Nike Blazers Mid Vs High [Every Difference Uncovered]

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The Nike Blazer shoes have been around for years and come in two popular versions: the Blazer Mid and High. With each version having unique characteristics, choosing between the two can be tricky.

After using a few Blazer Mid kicks and the original Blazer High, I got a pretty good idea about each shoe’s technical differences, strengths, and

On that note, let’s discuss how the Blazer Mid differs from the High and help you decide which is best for you.

A Quick Overview of Nike Blazer Mid and High

The Nike Blazer footwear has become an everyday style staple among fashion fanatics.

Initially introduced in the ’70s as basketball shoes, the Blazer high-top offered a stunningly versatile and eye-catching silhouette.

In the modern days, these classic shoes still demand love and respect with their vintage vibes.

Nike upgraded the Blazers over time and transformed them into classic sportswear/casual shoes. They have also divided these sneakers into two lineups based on ankle height: the Blazer Low and Mid.

Despite a bit more modern flare, these newer iterations retain the classic paneling and traditional look.

Nike even re-released their classics as a throwback to the streamlined look, such as the Blazers Mid ‘77 Vintage or regular. Still, the OG(original) Blazer, AKA Blazer High, has a special place in the sneaker market.

Technical Comparison Between Nike Blazer Mid and High

Since there’s a decent time gap between the release of Nike Blazer Mid and High shoes, it is apparent that they would have some notably different technical traits.

Take a look at this technical comparison between Nike Blazer Mid and High for a better understanding:

AttributesNike Blazer MidNike Blazer High
PurposeLifestyle, SkateBasketball (formerly), Lifestyle
SizingTrue to sizeTrue to size
Commonly used materialLeather, suede, canvas, rubber, foamLeather, suede, synthetic, rubber, foam
ColorwaysWide varietyMostly classic & OG styles
Toe boxNarrowNarrow
CostCheaperMore expensive
Break-in periodShortSlightly longer
AvailabilityWidely availableHardly available

Now, let’s get into a detailed discussion of how these shoes actually differ in a way that can impact your real-world experience.

Key Differences Between Nike Blazer Mid and High

To be honest, there’s actually not that much difference between the mid and high-top Blazers.

The overall design, a few construction variances, and availability are some of the most notable differences between the previously mentioned sneakers.

The following discussion covers all the significant differences between the Nike Blazer Mid and High:

1. Design and Aesthetics

An appealing retro design can often get outclassed by a more modernized look. We can see something similar in this shoe-down as well.

The Blazer High radiates a commanding presence with its authentically old-school finish.

Its ankle-embracing silhouette makes a statement, instantly adding a touch of personality to any outfit.

The padded collar and durable leather upper of these high-top Blazers whisper a sporty DNA. And the color palette of the swoosh also leans towards OG basketball shades like black, white, and red.

Rest assured, its classic construction and iconic details will always stay in style.

Meanwhile, the Nike mid-tops embrace the ankle-freeing ease and casual silhouette that fits the street style.

Its simplistic and sleek design lets the iconic swoosh take center stage.

But don’t be fooled by the minimalism; the bold colorways and playful variations, like canvas uppers or platform soles, keep things fresh.

Nonetheless, both mid and high-tops have a foxing strip on the upper and accented midsole for a premium feel.

Since the Nike Blazer mid-tops retain most of the classic silhouette while offering more colorways and stylistic options, they get an early upper hand over the

2. Collar Height

The defining aspect that would either make or break the deal for most people is the collar height difference between the two sneakers.

Reaching just above the ankle, the Mid Blazers offer a liberating feel.

Whether cruising down the streets or carving up the skatepark, you’ll enjoy unrestricted movement and a breezy aesthetic.

Conversely, the high-top Blazers stand tall and proud with their extended ankle coverage and athletic heritage.

These sneakers also have a generous amount of padding around the collar to give a comfortable stride at the risk of having less ventilation.

The freedom and breathability offered by the mid-top Blazers make these sneakers ideal for everyday wear.

3. Upper Construction

Both similarities and dissimilarities can be observed throughout the upper construction of these mid or high-top sneakers.

Let me explain.

Upper Material

The Nike Blazer High utilizes a durable leather upper with options for suede variations.

The mid-tops also have similar offerings, except for the breathable canvas build. You can also get a Blazer Mid with mixed material combinations for a unique look.

However, the softer suede of the Blazer Highs is a bit more breathable compared to the Mids.upper-material-of-nike-blazer-high

Toe box and Sizing

Both shoes have a narrower profile for the toe cap, so there’s not much to say in this regard.

I highly recommend going for a half or a full size up if you have a wider forefoot and want to avoid blistering.


The taller and sleeker tongue found in the high-top Blazers provides much-needed comfort and ankle cushioning for all-day wear.

On the other hand, the mid-tops have a low-profile tongue with a touch more cushioning. It ended up providing a better walking experience without sacrificing the comfort of the OG Blazers.


Whether you choose the Blazer Mid or High, you’ll get a robust lacing for a foot lockdown feel, thanks to the ten eyelets with reinforced overlays.

Overall, the mid-tops get a slight edge over the high-tops when it comes to having a better upper construction.

4. Midsole and Comfort

The Nike Blazer Mid embraces lightweight Pylon foams for the midsole. Such materials are known to provide decent cushioning for daily wear and keep our feet happy.

However, the denser EVA foam of the Blazer Highs has better stability and support for outdoor activities like basketball or skateboarding.

The downside?

It makes the high-top sneakers a bit heavier. As a result, they lack the agility that can be found in the mid-top shoes.comfort-of-nike-blazer-mid

Regardless, both shoes have a plush and comfortable build, with each having its unique advantages.

5. Outsole and Durability

There’s little to no difference in the outsole material and design of these Blazers.

Both mid and high-tops have a stiff rubber outsole with the exact tread patterns for traction. Hence, they both have similar traversal performance and grip on various surfaces.

Even after using the Mid ‘77 Pro Club and Blazer High for around six months, I haven’t noticed any crease in the upper. Nor have I found any sign of wear and tear in the outsole.

However, the high-tops’ leather upper is considered more durable than the mid-top sneakers.

Both sneakers have satisfying outsole performance. But the Nike Blazer High gets an extra point for the added durability.

6. Cost and Availability

Availability is a big concern regarding the Blazer High from Nike.

The high-tops have been slowly phased out from Nike’s website and got replaced by the mid-tops. The only way to get the OG high-tops is from third-party retailers.

Nike has also re-released their high-tops as the Mid ‘77 Vintage to fill in the demands for High Blazers.

Nonetheless, the Blazer Mids can set you back around $40 to $110, while the Blazer Highs have around $80 to $120 price tag.

The asking price of the Blazer Highs can’t be justified as the mid-tops offer similar or sometimes better performance, assuming that you can find an OG Blazer High in the first place.

Strengths and Weaknesses of Nike Blazer Mid and High

It is equally important to go over every advantage and disadvantage of each of these shoes if you want to pick the best one for you.

So, here are the pros and cons of the Nike Blazer Mid and High-tops:

Nike Blazers Mid

  • »Sleeker profile and more colorways.
  • »A streamlined look makes them easier to pair with shorts or pants.
  • »Lighter than the competitor.
  • »Better agility for activities.
  • »Less expensive.
  • »Slightly less ventilation in the upper.
  • »Shorter lifespan.

Nike Blazers High

  • »More stability for outdoor activities, like skateboarding or basketball.
  • »Slightly more breathable upper.
  • »More durable construction.
  • »Timeless appeal.
  • »More expensive.
  • »Barely available.
  • »A higher collar limits ankle movement.

Tallying up these vital points, you can get a good idea of which sneaker series ticks the most boxes for you. But if you still want a more conclusive answer, move on to the verdict.

Nike Blazers: Go Mid or Go High?

If you want a classic and versatile sneaker that’s readily available at an affordable price, the Nike Blazer Mid shoes should be at the top of your wishlist. That way, you can get almost all the benefits and a classic vibe of the OG Blazer High without missing out on the updated materials.

That being said, if you prefer an iconic sneaker that can rock outdoor activities, you’ll be happy with high-top Blazers.

But the mid-collar design of the Blazer Mids makes it easy to recommend for all, as many people don’t really like the high-collar build of the Blazer High shoes.

Especially when the Nike Blazer Mid ‘77 Vintage exists, which embodies the best of both worlds.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Nike Blazer Mid’77 good for running?

The Nike Blazer Mid’77 is for occasional or casual runs. However, I wouldn’t recommend using this model as a serious running shoe since it’s not specifically designed for running.

Are the Nike Blazer Mids suitable for the gym?

No. Nike Blazer Mids are not suitable for gym workouts. But some lifting can be done wearing these kicks as they have flat, stable soles.

Is there actually a Nike Blazer High shoe?

Yes. The OG Nike Blazer was a high-top canvas that gained popularity as the Blazer High. Later on, Nike discontinued the high-tops, and now they only sell the Mid and Low Blazers.

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