Nike React Infinity Run 2 vs Nike ZoomX Invincible Run

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Whenever we rank up the running shoes, Nike always manages to take up at least the top 3 out of 5 positions. Even the kicks from this same brand compete against each other to get the top running spot.

The same goes for the second-gen Infinity Run and the first-gen Invincible Run from Nike.

Both have been hailed as the daily training champ, but which one truly manages to deliver on that promise?nike-react-infinity-run-flyknit-2-vs-nike-zoomx-invincible-run

Let’s lace up both pairs and determine which one you should consider worth buying.

A Quick Rundown of Nike Infinity Run Flyknit 2 and ZoomX Invincible Run

With an ever-growing demand for a good daily runner, Nike has managed to capitalize on the market with not one but two of their most prominent lineup: the React Infinity Run and the ZoomX Invincible Run.

But why make two different lineups instead of investing all the resources into one?

Well, despite both being running series, each of these lineups is purpose-built with a distinct focus.

For example, Nike debuted the React Infinity Run Flyknit to make a versatile, stable, and responsive runner for daily use. Later on, they decided to drop 3 more iterative updates.

Following this grand reception, Nike didn’t waste much time introducing the ZoomX Invincible Run kicks.

This time, the focus was entirely on maximum cushioning and comfort for long runs. This newly released series also saw yearly updates to meet the market demand.

Since the first Invincible Run debuted right around the time when the Infinity Run 2 was released, the curiosity around these two particular models has peaked.

Technical Comparison Between Nike Infinity Run Flyknit 2 and Nike Invincible Run

As I have mentioned before, Infinity Run and Invincible Run have a distinct focus on what kind of user experience they’re meant to deliver.

That’s why it is pretty obvious that the technical aspects between the Infinity Run Flyknit 2 and Invincible Run would differ to a noticeable degree.

AttributesNike React Infinity Run 2Nike ZoomX Invincible Run
Weight9.9oz(men), 8.5oz(women)9.8oz(men), 8.6oz(women)
Upper materialFlyknit, FlywireFlyknit
MidsoleReact foamZoomX foam
OutsoleWaffle patterned sturdy rubberWaffle patterned sturdy rubber
Suitable forWeight lifting, daily runs, recovery, wider forefoot, tempo runsDaily long runs, recovery, wider forefoot
Stack height24-33mm28-37mm
RangeMarathon, half-marathon, 10kMarathon, half-marathon, 10k
Break-in periodOne or two short runsThree to four short runs
FocusMore stableMore cushioned

After glancing through these technical dissimilarities, it becomes evident that we can expect some major and minor differences in usability between the two kicks.

That brings us to our main topic.

Differences Between Nike React Infinity Run 2 and Nike ZoomX Invincible Run

While the Infinity Run 2 and Invincible Run from Nike have certain similarities, like true-to-size and heel drop, the end-user experience is very different.

Trust me, I’ve been rocking these shoes for some time now, and I have some interesting findings that every potential buyer should know.

These are the key differences between Nike React Infinity Run 2 and ZoomX Invincible Run:

1. Upper Construction

Right from the start, the most apparent difference that stands out between these shoes is their design language and upper.

Upper Material

Both Infinity Run 2 and Invincible Run utilize the in-house Flyknit mesh for the upper material. Nike has engineered this material to have both breathability and abrasion resistance.

But it has a slight downside.

I noticed that my feet occasionally slipped from side to side whenever I ran on technical terrain with the ZoomX Invincible shoes. But I never faced such an issue with the Infinity Run.

So why is that?

Well, the Infinity Run 2 solved the lack of foot lockdown by using Flywire cables throughout the entire upper. By doing so, they increased support for fast-paced running without sacrificing breathability.

Not to mention, the React Infinity Run 2 has strategically placed overlays to enhance the durability and stability even further.upper-material-of-nike-react-infinity-run-2


The ZoomX Invincible has a bit more flare to its overall design thanks to more contrasting colors throughout the build.

For example, the colored collar and heel counter of this pair has a unique character to it.

However, many people might prefer the sleeker and minimalistic look of the React Infinity Run 2

Both models have modern designs and can be fully customized(color) from Nike’s Design Your Own section.

If I had to pick one, I’d say that the Infinity Run 2 has better upper-material technology and a design that all can appreciate.

2. Midsole and Comfort

Another contrasting difference between the two competing shoes is their midsole technology and how big of a difference they have in real-world experience.

As the name suggests, the Nike React Infinity Run 2 uses the React foam technology, which Nike has used many times before.

It’s a plush, well-cushioned design that doesn’t introduce fatigue even after high-movement workouts. It also offers a minor improvement in overall stability(shares the credit with the improved upper) that prevents overpronation.

But it felt a bit firmer and less bouncy compared to the ZoomX Invincible Run.

Speaking of which, the ZoomX foam used in the Invincible kicks is known to give a responsive and springier ride.

As a result, you’ll get propelled forward with each stride during a fast-paced run.

This ZoomX midsole also provides more than adequate cushioning and comfort, making the Invincible kicks perfect for recovery runs.

The Nike ZoomX Invincible Run is clearly a better choice for slow-paced long runs or high-performance running. But you’ll get better performance out of the Infinity Run 2 when stability is more important, like in casual walking or tempo runs.

3. Outsole and Durability

Despite both shoes having a similarly sturdy rubber outsole, the traction, durability, and wear & tear varied to a notable degree during my 6 months of usage.

Let me explain.

Both Invincible and Infinity Runs have different waffle patterns to provide reliable traction on various surfaces.

The flex groove patterns on the Nike React Infinity Run 2 allow these kicks to perform well on paved roads or light trails.

Conversely, the Invincible Run takes this up a notch and adds support for gravel and muddy terrain as well, thanks to a more improved waffle pattern. The rubber segments are also strategically placed in high-wear areas to enhance outsole durability.

The outsole on both shoes extends toward the toe area to provide toe puffs. So you don’t need to worry about the toe protection on either of these kicks while running.

Overall, the ZoomX Invincible Run gets an edge in this segment over the React Infinity Run 2.outsole-of-nike-zoomx-invincible-run

4. Fit and Comfort

The fit and comfort of a running shoe are just as important as the actual running performance.

So, before we get into how these shoes perform, let’s see how they feel upon wearing them over a longer period.

Toe box

Both runners have a wider toe cap to accommodate wider forefeet like mine.

But the Invincible Run has a more streamlined feel to it.

To be more precise, it doesn’t feel as spacious as the Infinity Run and has a little bit less room to wiggle toes.

However, both shoes are true-to-size with a wider toe box, and I didn’t face bunions or blistering.

I’d still recommend going with a half-size up for the Invincible Run if you have a very wide forefoot.

Tongue and Lacing

Nike did a great job with the tongue in the React Infinity Run 2, more so than they did in the ZoomX Invincible Run. The padded and plush tongue of the Infinity Run 2 stays put comfortably without adding any bulk to the overall build.

Meanwhile, Invincible Run opted for a thinner and lighter tongue with a sock-like feel.

Personally, I’d take the added comfort offered by the tongue in Infinity Run 2.

When it comes to the lacing, both kicks have a traditional lace-up system with heel lockdown for a snug and secure fit.

Eyelets on Nike Infinity Run 2Eyelets on Nike Invincible Run
6, with heel lockdown5, with heel lockdown

Collar and Heel Counter

Despite having a more comfortable ankle wrap in Nike Infinity Run 2, the enhanced support and stability of the taller and stiffer collar in Invincible Run is more important.

Both runners also have enough padding in the collar to give a fatigue-free ride any day.

Additionally, the more structured heel counter of the Invincible Run ensured a noticeably better lockdown and stability during my 5k hike.

It’s a toss-up between the Infinity and Invincible Runs, as they both offer excellent fit and comfort during your indoor/outdoor sessions.

5. Running Performance

Nike did such a great job with both of these shoes to ensure a secure and comfortable ride regardless of our physique. But that doesn’t mean they both have identical performance when you put them to the test.

Right away, the ZoomX Invincible Run has better stack height and arch support for a more technical stride.

Such a trait matters a lot when you hit the road for fast-paced, long runs.

And that’s not all!

With the lighter and more flexible outsole, each step felt more natural and planted.

The ZoomX midsole has that marshmallow-like feel, which is great for a long run. The bouncy nature of this type of midsole propelled my position forward and helped me gain speed.

However, the slight lack of stability gave me less confidence in quick turns.

That’s something that the Infinity Run 2 has managed to deliver quite well.

The React Infinity Run 2 also handled the daily training runs and tempo runs better than the competitor. Not to mention, the built-in medial post of this shoe helps control overpronation, which is ideal for stability-seeking runners.

That being said, it falls short compared to dedicated stability shoes, which is to be expected.

Picking the Infinity Run for short, nimble rides and keeping the Invincible Run for long, tedious sessions would be the ideal choice.

But not everyone can or wishes to rock two pairs of runners at the same time.

If I had to pick one, I’d go for the Nike ZoomX Invincible Run, as it can do pretty much anything that the Infinity Run 2 can and then some.running-performance-of-nike-zoomx-invincible-run

Pros and Cons of Infinity Run 2 Vs. Invincible Run from Nike

The above-mentioned differences may not make it obvious, but each pair has its own advantages and disadvantages.

To know more about it, let’s check out the pros and cons of Nike React Infinity Run 2 and ZoomX Invincible Run:

Nike React Infinity Run Flyknit 2

  • »Better stability.
  • »More effective foot lockdown.
  • »Adequate cushioning and support.
  • »Better upper construction.
  • »Less convenient support clip.
  • »Less energy return.

Nike ZoomX Invincible Run

  • »Better shock absorption.
  • »Reasonable weight distribution.
  • »More suitable for recovery or slower-paced long runs.
  • »Responsive cushioning for effortless running.
  • »Slightly less stability.
  • »A bit more expensive.

If you’re still on the fence about which one you should pick, move on to the final verdict.

Nike Infinity Run Flyknit 2 vs Nike ZoomX Invincible Run: Which One is Better For You?

In today’s shoe-down, the Nike ZoomX Invincible Run takes the crown for the best running shoe for the majority of runners. The plush cushioning and suitable stack height of this footwear make it ideal for long runs or recovery.

To be honest, we can’t deny the durability and better foot lockdown offered by the Infinity Run Flyknit 2.

But running/daily wear shoes need a bit more focus on the comfort and support that the Invincible Run provides.

I’d still recommend giving both pairs a trial from a physical storefront to make sure the shoes fit your physique. Don’t rely too much on online measurements.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are ZoomX Invincible kicks good for running?

Yes. The ZoomX Invincible Run from Nike is excellent for running, especially for neutral runners. Additionally, the ZoomX foam is a tried and tested cushioning that has served millions of users to a satisfying degree.

Is Nike React Infinity 2 good for running?

Yes. The Nike React Infinity Run 2 is an awesome kick for short-tempo or long-distance runs. They’re also good for versatile wear, like casual walks or gym training.

What is the difference between Nike’s Infinity Run and Invincible Run?

The primary difference between Nike’s Infinity Run and Invincible Run is that the Infinity Run shoes are more suited for faster, tempo runs. Meanwhile, the Invincible Run is better for slow-paced long or recovery runs.

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