Clove vs On Cloud Shoes: Which is Best One for Nurses?

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Your hunt for the perfect companion for the feet ends when you feel like you’re walking on clouds, not tripping over pebbles. But as the footwear market has so many contenders, the quest can become head-scratching.

Clove and On Cloud are two underdogs that are relatively new brands compared to other old shoemakers like Puma and Reebok. But can they punch in the performance department?clove-vs-on-cloud-shoes

I will provide a comparative analysis of the On Cloud vs Clove so that you can learn their specialty and whether they are suitable for you.

Let’s dive in.

Background History of On Cloud and Clove Shoe Brands

Before moving into the difference, let’s take a historical look at these renowned brands. It will be quick.

The shoe brand “On” became “On Cloud” for its model names and search queries.

Olivier Bernhard, Caspar Coppetti, and David Allemann founded this On-Running company in 2010 to deliver shoes with a unique style and innovative technology.

The Swiss brand “On” covers you whether you are walking, hiking, road, or trail running. The CloudTec®, Speedboard®, Helion™ superfoam, etc., make these shoes ideal for those who prefer agility and a minimalist feel.

Meanwhile, Clove’s history is different.

Joe Ammon was looking for a sneaker for his nurse wife, Tamara Ammon. In pursuit of that, Joe founded Clove in 2018 to deliver footwear for healthcare professionals like his wife.

The Clove team and Joe collaborated with healthcare professionals to make it more suited for health workers.

Clove refined its first prototype sneakers based on the feedback of 68 healthcare workers who highlighted issues like loose laces and poor breathability.

As a result, Clove improved the design, which now features stain-resistant, anti-bacterial, and fluid-repellent. The sneakers are easy to clean and supportive for long shifts, making them suitable for the healthcare environment.

Attribute Comparison of Clove and On Cloud Shoes

Clove Shoes and On Cloud Shoes focus on different audiences. So, their features are different from others.

Below, let’s take a guided table tour with the key changes between Clove and On Cloud shoes:

FeaturesClove ShoesOn-Running Cloud Shoes
Target AudienceHealth workers, all-day comfort seekersRunners, athletes, and fitness enthusiasts
Key FeaturesStain-resistant, antibacterial fabrics, slip-on/slip-off designCloudTec®, Speedboard®, Helion™ superfoam
Design FocusDesigned for long shifts for healthcare professionalsDesigned for performance in various activities and daily wear
BreathabilityAbove averageVaries, but generally very good
Moisture ControlBetterExcellent
DurabilityBuilt for rigorous healthcare settingsDurable for athletic and everyday use
CustomizationLimited customization optionsVarious color and style options
SpecialtyEase of cleaning; slip-resistantAdvanced sole technology for grip and rebound
Design StyleProfessionalSporty
ComfortExcellent for long hours of standing or walkingGreat cushioning and support
Price Range~$140 to $160~ $130 to $330
Best ForHospital and clinical environmentsRunning, training, gym, and casual wear

Now, dive into the detailed distinctions of the Clove and On sneakers.

6 Significant Differences between Clove and On Cloud Shoes

While shoes provide comfort and support to our feet, shoe companies try to make them unique with innovative technologies and designs.

Runners chose the On shoes over Clove sneakers, while nurses prefer the Cloves for their attributes. The On Cloud and Clove sneakers have variances in durability, designs, breathability, technologies, target audience, etc.

Here are the 6 major differences between Clove and On Cloud Shoes:

1. Target Audience and Product Offerings

Stepping into the shoe game between On and Clove, understanding their target audience and product offerings is vital, as they offer unique flair.

The brand Cloves primarily designs shoes for healthcare heroes.

So, the shoes are ready to provide all-day comfort and support for the nurses and doctors on tireless shifts.

The stain-resistant fabrics, supportive soles, and easy slip-on/slip-off designs ensure comfort and performance for the health workers.

They even use subtle medical references like “Night Shift” and “Grey Matter” names for their shoes.clove-mens-classic-night-shift-and-clove-mens-classic-grey-matter

Among product style offerings, Clove has Classic, Aeros, Alto, Forte, LX, and Solo series.

In contrast, On Cloud targets various users, especially those who prioritize lightweight, innovative, and responsive performance.

The ON has dedicated shoes for running, trailing, or hiking.

Here’s a list of On-Running Cloud shoe offerings:

CategoriesOn Cloud Shoes Series Name
Road RunningCloudmonster
Cloudmonster LNY
Cloud X
Cloudboom Echo
Trail runningCloudventure
Cloudventure Peak
Cloudvista Waterproof
Cloudwander Waterproof
Cloudalpine Waterproof
TennisThe Roger Pro
The Roger Pro Clay
TravelingCloudnove Flux
Cloud 5
Cloudnova Form
Cloud X

2. Upper Design and Aesthetics

Footwear takes care of your feet and influences your self-expression and attitude.

Clove sneakers come with a more professional look.

The upper materials vary from models. Clove uses Clarino microfiber, Ripstop, and CloveTech™ mesh fabric for upper in various models.

Clove Shoe StyleUpper Material
Clove ClassicClarino™ microfiber
Clove AerosCloveTech™ mesh fabric
Clove AltoRipstop
Clove ForteClarino™ microfiber
Clove  Classic LXClarino™ microfiber
Clove SoloClarino™ microfiber

The Clove Alto has an asymmetrical tongue. Except that others come with a one-piece upper construction.

The unique toggle lacing system is different from the traditional system.

The neoprene ankle collar and heel pillow ensure a snug fit along with the lacing.

However, Clove Solo ditched the lacing system. But that’s not even an issue. Instead, this lace-free sneaker helps you slip on in seconds.clove-mens-solo-black-zebra-lace-free-sneaker

Another feature that gives an exclusive look to the shoes is the unique double pull tabs on the heel and tongue.

Meanwhile, On Cloud shoes come with a sporty look.

The Cloud sneakers feature an engineered breathable mesh upper for street-ready style.

Most shoes come with a thinly padded tongue and collar. However, there are usually no lace bites or heel slippage.

Speaking of laces, On uses four types of lacing systems for their shoes: Star lacing, Speed lacing, Standard lacing, Hook, and loop fastener.on-cloud-lacing-types

3. Comfort: Cushioning and Breathability

Clove ensures comfort in their shoes by providing enough cushioning and breathable uppers for good ventilation.

Some shoes like Clove Alto and Forte use the SuperCush™ Comfort System for cushioning with a dual-density foam core and fatigue-reducing form.

This new massive 48mm cushioning helps with shock absorption and stability, ensuring smooth, long shifts of walking and standing.

Clove also uses waterproofing technology to keep the fluids out and the feet dry.

Their shoe features a Comfort Collar that hugs the ankle to prevent heel slippage. On top of that, all clove shoe models provide grippy soles for confident strides.

But where does this confidence come from?

Because the shoes are certified as slip-resistant according to ASTM F3445 standards.

On the contrary, CloudTech technology shines the On Cloud shoes.

The hollow pods ensure there is no hard landing. Though the stack height is usually lower than the Clove shoes, the riding is comfortable.

The On Cloudmonster is your best bet for its maximum cushioning to do daily runs.cushioning-and-breathability-of-cloud-shoes

But for walking, short running, or gym workouts, you can use Cloud X 3 or Cloud X 3 Shift. They are breathable and designed to prevent heat buildup.

These lightweight sneakers are also pocket-friendly and excellent for nurses and medical professionals.

In addition, On uses Speedboard, Helion, and Zero-Gravity foam in their midsoles to make the run comfy and stable.

4. Quality and Longevity

When investing in shoes, quality matters, and you want lasting quality. Clove and On Cloud offer distinct approaches to lasting wear and tear.

Clove designed its sneakers to meet the rigorous needs of healthcare professionals.

The stain-resistant and antibacterial fabrics keep the shoes looking fresh and hygienic.

Besides, the reinforced high-wear areas and quality materials ensure your shoes last through 8-12-hour shifts.

However, focusing on stain resistance and comfort can cost longevity compared to On Cloud.

Meanwhile, On’s CloudTec® technology is top-notch.ons-cloudtec-technology

Moreover, the engineered mesh allows for better air circulation, preventing wear from sweat.

Though the outsoles withstand wear and tear on various terrains, some models can not resist scuffs and abrasions.

But, both shoes can last long enough if you clean and take care of the shoes properly.

5. Size and Fit

Several of my friends and I have used a couple of Clove shoes, all of which were true to size. Thanks to the wider toe box for having wiggle room.

However, I recommend going up a half size if you have wider feet. The Comfort Collar faux suede ankle cuff and heel pillow will ensure a secure fit.

Clove offers 5-13 sizes, including halves. So, it won’t be a problem.size-and-fit-of-clove-shoes

On the other hand, On Cloud shoe sizing can vary slightly depending on models and individual fit.

While some fit true to size, some run small. So, I recommend getting a model-specific review for the final decision.

On a side note, these shoes can require break-in for some due to the pods.

The riding experience can be different than the traditional ones.

6. Pricing Tag

Cost plays a crucial deciding factor in shoe shopping.

The price points of Clove shoes and On Cloud shoes tell different stories, each reflecting their unique value proposition.

Clove sneakers typically land you within the $140-$160 range.

Depending on the sale, it can vary. The supportive features and technologies appeal to health workers seeking long-lasting comfort during demanding shifts.

Conversely, The Cloud shoes take a higher leap. Some models can cost you $130.

Other models with cutting-edge technology come with a premium price tag and can cost up to $330.

However, the flexibility, stylish design, responsiveness, and agility can be worth every penny.

Pros & Cons of Clove and On Cloud Shoes

Due to different intended uses and features, Clove and On Cloud footwear have strengths and potential drawbacks.

Below are the advantages and disadvantages of Clove and On-Running Cloud Shoes:

Clove Shoes

  • »Specialized comfortable design for nurses and doctors.
  • »Easy to clean.
  • »Supportive insoles and ergonomic design for long shifts.
  • »Fluid-resistant and stain-resistant materials.
  • »Easy to quick slip-on/slip-off.
  • »Confident stride for having slip-resistant soles.
  • »Provides long-lasting odor protection.
  • »Unsuitable for sports or intense outdoor activities.
  • »Slightly heavier than On Cloud shoes.
  • »Limited customization.
  • »Some users require a break-in.

On-Running Cloud Shoes

  • »Versatile and offer shoes for specific categories (Hiking, Trail, Running, Tennis, etc).
  • »Lightweight and excellent responsive.
  • »Great breathability.
  • »Excellent grip and stability on various terrains.
  • »Has reflective elements for low-light safety.
  • »Some models are too expensive.
  • »Pods on the bottom tend to pick small stones and pebbles.
  • »Narrow toe box.
  • »Cushioning and tread can wear out faster under heavy use.

Which One Should You Choose: Clove or On Cloud Shoes?

Deciding between Clove and On Cloud shoes is particularly easy. It boils down to prioritizing comfort, support, versatility, and durability.

If you are a medical personnel required to stand on your feet all day, Clove sneakers are a better fit. Their supportive soles, wide toe boxes, anti-bacterial linings, and affordable price make this shoe functional and stylish.

If you are a runner or fitness enthusiast looking for lightweight construction and a versatile shoe that will be perfect for workouts and runs, On Cloud shoes, take the win. Their breathability and style seal the deal.


Can you use On Cloud shoes as a nurse?

For health workers, Cloves shoes take the lead over On Cloud shoes. However, you can use On Cloud 5, On Cloud X 3, or Cloudswift as a doctor or nurse. But they are slightly less comfortable than the Clove footgear.

Which brand to choose for running or training, Clove or On Cloud?

On Cloud takes the lead here due to its innovative CloudTec technology that provides excellent responsiveness and energy return. The supportive, lightweight construction ensures excellent performance for running and workouts. Clove shoes are not suitable for high-impact activities.

Which is more affordable: On Cloud or Clove?

Clove shoes generally cost around 140 to 160 bucks. Conversely, the On Cloud performance shoes can cost up to 330 bucks. Their focus on performance and innovation typically costs slightly more.

Do either On Cloud or Clove shoes offer good arch support?

Having arch support on shoes ensures improved posture, better shock absorption, alleviated discomfort, long-lasting comfort, and enhanced stability. Cloves Classic shoes are excellent for arch support. The On Cloud shoes offer moderate arch support, which is insufficient for many.

Who are Clove shoes for?

Clove focuses primarily on healthcare professionals to provide comfortable long-shift hours. The shoes feature stain-resistant, antibacterial fabrics and slip-on/slip-off designs, making them fantastic for health workers for their activities.

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