Nike Blazers Vs Court Royale [Clash of Iconic Sneakers]

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When it comes to iconic sneakers, Nike has always been a brand that stands out.

Their Blazers and Court Royale shoes have remained popular among sneaker enthusiasts. However, the feature discrepancies between the two lineups have made it harder to make a sound purchase decision.

After using some of the sneakers from both series, I’ve compiled a few notable differences that will greatly help out any potential

So, let’s lace up these creps and determine which one is a better fit for you.

A Quick Rundown on Nike Blazer and Court Royale Sneakers

The Court Royale and Blazer are both classic Nike sneakers with a timeless style and a rich history. But they were built for different purposes, which still, to this day, affect their overall build and user experience.

Nike initially debuted the Blazers as basketball shoes, with a durable construction to withstand outdoor activities.

Over the years, this sneaker series has seen many iterative upgrades without diverting from its sporty DNA. Some of the popular Blazer models are the Nike Blazer Mid ‘77 Vintage, Mid Pro Club, and Low Platform.

On the flip side, the Court Royale shoes were initially released as tennis court sneakers. Hence, the “Court” in its name.

These shoes are aimed at a more budget-oriented crowd and became fan favorites due to their clean design and versatility.

Similar to the Blazer, the Court Royale also saw a few updates, like the Nike Court Royale 2 Mid or the Court Royale 2 Next Nature.

Technical Comparison Between Nike Blazers and Court Royales

There are some obvious and not-so-obvious feature differences between the Blazer and Court Royale shoes, which become more evident if we compare their technical aspects.

So, here’s a side-by-side technical comparison between Nike Blazers and Court Royale sneakers:

AttributesNike BlazerNike Court Royale
PurposeOutdoor activities, streetwear, casualAffordable lifestyle sneakers
SizeTrue to sizeTrue to size
Upper materialLeather, suede, and canvasLeather and canvas
MidsoleEVA(Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate) foam, phylon, LunarlonEVA foam, made from recycled material
OutsoleVulcanized rubberStandard rubber
Toe boxStandardNarrower
Break-in period1 or 2 short runsOut-of-the-box
Price range$70 to $120$40 to $57

As you can see, a few key characteristics of these two sneaker series have fairly notable dissimilarities.

Now, the question is, how do these significant differences translate to real-world user experience?

Feature Differences Between Nike Blazer and Court Royale

Apart from personal taste, the overall design language, build quality, and day-to-day performance are very important aspects if you want to pick out the most suitable pair.

Hence, you need to recognize the unique/defining dissimilarities that set the Nike Blazers apart from the Court Royales.

These key differences between Nike Blazers and Court Royale will help you find the best pair:

1. Upper Construction

The most notable difference between Blazers and Court Royales that the majority of potential buyers would care about is the upper construction.

Design and Aesthetics

Most of the Blazer sneakers have a classic silhouette with high/mid-top collars, with a few low-top options as well.

A bold and sporty design can be found throughout the build of the Blazer shoes.

The foxing along the toe box and vamp, the two-tone midsole, and the contrasting swoosh make it suitable for any outfit.

Meanwhile, the Court Royale takes a departure from such streetwear style and embodies a simplistic look. The low-profile design and the subdued swoosh give these sneakers a minimalistic look that goes perfectly with casual wear.

Some Court Royale shoes, like the Court Royale 2 Mid, have a similar high-top look with more colorways than the Blazers.

Be that as it may, most of these sneakers have a low-cut upper, which many people would prefer over the high-collar design.

If you want to purchase these shoes from Nike’s official website, you can customize them extensively through Nike’s “Design Your Own” option.

However, Court Royale’s overall design and color choices add a bit more versatility compared to

Upper Material

In general, Nike Blazer shoes boast durable leather uppers with a premium look. Some suede and canvas variations also exist to offer a more breathable and abrasion-resistant option.

Since the Court Royales were made with affordability in mind, they utilize synthetic leather and canvas uppers for easy care.

Such materials definitely lack the premium feel and stylistic appeal of the Blazer’s upper.

Toe Box

Both Court Royale and Blazer sneakers have a narrower toe cap to create a streamlined silhouette.

Despite such similarities, the Court Royales seem to accommodate wider forefeet a bit better than the competitor.

Tongue and Lacing

The Mid and High Blazers have an extended tongue with adequate padding and exposed foam. Only the Blazer Lows have slightly less padding with a more traditional, sleeker tongue.

They also have flat laces with ten eyelets for a traditional lace-up system.

Conversely, the low-profile collar of the Court Royale shoes has decent padding for a comfortable ride, despite being slightly thinner than the Blazer’s offering.

It also gives better midfoot support and remains in place during fast-paced running.

The six-eyelet lace-up system also provides a decent foot lockdown feel similar to the competitor.

Ultimately, the Nike Blazer takes the crown with its head-turning design and robust yet comfortable build.tongue-and-lacing-of-nike-blazer

2. Midsole and Comfort

The midsole of a Nike Blazer sneaker is typically made of a lightweight, flexible foam that provides cushioning and support.

Although, the specific foam type (EVA, Phylon) can vary depending on the model.

For example, the Blazer Mid ‘77 uses flexible EVA foam that provides good cushioning and shock absorption.

Nike opted for the same EVA midsole material in the Court Royales with 20% recycled material. They provide decent ground feedback thanks to the lower stack height and sitting closer to the ground.

Furthermore, this slightly thinner midsole also has out-of-the-box comfort, unlike Blazer shoes which require a few short runs to break in.

That being said, the plush cushioning of the Blazer sneakers makes it a better fit for outdoor sports or long-day wear.

3. Outsole and Durability

The Nike Blazer sneakers typically feature vulcanized rubber outsoles with herringbone patterns for surface grip.

Despite the lack of traction lugs, these sneakers don’t budge regardless of wet or slippery surfaces.

Furthermore, these tread patterns also help a lot in the overall durability of these shoes.

The Nike Court Royales generally use solid rubber outsoles with less aggressive tread patterns. Such an outsole design is more than enough for casual fit or walking on smoother surfaces.

However, they take a hit in durability as the thinner outsole wears faster on rough terrain.

With a better tread pattern and a robust outsole construction, the Nike Blazer shoes are clearly a better choice in this regard.outsole-of-nike-blazer

4. Fit, Weight, and Sizing

Both Blazer and Court Royale sneakers are true-to-size for the most part. The only exception can be found in the women’s fit as they tend to run small in the UK.

Nike Blazers size chart:

Men's US SizeMen's UK SizeEUR SizeWomen's US SizeWomen's UK SizeEUR Size

Nike Court Royale size chart:

Men's US SizeMen's UK SizeEUR SizeWomen's US SizeWomen's UK SizeEUR Size

Nonetheless, the traditional lacing and sturdy yet comfortable upper of the Court Royales provide a relaxed and casual fit without cutting off ventilation.

The competing sneaker lineup also shares the same DNA to some extent.

The Blazer Highs usually have less breathability due to the high-collar build. But such nuances aren’t present in the Mids or Lows.

Furthermore, the Court Royale shoes are comparatively lighter due to using a softer material and a thinner midsole & outsole. Such a trait makes these sneakers suitable for those who prefer a lightweight feel for everyday wear.

Both of these sneakers come with their unique attributes in weight and sizing, but the Court Royales may have more appeal than the Blazers.

5. Performance and Value Proposition

The previously mentioned material and construction differences between these sneakers greatly impact the day-to-day performance.

Let me explain.

The vulcanized rubber outsole and the plush cushioning of the Blazer footwear can keep your feet happy whether you wear them throughout the day or hit the road.

The high and mid-top Blazers provide satisfying ankle support and comfort for outdoor activities.

With that said, the slightly heavier build of these sports sneakers might feel less comfortable for extended walking or running.

The Court Royales, on the other hand, offer a breezy, relaxed feel due to the flexible and softer material.

Their minimal design and lighter weight make them ideal for everyday errands and light walking.

But don’t expect them to keep up with the Blazers if you put them through extreme tests.

If we look at the pricing, the Blazer shoes are placed higher on the price bracket compared to the Court Royales. The robust build and the timeless design of the first ones are truly worth the price.

Although it is hard to deny the affordability and versatility that the Court Royal sneakers have managed to deliver.

Judging from the price-to-performance standpoint, the Blazers offer an overall better-valued product.performance-of-nike-blazer

Strengths and Weaknesses of the Nike Blazer and Court Royale

If we go through the advantages and disadvantages that each of these sneakers has to offer, we can get a good idea of which one ticks the most boxes for our individual needs.

On that note, let’s take a look at the pros and cons of the Blazer and Court Royale shoes from Nike.

Nike Blazer

  • »Bold, iconic look.
  • »Durable construction.
  • »Better ankle support.
  • »More stylistic choices.
  • »More expensive.
  • »Less breathable upper.

Nike Court Royale

  • »Budget-friendly sneakers.
  • »More breathable upper.
  • »Plush and comfortable ride.
  • »More versatility.
  • »Not as durable as the competitor.
  • »Less supportive.

If you’re still on the fence about your buying decision, move on to the following verdict to get a more conclusive answer.

Nike Blazers Vs Court Royale: Which Sneaker Should You Buy?

The Nike Blazers is a better choice compared to the Court Royale, as it offers adequate comfort and satisfying outdoor performance while retaining a retro vibe. Whether you pick the high, mid, or low-top, you’re guaranteed a classic Nike sneaker with rich heritage and undeniable style.

To be honest, the Court Royale also shines as an all-day sneaker due to its lightweight comfort and affordability.

But, when we look at this comparison from a broader perspective(build-quality, midsole, outsole, fitting, and value proposition), the Nike Blazer shoes manage to soar ahead as a better product.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Nike Court Royale comfortable?

Yes. The Nike Court Royale has a padded collar and tongue, along with a softer midsole for an extra cushioned feel.

Are Nike Blazers still trendy?

The Nike Blazers, especially the mid-tops, are still some of the most popular sneakers in the world. The classic silhouette and the retro vibe have that timeless appeal that very few footwear brands have managed to achieve.

Can you wear Nike Blazers to the gym?

Yes. The Nike Blazer High was initially debuted as an outdoor activity shoe. Since then, Nike has retained that sporty design, making them adequate enough for a gym environment.

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