Nobull Court Trainer vs. Nobull Trainer vs. Trainer+

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Choosing the best training shoe model is difficult, especially when all the competitors belong to the same brand.

Nobull Court Trainer, Nobull Trainer, and Trainer+ are three of the best-selling shoes in this category that provide impressive support, stability, and cushioning in sports and exercise.

As a professional sportsman and gym freak, I’ve seen notable differences among these models that significantly impact regular usage.nobull-court-trainer-vs-nobull-trainer-vs-trainer-plus

From my experience, I’ll share the dissimilarities I have found in these three Nobull Trainers and choose the best pair that meets your specific needs.

So, let’s begin.

Overview of Nobull Court Trainer, Trainer & Trainer+

Nobull has been a top contender in the trainer shoe market since its launch in 2015. Court Trainer, Trainer, and Trainer+ are the popular lineup in the training shoe category.

Court Trainer

Nobull Court Trainer is a versatile shoe for athletes who demand the best. It’s a highly durable training shoe built on a flat surface for dynamic movement.

Court Trainer is the flagship model for sports like pickleball or tennis. The body construction is designed to give complete support during directional activity and provide the best grip.

Along with indoor sports, it stands out in the gym, CrossFit, and weightlifting, competing neck-to-neck with other trainer shoes.


Nobull Trainer is the base variant under the training shoe category. The minimalistic and flat design gives excellent support for training and is also suitable for casual purposes.

The material is practically indestructible, making it super durable and trustworthy to the athletic footwear lover. The sole design is constructive for people with different foot conditions.

Trainer shoes support the feet well during heavy bends like squats, push-ups, deadlifts, cardio, etc., making them popular in the market.


The Trainer Plus is the advanced version of Nobull Trainer. The versatility allows all kinds of trainers to use it freely.

Including the CrossFit workout, it’s super stable and comfortable for gym, directional activities, and rope climbing.

Trainer Plus is widely used for sports and heavy lifts.

The thick and deep treads, along with the extended outsole, give the best traction and shock absorption in all types of rough training.

All three models are very similar character-wise. But slight differences in their activities make them distinct from others.

Key Characteristics Comparison of Nobull Court Trainer, Trainer & Trainer+

The minor changes are very easy to miss at first glance. However, these dissimilarities can create significant ups and downs regarding performance and personal experience.

Let’s take a glance at the technical specifications to get a better understanding of the features Nobull training shoes are offering.

ParameterNobull Court TrainerNobull TrainerNobull Trainer+
Upper MaterialSuperFabricSuperFabricSuperFabric
Removable InsoleYesYesYes
MidsolePhylon (EVA)Phylon (EVA)Phylon (EVA)
OutsoleHigh carbon rubberHigh carbon rubberHigh carbon rubber
Stack Height15.5/19.5 mm11/15 mm15.5/19.5 mm
WeightMen's 9: 9.7 oz
Women's 10.5: 9.7oz
Men's 9: 11oz
Women's 10.5: 11oz
Men's 9: 13.13oz
Women's 10.5: 13.13oz
Heel-to-Toe Drop4 mm4 mm4 mm
Price~ $139~ $129~ $139
Best ForCross-training, Strength training, Court sportsCross-training, HIIT, Strength trainingCross-training, HIIT, High-impact training

The above table will give a generalized idea about the three Nobull training shoes.

I’ll share in-depth information and my personal experience below to help you pick the best shoe according to your specific needs.

Ultimate Feature Comparison Between Nobull Court Trainer, Trainer & Trainer+

Nobull Court Trainer, Trainer, and Trainer Plus are all very popular among fitness lovers. They serve similar purposes but have some minor differences here and there.

The training shoes can be used for the same exercise, but sometimes the experience will be okayish.

To get the best support for your specific needs, you need to learn about the minor dissimilarities and follow them accordingly to receive top-notch satisfaction.

Let’s explore the in-depth comparison between Nobull Court Trainer, Trainer & Trainer+:

Design & Aesthetics

The Court Trainer boasts a minimal, sleek design with a classic tennis shoe silhouette.

The upper has a simplified design and offers Black Gum, White Gum, Black, and Dusty Rose White colors for both men and women.

The shoe construction adds a touch of sophistication, making it suitable for both on-court and off-duty wear.

The Nobull Trainer provides a slightly modern approach and gives a casual shoe vibe.

Unlike Court Trainer, Nobull Trainer presents a wide range of color options. It offers from regular color to vibrant and eye-catching design.

It has Black Ivy, Black, Arctic Grey, Black Berry, Arctic Dusty Rose, Navy Dark Grey, Army Grey, Navy White, Oat Fallen Rock, Dark Grey White, Dark Grey, Lemon Drop, Blue Glass, and White color option in the official store.

The overall outlook and aesthetics are very sporty, casual, and suitable for everyday wear and training.

On the other hand, Nobull Trainer Plus strikes a balance between classic and modern aesthetics.

It has various color ranges, but they are slightly muted compared to Nobull Trainer.

Nobull Trainer+ offers Black Ivy, Navy White, White, Dark Grey Shadow, Forest Dark Fallen Rock, Black, Peach, Rose, Deep Purple, Bright Red, Deep Teal, and Wheat designs to choose from.

For all the Trainer models, the branding logo or swoosh is placed between the quarter-to-heel counter area. It looks very simple and easily blends with the shoe color,

No matter what color shoes or model you choose, the logo doesn’t stand out or catch your eye very much.

All three models look just pleasant and fantastic. But I would give Nobull Trainer and Trainer+ an extra credit for their numerous variations.nobull-trainer-and-trainer-plus

Upper Material

All three models—Court Trainer, Trainer, and Trainer Plus use Nobull’s signature SuperFabric material for the upper.

The upper construction comes with a guard plate that sits nicely over the mesh layer. It provides excellent durability and proper fit.

The upper material is stiff, and there’s no doubt it is top-class. In my usage, I found it bends strangely, especially when stepping on a crooked surface.

But on a flat surface, I have found no drawbacks of the SuperFabric upper.

Below the upper material, all three models provide a perforated foam underlayer for good comfort. Polyester mesh in Court Trainer & Trainer+ and a nylon layer in Trainer sits next to the foam, covering the feet properly.

All the foam and mesh/nylon layers give my feet extra support and the perfect comfort I need daily.

After heavy training and sweaty sessions, the upper sometimes needs to be washed out. And I find it super effortless to clean these three Trainer models.

The heel collar in Court Trainer and Trainer Plus is slightly higher than Nobull Trainer. It gives my feet a robust and good feeling.

Despite using the same upper material, Nobull Court Trainer and Trainer+ feel more comfortable than Nobull Trainer.

Laces & Tongue

The shoe laces and tongue construction are entirely different in all three Trainer models.

Nobull Court Trainer has a traditional five-eyelet design. The four bottom eyelets use internal webbing, while the top eyelet utilizes the standard design.

The tongue in the Court Trainer is perforated and has extra padding for keeping the feet in place during multi-directional movement. The tongue has an extra loop in the middle to provide better stability.

Nobull Trainer Plus has a similar eyelet design to Court Trainer with four inner and one regular webbing.

The tongue is perforated, but the padding is thinner than the Court Trainer.

Now, for the Nobull Trainer, the design is entirely different. There’s no match in eyelet construction with the two other models.

It offers five standard metal eyelets with regular external webbing. The tongue is thin and perforated. Also, there are two tongue loops for additional lace security.

All three models are pretty solid in performance. However, I have found that the Court Trainer has a better construction design and cushioning that gives me total comfort in training.

Insole, Midsole, & Outsole

The sole takes all your weight, and solid construction is crucial for keeping the feet in perfect position.


The insole is the same in Nobull Court Trainer, Trainer, and Trainer Plus. It uses foam in the insole to provide good comfort during workouts.insoleof-nobull-court-trainer-trainer-and-trainer-plus

It’s removable, and I can wash or clean it effortlessly after a sweaty session. It also allows you to insert custom insoles like orthotics to maintain the feet and keep them safe from foot problems.


All three models use Phylon (EVA) foam for the midsole.

The midsole lining is flat in each model. They use the same technology, but there are some minor differences in construction and stack height.

The Court Trainer and Trainer Plus have thicker EVA foam compared to the Nobull Trainer.

As a result, the stack height is slightly more than the standard version.

On the other hand, the Trainer model has a thinner EVA foam, and the stack height is slightly less than the Court Trainer and Trainer Plus.

My friend and I have Nobull shoes and wear the same size.

My Trainer+ has a stack height of 15.5 mm, whereas his Trainer has an 11 mm stack height.

The thicker midsole gives better comfort during deadlifts and stability while doing directional activities.

In contrast, the thinner Trainer shoe is good for those who prefer less stack height and relatively light training.


The three models use High carbon rubber for the outsole. However, the construction and outer design are done differently to serve distinct purposes.

Nobull Court Trainer uses herringbone tread patterns. The design is very concise and refined compared to Trainer Plus.

It has an aggressive toe puff design, and the outsole wraps up the front very nicely.

The Outsole sidewall is extended to the inner side of the toe box to give better bite during lateral movement and while playing court sports like pickleball or tennis.

The outsole isn’t extended in the medial and lateral side of the midfoot area, which doesn’t make it the most suitable for rope climbing.

The Nobull Trainer+ uses the same herringbone tread patterns.

But the patterns are more thicker and denser. It helps get a better grip on grass and works fine on flat surfaces.

The toe puff is higher than the Nobull Trainer, which gives support during push-ups and while applying pressure to the toe.

Trainer Plus’s outsole is extended in the medial and lateral sides of the midfoot. The stack height is slightly higher, and the outsole covers a lot of area in the sidewall.

That makes it perfect for rope climbing and gives a good grip and bite to your feet.

On the other hand, the Trainer model uses round-shaped lug patterns.

The outsole wrap at the front is minimal compared to Court Trainer and Trainer Plus.

The outsole covers the inner and outer sidewall in the midfoot area. But the stack height is slightly less than the Trainer+.

It’s suitable for rope climbing, CrossFit, gym, and all indoor exercise. But due to its outsole pattern, it’s not the best for grass and court sports and training.

There’s not much difference between these three models in insole and midsole.

But, the Court Trainer will go ahead in indoor exercise, gym, CrossFit, and sports for the outsole. Meanwhile, Trainer+ is suitable for grass, rope climbing, and deadlifting.court-trainer-and-trainer-plus

Size & Weight Comparison

Shoe size and weight matter for the best fit and comfort. Nobull Court Trainer, Trainer, and Trainer+ offers a true-to-size fit for men and women.

But in my experience, I’ve found the Court Trainer and Trainer+ are slightly longer than the Nobull Trainer. The extra space at the front gives my foot a place to wiggle and spread during heavy lift.

But, if you feel the additional length is unnecessary and doesn’t give any comfort, get a half-size smaller version for a better fit.

The real difference comes in the shoe weight. The mass is separate in all three models.

Let’s take a closer look at the size and weight chart.

ParameterNobull Court TrainerNobull TrainerNobull Trainer Plus
Stack Height15.5/19.5 mm11/15 mm15.5/19.5 mm
WeightMen's 9: 9.7 oz
Women's 10.5: 9.7oz
Men's 9: 11oz
Women's 10.5: 11oz
Men's 9: 13.13oz
Women's 10.5: 13.13oz
Heel-to-Toe Drop4 mm4 mm4 mm

The Nobull Court Trainer is the lightest and Trainer Plus is the heaviest among these models.

When I tried out the Nobull Court Trainer from Trainer+ at first, I instantly felt the weight differences. It feels much lighter and very comfortable to move around.

Fit & Comfort

Nobull Court Trainer, Trainer, and Trainer+ have similar technology and fittings. So, there’s not a big difference in fit and comfort.

However, the Court Trainer and Trainer Plus give a slight advantage to the longer feet people, thanks to its extended toe box.

The upper material is very stiff, and the snug fit feels very comfortable on feet.

But, if you don’t wear socks with Training shoes, you may find a couple of differences between these models.

The tongue plays a vital role for no-socks-shoe. You need additional support and comfort from the tongue to keep the feet in place.

Nobull Court Trainer offers thicker EVA foam, which feels very nice when I train without socks. My feet don’t hurt, and the extra cushioning allows me to tie the laces firmly.

The Trainer+ is very breathable but doesn’t provide a thick layer of foam.

Instead, it gives a relaxed fit and doesn’t bother much during training.

But Nobull Trainer’s thin tongue design doesn’t feel well without socks. So, I would recommend wearing socks with the Trainer.

On the other hand, if you are conscious of weight differences, the lighter Court Trainer will give your feet better comfort.

Speaking of comfort, the cushioning is very important for the training shoe.

Nobull Court Trainer and Trainer+ provide medium cushioning at the inner side of the upper.

The soft material gives total comfort while jumping, weightlifting, CrossFit, and doing directional activities.

In Nobull Trainer, the cushioning is slightly less than the rest of the models. It is absolutely good for indoor workouts, but if you come from Trainer+ or Court Trainer, it will feel uneasy at first.

Nobull Court Trainer will go ahead of Trainer and Trainer Plus in the comfort segment for its tongue structure, better foam, and cushioning.

Stability & Support

In the gym and exercise, maintaining stability with perfect support is essential to avoid injury.

Nobull Court Trainer, Trainer, and Trainer+ have slight changes in overall structure that make their stability and purpose a bit different.

All three are training shoes, and you won’t face any difficulties doing gym, CrossFit, and HIIT training like push-ups, planks, squats, etc.

With the additional support at the toe puff and herringbone pattern in the outsole, Nobull Court Trainer gives better traction in directional movement and court sports.

The thick cushioning and stack height give an advantage in weightlifting and jumping.

On the other hand, sidewall support gives a better grip to Nobull Trainer in rope climbing.

However, reduced cushioning and stack height make it less comfortable during weight lift and jumping. The round lug patterns aren’t suitable for court sports.

But regular gym, CrossFit, and HIIT exercises will do just incredible with the Nobull Trainer.

The Nobull Trainer+ is a combination of Trainer and Court Trainer. It has sufficient cushioning, sidewall in midfoot, higher toe puff support, and a herringbone pattern that makes it suitable for all types of training and sports.

You can do rope climbing, go to the gym, CrossFit, deadlift, HIIT, and play court sports like tennis without any thinking.

In my daily usage, I find Nobull Trainer+ more versatile than others in all types of workouts.nobull-trainer-plus

Durability & Performance

In terms of durability and performance, there’s no lack of Nobull training shoes. All three models are extremely good for indoor exercise.

The SuperFabric upper material is practically indestructible. So, you don’t have to worry about the upper at all.

But, Nobull Court Trainer and Trainer+ will have a slight edge over the Nobull Trainer in the sole and cushioning durability.

Court Trainer is good for all directional activities and sports.

Even after regular heavy lifting and jumping, the cushion, insole, and midsole stay intact for at least six months.

The outsole quality is fantastic and very durable. It’s highly recommended if you play tennis or similar court games.

You can easily expect more than a year in Court Trainer with good care.

Nobull Trainer is very good and durable for low to medium-stressing workouts. The outsole structure will give you satisfying performance on a flat surface, but not in court sports.

Also, you will find it a little hard during deadlift and jumping as the cushioning and stack height are very low.

Apart from that, Nobull Trainer is perfect and very durable for HIIT, CrossFit, and other indoor training. It can easily last 8 to 12 months in frequent usage.

Nobull Trainer+ is an exceptional training shoe. I have been using it since the last year. And still, I am not thinking of purchasing a new pair.

The durability is extremely good for CrossFit and gym exercise.

My insoles and midsoles are in perfect condition even after putting in a 350 lb deadlift.

The outsole condition is very good and still in proper shape. It’s giving me the proper balance and support I need in my training.

Price & Value

Pricing is a crucial factor when purchasing a product. But you will be glad to know that there’s not much difference in the cost of Nobull Court Trainer, Trainer, and Trainer+.

ParameterNobull Court TrainerNobull TrainerNobull Trainer+
Price~ $139~ $129~ $139

Nobull Trainer and Trainer+ costs the same, while Nobull Trainer is $10 cheaper.

A similar price range actually benefits in calculating the value and choosing the right shoe.

Nobull Court Trainer and Trainer Plus have the same pricing and deliver equivalent performance. So, choosing any of these will undoubtedly prove to be worthy.

Regarding facility and performance, Nobull Trainer is behind the other two models and may not seem a worthy competitor.

But if you want to use it for casual purposes and light workouts, it will save you $10 and can really be a fruitful choice.

Pros & Cons: Nobull Court Trainer vs Trainer vs Trainer+

Nobull Court Trainer, Trainer, and Trainer+ have advantages and disadvantages based on usage. Let’s learn about them to understand their best use cases.

Nobull Court Trainer

  • »Minimalistic design.
  • »Thick padding in the tongue.
  • »Thicker midsole for better comfort.
  • »Very lightweight.
  • »Extended outsole in toe-puff.
  • »Ideal for court sports and indoor exercise.
  • »Doesn’t have a sidewall outsole for rope climbing.

Nobull Trainer

  • »Numerous color options.
  • »Good breathability.
  • »Suitable for CrossFit and gym.
  • »Have sidewall outsole for rope climbing
  • »Toe-puff isn’t high enough to give the best support.
  • »Thinner tongue material.
  • »The midsole is thinner.

Nobull Trainer+

  • »Simplified design
  • »Good stack height for better comfort.
  • »Extended outsole in toe-puff.
  • »Ideal for indoor workouts and deadlifting.
  • »The outsole covers the sidewall for rope climbing.
  • »The outsole pattern isn’t the best for court sports.
  • »Weigh more than Trainer and Court Trainer.

Nobull Court Trainer vs Nobull Trainer vs Trainer+: Which Should You Choose?

Choosing between Nobull Court Trainer, Trainer, and Trainer+ might be difficult. But, if you have a specific demand or preference, selecting a suitable pair of shoes shouldn’t be difficult.

All three models are good for light training and casual purposes. You can’t go wrong with any of these Trainers. All of them are absolutely perfect for daily usage.

But when it comes to individual requirements, the choice will vary.

If you prefer court sports like tennis or pickleball, love gym, CrossFit, heavy lifts, and jumping, but not rope climbing, Nobull Court Trainer would be your best pick.

Nobull Trainer is better when you prefer lightweight training, CrossFit, gym, indoor exercise, rope climbing, but not court sports and deadlifts.

But, if you want versatility and want to do heavy training, gym, CrossFit, rope climbing, jumping, and a bit of court sports, the Nobull Trainer+ would be the best choice.

Finally, if you are unsure about which to pick, just go with the Nobull Trainer+. Because it provides versatility and flexibility, which will satisfy all your requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Nobull Trainer and Trainer Plus?

Nobull Trainer Plus is the upgraded version of Trainer. It provides advanced features and better construction, providing versatility and flexibility in training and sports.

Is the Nobull Trainer good for running?

No, Nobull Trainer isn’t good for running. It’s suitable for indoor training and court sport. Nobull has a separate running shoes lineup for this purpose.

Can you walk in Nobull Trainers?

You can walk a short distance wearing Nobull Trainers. However, it’s not recommended for running or walking a long distance.

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