Nike Vomero Vs React Infinity Run [In-Depth Comparison]

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Nike has always managed to take the top position in delivering some of the best running kicks, like the Vomeros or Infinity Runs.

But, with so many running shoes from Nike alone, how can you pick the one that is best suited for you?

I have compiled the notable differences that every potential buyer should know about after using the newer iterations from Nike’s Vomero and React Infinity Run

So, let’s dive straight into the discussion and determine which is most suitable for you.

A Quick Overview of the Nike Vomero and Infinity Run

The Air Zoom Vomero and the React Infinity Run series are two of Nike’s most popular running and daily training shoes.

Vomero shoes are usually hailed as neutral trainers as they are designed for fast-paced running and high-performance workouts. Over the past few years, this series has seen a few notable updates, such as the Vomero 5, 16, and 17.

Each of the iterations brought something new to the table without going far away from its base design.

The same is true for Nike’s other running series: the React Infinity Run.

These shoes are fan-favorite light stability trainers that can deliver an amazing running experience, especially for longer, slower sessions. Similar to Vomero, Nike has released many kicks in this lineup.

Among them, the React Infinity Run Flyknit 3 and RN4 have quickly gained popularity in the athletic crowd.

If we have to pick one from each lineup, the Vomero 17 and the RN4 would be the top contenders for the best runner.

Technical Comparison Between Nike Vomero 17 and React Infinity RN4

Most of the Vomero shoes have different feature sets compared to the Infinity Runs despite sharing somewhat similar running and daily training DNA.

These distinct features of each shoe can give us a pretty good idea of the end-user experience.

On that note, here’s a side-by-side technical comparison between Nike Vomero 17 and Infinity RN4:

AttributesNike Air Zoom Vomero 17Nike React Infinity RN4
PurposeDaily training, recovery runs, half marathonHalf marathon, long runs
Weight10.5oz(men’s US 10 size)11.2oz(men’s US 10 size)
Commonly used upper materialEngineered meshFlyknit mesh
MidsoleZoomX foamReactX foam
OutsoleSturdy rubber with flex groovesRubber with flex grooves
Price rangeAround $150Around $160

The listed technical dissimilarities between these runners might not seem much at a glance, but these variances translate to different real-world performances.

Major Differences Between Nike Vomero and Nike Infinity Run

Each Nike running series is built with different innovative technologies to cater to different running styles and needs.

From upper construction to cushioning material, there are many defining factors that set the Vomero 17 apart from the Infinity RN4.

These key differences between Nike Vomero 17 and React Infinity RN4 should help you pick the right one:

1. Purpose

The Nike Vomero shoes are primarily designed for extended training sessions and recovery runs.

That’s one of the reasons why Nike chose to incorporate softer, pillowy cushioning and inherent stability into the Vomero 17.

On the flip side, the Infinity Run shoes are aimed at those who prefer a firmer, more responsive ride. The same goes for Nike’s Infinity RN4.

Heavier runners get the best experience from these shoes, especially for long-mileage running.

The shoe that matches your priorities and preferences is the one that is most suitable for you. So, it’s not feasible to declare any winner in this regard, as both Vomero 17 and Infinity RN4 have their unique focus.

2. Upper Construction

Don’t be fooled by the similarity in looks of the Infinity RN4 and Vomero 17!

They have a few underlying features, such as different upper and tongue materials, that can greatly impact your user experience.

Let me explain.


The Vomero 17 has a streamlined build with a sleeker profile. It looks less performance-focused to encourage daily wear.

As a result, you can style these kicks with any casual fit.

Meanwhile, the Infinity RN4 has a bold and chunky look. This pair is not messing around with its prominent logo, supportive overlays, and rockered

These shoes scream high performance without sacrificing stylistic traits.

As for the colorways, Vomeros come in a wide range of vibrant and eye-catching options, while Infinity Run settles with a more subdued tone.

Upper Material

The engineered upper mesh used in the Nike Vomero 17 has varying levels of density for support and durability. These shoes also have TPU materials in specific areas like the heel or midfoot.

Conversely, the Infinity RN4 commonly utilizes the Flyknit mesh, which is more breathable, durable, and flexible than the competitor.

Such a material also provided an assuring fit during my workouts.

Hence, the Infinity RN4 is a better choice if your training includes lots of lateral movements.upper-material-of-nike-react-infinity-rn4


The gusseted tongue of the Vomero 17 provides a secure fit and prevents debris from entering. This thicker profile also contributes to a more comfortable stride.

Infinity Run takes a different approach and offers a thinner tongue for a breathable feel and adequate midfoot spacing.

Both of these tongues remained in place no matter what activity I was doing.

Some people might prefer the minimalistic look of the Vomero 17. However, the better upper material (suitable for the intended crowd) and bolder style of the Nike Infinity RN4 are bound to win hearts around the globe.

3. Midsole and Comfort

Nike has set the level of cushioning in these shoes by using different midsole technologies based on their purpose, which we have discussed earlier.

Since the Vomero 17 aims for a more comfortable feel, Nike has infused their Air ZoomX foam in the midsole of this running shoe.

These foams offer a high-energy return and maximum forefoot and rearfoot cushioning.

Shifting the focus to the other side, the ReactX foam of the Infinity RN4’s midsole is well-known for its firm and responsive ride.

Such a midsole material also provides decent stability, but not quite as much as the ZoomX foam from Vomero 17.

To conclude, the midsole of the Nike Vomero 17 provides a better daily running and training experience, while the Infinity RN4 takes the lead in more aggressive and responsive strides.comfort-of-nike-react-infinity-rn4

4. Outsole and Durability

Pretty much all Nike Vomero shoes come with full coverage of durable rubber outsole with waffle patterns. And the Vomero 17 is no different.

But the extra durability can often reduce the flexibility, which is exactly the case here.

The zoned rubber outsole of the Infinity RN4 might be slightly more prone to wear and tear, but it provides more flexibility in the midfoot break.

However, I haven’t noticed any early signs of wear and tear after using Vomero 17 and Infinity RN4 for over three months.

Both shoes offered decent grip on various surfaces, even in wet conditions.

But the flexible and moderately durable outsole build of the Infinity RN4 takes the win by a small margin.

5. Fit and Sizing

The Vomero 17 has a narrower profile that offers a snug fit, which is really important for high-movement activity. Its engineered mesh upper molds around your feet to provide a secure feel.

This pair also has reinforced heel counters for a complete foot lockdown.

In the meantime, the Nike React Infinity RN4 has a more relaxed fit than the

The lighter and more comfortable Flyknit material of the RN4 provides a sock-like feel without sacrificing a secure lockdown.

But these shoes don’t offer wide options as the Vomeros do.

And that’s not all!

Toe box

The toe box of the regular Vomero is roomy enough to accommodate most foot sizes. But they are definitely narrower compared to the Infinity Run 4.

The RN4 provides ample room for toe movement and engulfs wider feet comfortably.

I’d suggest choosing the extra wide option if you’re shopping for a Vomero shoe with wider


The Infinity Run 4 integrates the laces into its upper material through five eyelets. That results in a more comfortable fit that adapts to your foot shape.

The Vomero 17 also has five eyelets but takes a more traditional approach for the lace-up.

Combined with all these traits, the Nike Infinity Run 4 has a better overall fit and sizing that can withstand any indoor or outdoor activity.

6. Performance and Value Proposition

You can’t go wrong with either of these shoes when it comes to daily training.

The ZoomX foam of the Vomero 17 is plush and bouncy enough for tempo runs or box jumping. Also, the standard profile and the medial post of this footwear add better stability for overpronators.

The overall build of the Vomero 17 ensures natural foot strike and decent support in forefoot strike for fast-paced running.

The same is also true for the Infinity RN4, but they are a bit less stable than the Vomero.

Additionally, the React Infinity Run takes the lead in overall running performance.

Since this pair prioritizes responsive cushioning and suitable stack heights, you can comfortably get 5k, 10k, or half marathon out of this daily runner.

The overall curvature of the outer portion and the arch support also help a lot in this regard compared to the Vomero shoes.

Despite weighing a bit more than the Vomero, the Infinity RN4 is nimble and agile enough for directional workouts or smooth transitions.

Since both shoes cost around 160$, the Infinity Run also offers a better price-to-performance ratio due to providing a better running experience at the same cost.

Hence, the Nike React Infinity Run 4 is better for high-performance activities, with Vomero 17 being closely behind.

Pros and Cons of Nike React Infinity RN4 and Vomero 17

Since each of these runners from Nike cater to slightly different needs, they have their own strengths and weaknesses for everyday use.

The following pros and cons of the Nike Vomero 17 and Infinity RN4 cover those aspects:

Nike Vomero 17

  • »Excellent cushioning.
  • »More stable platform.
  • »Decently durable outsole.
  • »Energetic tempo runs.
  • »More pricey.
  • »Less flexible.

Nike React Infinity RN4

  • »More responsive cushioning.
  • »Flexible and agile enough for smooth transitions.
  • »Breathable upper.
  • »More affordable.
  • »Limited stability.
  • »Less durable.

Nike Vomero 17 Vs Infinity RN4: Which One is Fun to Run?

The Nike React Infinity RN4 is a better choice overall if you’re looking for a fit that is great for daily training and running. It managed to tick all the boxes that are most important for athletes, such as more performance-oriented build, better fit and sizing, etc.

Although the Nike Vomero 17 is also a great fit, if comfort is your priority and you’re concerned about foot fatigue after all-day wear.

But the more breathable upper and fantastic midsole+outsole construction make the Infinity Run easier to recommend for the masses.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Nike React Infinity good for long-distance running?

Yes. The Nike Infinity Run shoes are good for 5K or longer runs, as they have a great fit, firm cushioning, and supportive stack height.

Which Nike shoes are similar to Vomero?

The Nike Pegasus shoes are quite similar to Vomero since they are both neutral trainers. Nonetheless, the Infinity Run shoes can also be compared to Vomero kicks.

Is Nike Vomero best for walking?

Yes. The Vomero shoes have adequate cushioning and a comfortable build for a plush ride. Hence, you can extract a good running experience from these kicks.

Is Vomero or Pegasus better?

Nike’s Pegasus shoes are usually better than the Vomero shoes due to being more suitable for running or casual wear.

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