Cole Haan vs Ecco [Which Brand Should You Lean Towards]

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Cole Haan and Ecco are well-known for their trendsetting dress shoes and sneakers.

But when it comes to picking one between them for your daily hustle, you should consider some essential factors.


Otherwise, you may end up buying the wrong one and become dissatisfied. So, let me assist you in differentiating Ecco and Cole Haan and grabbing the worthy one.

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What Are the Key Differences Between Cole Haan & Ecco?

Quality of materials, price point, varieties, size, and fit are the things that differ between Ecco and Cole Haan shoes. You can always differentiate them by considering these points, whether it is sneakers or formal shoes from Cole Haan and Ecco.

So, let’s discuss the points in detail to get a clear overview.

Ecco Shoes Are More Expensive

Ecco’s best-selling footwear items, such as Apron toe slip-on, Citytray plain toe, and Hybrid Derby Wing, etc, start to sell for $160. Depending on designs and availability, the price reaches up to $250.

On the other hand, Cole Haan’s top-selling sneakers are within reach for $170. Most dress shoes are easy to get within $220.

However, some exclusive designs, such as Men’s Washington Grand Laser Wingtip Oxford, sell for over $250.

Here is the standard price range of Ecco and Cole Haan men’s and women’s shoes:


Dress shoes are $140-$250.

Casual shoes are $140-$200.

Sneakers $120-$220.

Cole Haan

Sneakers $70-$250.

Dress shoes $100- $220.

Looking for affordable competitors of Cole Haan? Then you can check into Allbirds instead of Cole Haan.

Ecco’s Material Quality is Superior

You certainly know that the attributes of products become higher with extended prices. As a result, I have considered two similar-priced ($200) Cole Haan and Ecco shoes to check their quality.

Here, I have found the clear winner is Ecco Citytray Cap Toe Tie Shoe. The upper is crafted from streamlined full-grain leather, which tends to last longer. Its high-quality blind stitching adds an extra glance to the pair.

There is leather and textile lining on the inside, which provokes a luxe feel along with softness and breathability.

Cole Haan’s shoes are also good. Its OriginalGrand Energy Twin Oxford features a rich leather upper. Though it gives a handsome look with sufficient breathability, its quality is not sleek and premium like Ecco.

Cole Haan is Stylish and Has a Wide Variety

[Man wearing colehaan. From: Colehaan]
If you’re looking for elegant dress shoes or go-to sneakers, Cole Haan is a good deal. Their price range is absolutely justified because of the fashionable tone and favorable features of the shoes.

From wedding shoes to office wear, everything is ready in Cole Haan’s collections. Whether you wanna buy sneakers, oxfords, loafers, espadrilles, pumps, formal shoes, or sandals, Cole Haan will make it possible for you.

Besides, specific performance-oriented shoes (such as for running, golfing, and boating) are also available here. And each of them has 3 to 7 color varieties.

Most Ecco shoes have a simple and eye-soothing design. They are made on European lasts.

You will get dress shoes, casual wear, sneakers, sandals, hiking boots, and golf shoes in Ecco. But the variety and color options are less compared to Cole Haan.

Cole Haan & Ecco Differs in Sizing

Cole Haan follows the US sizing scheme, and the shoes are true to size according to their size catalog. The charts show exact shoe sizes as per the foot length and width.

Moreover, Cole Haan manufactures medium and wide-sized shoes. But remember that the wide option is not accessible for all collections.

However, many users say that Cole Haan runs 0.5 sizes small. Actually, this happens when they follow any other charts or regular sneakers size instead of Cole Haan’s own size catalog.

On the other hand, Ecco works with European size standards and creates only full sizes. Though Ecco doesn’t come in various widths, its freedom fit easily gets adapted to wide and normal feet.

Instead of restricting the natural spreading of toes, the freedom fit allows them to wiggle frankly.

Pros & Cons of Cole Haan and Ecco

Cole Haan

  • »Super Comfortable with GrandPro, ZERØGRAND & ØriginalGrand technology.
  • »Inner lining for soft & cushiony feel.
  • »Responsive and less fatigue.
  • »Smart Design.
  • »Lightweight construction.
  • »½ sizes and M & W width.
  • »Good stability and grip.
  • »Durable.
  • »Affordable cost.
  • »Waterproof and water-resistant pairs are available.
  • »Quality is down compared to Ecco shoes.
  • »Leather creases and sometimes hurts during break-ins.


  • »A very comfortable staple with FLUIDFORM ™ Direct Injection technology.
  • »Stimulates natural motion with the insertion of Ecco BIOM tech.
  • »VITRUS™ shank for support and stability (only in loafers).
  • »Scandinavian design.
  • »Full lined leather or textile interior.
  • »Lightweight rubber or PU outsole for ample traction.
  • »Suitable for wide feet.
  • »Longevity is congruous to price.
  • »Shoes with GoreTex membrane are waterproof.
  • »Removable insoles help to add orthotics and easier cleaning.
  • »Do not produce half sizes.
  • »Relatively expensive.
  • »Comparatively less variation of colors & styles.


Before deciding between Cole Haan and Ecco, note that their identical-priced shoes are equally comfortable. Both have interior linings to upgrade the comfort.

Cole Haan has a moisture-wicking textile line. Its Rebound technology and cushioned GRANDFØAM footbed perform as an energy restorer, shock attenuator, and long-time supporter for feet.

Ecco has a lightweight and flexible sole packed with FLUIDFORM™ comfort technology. This sole, along with a padded collar, brings about a comfortable walking experience without cropping the stability.


[One pair of Ecco shoes. From: Ecco]

However, pay for Ecco shoes if

– your wallet permits to disburse around or more than $200.

– quality matters the most for you.

– you prefer freedom fit for natural motion of toes and feet.

You have already known that Ecco shoes only come in full sizes, and their fit gets adjusted with medium and wide feet. So, I would recommend sizing down in Ecco if you’re a half-size wearer.

Now, let’s see when to choose Cole Haan. Go for this dashing footwear if your budget is somewhat lower. And still, you wanna select from a broad range of styles and shades. Due to being TTS and half-size provider, getting the right size Cole Hann will be a lot easier.


Is Cole Haan Considered a Luxury?

Yes, Cole Haan is considered a luxury though it is not so costly. They are considered a full-fledged luxury in the footwear industry for their polished appearance, seamless design, and finest-grade material.

What Shoes Are Equivalent to ECCO?

Skechers and Cole Haan shoes are equivalent to Ecco due to their almost similar design and functionalities.

Do Podiatrists Recommend ECCO?

Yes, Podiatrists often recommend Ecco shoes because they are packed with comfy and shock-absorbing soles, supportive shank, and incite natural stride.

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