Nike Pegasus 39 vs Turbo Next Nature: Which is Better?

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When I first saw the Pegasus Turbo Next Nature, I instantly fell in love with the design and aesthetics.

The color combination is very different from my Pegasus 39 and looks more gorgeous.

I’ve run the entire 2023 wearing these Nike Pegasus models, and the performance and comfort were mindblowing.

Today, I’ll share my experience with them and compare Nike Pegasus 39 and Turbo Next Nature to help you pick the perfect

So, let’s start.

Overview of Nike Pegasus 39 and Pegasus Turbo Next Nature

The Nike Pegasus series is renowned for its versatile running capabilities. In 2022, Nike released two great Pegasus models, the Pegasus 39 and Turbo Next Nature in the market.

The story and impressive performance immediately spread among the runners, and people went crazy for them.

Nike Pegasus 39

The Pegasus 39 is a famous and reliable running shoe for everyday training. It’s all about smooth and cushioned miles.

The shoe brought a massive upgrade from its ancestor, especially in the midsole, which provides versatility and a rich running experience.

Roads, tracks, tempos, or terrain, the Pegasus 39 is an all-rounder for all types of paths.

The Nike Pegasus 39 is a true workhorse, ideal for runners who prioritize comfort and performance.

Nike Pegasus Turbo Next Nature

Who doesn’t love nature?

The world is moving towards eco-friendly products, and Nike connects you with the environment through their Pegasus Turbo Next Nature.

It uses recycled materials to make the shoe and Zoom X foam to deliver a springier, more propulsive feel.

Pegasus Turbo Next Nature offers an energetic shoe and is a perfect choice for runners seeking a sustainable pair with a touch of speed.

Whether you are a high-mileage enthusiast, comfort lover, or a speed demon, Nike Pegasus has a shoe for you.

I have provided an in-depth feature comparison between Nike Pegasus 39 and Turbo Next Nature to help you choose the most suitable shoes wisely.

Key Characteristics of Nike Pegasus 39 & Pegasus Turbo Next Nature

Pegasus 39 and Turbo Next Nature running shoes have similar body structures and purposes. Both models resemble many features but have some minor changes that make them distinct from each other.

Let’s take a closer look at their primary characteristics and compare them.

ParameterNike Pegasus 39Nike Pegasus Turbo Next Nature
Release Year20222022
Upper MaterialEngineered mesh with Flywire technologyEngineered mesh with Flyknit technology
MidsoleReact, Zoom Air unitsReact, ZoomX
OutsoleRubber outsoleRubber outsole
Heel-to-toe Drop10mm10mm
Weight9.8oz/ 279g (Men’s US 10)9.3oz/ 265g (Men’s US 10)
CushioningHigh, plush, and comfortableModerate, responsive, and bouncy
ResponsivenessSuitable for daily training pacesExcellent for tempo runs and speedwork
DistanceIdeal for all distances, especially long runsBest for shorter distances and speedwork
UsageDaily training, easy runs, recovery runs, long runsTempo runs, interval training, race day

Feature Comparison Between Nike Pegasus 39 & Pegasus Turbo Next Nature

The Pegasus 39 and Turbo Next Nature are both running shoes released in the same year.

Both shoes are fantastic for runners but cater to slightly different needs. So, choosing the right Nike Pegasus might be tricky without knowing much information about it.

To help you decide which one is best for you, I will dive deep into their key features, from upper materials and midsoles to fit, performance, and price.

Here are the feature comparisons between Nike Pegasus 39 and Pegasus Turbo Next Nature:

Upper Material & Design

The Nike Pegasus 39 uses engineered mesh on the upper. It’s extremely breathable and feels much more comfortable.

The whole upper is made out of one piece. There’s no fancy designing or color mixing going on here, which gives a pretty good minimalistic design.

The shoe comes in brown, purple, red, blue, black, and green colors.

Nike Pegasus 39 uses flywire technology to secure the laces or cables. The tongue is thick and has sufficient cushioning.

There is ample foam around the heel collar, giving excellent support in running.

As always, the Nike swoosh is clearly visible at the medial and lateral sides of the shoe, covering the midfoot to heel area.

On the other hand, the Nike Pegasus Turbo Next Nature gives an aesthetic vibe from the very first look.

It boasts a combination of green and black color engineered mesh on the upper.

Pegasus Turbo Next Nature uses Flyknit technology to create a lightweight upper and provide support in the targeted area.upper-material-and-design-of-nike-pegasus-turbo-next-nature

The material is very stretchy and breathable to give sufficient support and comfort.

However, the tongue mechanism is slightly different. The mid-portion of the shoe has a long part that goes all the way to the top to create a tongue.

The tongue is stitched with the eyestay, and there’s no room for it to slide inside your feet.

The Nike swoosh is visible on the shoe’s lateral side, but the medial side has no branding.

Pegasus Turbo Next Nature has a good amount of cushioning around the heel collar. However, from my experience, it doesn’t feel as comfortable compared to Pegasus 39.

Midsole & Outsole

The Nike Pegasus 39 uses React foam at the midsole and two Zoom Air units at the heel and forefoot.

The Zoom Air unit makes a huge difference in running. It gives a bouncy feel and excellent energy return on every stride.

It makes long and slow running responsive and very enjoyable.

The outsole is made out of durable rubber. The multi-directional lugs are deep compared to most running shoes. It helps to run easily on both road and terrain.outsole-of-nike-pegasus-39-and-nike-pegasus-turbo-next-nature

On the contrary, Pegasus Turbo Next Nature uses React foam and ZoomX in the midsole.

But, this ZoomX is slightly different from most Nike shoes. It’s made from recycled materials, which gives a firm and very responsive feel.

The React foam is bouncy and provides an outstanding energy return.

Turnbo Next Nature uses a durable rubber, just like the Pegasus 39. However, the waffle-design lugs aren’t very deep and are only suitable for roads or tracks.

Size & Weight

Both Nike Pegasus 39 and Pegasus Turbo Next Nature are true to size.

Pegasus 39 fits perfectly on my feet. However, the Turbo Next Nature runs large in my wearing experience.

Therefore, I had to size down and take the US 9.5 instead of my regular US 10 size.

ParameterNike Pegasus 39Nike Pegasus Turbo Next Nature
Heel-to-toe Drop10mm10mm
Weight9.8oz/ 279g (Men’s US 10)9.3oz/ 265g (Men’s US 10)

The heel-to-toe drop is the same for both models. But there’s a difference in their weight.

The Pegasus 39 has more cushioning inside than Turbo Next Nature, which slightly increases the weight.

But, the difference is very marginal and negligible.

The toe box size is regular, so I had no issue sliding my feet into it. However, if you have a blister or any foot issues, I suggest purchasing one size bigger to get a comfortable and roomy space.

Fit & Comfort

Pegasus 39 and Turbo Next Nature have no issue with the fitting.

I wear these shoes daily, and I have had no problem with the tongue so far. Both shoes have firm lacing and support my midfoot area very well.

However, the comfort isn’t the same for these models.

The most noticeable difference I have found is around the heel collar.

Nike Pegasus 39 has a thicker heel collar and feels really nice in the long run. But the cushioning in Turbo Next Nature isn’t sufficient for mileage.

For around 15 miles, the foam gives good comfort. But after that, the cushioning feels stiff and starts to hurt my ankle.

Nike has cut down some comfort in Pegasus Turbo Next Nature to provide more responsiveness and a nimble

Stability & Support

Nike Pegasus 39 and Turbo Next Nature both have curvy midsoles. It gives excellent support and a place to put pressure in every stride.

There’s a good amount of arch support for both shoes. So, these shoes are perfect for all types of feet.

But once again, the ankle support isn’t great in Turbo Next Nature. The minimal cushioning doesn’t give my foot the best ankle support in the long run.

However, in Nike Pegasus 39, the ankle support is very comfortable, and I don’t feel any pain when running long distances.

The Zoom Air units at the heel and forefoot give good support and stability in Pegasus 39.stability-and-support-of-nike-pegasus-39

But, the full-length ZoomX in the Pegasus Turbo Next Nature doesn’t feel that stable compared to 39.

Durability & Performance

The overall mesh design, lacing system, and sole are durable and perform fantastically.

I have been using both models for over one year, and they still are in perfect condition. There’s no scratch or wearout on the upper, and the outsole is also in good shape.

Pegasus 39 has deeper lugs that help me run smoothly on terrain or country roads. But, with the Turbo Next Nature, I didn’t get that much support on these types of roads.

However, the performance on regular roads or tracks was impressive in both models.

If you know how to take care of your shoes and use them, the Pegasus 39 and Turbo Next Nature will last a couple of years very easily.

Price Comparison

There’s no massive difference in the pricing of Pegasus Turbo Next Nature and 39.

Nike Pegasus 39
  • »Around $130
Nike Pegasus Turbo Next Nature
  • »Around $150

There’s around a $20 difference between these models in the official Nike store.

The pricing isn’t too much if you are willing to purchase good running shoes.

However, both shoes occasionally come with discounts. And if you could grab one for that price, it’s a win-win situation.

Pros & Cons: Nike Pegasus 39 Vs. Pegasus Turbo Next Nature

Both Pegasus 39 and Turbo Next Nature are suitable for daily running. However, these shoes may show advantages and disadvantages depending on their usage.

Nike Pegasus 39

  • »Good amount of cushioning for ankle support.
  • »Very comfortable midsole.
  • »Suitable for slow and long runs.
  • »Very minimalistic design.
  • »Versatile shoes for roads and terrain.
  • »Not very responsive for running quickly.

Nike Pegasus Turbo Next Nature

  • »Uses recycled materials.
  • »Very responsive running shoes.
  • »Suitable for tracks, tempos, and quick running.
  • »Not ideal for running a long distance.
  • »Cushioning isn’t sufficient for good ankle support.

Nike Pegasus 39 Vs Pegasus Turbo Next Nature: Which Should You Buy?

The Turbo Next Nature and 39 are amazing running shoes from the Nike Pegasus series.

There’s no complaint about their overall design, performance, durability, or pricing. Nike made them for distinct purposes, and the shoes are doing their job very well.

The Nike Pegasus 39 is undoubtedly the perfect choice if you prefer slow and long-distance runs and greatly focus on comfort.

But, if you want speedrun, tempos, or medium-distance running and don’t bother much about the comfort, the Nike Pegasus Turbo Next Nature will be the best selection.

However, if you are a casual runner or want to use it for versatile usage, the Nike Pegasus 39 would be the better choice.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Nike Pegasus 39 best for everyday use?

Yes, the Nike Pegasus 39 is fantastic for everyday usage. It’s a versatile shoe that can give a good user experience and performance on tracks, tempos, treadmills, and short or long runs.

Can you run a marathon in Nike Pegasus 39?

Yes, you can run a marathon wearing the Nike Pegasus 39. It has a soft midsole, great cushioning around the heel collar, and a grippy outsole, which is great for a half and full marathon.

Can you speedrun using Nike Pegasus Turbo Next Nature?

Yes, you can speedrun or do tempos using the Nike Pegasus Turbo Next Nature. It has a firm and responsive ZoomX and React midsole to provide good energy return on every stride.

What is the difference between Pegasus 39 and Pegasus 40?

Nike Pegasus 40 has a slightly softer upper than Pegasus 39 and provides better comfort. The most visible difference is found in the lacing system. Pegasus 40 offers regular lacing, while 39 has a webbing lace system.

Which Pegasus is best for running?

Nike Pegasus 40 is the latest and the best shoes from the Pegasus series. It offers advanced technology and more comfort in running.

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