How to Know If Shoes Are Slip Resistant [4 Ways to Identify]

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No matter what your profession is, anti-slip shoes are like a staple for the wet season to prevent you from unwanted sliding.

But all shoes are not slip-resistant. While buying, detecting whether the shoe is slip resistant or not can be a hassle, right?


Let me help you to get over this quizzical situation.

In this article, I am gonna write about ways to identify non-slip shoes and many more.

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What is a Slip-Resistant Shoe?

The slip-resistant shoe is a special type of shoe that prevents slipping.

The main goal of these shoes is to protect and keep your feet stable while walking on oily and wet surfaces.

Moreover, the sole of a non-slip shoe is usually made with rubber that ensures a proper grip and traction.

The rubber material is used for making soles waterproof and lightweight.

Doctors, pharmacists, or chefs who generally work on feet for a prolonged time need a slip-resistant shoe. A slip-resistant shoe will be your savior if you are always in a hurry or clumsy, like me.

Slip-resistant shoes are different from other shoes. Their built-in material design separates them from other shoes.

Here I am describing 4 identical features of a non-slip shoe:

Sole Material

Soles of non-slip shoes are now made of EVA material, which is rubbery and slightly rounded. Such soles prevent getting moisture into the sole and make the shoe flexible.

EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate) is a synthetic foam-like sole that is durable and soft, so they provide a good grip on the surface.

However, the soles of slip-resistant shoes are thicker than other shoes, which provides more protection from sharp, uneven emerge.

The padded cushion was used as the midsole to make the shoe soft and comfy. Nowadays, brands are using air cushion midsole to offer lightweight, comfort, and flexibility.

Outsole Design

Normal shoes’ outsoles are generally flat, which makes your leg trippy on the slippery surface. But the non-slip shoe outsole is engraved with different patterns, mainly hexagonal or curvy patterns, that offer traction on the unsafe floor.


Padded Collar

To make your foot stable in the shoe, a padded collar is largely used in the non-slip shoe. Moreover, padded collars help to fix your ankle in the proper place, which maintains a proper balance on the surface.

Water and Stain Resistant Upper

An ideal slip-resistant shoe’s upper should be made of water-resistant material. Because non-slip shoes are generally used in wet weather, there is a chance that water/snow can get into your shoe. For that reason, brands make their non-slip shoe the ultimate safe shoe and the upper portion water-resistant.


How to Know if Shoes Are Slip Resistant or Not

All available shoes on the market are not slip-resistant, and you might get confused about which one is non-slip. 4 easy ways will help you to recognize if your desired shoe is non-slip.

Here are those 4 reasons to find slip-resistance shoes:

1. Checking Shoebox Level

The shoe companies provide all details about shoes on the shoebox. If you are buying shoes from outlets, read the detail on the box to know if the shoe is water-resistant or not.


2. Asking the Seller

Sellers or shop owners are well known about their product, so for online or offline purchasing – just ask the seller whether your desired shoe is slip-resistant or not.

Especially during online shopping where is no other option to check the product, then asking the seller is the best option to know if the shoe is slip-resistant or not.

3. Check the Outsole

As I mentioned earlier, that non-slip shoe sole is made with rubbery materials and has a curvy graved outsole for tracking on the surface. So checking the sole will assure you about its resistance.


4. Searching on the Brand Website

Brands have all details of each product on their website. You can know all the information about slip resistance to a color variation, and every detail of your desired shoe model on their dedicated website.

Apart from fashion, Footwear’s first job is to protect our feet. Non-slip shoes are made to protect us from slipping and getting injuries. There was a time when only work shoes used to be non-slip only, but in this busy era, everything is made for dual or multiple purposes to save time.

And now you know whether your shoes are slip-resistant. In case, they are not, there are some effective methods to make your shoes non-slip.

What Are the Best Non-Slip Shoes on the Market?

Almost all famous brand has their own non-slip shoe line. Birkenstock Unisex Clogs are the best choice for working people. But if you want a dual-purpose non-slip which is fashionable and non-slip both, then you can try Skechers non-slip lines.

Besides Skechers, Nike, and Adidas also offer good quality water-resistant shoes. Don’t be sad if you are a boot lover and your priority is not a trend, but a timeless design. Doc Martens and Duck shoes both are good options to buy.


Even Non-slip boots are more durable than others and also fashionable. Duck shoe has a waterproof upper, so you don’t have to worry about wet legs.

Furthermore, if you are searching for a budget-friendly non-slipper, you can check out Walmart’s non-slip shoes.


Non-slip shoes now come as a protector along with amazing outlooks.

In this article, I have explained 4 ways to identify if your shoes are anti-slip. Hope this helped you to determine your shoes’ resistance.

For further queries, feel free to reach out.


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