Nike Pegasus Vs InfinityRN Flyknit: Classic or Modern?

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Nike is a prominent shoe manufacturer that uses high-tech materials and aerodynamic design.

Pegasus shoes are consistent and innovative, with new versions being introduced regularly.

Conversely, the Infinity Run is the latest shoe lineup that Nike introduced to create an enhanced version of their already popular Pegasus shoes.

But which one is the best pick for you?nike-pegasus-vs-nike-infinity-run-flyknit

Throughout this article, I will share my experience with both shoes to pinpoint the most appropriate one.

So, let’s begin!

Overview of Nike Pegasus and Nike Infinity Run Flyknit

The history of Nike Pegasus dates back to 1983 when Nike introduced their first ever mid-priced running shoe with pressurized Air technology.

Nike utilizes a nylon mesh upper with a light suede leather tip for the upper, which features better shock absorption than an EVA wedge.

The Pegasus became the most popular running shoe due to its wide availability and low price.

Besides, the Zoom Air units in the midsole ensure comfort and support ride, and the durable rubber outsole provides remarkable grip on various surfaces.

Over the years, Nike kept enhancing the Pegasus shoes and introduced 40 versions. Some of the most prominent versions are the Nike React Pegasus Trail 4, Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 39, and Nike Pegasus

Nike Infinity Run Flyknit, on the other hand, is a new member of the Nike running shoes, first released in 2020.

The Infinity Run Flyknit is the newer and modern version of Nike Pegasus with some refinements and a fresh design.

Nike utilizes a Flyknit upper to provide secure upper support and breathability.

These newly designed shoes are more streamlined and high-tech, ensuring a stable and responsive feel during extended wear.

In four years, Nike introduced four versions of the Infinity Run. The most recent version is Nike InfinityRN 4, which has a higher price tag than the recent version of Nike Pegasus.

ModelRelease Year
Nike React Infinity Run Flyknit2020
Nike React Infinity Run Flyknit 22021
Nike React Infinity Run Flyknit 32022
Nike InfinityRN 42023


Due to the distinct lineups, there are several aspects where both shoes have various dissimilarities.

Understanding the similarities and dissimilarities is easier by performing a head-to-head comparison. So, move down to the next section to compare the attributes of both shoes.

Attribute Comparison of Nike Pegasus & Nike Infinity Run Flyknit

Both lineups feature unique design patterns, different materials, and distinct colorways. So, understanding the significance of both sneakers is crucial.

The primary divergences are in upper & sole materials, comforts, fittings, and versatility.

Consider the subsequent comparison table for a clear understanding.

Attribute Nike PegasusNike Infinity Run Flyknit
Released Year19832020
Design SchemeTraditional, versatile, performance-orientedModern, sleek, comfort-focused
Aesthetic AppealClassic running shoe lookStreamlined, high-tech, stylish knit upper
ColorwaysBright and boldMuted and sleek
UpperEngineered meshFlyknit
InsoleRemovable, cushionedRemovable, contoured for arch support
MidsoleReact foam with Zoom Air unitsReact foam
ComfortPlush and supportiveLavishly soft
FitTrue to sizeTrue to size with a wider toe box
DurabilityExtremely durableModerately durable
VersatilitySuitable for various runs and pacesBest for easy runs and walking
LacingTraditional laces with Flywire lockdownFlyknit integrated lacing for a snug fit
Weight and FlexibilityLighter and more flexibleHeavier and less flexible
Price Range$100-150$120-160

Differences Between Nike Pegasus and Nike Infinity Run Flyknit

Now that you know the primary differences between both shoes, you can easily track down the most suitable pair.

But, just staring at a comparison chart is insufficient to finalize the purchasing decision. So, let’s compare both shoes depending on various aspects to make a better judgment.

1. Design and Aesthetics

The best design is the one that speaks to you!

For Pegasus shoes, Nike utilizes the traditional running shoe silhouette, overlays for structure, and the prominent Nike swoosh.

Pegasus shoes are performance-oriented with a classic, timeless appeal.

For all 40 versions of Pegasus shoes, Nike harnesses the plea of various colorways from the traditional black and white to vibrant seasonal shades.

The overall design is not too flashy or minimalist, which makes them preferable to a wide range of audiences.

On the other hand, Nike renovated the design pattern and applied a modern and high-tech design for the Infinity Run Flyknit shoes.

These sneakers feature a sleek and contemporary aesthetic.

Its seamless Flyknit and sock-like appearance make it more futuristic and stylish. Infinity Run shoes emphasize a cleaner, more refined look with minimal overlays and a smooth silhouette.

Though most Infinity Run sneakers come in muted colorways, some versions often feature unique and eye-catching color

While the Pegasus offers a classic running shoe aesthetic and ample color options, the Infinity Run Flyknit features a modern, comfortable, and often bold design statement.

2. Insole, Midsole & Outsole

Nike took advantage of their prominent materials for the sole constructions and retouched every aspect for further improvement.

Let’s compare the different sole technologies of both shoes.


For the insole, Nike Pegasus usually uses a removable and cushioned insole which offers basic arch support.

But some recent versions also come with removable inserts or gel cushioning for better stability and further cushioning.

Infinity Run Flyknit also features a similar removable and contoured insole. This redesigned insole offers noticeable arch support and better stability than the Pegasus shoes.


The midsole of Nike Pegasus is made of React foam with Zoom Air units, making it a firmer and stable shoe along with some responsiveness.

Due to the firm toe-off and moderate cushioning, the Pegasus shoes are more suitable for short-tempo runs and paces.

The firmness and lower stack height of the midsole ensure excellent stability.

Nike Infinity Run Flyknit has a React foam in the midsole. The React foam is extremely popular due to its profound cushioning and foot protection.

Compared to the Pegasus midsole, Infinity Run’s midsole is deeply cushioned, offers more prominent arch support, and smoother ride on long distances.

However, the softer and bouncy midsole of Infinity Run is less durable than the Pegasus.


Both shoes have the same rubber outsole.outsole-of-nike-pegasus-nike-infinity-run-flyknit

But there is a twist in durability. The zoned rubber outsole of Infinity Run exposed some of the React foam, which makes them more vulnerable and easily scraped.

Other than that, the outsoles of both shoes are incredibly durable and can last several years.

In short, the Pegasus has a firm, stable, and durable sole unit suitable for short-tempo runs. The Infinity Run has a cushioned, bouncy, and softer sole unit suitable for long distances and slow-paced runs.

3. Durability and Maintenance

In terms of durability, Nike Pegasus and Infinity Run have distinct executions.

The thicker rubber outsole of Pegasus is comparatively more durable and can tolerate different terrains without being prone to snags or tears.

The engineered mesh upper of the Pegasus shoes is also more durable than Flyknit.

Moreover, Pegasus’s Zoom Air units and React foam can hold up better over time.

On the other hand, the outsole of the Infinity Run is less durable, tears, and wears faster on rough surfaces.

The Flyknit upper can tear more quickly than the mesh upper of Pegasus.

The midsole also compresses faster than the Zoom Air units.

While the Pegasus needs relatively low maintenance and can be cleaned easily with mild detergent, Infinity Run Flyknit requires slightly more care due to the Flyknit upper.

In short, Pegasus surpasses the Infinity Run with more durable upper, midsole, and outsole materials and needs less maintenance.durability-and-maintenance-of-nike-pegasus

4. Comfort & Fit

Now, let’s focus on both shoes’ overall comfort and fit.

Pegasus provides a balanced and plush comfort, making it suitable for runs and paces. The React foam has good cushioning, and the Zoom Air units ensure bounce and responsiveness.

These shoes are more lightweight and offer excellent flexibility. Most Pegasus shoes are true to size.

I appreciate their breathable, flexible mesh upper, ensuring a comfortable fit and perfect heel lockdown.

Infinity Run, on the other hand, prioritizes maximum cushioning and a luxuriously smooth ride, utilizing the full-length React foam.

The sock-like fit from the Flyknit upper is unmatchable, and surely you will appreciate it too.

If you have wide feet like me, the wider toe box will ensure a secure fit and provide plenty of space to move your forefoot without slipping.

Pegasus is more suitable for those prioritizing versatility and balanced comfort with a secure lockdown. Choose the Infinity Run for luxurious cushioning, breathable upper, and smooth transitions.

5. Peak Performance

Undoubtedly, Pegasus is a consistent and stable shoe designed for short or middle-distance easy runs.

Nike Infinity Run Flyknit is a well-cushioned and stable shoe focused on long distances and slow pacespeak-performance-of-nike-infinity-run-flyknit


While both shoes are very stable, overall, the Pegasus is the more stable thanks to its firm sole and lower stack height.

However, the Nike Infinity Run offers better arch support than Pegasus.


In terms of flexibility, the Pegasus shoes are highly flexible due to their mesh upper. The firmer React foam and Zoom Air units also assist in responsiveness.

But the Infinity Run Flyknit supposed the Pegasus with its ultra-flexible Flyknit upper.


Though both shoes share similar outsole materials and tread patterns, there are some noticeable changes in the traction performance.

After trying both shoes on various surfaces, I realized the Pegasus can efficiently handle varied road surfaces without slipping.

Some Pegasus models also come with additional grip for light trail running.

Infinity Run has a traction issue as it struggles on uneven surfaces. But you can conquer most flat and smooth paved surfaces wearing the Infinity Run Flyknit.

For all-round performance, tempo runs, excellent traction, and versatility, choose Nike Pegasus. Choose the Infinity Run Flyknit for long, slow-paced runs, pure comfort, and smooth transitions.

6. Price and Significance

There is a noticeable difference in the price of both shoes due to the distinct materials and design scheme.

For instance, the latest Pegasus 40 model is $130, while the latest Nike InfinityRN 4 is $160.

As you can see, the Infinity Run has a higher price tag than the Pegasus. This price reflects the premium materials of Infinity Run, such as Flyknit upper and full-length React foam.

In summary, Nike Pegasus shoes are more economical than the premium Infinity Run

Pros & Cons of Nike Pegasus and Nike Infinity Run Flyknit

Nike has gone too far and kept renovating their best shoes with newer technologies and recycled materials as a part of their commitment to reduce the carbon footprint.

Though there are some similarities between both lineups, some of their unique attributes assist one in standing out over another.

And most importantly, these characteristics can alter your purchasing decision.

So, before finalizing the ultimate pick, consider both shoes’ pros and cons.

Nike Pegasus

  • »Consistent performance and comfort.
  • »Surprisingly stable and durable.
  • »Versatile for various runs and paces.
  • »Great lockdown and secure fit.
  • »Responsive ride with Zoom Air units
  • »Lack of breathability.
  • »Minimal enhancement compared to the earlier version

Nike Infinity Run Flyknit

  • »A snug and secure fit.
  • »Stable and responsive feel.
  • »Smooth ride transitions.
  • »Excellent breathability.
  • »Streamlined and stylish Flyknit upper.
  • »Higher price point than Pegasus.
  • »Less durable outsole.

Nike Pegasus Vs Nike Infinity Run Flyknit: Which One Suits You Best?

Certainly, both shoes are very dependable and provide consistent performance year after year.

But some characteristics place one above another.

If you prefer firmness, traditional appearance, versatility, performance-oriented, and remarkably durable shoes, the ultimate pick is the Nike Pegasus.

On the contrary, if you prioritize more cushioning for longer distances and slow-paced runs, a modern appearance, a breathable upper, a wider toe box, and better arch support, pick the Nike Infinity Run Flyknit.

Moreover, choose the Nike Pegasus if you’re on a tight budget and looking for the best value.

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of running is Nike Pegasus good for?

Nike Pegasus shoes are suitable for versatile runs such as easy runs, tempo runs, and cross-training. Moreover, these shoes are widely known for their remarkable grip on surfaces like running tracks, treadmills, and roads.

Is Nike React Infinity run Flyknit a stability shoe?

The Nike React Infinity Run Flyknit is a comfortable road trainer with inherent stability thanks to its dual-sided heel and the plastic heel clip. However, this pair is more stable on the knee than the foot inward rotation control.

Are Nike Infinity Runs suitable for walking?

As the name suggests, these shoes are primarily for versatile runs. Due to its high stability feature, ample support, and luxurious cushioning, you can also use these shoes for walking.

Is Nike Infinity Run good for flat feet?

Nike Infinity Run shoes are best known for their true-to-size, wide toe-box, and extra cushioning, making them suitable for people with flat feet. Its responsiveness and extended comfort shine on long distances.

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