NOBULL Trainer Vs Trainer+ [Hunting for the Best Pair]

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From heavy to light weightlifting, plyometric movements, and CrossFit workouts, NoBull Trainer and Trainer Plus have been my ultimate fitness companions, and they didn’t let me down for a single moment.

However, the plus model comes with additional benefits, as the name implies.

The Plus model excels in different aspects, including a better midsole and outsole for enhanced comfort and stability.

While both models share some indistinguishable features, the ultimate choice depends on better fittings and conveniences.nobull-trainer-vs-trainer-plus

Let’s dive into the fascinating worlds of NoBull CrossFit shoes to identify the best pair for you.

Overview of NoBull Trainer and Trainer Plus

Nobull (founded in 2015) is a renowned shoe manufacturer best known for aggressive simplicity. Their primary goal is to produce footwear and clothing for the CrossFit community.

NoBull trainers (Trainer and Trainer Plus) cross-training shoes are designed for excellent stability and durability.

Nobull Trainer is a durable and versatile shoe perfect for various workouts. It has a solid and stable base that is great for squats and deadlifts, and the SuperFabric upper construction is highly durable and can handle abrasion resistance.

Nobull Trainer Plus has a better cushioned midsole, arch supports, and contour for more comfort. It also has a redesigned lug pattern on the outsole for excellent traction.

Keeping all these major and minor changes in mind, move down to the next section to better understand the technical changes of these models.

Technical Specifications of NoBull Trainer & Trainer+

Let’s compare the features and specifications of these Nobull training shoes for a better understanding of the similarities and dissimilarities.

ParametersNobull TrainerNobull Trainer Plus
MidsoleThin and high-density midsoleMedium-density EVA foam midsole
OutsoleRubber outsoleFull rubber outsole
Stack HeightLow stack heightComparatively higher stack height
Weight11 oz (for Men's 9)13.13 oz (for Men's 9)
ComfortCozySuper comfy
Heel to Toe drop4 mm4 mm
TongueMore padded and comfortable tongueModerately less padding
LongevityExtremely durableExtremely durable
SizingTrue To SizeTrue To Size
WidthRegularSlightly wider
Price Range129-159$139-169$
Better SuitsCross-training and day-to-day wearCross-training and heavy lifting

Ultimate Feature Comparison of NoBull Trainer & Trainer Plus

The Trainer Plus is the renewed version of the predecessor NoBull Trainer. Nobull listened to the users and updated the Trainer model with a better midsole, outsole, herringbone pattern lugs, and a new covered lacing system.

However, the upper materials, heal-to-toe drop, and comfort remain the same.

The new version also includes a less padded tongue, is heavier, and is a little bit wider, which assists in better foot placement. All these major and minor changes are hard to understand by staring at the comparison chart.

So, let’s dive into the detailed feature comparison of Nobull Trainer and Trainer Plus.

1. Design & Aesthetics

If you’re into fitness and fashion, the NoBull Trainer and Trainer + will satisfy you with its monochromatic design pattern.

In terms of design, both shoes share the same silhouette and feature a one-piece SuperFabric upper. This unique abrasion-resistant material is highly breathable, rapid drying, and waterproof.

However, the Trainer + surpasses the Trainer in toe spring and toe room.

For instance, the Trainer Plus model has a slightly wider construction (suitable for wide feet) and more room for the forefoot and midfoot.

Moreover, the extended toe spring of the Trainer Plus is beneficial for certain workouts.

While the flat outsole of the Trainer is more suitable for heavy lifting, several users weren’t fond of this design.

With the new Trainer Plus, Nobull introduced a new herringbone design for the outsole, offering a comparatively reliable and effective grip on all surfaces.

But what about aesthetics?

Well, both pairs share a minimalistic design pattern with a wide range of color options. However, with the overlapping shoelace eyelets, Trainer + differs in aesthetics from the Trainer.

This difference in the eyelets also impacts on the performance and comfort. The traditional exposed eyelet lacing of the Trainer and the Trainer + overlapping eyelets have different performance outputs.

In short, while both shoes have several similarities in design and aesthetics, the Trainer Plus outshines the Trainer in toe spring and unique overlapping shoelace

2. Custom Insole

Thankfully, both models include removable insoles. I believe this is a must-have feature for CrossFit shoes.

My friend prefers to use custom orthotics for his training shoes because of a severe medical condition.

According to him, the Trainer model has a low stack height and is not suitable for custom insoles as thicker insoles make the shoe a tight fit.

However, If you prefer to stick with the Trainer, use a thinner insole.

Contrarily, the Trainer+ model has a slightly higher upper volume and there is more room for custom inserts.

So, if you need to use custom insoles for better arch supports and comparatively tighter fittings, the Trainer Plus is the best option for you. Otherwise, go for the classic Trainer.

3. Midsole & Outsole

After using both shoes for several months, I realized there are significant differences in the midsole and outsole constructions.

Let’s talk about the midsole first.

While the Trainer model has a thin and high-density midsole, the Trainer Plus model has a thicker medium-density EVA foam.

The thicker midsole of the Trainer+ has advantages in responsiveness and comfortability compared to the thinner midsole of the Trainer.

Contrarily, the high-dense thinner foam of the Trainer provides top-notch stability in any circumstance.

And most importantly, while wearing the Trainer you will feel more closer to the surface.

There are also considerable stack height changes in these models. Where the Trainer+ shoe has about an inch of stack height, the Trainer shoe has only half an inch.

Now, let’s discuss the outsole.outsole-of-nobull-trainers-and-nobull-trainers-plus

Both models have different lug patterns for stability and traction. While the Trainer has dotted or traditional lug patterning with a thinner outsole, the Trainer+ has herringbone pattern lugs with a thicker rubber padded outsole.

The outsole of the NOBULL Trainer+ covers has a runner coating over the entire toe box, which provides additional durability on every surface.

In short, If you need a CrossFit shoe that offers better stability, go for the Trainer. On the contrary, Trainer Plus is the best option if you’re looking for a more durable pair with additional comfort.

4. Laces and Tongue

In the lacing system, there are visible dissimilarities between these two models.

For instance, the Trainer has a more traditional open 5-eyelet lacing system with metal eyelets. This lacing system has already proven to be a secure fit.

Contrarily, the Trainer Plus has an internal 6-eyelet web-lacing system covered by webbing for an aerodynamic look.

With this 6-eyelet lacing, Trainer Plus offers a more secure and adjustable fit for the midfoot.

However, there isn’t much dissimilarity in the tongue construction. Both models share almost identical lightweight drilled tongues.

Ultimately, the option depends on personal preferences. For my feet, I prefer the Trainer Plus because of its streamlined looks and more secure fit. The Trainer is also a good option for those who focus on a secure fit with a traditional look.

5. Weight & Durability

Both shoes differ in weight. The Trainer model is less heavy due to its thinner midsole and outsole design.

However, the Trainer Plus is heavier because of its thicker outsole & midsole materials.

I never felt uncomfortable wearing the Trainer shoe, even in heavy workouts. The lightweight of the Trainer will satisfy you and keep you close to the surface.

Though the Trainer Plus model is slightly heavier, I never felt excessive weight due to its medium-density EVA foam used for the midsole.

Both models excel in durability as they share the same material.

However, I prefer the Trainer Plus more due to its entirely rubber edge and herringbone lugs, which are more suitable for various surfaces, prevent breakdowns, and are easy to clean.

6. Performance & Stability

Surprisingly, both models have consistent performances. Whether you’re doing deadlifts or high-intensity fitness training, you will be satisfied with the performance of Trainer and Trainer Plus.

But what about stability?

Without a doubt, the stability of both models is astonishing. No matter which surface you’re on, you will immediately feel stable and close to the surface wearing these shoes.

I have tried both pairs on various surfaces, such as concrete, hardwood, and yoga mats, and surprisingly, both pairs shine on every surface thanks to the traditional and herringbone lugs.

Both pairs provide extraordinary sideward support with a wider base, strong traction, and a stiff upper.

No matter how much weight you lift or how randomly you jump wearing these shoes, you will always feel secure and stable.

If you’re looking for great performance and stability from a CrossFit shoe, pick the Trainer or Trainer Plus, as both pairs excel in performance.performance-and-stability-of-nobull-trainers-and-nobull-trainers-plus

7. Price and Value

Last and most importantly, there are some price differences. From the beginning, the Trainer model has been available for $129.

On the other hand, you have to pay an extra $10 for the Trainer+ model.

But if we compare the price with other CrossFit shoes, undoubtedly, Nobull isn’t far behind.

In case you love the stability, durability, solid performance, and strong traction of the Trainer and Trainer Plus, their prices are justifiable.

Pros & Cons: NOBULL Trainer Vs Trainer+

Without a doubt, Nobull offers some great cross-training shoes for various workouts. Whether you’re considering Nobull for heavy lifting or CrossFit, Nobull Trainer or Trainer Plus won’t disappoint you.

However, these extraordinary pairs have advantages and disadvantages like any other renowned shoes.

Here are the strengths and weaknesses of Nobull Trainer & Trainer Plus:

Nobull Trainer

  • »Minimalistic design.
  • »Comfortable wear.
  • »Excellent stability.
  • »Easy to clean.
  • »Extremely durable.
  • »Not suitable for jumping.
  • »Lack of arch support.
  • »Less breathability.

Nobull Trainer Plus

  • »Super Stability.
  • »Enhanced Shock absorption.
  • »Better traction on every surface.
  • »Improved overall comfort.
  • »Wide design for more room.
  • »More break-in period.
  • »Not suitable for long-distance runs.


With all the details in hand, we can summarize every aspect to choose the perfect pair based on your demands and requirements.

NoBull Trainer is extremely popular among gym and fitness enthusiasts because of its heavy and stable construction. It will never let you down in terms of performance and durability.

However, the Trainer is not suitable for even short runs or random jumping because it lacks the bouncier midsole.

NoBull Trainer Plus offers a spongier midsole, thicker outsole, and comparatively higher stack height that is more suitable for plyometric movements, deadlifts, and CrossFit workouts.

On the contrary, the Trainer Plus model is slightly pricer than its predecessor, the Trainer.

After considering all the specifications and differences, I suggest the Trainer for heavy weight lifting (due to its high stability) and all kinds of gym exercise.

On the contrary, I recommend the Trainer Plus for all sorts of CrossFit workouts, athletic movements, jumping, and light weightlifting.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the NOBULL Trainer good for running?

NoBull Trainer is a CrossFit shoe best suited for heavy workouts. Though you can use this pair for short runs, I don’t recommend it for dedicated runs. The Trainer’s middle and outsole are not what you want from a running shoe.

Can you run in NOBULL Trainers Plus?

NoBull Trainer Plus is a unique and comfortable shoe for deadlifts, rope climbing, and various exercises. However, this great pair is not suitable for long-distance runs. You will struggle with running because of its low arch support while wearing this shoe.

What is the difference between NOBULL Trainer and Trainer Plus?

Nobull Trainer Plus is the renewed version of the previous successor Trainer. In Trainer Plus, Nobull improved the midsole for more comfort and increased the outsole with a higher stack height. Moreover, there is a renovated lacing system in the Trainer+ model.

Are NOBULL Trainer and Trainer Plus true to size?

Both the Trainer and Trainer Plus models of Nobull are true to size. However, if you’ve got a wider foot, you should size up a half size for the Trainer Plus because there is little room in the Trainer+ due to its higher stack height and thicker midsole.

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