Nike Air Max Excee Vs Air Max 90: A Battle of Old & New

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When Nike released the Air Max Excee on the 30th birthday of Air Max 90, my buddies and I eagerly waited for it.

Both shoes resembled a lot, and the price was so affordable that I knew it would break the internet.

Luckily, I got my feet in Air Max Excee at the very first launch date and have been wearing it since then beside my AM90.

Today, I’ll share the differences between the Air Max Excee and Air Max 90 from my experience to help you select the right day-to-day

So, let’s start.

Overview of Nike Air Max Excee and Air Max 90

Nike’s Air Max journey began in 1987 with the iconic Air Max 1. It was the first shoe with Max Air technology and visible air units.

Over the past three decades, Nike Air Max has evolved a lot and introduced various popular models.

The Air Max Excee and Air Max 90 are two of those models with impressive design and huge fanbases.

Nike Air Max Excee

The Air Max Excee is a lifestyle shoe inspired by the legendary Air Max 90. It features a similar design and lines but with a modern twist.

The air unit windows are redesigned for a three-way view and a more futuristic appearance.

Air Max 90 looks alike, and its affordability makes it one of the most demanded shoes in the current market.

Nike Air Max 90

The Air Max 90 is one of the most famous and iconic Nike Air Max series shoes. It originally debuted in 1990 and is still one of the most selling Nike

The appearance is superb and goes with any kind of outfit. The performance is top-notch, and there’s nothing to complain about.

According to the Nike fan base, it’s by far one of the best models the company has ever made, and I am no one to deny that.

The Air Max Excee and 90 resemble each other in many categories. If you are willing to purchase one, you must take a look at its characteristics first.

I’ve provided the head-to-head comparison between Air Max Excee and Air Max 90 to help you select the right pair of everyday Nike shoes.

Key Characteristic Comparison Between Nike Air Max Excee & Air Max 90

Both AM Excee and 90 might have a similar appearance. However, they differ in various categories that influence decision-making.

Let’s take a glance at the key characteristics of Nike Air Max Excee and Air Max 90:

ParameterNike Air Max ExceeNike Air Max 90
Release Year20201990
DesignInspired by Air Max 90Original Air Max 90 design
Air UnitsVisible through three windows in the heelVisible through two windows in the heel
Upper MaterialLeather, mesh, and suedeLeather and mesh
MidsoleFoam midsole with air unitsFoam midsole with air units
Stack HeightHeel: 30 mm
Forefoot: 20 mm
Heel: 32 mm
Forefoot: 22 mm
Heel-to-toe Drop10 mm10 mm
Weight340g (US 10)410g (US 10)

Major Feature Differences Between Nike Air Max Excee & Air Max 90

From top to bottom, there are lots of differences between Nike Air Max Excee and Air Max 90.

Both shoes are great, but they have changes in design, technology, and pricing. Therefore, learning more about them is better before purchasing a pair.

Here are the major feature differences between Nike Air Max Excee and Air Max 90:

Upper Material

The Nike Air Max Excee uses a combination of leather, mesh, and suede on the upper.

There are multiple overlays, and each is made with different materials.

Mesh is used at the vamp and slightly at the lateral midfoot area. It also covers the heel collar for better comfort and breathability.

The upper base uses synthetic leather. It covers the sidewall of AM Excee and the back heel. The swoosh is also constructed from leather.

The suede material is used at the medial and lateral sides to make the eyestay and cover the midfoot area.

On the other hand, the Air Max Excee has a lot simpler construction.upper-material-of-nike-air-max-excee

It uses a combination of mesh and leather for the entire upper. Leather material covers most of the upper, and the mesh gives a better comfort.

The vamp and heel collar uses mesh, while the side wall and eyestay are produced with synthetic leather.


The design is a bit complicated in Air Max Excee compared to Air Max 90.

The most visible part of the Excee is the Air Max branding on the TPU at the medial and lateral sides of the shoes.

Nike swoosh sits just above it, covering the midfoot at the heel area.

The tongue follows a traditional design, containing six eyelets on each side. There’s a lace holder on the tongue for additional support.

A Nike Air label is attached at the top of the tongue. Similarly, the label is stitched at the back of the heel.

On the contrary, the Air Max 90 has a slightly smaller Air Max branding on the TPU.

The swoosh is placed just above it. But a leather side wall covers a portion of the Nike and Air Max logo, which makes it less eye-catching.

Nike Air branding is also present at the back of the heel and on the top of the tongue.

Unlike Excee, Air Max 90 has seven traditional-style eyelets.

However, from my personal experience, the lacing quality in Air Max 90 seems better and more robust compared to AM Excee.

Midsole & Outsole

Nike AM Excee and AM 90 have foam midsoles containing Max Air technology.

However, the air unit design is different in these models.

The Excee reveals it from three sides, where AM 90’s air units are visible only from the medial and lateral sides of the shoe.

Both models have the same outsole material. They both use a rubber outsole and waffle pattern.outsole-of-nike-air-max-excee-and-nike-air-max-90

The outsole is extended at the front to make a toe puff to protect the shoes.

Size & Weight

The Nike Air Max Excee is the lighter version of Air Max 90. AM 90 is slightly bulky and has a larger structure.

ParameterNike Air Max ExceeNike Air Max 90
Stack HeightHeel: 30 mm
Forefoot: 20 mm
Heel: 32 mm
Forefoot: 22 mm
Heel-to-toe Drop10 mm10 mm
Weight340g (US 10)410g (US 10)

Both shoes have a 10 mm stack height. But the heel and forefoot height is higher in Air Max 90.

Also, it offers better cushioning around the heel collar, making it heavier than Excee.

That’s why many people prefer the lightweight AM Excee for everyday usage.

Nike Air Max 90 and Excee offer true to size. However, if you find the stock unavailable, you can pick one size larger than your original shoe size.

Fit & Comfort

Both shoes fit perfectly, and there’s no question about the comfort.

However, I would give Air Max 90 a plus point because of the soft cushioning at the front and heel collar.

Excee also provides foam around the heel, but they don’t feel very good in long-term usage.

After sliding my feet into the Air Max 90, I instantly felt warm and comfortable. It has three holes at the medial and lateral sides of the eyestay to give good air circulation and breathability.

Even in the summertime, the bulky design didn’t bother me at all.

The tongue is very thick, and the traditional lacing system is very easy to tie firmly.

In my first few wears, the shoe felt stiff and a bit uncomfortable when walking. However, the fitting changed entirely after the breaking period and gave a better user experience.

I’ve worn it for a whole day, and the comfort & cushioning was amazing.

On the other hand, the Air Max Excee felt satisfactory from the very first wear. It seems there is no breaking period for this

The tongue quality and comfort are top-notch, and the lacing system is just what I wanted.

However, the amount of cushioning around the heel collar and at the vamp isn’t very satisfactory.

It’s suitable for wearing 3-5 hours a day. But after that, it started feeling firm, and my feet hurt during a walk.

Stability & Support

Nike Air Max Excee and 90 both have similar stability and support.

The air unit gives lightweight cushioning at the heel for better comfort and walking. The air inside the unit compresses on impact and immediately returns to its original shape.

It helps to provide stability in everyday usage.

The midsole is curvy and supports the midfoot area. When I walk or run for a moment, it gives a bounce and helps to apply strength to my forefoot.

For those who have arch issues, both Excee and 90 are good choices.

But, the Air Max 90 is slightly taller compared to the Air Max Excee. Sometimes, the shoe rolls and it feels uncomfortable to walk. In that instance, the Air Max Excee does a better job.

Durability & Performance

Air Max Excee and 90 are made from the same form and rubber. So, there’s no noticeable difference in their durability.

I have been using these two models for the past two years, and both models are still in good condition.

The midsole is in perfect shape, and the outsole has worn out only a little.

However, the performance isn’t the same for both shoes.

From my experience, I’ve found the Air Max 90 is better for providing cushiony comfort and all-day support.

Price & Value

The Air Max 90 has the original design, and the model inspires Excee. Therefore, it’s prevalent to have a significant difference in their pricing.

Nike Air Max ExceeNike Air Max 90
Around $95Around $130

There is around a $35 difference between Air Max Excee and Air Max 90.

Compared to its rich history and top-notch performance, the AM 90 offers a better value-for-money option.

However, the Air Max Excee often comes at a discount. And if you could grab one for a lower price, it would be a worthy purchase.

Pros & Cons: Nike Air Max Excee vs Air Max 90

The Excee and 90 are two fantastic models from the Nike Air Max series. However, there are some advantages and disadvantages in these variants.

Nike Air Max Excee

  • »Very lightweight and breathable.
  • »Affordable Air Max shoes.
  • »Offers a modern and stylish design.
  • »Perfect for any casual outfit.
  • »Cushioning isn’t great.
  • »Offers limited colorways.

Nike Air Max 90

  • »Very durable and breathable.
  • »Top-notch Air Max shoes.
  • »Offers 90’s aesthetics.
  • »Wide range of color selection.
  • »Impressive cushioning and comfort.
  • »Bulky shoe structure.
  • »Has a breaking period.

Nike Air Max Excee vs Air Max 90: Which Should You Buy?

In general, the choice between Nike Air Max Excee and Air Max 90 is very straightforward.

There’s a noticeable gap in the middle of these models in comfort, design, fitting, performance, and pricing.

If you want the best, don’t have any budget, and prefer the value-for-money option, the Nike Air Max 90 is undoubtedly the best selection here.

However, if you want a lightweight, slightly modern, and affordable shoe but want it to look like AM 90, then the Nike Air Max Excee is your perfect pick.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does Excee mean in Nike Air Max?

The Excee means 90 in Latin. Nike released the Air Max Excee on the 30th birthday of the iconic and legendary Air Max 90.

Are the Nike Air Max Excee good for running?

No, the Nike Air Max Excee isn’t suitable for running. It’s made for walking and regular day-to-day usage. It doesn’t provide the necessary structure and technology to give the best support in running.

Can you wear Nike Air Max 90 every day?

Absolutely. The Air Max 90 is designed and made for everyday purposes. It goes with every casual outfit and is wearable in every season.

Are Air Max 90 comfortable for standing all day?

Yes, the Air Max 90 is sufficiently comfortable for standing all day. The air units in the midsole and ample cushioning at the heel collar give immense support and comfort in walking or standing.

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