

Nobull and Brooks don’t show any lack when it comes to durability. Both are very good in their own uses.

Nobull is perfect for indoor usage. The rubber outsole gives the best traction on a flat surface. It can stand out easily in daily excessive training.

I’ve been using my Nobull in the gym for the last one year, and it’s still serving me very well.

The Brooks shoe may not perform the best in indoor situations, but it’s very durable for outdoor running and trekking. The engineered lugs and treads are suitable for use in any kind of weather.

I’ve run over 300 miles wearing my Brooks Adrenaline GTS 22, and the insole and outsole condition are still superb.

9. Price and Value

The price range varies a lot from model to model in Nobull and Brooks. It mainly depends on the category and the technology they are offering.

Also, the pricing varies as the official store occasionally provides discounts on different models.

Here is the price range of Nobull and Brooks shoes:

Nobull Sliders$59 - $69
Nobull Shoes$110 - $199
Brooks Shoes$99 - $170
There are multiple shoes in each category and serve individual purposes.

For training and workouts, the Nobull shoes are very good and worth the price. But it’s not the best choice for outdoor running.

Brooks provides good value-for-money performance in the outdoor world and trekking. However, it’s not the best fit for indoor exercise.

Pros & Cons of Nobull and Brooks

Nobull and Brooks both have advantages and disadvantages in daily usage. Let’s take a glance at their pros and cons to understand their usage better.


  • »Excellent for indoor exercise and CrossFit.
  • »Perfect for weightlifting.
  • »Suitable for casual usage.
  • »Simple and minimalistic design.
  • »Very affordable according to performance.
  • »Wider toe-box.
  • »Not suitable for outdoor running and trekking.
  • »Doesn’t have good arch and ankle support.


  • »Perfect for running, walking, trekking, and hiking.
  • »Have arch and ankle support.
  • »Firm and strong for crooked roads.
  • »Have shoes recommended by doctors.
  • »Not suitable for indoor workout and weightlifting.
  • »Only good for runners.

Nobull vs Brooks: Which Should You Choose?

The choosing decision comes with your personal needs and preferences. Primarily, Nobull and Brooks have different market strategies.

They offer multiple shoe categories, but none of these brands come top in each.

Nobull is suitable for indoor exercise—for example, gym, CrossFits, weightlifting, etc.

On the other hand, Brooks is good for outdoor running and walking. The trail and hiking shoes are better for hills and mountain roads, without any doubt.

So, if you want to use the shoes for indoor fitness, go with the Nobull shoes. And, if you like to run or walk outside, Brooks is your best choice.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is special about NoBull?

Nobull trainers are popular and beloved by flat feet users, gymnasts, and weightlifters. It’s widely popular in indoor exercise for its amazing performance and support.

Why do podiatrists recommend Brooks shoes?

Brooks offers Support category shoes that are prescribed by orthopedics and podiatrists. So, Brooks is an excellent choice for your feet if you have a foot problem, like bunions or blisters.

Are Nobull sneakers good for walking?

Nobull shoe sneakers are suitable for walking short distances on a flat surface. It will give good cushioning and support to your feet. But, it’s not recommended for walking a long distance as there’s no sufficient arch and ankle support.

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